List of Engravings on the William Hogarth CD

You can view all of the engravings in the list at screen resolution by clicking on the titles. The CD contains all the images listed below, each one at three resloutions: screen resolution (72dpi), medium resolution (300dpi) and high resolution (600dpi).

Individual Engravings

Bambridge before Committee
Bathos, or Finis
Battle of the Pictures
Beggar s Opera
Boys Peeping at Nature
Bruiser, Charles Churchill
Captain Thomas Coram
Character, Caricatura & Outré
Chorus of Singers, Oratorio
Company of Undertakers
Country Inn Yard
Credulity, Superstition, Fanaticism
Distressed Poet
Enraged Musician
False Perspective
Five Orders of Periwigs
Foundling Hospital
Garrick as Richard the Third
Good Samaritan
Group of Heads
Hogarth Painting Comic Muse
Hogarth Self Portrait with Pug
House of Commons
Impression from a Tankard
Inhabitants of the Moon
John Wilkes
Laughing or Pleased Audience
March to Finchley
Masquerade Ticket
Masquerades and Operas
Midnight Modern Conversation
Moses before Pharaoh s Daughter
O, the Roast Beef of Old England
Paul before Felix
Pool of Bethseda
Sarah Malcolm
Simon Lord Lovat
Sleeping Congregation
South Sea Scheme
Southwark Fair
Spillers Ticket
Strolling Players
Taste in the High Life
Taste, or Burlington Gate
The Lecture, Datur Vacuum
Time Smoking a Picture
Weighing House

Series of Engravings

Analysis of Beauty
  1. Plate 1
  2. Plate 2
Artist s Catalogue
  1. Frontispiece
  2. Tailpiece
Beer Street and Gin Lane
  1. Beer Street
  2. Gin Lane
Election Series
  1. Election Entertainment
  2. Canvassing for Votes
  3. The Polling
  4. Chairing the Member
Four Stages of Cruelty
  1. First Stage of Cruelty
  2. Second Stage of Cruelty
  3. Cruelty in Perfection
  4. Reward of Cruelty
Four Times of the Day
  1. Morning
  2. Noon
  3. Evening
  4. Night
Harlots Progress
  1. Ensnared by a procuress
  2. Her Jew Protector
  3. Apprehended by Magistrate
  4. Scene in Bridewell
  5. The Harlot Expires
  6. The Funeral
Hudibras Illustrations
  1. In the Stocks
  2. Burning the Rumps
  3. Hudibras beats Sidrophel
Industry and Idleness
  1. At their Looms
  2. Duty of a Christian
  3. In the Churchyard
  4. Trusted
  5. Sent to Sea
  6. Married
  7. In a Garrett
  8. Grown Rich
  9. Betrayed
  10. Impeached
  11. Executed at Tyburn
  12. Lord Mayor
Invasion of France & England
  1. France
  2. England
Marriage a la Mode
  1. The Contract
  2. Breakfast Scene
  3. With the Quack
  4. Toilet Scene
  5. Death of the Earl
  6. Death of the Countess
Rakes Progress
  1. Young Heir
  2. Surrounded by Artists
  3. The Tavern Scene
  4. Arrested for Debt
  5. Marries an Old Maid
  6. Gaming House Scene
  7. Prison Scene
  8. Scene in Bedlam
  1. Plate 1.
  2. Plate 2.