Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


imageAfter walking 30 days and 400 miles to arrive at the Divorce Corp Reform Conference, I had hoped to take a day of “rest” by sitting through dozens of traumatic divorce stories.

But, alas, the work is never done.

This Facebook posting is highly disturbing on a number of levels.

The ISNAF comprises several of the gurus of parental alienation. That is, they have decades of experience with the clinical psychology.  This group has made great headway in helping the divorce reform movement.

And while, in the right hands, proper co-parenting can help divorcing families, on a whole the entire co-parenting campaign is little more than a smoke screen for judges, attorneys and alienating parents to keep the media away from the core story: their corrupt income stream.

Steve Miller, a key member of ISNAF, pleads with reps in CT to understand that in severe cases, parental alienators WILL NEVER CO-PARENT.

“I defy you to find a clinical psychologist who thinks they can work with (a severe alienator).”

So a psychologist can’t work with these people, but a glossy pamphlet on co-parenting will help them see the light?

And since we should be focused on the severe cases, since they are stealing our kids, can we please back burner the pitiful campaign to tell us to go co-parent with people who don’t need to because they can simply pay the courts to get their way.  If you are gonna waste your time on any self help solution, at least pick parallel parenting.

I can tell you first hand, like few others, how many hundreds of burned out city blocks I’ve walked where there is no hope; just despair. And the only sign of anything new in a five mile radius, is bright shiny ads telling people to go be a dad.


No one bothers to ask the simple question: “Who eliminated dad in the first place?”

So one arm of the government removes the dad and the other arm wags it’s finger criticizing dad for not being around.

Hearing this message from our corrupt government doesn’t surprise me in the least.  What surprises me is how easily the ISNAF got behind a campaign to knock divorce reform back to the ice ages.

I’m beginning to lose faith in the ISNAF.  Reign it in and prove me wrong. Please.

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