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Day 24: Everyone’s Problem


As long as divorce reform and parental alienation are seen as problems of those silly divorcing parents, kids will continue to be lost with little fanfare.

The key to saving lost kids is to clearly show the general population that this is an issue that concerns us all.

Shared parenting laws that protect a child’s right to equal access to their parents will reduce:

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Suicides

Stop sharing your links to other alienated parents.  Send this one to the world.  It’s time for the world to wake up.

Lost kids isn’t a divorce issue.  It’s an American issue.

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Thanks Della! And Lisa and Larry and anyone I forgot

Day 19: Grey Days, Grey Areas



There are always two sides of every story.  Except in parental alienation where the other side is eliminated.

I’m certain this weekend will fall under scrutiny.  After all, it is my custody weekend.  And I missed an opportunity to be with my daughters.

Granted, when I do text them, there’s only a slim shot they even say anything in return.  I could spin on why this occurs or whether my communication is blocked.  Or simply move on with my life.  A life where my own kids see me as an optional person in their lives.  A long lost cousin.

Sometimes I think about the families around the kitchen table during the civil war.  The insane fathers who told their kids they were being left behind so they could go kill people (sometimes their brothers) for an ideal: that complete strangers should be free.


I will always love you more than you know

- Dad


Day 3: ISNAF



With several miles of rain behind me, I look forward to crossing into RI today.  And not alone.  Other walkers will be joining me; standing up to the injustice to American families.

Meanwhile, on the West coast, parental alienation experts are gathering for the ISNAF Colloquium in hopes of forging a better future for us all.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.  Wanna help?  Pester the Providence media.  I’m on my way.

- Patrick

Back on Track

New?  Please read A Lost Generation to get caught up.

People not living the life of child abduction through family courts simply wouldn’t believe it.  I know I wouldn’t.

Sarah’s court order clearly shows she should have her kids today.  The kids are clearly 3000 miles away with their father.  We invested a dozen hours into the court paperwork labyrinth to get to see the judge responsible for the order.

Bottom line: This doesn’t qualify as an emergency.  Really.  I’m not making this up.  Someone takes your kids away illegally but even talking to a judge isn’t a priority.  See you in September.

Someday, we’ll look at days like these in history and gasp like we do now for slavery or the witch hunts.  But today it’s the norm so we simply sigh and return to our normal days.  Mine is planning a walk to help end this madness.

Road Blocks

New?  Please read A Lost Generation to get caught up.

Simply setting goals and moving forward always has unexpected hurdles.  This one was predictable.  My walk planning is on hold for the moment while we deal with yet another child abduction.

Sarah had her kids illegally taken and flown to the East coast in direct, arrogant violation of a worthless custody order.  After years of this behavior our emotional response has faded to a shade above apathy.  Tom will illegally abduct the kids until they are 18.  We simply need to decide when to stop fighting for them for our own sanity.  Meanwhile, there’s paperwork to file; reports to write.

Her children have come to believe this is how people operate: that abuse is the norm; that lying and skirting the police is life.  And since the courts, police and even our own families are weary of chasing Tom, a narcissist will get exactly what he wants: control at any cost including the destruction of his own kids.

Step One

New?  Please read A Lost Generation to get caught up.

America is broken; broken to the point where we have built a system to strip children from parents.  Divorce courts are arbitrarily separating kids from their parents and it needs to end.  If I need to sleep a night or two in the streets to bring some attention to the matter – so be it.  Because, once you’ve been told by the courts you don’t have a legal right to your own kids, nothing else much matters.  Nothing.

I’m still early in the detailed planning of my walk – the marketing, the media campaign.  It’s uncharted waters.  Fear makes most people recoil.  For me, it’s just verification that I’m still alive.  Validation that step two will be as rewarding as the first.