Kid Embroidered Pencil Pouch…

kid embroidered pencil pouch kid embroidered pencil pouch kidpencilpouch1 kid embroidered pencil pouch kid embroidered pencil pouch kid embroidered pencil pouch kid embroidered pencil pouch kid embroidered pencil pouch The last few days I’ve been cleaning and purging my craft hoard. I started this the beginning of the year and I’m still pushing through. It’s just not easy letting go of crafts that might of been. While emptying a storage bin yesterday, I came across these burlap zipper pouches. I bought like 20 from the dollar section at Target…2 years ago. I was all set to toss them in the donate pile, when I had a craft vision. We are headed out on a road trip this month and I’ve been gathering supplies to keep the kids occupied. I knew these pouches would be perfect for their coloring pencils and some crayons, but they just needed that special something.

Supplies I used:
Burlap zipper pouches
Variegated yarn
Plastic needle
Sewing marker

I’ve been wanting to teach them some basic embroidery skills for a while and these pouches were a good starter project. Burlap is great for kid embroidery. The larger holes are easy for them to navigate. Also, you can use yarn, versus thread, which is a little more kid friendly. To start, I had each of them write their name with the sewing marker. Savannah and Annie wrote their names and I did all the stitching for them. I showed Jacks how to thread the needle, then I knotted it for him. I did the first couple of stitches for him, then he finished the rest of his name on his own. I had him stop after each letter and I secured the yarn with a knot on the inside. Just repeat the same steps for each letter.

Now, I only have 17 more of these things. I love a handmade gift, so I think I’ll have them personalize the remaining for friends and family.

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