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ATTIC - The home of cool moviez!!!, one of the most goriest, grossest, and all through horrible web-sites in the whole world. The database contains lots and lots of information about video- dvd and cinema censorship of movies in Finland. ATTIC is only Internet's leading info source of Finnish movies censored by Finnish censors... ATTIC went on-line in early 2000, over 150 videocovers of the cut FI/FIx-versions, and over 550 titles have been gathered on the site.

********** Censorship! The years of terror: 1987 to 2000 **********

Yes, censorship... A swearword for any movie buff. In Finland, cinema, video and dvd censorship was very strong from the years 1987 to 2000 led by the Finnish censorship factory VET (Valtion Elokuva Tarkastamo = Goverment's Film Classification). Sometimes the distributor did the dirty work. In the summer of 2000, a new act to the law was accepted, and movies rated K18 were finally legal to release on video and dvd in january of 2001. But the terror years of 1987 to 2000 cost a lot of harm, which you can see pretty well in this site. Thirteen years of pure terror of the censorship of VET is recorded in this site! Not only that ATTIC tries to give the lenght of the cuts, of course you want to know all the dirty details, of what, in fact, is cut. Also, the site (as much as possible) informs about other alternative versions, those which are cut, and which are uncut in NOTEs that follow the cut report.

Videoversion criteria: FI = A Finnish video (or dvd) version released after the video act, and cut by VET or the distributor. FIx = A Finnish videoversion released before the video act. This usually means that the cuts are made by the distributor. FIc = A Finnish cinema version, rated by VET, but the cuts could have been made by the distributor.

First the info says the movie's original title, then the Finnish title (if it has one), and then the version (FI, FIx, or FIc), and then the rating (if it's a FI- or a FIc-version) of VET. The list of the cut movies are in alphabetical order by their original title. The last section has films that are pre-cut version with cuts made by the MPAA (usually to the film to have an R rating), and some of the notable cool moviez in FI/FIx-versions, which have been passed uncut by some miracle (note that this only includes moviez which are uncut in their all Finnish video- and dvd-versions, e.g. if only the re-release is uncut, it will not be included). Practically all movies released in Finland after the new video act, that began in January 2001, in any format are uncut - if some of them have been pre-cut in some way, ATTIC tries its best to give that info.



ATTIC - The home of cool moviez!!! 2000-2005!


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ATTIC-censorship Gallery! Images from the cut scenes of FI/FIx-versions!





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You can use anything in this page for selfish purposes. The covers taken from The Finnish Cover Archive are used with permission.