My Review of John Barban’s ‘The Venus Factor’

The Venus Factor is a diet program tailored for women who want to lose weight.

Written by the renowned fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, it’s simple approach to dieting, including apps such as The Virtual Nutritionist and The Venus Community, has made it into one of the most popular weight loss programs.

In this post I’ve taken a closer look at the program, including pictures of the different features. I’ve also done a review of the pros and cons.


Have you ever bought a weight loss program online — one of those that promised to give you miraculous results within a few days? I have — more than once. If you name a weight loss program, I’ve probably bought it.

I would say, from the products I’ve bought and tried, that as much as half the programs on the market are complete garbage. Then, most of the other half are OK … but they offer very little new… Something certainly not worth paying for. They’ll tell you to exercise and eat less, and you’ll lose weight. How many times haven’t you heard that?

I am a big skeptic to anything that seems to good to be true, and especially in the diet and fitness niche, so I understand if you feel the same way.

My review of the program

Naturally, with the hype surrounding The Venus Factor, I was suspicious. My sixth sense said it was another over-hyped program. The reviews seemed really good, and the before and after pictures were all promising … Yet, something was holding me back.
the venus factor sample
After some reading, and debating back and forth … I thought to myself: “why not give it a try?” … Worst case, I’d just use the money-back guarantee and then at least I’ve tried it. If i failed, I would know for sure that it didn’t work. If I never tried it, maybe I lost a great opportunity?

I picked up the program from here, and started right away. Now that I’m done with the 12 week program, I figured I’d do a quick write-up here on my experience.

What is it? What will I get?

A central part in the program is the Venus Index. It takes your waist, hip and height measurements into consideration (see picture above of the Virtual nutritionist), and it will tailor the diet to your needs.

When looking through the product, it becomes evident that this is more than a weight loss program. It is also designed to make you stronger, healthier and toned. The sole purpose of the exercise plan, is not to just burn fat. It is to get an overall healthier body — to get lasting changes. Some products overlook this important factor completely, so naturally I’m glad to find a product focusing on this.

Why lose weight if you are gaining it all back? There are plenty of programs that will make you lose weight, but very few will give you lasting changes: staying toned and sexy next year, in ten years and for as long as you want.

Some programs seem to focus only on the diet part, while modern research concludes that working out is just as important. You may have seen weight loss shows such as ‘The Biggest Loser’ on TV? Have you  noticed how they focus a lot on the exercise part? This isn’t a coincidence. You can obviously lose weight with just a diet, the problem is that you will also lose muscle. Now, as we all know, muscles burn fat. The more muscles you have, the more fat you’ll burn. Therefore, an important part of weight loss is to maintain muscle. This is why we often see that people who are trying to lose weight the first time will plateau!

That’s where 90% fail!

Diets with an extremely low calorie intake, or fasting, will lower your leptin levels. This hormone controls appetite, metabolism and several other factors that are important for fat loss. This is even more important for women than for men, as our leptin levels are different.

The program includes (see pictures above):

  • A workout plan. Laid out step-by-step. You won’t need any additional expensive equipment for the exercises, they can either be performed at home, at the gym or outside. When clicking one of the exercises in the book, you will see a video demonstration of the exercises. This is really helpful.
  • The manual. All the hard science wrapped up in an easy to read book. I’ve always said that in order to lose weight, and keep it off, it is important to know why you are doing the certain steps.
  • The virtual nutritionist. This app will, with some input from you, calculate what your body needs during the day in terms of calories and proteins. It is a simple, yet powerful, tool. As you know, your body will change during the diet. Your metabolism and recommended calorie intake will change accordingly. This clever app makes it easy.
  • The Venus community. This alone is worth the price of the program. This is a private members area. In this forum, you can interact with fellow users and track your progress. It is different from any other weight loss forum, as it is members only. All users are motivated to do the 12 week program, and offer their tips and motivation.

A video presentation of The Venus Factor (opens in new window)

What is good about the diet? … and bad?

This is a digital product, meaning it is delivered straight after you’ve purchased it. This can be good or bad. A digital product can be made by anyone, so I am usually more critical when buying one (the threshold cost to make a print book is way higher). A digital product is cheaper though, and you get the obvious advantage of having it NOW — an not next week.

My first impression, is that it looks good. The overall quality, and that of the writing is high and it’s well referenced to peer reviewed articles. It simply does what it says in the copy, and more.

All the exercises are linked with videos in the members area, so there is no confusion on how to perform them. Should you have any questions about the exercises, you’ll always get help in the community board.

To put it this way: it does not look like some simple ebook someone threw together.

Considering the low price (at least for now), and all the extras, it’s an awesome deal.

Other than that:

  • It cuts away the voodoo part of weight loss. Back to the basics. The essentials. The stuff the actually works. It’s a diet program, but it also allows you to eat the food that you prefer. It’s not one of those systems where you drink soup for 12 weeks.
  • It explains why weight loss for women is different. Yes, women have a harder time losing weight than men — one of the reasons being our hormonal balance (see what I wrote about leptin above).

Like in any program. Staying motivated can be hard. Especially in the beginning, when you can’t see the results yet. After a while, when you’ve lost a couple of pounds, and you start to feel the energy from the workouts and healthier lifestyle– it get’s more motivating. The discussion board, for members only, is a great motivation in the first few weeks. Other members are posting about their progress, and I always feel more devoted to a diet when I know it works — it just makes it easier.

But it takes work. It isn’t some magic pill. Then again: nothing worth having in life comes easy. If you work hard, you get what you want. But you should also work smart! :)

Is it for me?

If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, and you want to tone your body, The Venus Factor diet is for you. Even if you are just considering to lose weight, or want to learn more about exercising and healthy eating — I would personally recommend the program. I don’t usually recommend a product, with my full name, but this time I will. I feel it’s a safe choice, especially with the money-back guarantee.

To summarize:

This program is tuned to the female body, compared to most other products which are generally made for men. It’s also a ‘all-in-one solution': exercise, dieting, nutrition … You don’t have to buy anything else. All the tools you need to is included. I have yet to see another weight loss program offering the same — though a lot of them claim to do it.

If you’re still not sure if it’s for you take a look at a free video presentation here. It will explain the concepts from the program in more detail, and also why losing weight is so much harder for women than for men.

You can pick it up from the official website here.

Now also available in Spanish and Portuguese

If you’re not happy with it, they have a 60 day no-questions asked money back guarantee — leaving no risk for you and me. Then you’ve at least tried it — maybe it will be the first step towards a healthier more sexy body?


  1. Felicle Schauer says

    I bought this two days ago, after reading bout it here and watching the video you linked to, I’m really happy with the program! Really easy to get started with

    I’ve seen so many scam reviews of the venus factor … so thanks for actually putting up a thorough review :D

  2. Rose says

    Hi Erin, I have never bought a weight-loss program before because I am skeptical (and also because I never needed one a few years back when I was slimmer, but I definitely think I do now). I am afraid of scams and it seems a lot of the reviews I can find online about the VF are from people trying to promote the product, so I’m glad to see your review since it looks more genuine! Two questions though:
    – Is it a one-time payment ONLY or do I have to pay a monthly fee/subscription or any other extra costs if I’m happy with the product?
    – Will it work on an Asian body? Seems like mostly American reviews so far, and I’m really bad at science so I have no idea if Asian women’s bodies would be wired a different way haha…

    Thanks :)

    • Erin B W says

      Hi Rose, and thank you — I will only post stuff that I’ve tried and I can personally recommend. :)

      Regarding your questions:
      – It is a one time payment. You’ll then have unlimited access to all the stuff: discussion board, online videos, downloads etc. Meaning, if you buy it today, you can still be a member at the forum for years, and if you happen to lose your ebook (i.e. hard disc malfunction, you can always download a new copy without paying again).

      – It will work for any woman – Asian, Nordic, American, African …. I’ve seen all kinds of women use it with good results. Nothing to worry about there.

      Let me know if you have any questions about the program, or just weight loss in general. Either here, by email or Facebook! ;)

      Erin B

      • Melanie says

        I am a middle age women who needs to loose at least 50 lbs. I have some back and neck issues which have prevented me from doing strenuous exercises in the past. How do I know that I will be able to do the exercises without doing further damage to the disc in my neck and back? Also, what happens after 12 weeks if I have not lost all the weight I need to?

        • Erin B W says

          Hi Melanie, Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been busy moving for the last couple of days :)

          The exercises in the program are mostly body weight exercises, which is oftentimes better if you have back issues (or knee, neck etc.issues). This is because you don’t isolate a small part of the body, but work out your larger muscle groups and support muscles in a more natural way.

          I had, and still have some, issues with my back after doing office work for years, but I managed to do the exercises in the prgoram (in fact, my back got better). But to be 100% sure, if you are worried, consult a personal trainer prior to starting the strength training part of the program. I wouldn’t worry too much though, just stop doing that exercise and focus on the other ones if you feel discomfort.

          If you are not happy with your results, you get a refund through Venus Factor. It’s a straight forward process. :)

    • Janine says

      What does a typical food day look like on this diet. I have got different diets that when I get the program they are unsustainable. I have recently had a hysterectomy and am struggling to lose weight.

      • Erin B W says

        Hi Janine,

        The approach her is a bit different than what you may be used to from other diets. There is no talk about “good food” and “bad food”. Dividing food into these two groups will lead to disinhibited eating.

        An example would be if you’re going to a party, and you’ll have some “no food” (let’s say a slice of pizza). You’ve now crossed into the forbidden zone, and once you’ve started why not have another slice, and finish off with some desert? See what I mean.

        Basically you eat normal food, as long as you avoid particular foods, such as: soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and high calorie drinks. In the diet, you’ll aim for a ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat — beneficial to increasing leptin. It will teach you how to eat balanced, which is the only way to lasting weight loss.

        It’s also a bit untraditional in the way that you can eat as many or as few meals as you want. Most people I know, and including me, will delay breakfast for a few hours, to enjoy a bigger dinner (i.e. when going out with friends or to a party). It gives you a buffer. :) Again, this is much better for lasting weight loss. We are all different. Some wake up feeling really hungry, others have no appetite.

        To keep track of all this, you use the virtual nutritionist. You enter your information, and it will tell you exactly what you need to eat (ratios, calories etc.) for a ‘eating day’, and how many you need for a ‘deficit day’. The program cycles between these, i.e. 5 deficit days, 1 eating day.

        You may have heard about fasting diets? This is the best of both worlds, as a fasting diet eventually lowers your leptin levels. The cycling in this diet, much better explained in the manual than here lol, will maintain leptin levels while getting the benefits of fasting.

        Basically, the difference between the days will prevent you from hitting a plateau, which is the most common reason why people are struggling to lose weight.

        Hope that helped. :)

        Erin B

      • Mandy says

        12 weeks after reading it here you finish the program with a loss of 30 pounds? Erin wrote this article 26 december 2013 and you wrote this one month later? Typical isn’ t it???!!!

        • Erin B. White says


          I can’t speak for her and her weight loss, but regarding the post-date I used a different blog-engine and then I changed to the Genesis Framework .. The date here is not the initial post date, as I had to re-post it. The re-post also zeroed out the share count at the bottom of the article, but I think the design turned out a lot better and the site is faster. :)

    • Erin B W says

      Yes. The program is outlined for 12 weeks, but you get the material for as long as you want — the forum, the virtual nutritionist, the workout program, videos … everything. :)

  3. Leah says

    Is everything online or do they send you a hard copy? I went to order it but it didn’t have a place for me to put my home address.

    • Erin B W says

      Hi Leah,

      Sorry, I should have mentioned it in the review. :) You will get access to all the stuff online.

      Once you have completed the registration, you’ll get access immediately. The workout program, manual and the podcasts are all downloadable though, if you want it on your phone or iPad, print it or just keep an offline copy.

      So, no need to fill out an address.

      Let me know how your diet with Venus Factor goes! :)

      Erin B

      • Robin says

        Hi Erin,
        I have three questions.
        1. I am 67 and since menopause have noticed a weight gain with accompanying
        fat. Am I too old for the fat flab to go away with this program/ Or is that asking too much?
        2. I am a vegetarian. Will I have to eat meat?
        3. I do enjoy two glasses of wine every evening when i get home? Will I have to give that up?
        Thanks, Robin

        • Erin B W says

          Hi Robin!
          1) you’re never too old. Anyone can lose weight, as long as they’re using a good program.
          2) no, being a vegan or vegetarian is no limitation :)
          3) no. You can enjoy most foods (and drinks) in moderation.

          Good luck! Let me know how it goes :)

          Erin B

  4. Kathy Odom says

    Do you need to order all the other things that come with it, like the final phase or the meal plan for you. Do you really need this

    • Erin B W says


      It’s sold as a complete product, though they do offer some additional “side products” for those that are interested.

      One of the reasons for not “splitting it up”, i.e. selling the manual as a standalone product (I checked up on the same question a while back when someone asked at a forum) is that for someone that’s just starting out, it’s better if you get directions for all the aspects of losing weight: eating, working out and planning.

      Though, you are free to do other exercises or plan you meal differently. I’ve talked to people that have followed the program a bit looser with different exercises or a different diet (vegetarians), and they had great results too. :)

      Erin B

    • Carla a. says

      Hi, I have tried various diets to no avail. I’ve had 7 surgeries on my knees, and it’s hard for me to do a lot of exercises, but I was seriously thinking of buying this product. I can’t see buying it if it’s not going to work because of my knees. I desperately need to lose about 50lbs. Please help me.

      • Erin B. White says


        The Venus Factor is mainly a diet program. The workout program is a supplementary manual outside of the core book (you get both when you buy). There is no requirement to do the exercises provided, and it’s up to you if (and how) you want to do them. It will still work great even if you just follow the diet program. Note that any exercise, even a walk, burns a lot of calories.

        Hope this helps :)

        Erin B

  5. Allison Aldana says

    Hi there I weight 55 kgs. And my height is 1.68 mts. I don’t want to loose that much weight just to loose the fat from my belly, hips, but and lower back (after being pregnant twice), and of course to tone my body, will this program help me?

    • Erin B W says

      Hi Allison!

      They say in the movie above that the program is for women wanting to lose 10 pounds (~5 kgs) or more, but even if you have say 6–10 pounds (3-5 kgs) to donate I think it is a good program.

      The workout routine will tone you, and the cycling of deficit and days with excess calories will make sure that you don’t plateau. One of the reasons why it is so hard to burn the last few pounds of stubborn fat is because people end up with low leptin levels after starving them self (cutting more and more calories). This is a key factor in the program that can be used by any woman trying to lose weight.

      I’ve seen people that lose a few kgs but look a lot better, because they also build muscle and tone in the process — including stuborn fat after pregnancy. :)

      Erin B

  6. Kathy Bradley says

    Thanks Erin, I feel confident I made the right choice. I tried everything under the sun too, I just purchased the system yesterday and very excited to go started. Thank you for your review. Kat :)

  7. Gia Teresa Perkins says

    Hi! I’m a vegetarian and was wondering how this will work for me. I use soy for protein and I am allergic to eggs and nuts.

    • Erin B W says

      Hi Gia, being vegetarian and following this program works great! I recently talked to a vegetarian who did the 12 weeks. Erin B

      • Karen says

        I had the same question – I’m vegan & consume a lot of soy-based products. Did the vegetarian who you recently spoke to say what he or she used for protein instead of soy?

        • Erin B W says

          Hi, Sorry for the late reply!! I had to email my friend togive you a good answer. :)

          Being a vegan is no limitation, The Venus Factor does not require you to eat any animal based products.

          There are several options to get enough protein, but in some cases hitting this protein number may seem difficult with
          standard Vegan or Vegetarian foods.

          If this seems difficult a simple
          Vegan or Vegetarian based protein powder can easily get you to your
          daily protein total in one or two shakes. Nuts, beans and legumes seem to be popular within some Vegan and
          Vegetarian eating patterns and these are definitely OK to eat in
          MODERATION on the Venus program

          The simpler answer is to choose a vegan or vegetarian friendly
          protein supplement (this could be a powder drink mix, a bar or a spread)
          and use this to get to your daily protein requirement for fat burning
          as indicated in the Venus Factor program.

          You don’t have to get all your calories from supplements, but it will make it easier, at lest in the start.

          Erin B, :)

        • Makenna Drake says

          Hi, you can also eat soy in smaller amounts, it won’t mess up your diet. I am a vegan and I did the 12 week program from October to January. I ate soy, and also used protein shakes after my workouts. I still lost weight … Don’t think the soy made any difference :)

          I think they don’t recommend soy in the program because it generally has a high amount of calories compared to other protein sources, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

          Good luck!!

  8. C.Roark says

    I haven’t gotten the program yet as I don’t want to be scammed. I would sure appreciate an honest user review. I am so Leary! I did the HCG diet of 500 calories and I just can’t do that again. HELP

    • Erin B W says

      Hi, First of all the hcg diet is not something I would recommend. It’s not a natural, healthy way of losing weight. I know the feeling of having a burning desire to lose all the weight at once, but if you actually want to keep it off (and not gain it all back) you need to think more long-term.

      Eating 500 kcal a day is opposite of the Venus Factor. I will do an article on leptin and why it’s important for weight loss later, but I can tell you that eating 500 kcal a day will make your leptin levels plummet (and metabolism going down, and appetite going up) surely not a good thing!

  9. Karie Kamm says

    Once your done with the 12 weeks and still have weight to lose do you just start the program over at the beginning again? How do you maintain the weight loss once you reach your goal?

    • Erin B W says

      Hi Karie, you can apply the very same principles for more than 12 weeks. If you do need help after the 12 weeks, on how to proceed from there, I will be happy to help. Just shoot me an email :)

      Erin B

  10. Marialice Novo says

    What if you need to lose 100+ lbs? Is this a program geared toward that? Or is this beyond that scope.

    • Erin B W says

      Anyone can lose weight with the program, but with 100 lbs you will need more than 12 weeks (which isn’t a problem), I’ve read real stories about people who have lost more than that.

      Erin B :)

  11. Amanda K says

    I am a fitness consultant, and I’ve been teaching many of the same principles as in this program to my clients (a more tailored approach though, but hey: they pay 100x what the price of this program is for 12 weeks ;) ).

    For many of my clients, going from a “diet point of view” of counting calories, to the lifestyle approach of eating normal food but rather focus on hormones like leptin has been key. I’ve had clients who have been anything from 10-20 pounds overweight to 100+ pounds.

    In my opinion, this is the best program you can get for less than 2000$ (it’s something like 40$ now I think).

  12. Maggie Griffin says

    This is one of the best (the best I guess) reviews I’ve read on Venus Factor so far. I bought it about three weeks ago. So far so good. Weight is going down! :D

    I sent you an email, with some questions on dieting. If you have time to answer, it would be awesome.

    • Erin B W says

      Hi Maggie! Thank you – I’m glad to hear you liked it, and it inspired you to take action.

      I Just read your email, I’ll get back to you later tonight :)

  13. Chelsea Emmett says

    I read that this was the diet of 2014 in some magazine, so I’ve signed up! #letsdothis #newlife

  14. Hazel F. says

    Nice review!

    I have a question, will this diet work if I am allergic to gluten, I mean does any of the food you are “required to eat” contain gluten? Is there any supplements like protein powder you have to take? Thank you

    • says

      Yes that’s no problem at all — I don’t eat gluten (not directly allergic I think, but it makes me feel a bit unwell).

      There is no supplements (weight loss pills, protein powder, creatine) involved in the diet. Simply food. :)

      I hope this answered your questions.

      — Erin

  15. Rosana Porter says

    Good to see a customer review on this. In my opinion it is one of the best weight loss products out there. I hope it’s OK if I post my progress over the 12 weeks, if anyone needs some motivation or are doubting the program:

    Start: 200 lbs
    After wk 1: 191 lbs
    Wk2: 188 lbs
    Wk3: 184 lbs
    Wk4: 181 lbs
    Wk5: 179 lbs
    Wk6: 175 lbs
    Wk7: 170 lbs
    Wk8: 166 lbs
    Wk9: 160 lbs
    Wk10: 157 lbs
    Wk11: 153 lbs
    Wk12: 151 lbs
    Today: 130 lbs

    • Zsa Zsa S. says

      Thank you, Rosana, for posting. I have been searching for real results before I deciced to try this program. Most of what I found was women needing to lose 10-15lbs. Your starting weight is closer to my weight now which gives me the confidence to give it a try.

    • Jessica says

      That is absolutely awesome. I was just looking for something to help me lose the weight that I would like to lose as I am a little over 200 lbs. After seeing that you lost 70 lbs in 12 weeks, I definitely want to try this product!

  16. Kandelle says

    I’m very skeptical when it comes to these online diet and exercise programs… I read your article and read all of the comments. My question is… are you in any way affiliated with the company? I am interested in purchasing the product but am skeptical. If not associated, why did you go to such lengths in promoting it? I weight 122 lbs after having my daughter and gaining 20 lbs after working so hard to lose and tone before. I’ve tried on my own to get back to that but cant’ seem to lose a single pound with working out 3-5 days a week doing Crossfit (strenuous workouts)… I haven’t changed my diet but with my very busy lifestyle, it is difficult for me to stay on any kind of diet… With me always running around and being as busy as I am, I eat out regularly, whether that be a restuarant or a fast food chain. Is this diet something I can still do with my limited time? I appreciate all feedback. Thank you. ~Kandelle

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Kandelie, and sorry for the late reply.

      I’ve always been skeptical to online products too — so you’re not alone.

      I am not affiliated with this company, except that they do give me a small commission when a client buys through the link above. This allows me to pay for hosting and keeping this site up. I am not very computer savvy, so I therefore have to pay for maintenance of the site, hosting, fixing problems etc. I have written about this in my privacy policy. For the readers, buying through this link or buying through any other link won’t make a difference — the price and the product is the same. :)

      The reason for writing about the program is simple. I’ve gone through the diet myself, and I am really happy with the results and how easy it was to get started. I wouldn’t write about it if I couldn’t recommend the product.

      Cross-fit is a great way to work the entire body, and for me, given your 3–5 days a week of this, it sounds like your problem is the diet — not lack of physical exercise. You can lose weight without working out if you’re diet is good, but the other way around is a lot harder. The Venus Factor can easily be combined with a busy lifestyle, as it doesn’t require you to eat this and that at certain times.

      Hope my answered helped you somewhat. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!


  17. Dianne says

    I just got this plan today – what I DON”T LIKE is not having printed copies to look at – I don’t want to spend all my time at the computer

  18. Kelly Chennault says

    I am SO ready to purchase this program but just can’t convince myself that this is real and will WORK! I’ve tried everything under the sun…and I mean everything! I DO NOT want to purchase this product if you are required to purchase something every month or if they send “automatic” shipments monthly, charging your card. Please tell me this is NOT what happens! I am probably the biggest skeptic and would like to lose about 30 lbs. Is this too far fetched to happen in just 12 weeks? And would I spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store buying all this “crazy” food that is inedible?


    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Kelly,
      There is only a one time up-front cost for buying the product. If you want to, you can pay for podcasts and other extras, but that’s totally up to you (and you have to opt-in for it, they won’t just charge your credit card) — so no worries. :)

      30 lbs over 12 weeks would be 2-3 lbs a week, which is far from impossible — in fact, that pace is what most experts recommend for a healthy weight loss.

      There are no “crazy foods” (I like that expression ;) ), most of the food you have in the program is normal food. That’s one of the key ingredients of the program, changes you can live with (and not just soups and shakes)! That’s also one of the reasons why the success rate is so high (and the program has become so popular since it was launched).

      I hope that helped, feel free to ask if there is anything else!


  19. Megan Kalla says

    Hi Erin, my name is Megan. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant, and In my past I’ve been slightly overweight. I was wondering if the Venus Factor could help me maintain a safe weight during the pregnancy or would I have to wait until after I deliver my child in order to lose the weight? I’m scared to death of the thought of me having to go back to being over weight after this pregnancy. Growing up I have had the unfortunate experiences of being bullied by classmates and family about my weight, and suffered low self-esteem even to this day.

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Megan,

      I’m sorry to hear that, I know how it feels.

      Congrats on a new family member:)

      You can at least use the program to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. According to information I’ve read, you should gain approximately 20 pounds if your BMI is below 30, or 10-15 if higher (BMI is a ratio of height and weight). The program has plenty of information on eating healthy, and working out (which can be done by anyone), and then after the pregnancy you can start to really lose a lot of weight. I would wait to go all in on the weight loss thing until you are done with the pregnancy. It’s always recommended to consult a physician prior to losing a lot of weight.

      The venus Community is also a great resource!



    • Erin B. White says


      Yes, there is basically no limitation on types of food, except for some products such as soy. I’m a picky eater too — and I had no problems with the food. :)


    • Erin B. White says

      Well, let me know if you have any questions! :) I can understand that a lot of people are skeptical to paying for an online weight loss program, which the Venus Factor is, but I’m sure glad I did. :=)

  20. Erin says

    HI Erin B, I am seriously considering this.

    I just need to know what sorts of food or rather how specific does the diet get in terms, of the kinds of food products required.

    I ask this, as I am not in my home country, I’m sort of in the middle of “no-where”. So finding “fancy” brands or products might be hard?


    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Erin. There are a few products, i.e. soy based products, that are “blacklisted” in the diet, but other than that it doesn’t require any special “super foods”. I have talked to readers from all over the world, from Sweden, to Hong-Kong, South Africa and Saudi Arabia — they haven’t had problems with the food. No fancy brands or products required. :)

      Erin B

  21. Deniece says

    I was just wondering if I buy this will I have to wait for anything in the mail? And if not how do I get the certificate for money back guarantee?

    • Erin B. White says


      You get access to the members area once you’ve paid — it’s instant access, no waiting. The money back guarantee is through the members area at Venus Factor, so you simply click through there, and they’ll take care of it and transfer back the funds to you. Any questions, let me know! :)

  22. Amy says

    I still dont know about this. I just bought the garcinia cambogia because of its promises to loose weight fast. I’m on my second week of that with 2lbs down. I’m getting ancy…like usual. I’m wondering if this will really work though. I’m so skeptical. :( I really want to believe that it works, but I just dont know. I have about 50-60 lbs to loose. I’ve had 3 children, my youngest being 16 months and I just get so discouraged so quickly. I LOVE FOOD!!! And all the bad foods…sweets, chips, pop, carbs!!! I love it all! LOL I’m afraid I wont stick to this…

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Amy!

      I see where you’re coming from, I did try a lot of diets myself — and I was obviously skeptical too. The one thing that made me gie it a try, was the money back guarantee they offer. So if you don’t like it, or don’t lose weight, or for some other reason aren’t satisfied — they’ll give you a refund. It’s just a good thing to know before buying.

      I’m not familiar with Garnicia Cambogia, I only know it’s a fruit, but I’ve tried other miracle herbs and fruits earlier with little effect. I’ve tried The Venus Factor, Eat Stop Eat, The Fat Loss Factor, Atkins and a few more back in the days. I’ve had great results with The Venus Factor, and ok results with the rest.

      Almost all food can be in enjoyed in moderation in this diet, but unfortunately there is no diet that will allow you to eat as much as you want of what you want — so I just had to realize that (as I’m a foodie myself).

      I’d give it a try, and worst case just get a refund if you’re not happy with the results. :)

  23. Ellie says

    Hi! I’ve heard great stuff about the Venus Factor, but I just wanted to know a little bit more. Does the program say something about an eating schedule? I work on the night shift so my body clock’s messed up/not normal. Would that affect the meal sched and my chances to lose weight? I hope you could help me on this. I really appreciate it!

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Ellie,

      Sure. The program isn’t about a fixed schedule, i.e. eat this at that time, and that at that time.

      It’s about the amount you eat over, let’s say, a day to the next. Some days you eat more than what you burn, and some days less. This will work with women’s leptin production, and allows you to lose weight without stagnating (like so many women do on diets). This is a simplified explanation, as there is more to leptin than just that (I’ve also done a separate article on leptin here at this website).

      Working nights isn’t a problem. I used to work “swing shifts”, i.e. day-day-day-night-night-night-day-day-day. :)

      I’ll post a paragraph from the book (I have the .pdf on my desktop still, as I check back from time to time (even though I’m “done” with the program):

      To be clear, there is no way to lose bodyfat without creating a calorie deficit. This should not be news
      to you. In other words, if you burn 1800 calories today you need to consume less than 1800 calories in
      order to force your body to burn up some of your bodyfat in order to make up the difference. This is a
      fundamental law of energy balance and fat loss and it does not change.
      When men follow a severely calorie restricted diet they don’t have as severe of a drop in leptin and
      therefore their metabolic rate seems to remain stable throughout the process. Women on the other hand
      cannot simply hit it hard, and go super low on calories for as long as they can stand it. Your leptin
      levels will fall dramatically leading to metabolic changes that could slow the fat burning process, as
      well as leaving you ravenously hungry and craving carbs.

  24. Carson says

    I need to lose about 50 to 75 lbs. Do you think this would be a good fit for that or is it more toning your body? I have tried and bought everything and nothing worked. I’m not big on exercise but from seeing the videos it’s not dancing and jumping around which I hate haha.

    • Erin B. White says


      The program is actually more about losing weight than toning, as the ad says “If you have more than 10 lbs to lose” :). 50–75 lbs isn’t that much, and I know several women that have used the program with more to lose than that. There is an exercise program, but the major part of the venus factor is done in the kitchen, to put it that way. However, during any weight loss, it’s advisable to do some exercise to maintain muscle mass (your muscles are what’s burning the fat after all, so less muscles = less fat burned).

      And the exercise isn’t dancing and jumping around ;)

  25. Ann-marie says

    Hi, I do not like any vegetables at all, but I do like fruit, would this be a problem? Also I have hypothyroidism.

      • Erin B. White says


        Sorry, I missed that comment. :) It should work according to what I’ve read, but I have no first hand experience — and I’m not a physician.. You can basically eat almost any food you like, so hypothyrodism shouldn’t be a limitation.

  26. Eunice O. says

    Please, I’m in Nigeria and i tried getting it but my country isn’t included in the list of countries it can get to and i really need this. please how do i go about it?

    • Erin B. White says


      I tried, and I see that Nigeria is not on the list. Is Nigeria also the country of your bank? The country selection is just for billing, so if your bank account is in a different country, or it’s an overseas bank, you pick that country. I.e. a lot of the banks in west Africa are English or South African. Hope it helps, let me know if you need any help. :)


  27. Pam Nasworthy says

    I stumbled into the Venus Index Weight Loss System and was skeptical. I’ve tried Weight Watchers (no toning), Acai (probably good for you, but really? Where’s the food and toning?), Atkins (there’s absolutely no way to add back in all the foods you stayed away from. You gain all the weight back when you eat like a normal person), South Beach, Ginka Cambodia (hahaha – can’t remember it’s name), and all the other crazy programs that take your money and leave you FAT. Nothing else has the sensible balance of low calories, gentle exercise (no dancing or jumping – I’m 58 and THAT’s not happenin’!) and a long term outlook. I’ve lost 5% of my body weight in the first week and feel wonderful. I’ll keep you posted!

  28. Candice says

    Hello Erin,

    My names Candice and im a 24year old who has just had a baby girl on september 11, 2014. Before i meet my husband i had just lost about 100lbs out of the 250lbs i was, from doing the insanity program. But it was hard and it also made me sick the hole time i used the program. Now 2months after the baby im at 210lbs and im dreading the insanity workouts. But i have to loss some wait before march of this coming year, four i will be heading to korea for a traditional korean wedding. This weight loss is not only for my self but the korean family kinda expect it. (they dont meen it in a bad way, only for my health and to know that im able to be here and live a good healthy life and able to take care of my family with out struggling with health problems witch could hinder my quality of life.) I also feel how i dieted and how hard i worked out will on insanity would not be good will im breast feeding. So as i dont know what the venus food plain intealls i was wandering if you know or think this program would be good for me? thank you and for any help or in site you could give.

    ~Cheers Candice

    • Erin B. White says


      I know about several people who’ve used the Venus factor to lose “baby weight”. Basically as long as you have more than 10 pounds to lose the Venus Factor can help you out, as it works naturally with your female metabolism. I.e. it’s no soup diet or supplement diet, more of a healthy long-term weight loss solution. :)

      I’m not too familiar with the Insanity program though.

  29. Ashley G says

    Hello I’m very skeptical about things like this but after watching the presentation I was blown completely away my question is this was a one time payment?

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Ashley,

      Yeah, it’s almost too good to be true. But the thousands of customers who have changed their life thanks to The Venus Factor can’t be wrong.

      Yes it’s a one-time payment. :)


  30. Xephi says

    Hi, I’m Xephi (that’d be my artist’s and not legal name XD) and I’ll be 19 the month after next. I happen to be the oldest of several sisters who would probably also love to lose weight, and I know my mother would just flip for joy if this could really work for her.

    I have 3 main questions for you, those being-

    1. Is this worth me convincing my mother to buy it, or will I have to die of shame and guilt when it doesn’t work for her? (She’s about 47 and weighs something like 200-250 lbs, I think…)

    2. Could this product be shared with other women in the household, or would it have to be bought individually for each of us?

    And 3. How old is safe to be using this model? Is it just good for any girl, puberty up, young adulthood, what age limit?

    It sounds really good, I watched their promo video and read several articles and other reviews, but, like so many others I’m still scared that there must be some hidden catch somewhere. I’ve read all the comments and responses so far, and it all seems very genuine here, so I am hopeful.

    Thanks much and well wishes to everyone, sincerely hoping all my questions will be answered and favorably so.

    Love you all!
    Xephi <3

  31. jordab says

    ok so I’m 15 and I want to loose like 10 pounds but I don’t have the money for this program? I know I’m young and my metabolism is higher so do you have any tips that’ll help me loose some weight ?

  32. Melyssa says

    I just have a question, I am very anemic and have vitamin d deficiency will this work for me?, my youngest daughter is 3 years old and I still have “baby fat.” I would love to lose weight but am concerned that my medical conditions will not allow me to lose weight.

    • Erin B. White says


      That’s no probelm. Also, a lot of people living in Nordic countries have vitamin D deficiency, which is some of the places where the Venus Factor is the most popular. :)

      Erin B

  33. Laura says

    What is a typical day on the meal plan? I would really like to try this diet but I’m not sure it will be a lifestyle match.

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Melissa,

      Gluten intolerance is not a problem at all, it won’t affect the results of the diet at all. :)

      Erin B.

  34. Jessie M says

    Hi Erin!
    Could u please explain how the 60 day money back guarantee works? I don’t want to be scammed again, so i was wanting to see if you could elaborate a little pls?

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi Jessie,

      Sure. It basically means that you can get a 100% refund any time you want (for any reason) within the 60 day period. The payments for venus factor are processed through a secure connection (you can see the small pad-lock sign in the corner of your address bar when you are at the payment page). I know that some readers have taken a refund, and there hasn’t been any problems involved when getting their money back.

      Hope this helps. :)


  35. lola says

    Hi. I have an easy question :)
    Since this is an eBook, do you need an eReader or is it in a PDF format that can be read on any PC, tablet or phone?

    • Erin B. White says

      Hi lola,

      It’s a PDF file, but such files can also be read on most tablets, phoes and e-readers (I’ve tried Kindle and iPad).


  36. Juana Mesher says

    WoW I’m pretty excited about this I’m going to give it a try soon as I can afford it! It’s a bit strange reading thru all the comments tho! About 75% of them are about ppls fear of being scammed and this girl, Erin, reassuring them that it’s 100% refundable if they are not satisfied LOL….

    I’m Totally Hopeful!! Juana

    • Erin B. White says


      I don’t blame anyone for being aware of scams, and skeptic to buying anything :) . I think it’s great that people do their due diligence prior to buying any product! More people should do that. I’m always happy to write about health and fitness, especially since The Venus Factor, and a more healthy lifestyle in general, has transformed my life completely! It’s a product I can recommend, and feel comfortable recommending, and it makes it easier because of the refund policy. If the diet shouldn’t fit you or your lifestyle for some reason, or maye you didn’t have the money after all, or needed it for something else, you haven’t lost anything, and only gained experience.


  37. Kathy J Brier says

    I’m already working with a personal trainer for building stamina, muscle tone, and cardio. We talk about food in general but he’s never suggested any sort of special diet. Can I still use the Venus Factor in addition to my trainer?

    • Kathy J Brier says

      I am 64-years old, in good health but overweight. I have controlled HBP and controlled major depressive disorder. I really want to get my cholesteral lowered and get off the HBP meds.

  38. Shari says

    I just ordered this product by pay pal and didn’t take me back to complete the process of adding my address. How do I get the videos??

    • Erin B. White says


      You will receive the info to your email, they’re all accessible from the members area. Good luck on the program, keep us posted on your progress! :)


  39. Linda says

    If leptin is the key how do you get it? I have read everything and not one word about it. Sounds like just another diet. I have had stomach surgery but still need to lose weight. I no protein is very important and is hard to get enough daily without supplements.

  40. Virginia says

    Hello Erin!
    I’ve only recently discovered this site, and the Venus Factor. I’m super skeptical. I’m a 23 year old single mom, with a son who will be 5 years old. I want to get into shape so I would be able to keep up with him for many more years to come. I’m just so scared, about losing my chance to get more active and be able to run around with my boy. I’ve had plenty of years of people judging me based on my weight. I’ve even been told I have a beautiful face, but my weight ruins it. I’ve lost confidence in myself. I did workout plans at home, because I’m too ashamed to go to the gym, but I also feel like I gianed more weight possibly building the muscle, but not so much losing the fat. Haha! I’m really, really hoping this works! Here’s to trying new things?

  41. Sharryn Goff says

    Hi Erin, I have just read 112 comment all from December 26, 2013 up to Februrary 16 , 2115 and all seem to be positive towards the Venus Factor System it all makes sense , but I too am a little skeptical, have tried the Bodytrim lost 21kg -Michelle Bridges lost about 5 kg on that so much cooking and little time , one question I have before I committ to this once you purchase the programm , you say it starts straight away , do you have some time to read though it , plan to start your journey and do all the shopping for that week , are you giving a kick off date? Maybe that’s more than one question , I have an IPad .


    • Erin B. White says


      You don’t get a kick off date per se. It’s totally up to you — sot there’s no rush if you need some time to read through it, and plan, before getting started.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions! :)

    • Erin B. White says

      Basically: no.

      I mean, any diet will boil down to energy in vs. energy out — how many calories you burn vs. how many calories you eat. However, calorie counting isn’t a part of the program, and not something you have to worry about on The Venus Factor.


  42. Denise says

    Are you allowed diet sodas? If you can’t have sugar or artificial sweeteners, then what are you allowed to use to sweeten things?

    • Erin B. White says

      I use Stevia in my tea and coffee, it’s not artificial, but a natural product. You buy it in any health store. It can also be used in baking, though I haven’t personally tried that.


    • Erin B. White says

      I use Stevia for sweetener, it’s a natural sweetener unlike Aspartame etc. and it’s perfectly fine for dieting (including The Venus Factor) .. at least I used it. It tastes like sugar, but it’s a lot sweeter (so you use less obviously). I’m not aware of any cholesterol impact when drinking diet sodas.

      Erin :)

  43. Morgan m says

    Hi I have a question, did you buy the leptiburn supplement pills to help? They are so expensive and I wasnt sure if I should get them or not. If I do not get them will my weight loss be significantly reduced or does it not matter?
    -thank you

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