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What's New?

08/12/2013 20:55:30 by Bob
It is with a heavy heart that I announce Starbase Arcade is closing forever at this location at the end of this month. I will maintain regular hours through Sunday August 18th. The arcade will be closed Monday the 19th through Thursday the 22nd. (Open Wed the 21st after 6 PM for Fight night). The arcade will reopen Friday the 23rd, Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th, and then close forever...Thanks to all of my loyal customers

07/28/2013 16:18:46 by Bob
Today is Pinkys Pizza San Rafael's last day in business. Long live Pinkys! Thanks to Mike Jones for creating a parlour that lasted more than half a century. Happy memories to all....

06/29/2013 22:55:22 by Bob
Starbase will be open next Thursday July 4th! Exorcize your freedom to play Pinball & Video Games and stop on by. Check out the web cam when you are ready to come down. Happy Independence Day!

05/27/2013 14:08:33 by Bob
Yes Starbase Arcade is open today! Happy Memorial Day.

03/28/2013 19:37:05 by Bob
Monday April 1st marks Starbase's 31st Anniversary! Thanks to all of you loyal customers that have kept this neighborhood Arcade going for three decades and counting! Stop by and check out the new X-Men pinball.

07/21/2012 17:38:57 by Bob
In his quest to roll the 9,999,999 score on every Joust video arcade machine in the country, Lonnie McDonald of Kansas City will be stopping by Starbase Arcade this week. He plans to roll the score on the Starbase Joust game between 5PM and 10 PM on Wednesday 7/25. He will already have played on another game in San Francisco earlier Wednesday morning! Go Man Go! Check out this U tube video:

07/01/2012 13:49:06 by Bob
Starbase and Pinky's will be closed for the 4th of July. The game room next to the pool at San Rafael's McNears Beach county park will be open! Have a great holiday.

06/13/2012 18:50:53 by Bob
Come to Starbase this Wednesday night and practice for EVO with some of NorCal’s best players! IPW will stream competitions on Super St. Fighter 4 AE plus Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tonight. For a $5 venue fee, you get unlimited casual play on 7-9 set-ups, and there are multiple copies of each major game plus one copy each of Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend, K O F 13, Soul Calibur V, and Tekken 6 ! Casuals start now at 6 PM. Tournaments, which require an additional entry fee, start at 10 PM. If you can't make it check out the live stream @ www.twitch.tv/iplaywinner
You can always see what's live at Starbase, click on the Starbase webcam. For event news visit Starbase Arcade on Facebook.

03/30/2012 18:49:26 by Bob
Sunday April 1st marks Starbase's 30th Anniversary! Thanks to all of you loyal customers that have kept this neighborhood Arcade going for three decades and counting.

02/22/2012 15:01:42 by Bob
Harrison is here tonight at Starbase with his new computer to stream SSF4 AE 2012 and more! It's still only $5 for unlimited casual play on at least 7 set-ups! Casuals start at 8 PM. If you can't make it, check out the live stream @ www.twitch.tv/starbaseharrison
To see what's live at Starbase, click on the Live Webcam button on the right.
Starbase Arcade - 1545 4TH ST. San Rafael, CA. 94901 - 415.459.7655