Don’t you just love romantic stories about how couples first connect with each other? Jennifer and Jon were out for a run going opposite directions. He thought she was cute and smiled. She smiled back. He instantly regretted not stopping to say hello so he ran after her, but could not find her. When he got home he put an ad in the “Missed Connections” and when she happened to read it she knew it was her. She contacted him and they have been together ever since.

These two planned their wedding in Jennifer’s hometown of Victoria, British Columbia in the backyard of the home she grew up in. I love the gray and yellow color palette and the sweet details incorporated throughout the decor. I hope you enjoy these lovely images captured by Deanna McCollum Photography!

Jennifer + Jon

Backyard Garden Wedding in Victoria, British Columbia | Deanna McCollum Photography

What makes you an On the Go Bride?

I would definitely say I was an on-the-go bride – I work full time as a family physician, and don’t have a lot of spare time.

What did you find most challenging about planning your wedding as an On the Go Bride?

As I mentioned, it was also a bit of a challenge trying to arrange things from another province, so my mom was a tremendous help. Both my parents were amazing, actually. My dad worked for a year to make sure the garden was perfect for our special day and he helped my mom with a lot of the planning as well. We were really lucky to have such great support from my family.

What made the wedding planning process easier or helped save you time?

We went out to BC only for one weekend prior to the wedding and had planned several appointments with our vendors, including our photographer, the bakery for our wedding cake and the wedding coordinator. It was helpful to have all the appointments done in one weekend and helped save time because we knew we had limited time to make decisions.

What advice would you give to bride’s trying to plan their weddings while working?

I would suggest arranging as much as you can in advance, and having a day or two that are really busy with vendors and appointments, but then things are done after that!  I would also say that if others offer to help, take them up on their offer! We were so lucky to have family and friends who really helped get things organized on the day of the wedding and a few days before.

What special things or moments between you and your husband did you include in your wedding?

In terms of special things between my husband and I, really, the whole day was very special. We each were able to have things incorporated that were really important to us – my husband’s father is a minister and it was important to Jon (my husband) that his dad marry us. It was really special. My dad also read a Welsh poem during the ceremony. It was important for me to have a part of my family history as a part of the day. (My dad is from Wales, and we had family there who weren’t able to join us for the day.)  Jon and I escaped for a few minutes after the ceremony and had our photos done down at the beach nearby. It was really nice to have a few moments just the two of us as newly married husband and wife.  The photos from that part of the day are my favorite.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?

My favorite memory of our wedding is actually from the day before, at the rehearsal. Jon’s dad went through the whole ceremony with us, and only our parents and wedding parties were present. When we were practicing our vows, we both got really emotional. It was such a special moment and it was nice to get the tears out in front of only our closest friends and family, and feel more prepared to hold it together during the real ceremony.


Photographer | Deanna McCollum Photography

Venue | Private Residence

Planner | Designer Weddings

Caterer | Truffles Catering

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes | Ooh La La Cupcakes

Florist | Platinum Floral Design

DJ | Tim Horner

Bridal Gown | White Peony

Hair & Makeup | Belle Amour

Graphic Design | Sarah Cowal Graphic Design

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