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  1. Being my first visit to Old Andado I was in awe of the old family home and all the surrounds especially the old baby cot on wheels, it just needs a doll in it to be complete.
    Molly! was a one off,what a fantastic women, so brave,so resilient ,and full of spirit after all she endured in her life. A women to have spent 30 odd years alone out there is unbelievable. My husband has made several trips to Old Andado one being by plane to which Molly meet John & co, in her old red 80 series Land Cruiser .Back at the homestead she made scones ,then said I only have vegemite to put on them, is that ok. Now 20 years later caretakers Jan & Grahame cooked us scones with jam and cream,hubby got upset too many good memories for him. Memories of all this is being passed on to our Grandchildren, hopefully they will visit. Don’t let the place deteriorate, keep up the good work. We both send our condolences to all the family.


    1. Thanks Jenny and John, lovely to hear that you, John, were so affected by visiting this time again. It most certainly is a special place and its in good hands to be restored & preserved. Cheers.

  2. I miss my great grandma i love it when i go out to her place cuz it reminds me of when i was living out bush. we go there alot now dad telling us about old andado and his station that he use to live on Andado

  3. Below is a poem I wrote when Molly had to leave Old Andado.
    We visited Old Andado in July 2009 in the middle of a huge Sandstorm.

    Dear Old Andado, by the windmill tall,
    I feel your breath, I hear you call.
    I told you dear, that I’d be back,
    Along the Old Andado track.
    To rest inside, your hallowed walls,
    To sit and talk as twilight falls.
    I see that many have felt your charms,
    They’re here on trust, I pray they do no harm.
    The years are going fast, my dear good friend,
    I’m glad to be back here again.
    And when my days are over,
    I’ll come back home to rest.
    Where my soul will sing for ever,
    In the place that I love best.
    By Rhonda Halvorson

  4. My wife, Judith, and I visited Alice Springs and the Pioneer Women’s Hall of fame and learned of Molly’s death. We extend our condolences to her family. I did not ever meet Molly, or Mac, however I was a boarding student at Westminster School, Marion, (Adelaide,) when Graham, Kevin (Meggs) and Phillip attended. I was in Kevin’s year, (but not the same class,) and in the same boarding house. One exeat weekend my family took Phillip to Auburn to visit his Clark grandparents. We lived close to Auburn, and west of Rhynie. I am interested in finding out where Phillip is now. I have read he was managing a cattle station in West Australia.
    Molly was certainly a detirmined and courageous lady. She will not be forgotten.
    Kind regards to all her family,
    Ian Uppill

  5. My wife and me- both from Germany – spent one night at old Andado homestead in 1991. We were deeply impressed about the hospitality of Molly Clarke. In the morning, as we intended to continue our tour, she invited us in her house, showed us the interior and told us about her and her husbands life on the farm. This was so authentic, so fascinating that we forgot the time. And we easily could have spent the whole day with her, if we – as travellers on a much too long tour – had not told her what was our target for that day. So we were deeply impressed by her and still are till today. In 2002 we intended to visit her again, but unfortunately we had serious wheel problems, so that we had to turn just 50 km before her homestead.
    So we will always keep her in mind now that we are at such an age ourselves that travelling to and across the deserts of Australia seems to be too hard for us.

  6. I was saddened to learn of Mollie’s passing. My late husband and I met her in 1994 when we were on one of our outback trips. We stayed at Old Andado on the last night of the tourist season I think it was as Mollie was heading to Alice Springs the next day. Lindsay did what many tourists did I am sure i.e. helped her fix torches, taps, the toilet and with whatever else she needed a hand to do. I first learnt of her through a Christmas program called “Diesel, Dust and Diplomats” in 1992 when she featured in one segment. My old family home was the background for the song “Bluegum Christmas Tree” sung at the end by Noel Watson and I am sure none of the film team realised how apt the words were for my brother, as when it was filmed, my mother’s funeral had just been held, and as words in the song said ‘my mum and dad are gone now, I live here all alone’.
    After seeing Mollie on this program, I really wanted to meet her as she also lived all alone but in such different conditions. She was such an inspirational woman.

  7. Having had the pleasure as a youth staying with Molly, Max and the family on the station. I always have fond memories and the love they shared. My deep regrets I could not travel to see Molly one more time. She has embellished the out back in my sole. thank you Molly (Mrs Clark) My condolences to the family and one day I may have the pleasure I catching up to the rest of the family

  8. 9.01.13
    We have only just heard of Molly’s passing, and offer our sincere condolances to her family. We did not have the privilege of meeting Molly but felt we knew her through our visits to “Old Andado”.
    May the homestead stand as a memorial to Molly for many, many years to come.

  9. We visited Old Andado in July 2012 with our daughter and son-in-law and marvelled at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of true Australian Pioneers in building Old Andado. We felt privileged to explore Molly’s place and felt as though she would walk in the door at any minute to make us welcome. We have only now learned of her passing and mourn her loss (without ever having met her) and offer sincere condolences to her family and friends.

  10. Hi, friend’s of mine Vicki & Frank Schirippa were very fond of Molly, and sad to hear of her passing. Vicki & Frank would often call in and visit Molly on their ‘outback’ trips and came home with some great stories we would all love to hear.
    There was a documentary I think by the ABC that told a poem of Molly’s life and Vicki said she thought quite accurate. It’s Vicki’s 50th in December, and we thought of getting the poem framed, but cannot locate it anywhere. Would you happen to have a copy you could email?
    We would be very grateful.
    Kind regards

  11. I was so saddened to hear of Molly’s passing. My heartfelt condolances to her family and friends. I never had the pleasure of meeting Molly, but how I admired her. She was a true pioneer and a very strong and brave lady. Living at ‘Old Andado’ must have been tough, and only someone with a deep love for this evironment and life could live there. Molly had that deep love. She and ‘Old Andado’ were one. Rest in peace now Molly, as you keep a watchful eye over your beautiful, beloved ‘Old Andado’

  12. Thank you for letting me know of Mollys passing,,,Please accept my condolances to the family. I did not know her personally even though i felt a connection with her way of living and obviously the impact she had created to all her friends and visitors. I had enjoyed reading about Old Andado Station and about Mollys life stories and hopefully her memory will live on thru her family.

  13. As a family we spent some great times with Molly and two of our children (Kirsty and Scott) had wonderful times staying with Molly out at the Station. Whenever we visited she always had a couple of jobs for Peter and Dai to do and we all spent time sitting and chatting. Our friendship with Molly was special and she gave our children an education that was priceless. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  14. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Molly recently, and our thoughts and condolences go to the family.
    We spent a couple of fantastic weeks care taking Old Andado Station in June 2010 and, thanks to Meegan, had the privilege of meeting Molly at her house in Alice Springs.
    It was a delight to listen to her stories, how she told them with her typical “get on with it and make it happen” attitude. One of her sayings struck a real cord with us ( when talking of scientists, geologists etc. with little experience, unlike her years of looking, examining the environment she lived in) and that was “if you could turn the bag inside out, I wonder what you would find…”

  15. What a wonderful time we had at Old Andado. Twenty three travellers in our group. Only one had been there before. We all maticulousely walked through Mollys time capsule and remembered things of our past. Times we had with our parents,or our grand parents. Memories flooded back of the good times we had when we were much younger,and things were so much simpler back then. Many wanted to stay longer,or come back another time and do a little maintance. It all seems so much more special now. Molly,you were special,an insporation to the men and women of the outback and you will never be forgotten. Every time Old Andado is mentioned,your name will be remembered and the good times we had. On behalf of the desert rats 2012

    Rest in peace Molly and Thank you…..

  16. Truely another treasure of the outback has been lost. Thank you Molly and family for the great memories of the past. Thank you for your hospitality and the trust you have in travellers as they explored your humble home. Old Andado and Molly Clark will be remembered for ever. RIP. Molly……

  17. I feel extremely privilege to have recently spent time at Old Andado. Stepping into Molly’s home brought back a flood of memories of my own Nan & Pop’s house. What a wonderful woman to allow us to share part of her life. Condolences to her family – you came from good stock. May you rest in peace Molly. Claire (Desert Rats 2012)

  18. Having visited Old Andado in the past month it was with great regret we heard of the passing of Molly Clark. Thank you for the opportunity of letting us into your inspirational life in the outback. You and your beautiful home will remain in our memories forever. RIP Molly

  19. Dearest Kerry, Andrew, Lee, Sarah and all the family.
    We extend our sincere condolences at Molly’s passing.
    Molly was a truly unique and special woman of the outback. We hold such happy memories of our time with you in Alice and at “Old Andado”.

    1. Hello Helen and Norm
      Thanks for your kind thoughts, Molly certainly was a special person. She held you both in high regard and never forgot the support and kindness you extended to Meggs and to the Clark family.

      Cheers – Kerry

  20. Dear Kerry, Andrew,Lee and Sarah,
    I was so sad when I read the news of Molly passing away, it brought back a flood of so many happy memories of my time governessing at Andado in the early 80’s. I visited Molly 2 years ago whilst at a conference in Alice, we had a cuppa and a chat. All my thoughts are with you and your families at this very sad time. Love and best wishes Gabie xxxx

    1. Hello Gabs
      Thanks for your kind words, Molly certainly was a legend and there are lots of memories and stories to share. She is now where she wants to be, at peace down at her beloved Old Andado.

  21. I have been a member of the Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame since shortly after its’ inception. I spoke to Molly by telephone several times and had the pleasure of twice meeting her in person at Old Andado in 2004 and 2008. A wonderful hard working and courageous lady who did Australia proud! Deepest condolences to Molly’s family.

  22. Molly was a very treasured friend of the family especially
    Harry(dec).The many memories Harry had of Molly of times
    spent out at the station with her and their regular phone calls were held dearly by him. Remembered with much love, Eva, Darryn and Lee-anne.
    Rest peacefully Molly.

  23. It was always a pleasure to visit Molly on my roadwoks inspection of the area. After a few verbal comments on the state of the road, it was down to having a good yarn over a cuppa on what she had been doing since my last visit. Rest in Peace Molly

  24. Hello and deepest sympathy to all molly’s family and friends.
    I had the pleasure of staying with Molly while working for central Australian helicopters in the eighties.
    Her home cooked meals, tea and damper on the verandah, gracious company have been a lasting memory.
    A unique lady, her spirit has earned its reward.

  25. RIP Molly. Condolances to all the family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. She has a great selection of Territorians to be with now in that great place in the sky…

  26. I have so many happy memories of my time caretaking Old Andado Station in 2009. Molly, you were an inspiration and will be sadly missed.

  27. RIP Molly. What great memories we have staying at Old Andado Station in 1992, after hearing about Molly on “Australia All Over” with Macca. The Donkey hot showers were very welcome after some time bush camping!

  28. a sad day to hear of the passing of Molly,,she will be sadly missed,,,and all the good doos on her homestead,,,may she RIP.

  29. Molly… hours before your passing a beautiful little girl was born in Alice not for from where you were. Danae and I have called her Eremaea for the beautiful desert flowers that I came to love while walking in the dunes surrunding your desert home. You are such a big part of what Central Australia is to me and Eremaea will always be a beautiful reminder to me of you—one of the strongest women I have ever been lucky enough to know. Thanks Molly.

  30. To Meggs, Kerry, Andrew, Lee and Sarah. Fond memories always of my year with you as governess. My thoughts and prayers with you all. Deborah xx

  31. RIP Molly, a gracious, inspirational and pioneer of Australia. Your senseof humor and hospitality will live forever. Thank you for the pleasure your memory showers us with.

  32. Dear Molly, it is a sad day to hear of your passing, but I will have many fond memories of the times in both “Old Andado”, & in our new Andado homestead which we helped build, & where we shared many nice times with you, Mac, & your boys. As they say, “Nothing lasts forever” – we know very well how true that is, but I think of ones like you & Mac as just being at rest for now, see you soon!
    With kind regards, Garry…

  33. Molly was a true Centralian. I have fond memories of spending many school,holiday breaks at Old Andado with Molly and one of here granddaughters Lee Clark. She has us working and cleaning but the was always time for surfing the beaut red and dunes on the cardboard. May she rest in peace.

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