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Day 29: Signs


One of the keys to the democratic process is simply having the ability to reach the masses with our cause; to dispel the myth that we’re a handful of complaining divorced people.  There’s a bigger picture – corruption on a grand scale at the expense of American families.


The white noise produced by our media machines wants you to believe that one black bear’s death is worthy of front page status and that the everyday practice of paying judges for child abduction is not.

Meanwhile, those that speak out against these judges are quickly silenced by a short 18 months in prison.  (Great video, Joe!)

Richard Fine is imprisoned for 18 months for revealing LA Court judges were taking bribes

So where are the people tasked with enforcing our laws?  They are hard at work ensuring people stay in line.  Like Debbie, driving from Colorado to Washington DC with a forty foot banner passionately ready to join the walk and rally this Friday.

Sorry Debbie.  Turns out we don’t have the proper permit to display your banner at the US Capitol.


Your banner is a threat.  But bribed judges destroying families with no accountability are not.

When enough people start to question these obvious inconsistencies, reform will happen quickly.  Or maybe they’ll just continue to fight signs instead of injustice and we can all go back to reading about a dead bear.

Day 20: Endless Cycle


Bill Koellner, my most recent walk supporter, tries to gain media exposure by riding 758 miles in 2008 with Cycling 4 Children.

While we’d like to believe parental alienation and the need for court reform are fresh new issues, the scary truth is we’ve been stuck in a loop for a long time.  Go to Washington, rattle some cages, pray something changes.

Meanwhile, smart, compassionate parents are endlessly stuck in their own cycles; unable to escape family courts and punished with financial and court harassment for years on end.  Reasonable, solution-based people eventually realize their limited options at getting out of the abusive never-ending spiral:

  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Walking away from their own kids (which won’t stop the court harassment)
  • Fighting in court against their will, while being financially drained with little hope since the system is slanted
  • Accepting — in most instances — at least a decade of abuse while the kids are minors with little to no understanding from their peers

This is not over-dramatization.  It is life for people who were pulled into the divorce process; many against their wills.


Day 17: Holiday Horrors


Nothing could be more tragic than losing a child to death.  Right?

Child Alienated
Against Parent
Sympathy for Parent High Negligible
Support for Parent High Negligible
Abuse by Courts Never Until children leave college
Parent Attacked by Spouse No Forever
Long-Term Outcome
Childless Watching a child you love
endlessly learn to hate
you while simultaneously

And people wonder why people shoot themselves or go ballistic in the courtrooms.

Hell isn’t Halloween.  It’s sitting through the entire holiday season being told by an ex-spouse and dysfunctional court system that you don’t deserve your children while the world parties on like you don’t exist.

Day 14: 75,000 Lost Kids


The handful of devastated parents I met in Connecticut helped validate our cause.  You don’t need to go far to find someone forcible separated from their children by the courts because the practice is commonplace.

Law makers can spin their wheels for as long as they like acquiring real data.  In the meantime, everyday more kids are having their parents whisked away.

Teen pregnancy, suicides, alcoholism…just the next step in these children’s lives as they ramble through life searching for meaning.  Why did that loving parent leave me?  They didn’t.  They were stripped away.

You need to learn to walk before you can run, New York.  Leg 15A departs tomorrow at 9:30 am, 106 W 120th St.

Day 10: Walker Weekend on Tap


A sunny day but these aren’t tans: pink neon diner lights.

Connecticut was pounding on the door of their government reps well before I crossed the border four days ago — thanks to groups like Eye on Connecticut.  So it’s no wonder we have a lot of walkers; people willing to invest a bit of time in a cause since..well..they don’t have their kids.


I’m hopeful that smaller states like Connecticut can implement family court reform more quickly modeling for other states.  Lots more walkers, links and hope in general before leaving CT.  Will keep you posted between “legs”.  Never too late to join!  150 miles down.  250+ to go.  Bring it.

Crossing bridge into New Haven. Guess I don’t smile as much after a 18 mile day :(

Day 6: Plenty of Beds



I have dozens of jovial pictures of meeting new walkers and making new friends on the journey.  And for people stripped of their kids, there is always the desire to push that narrative forward.  To pretend everything is normal.

But the story of our walk is being written by people who have beds to offer; not spare rooms – kid’s room devoid of kids.  One day they are there.  The next day they are not.  Lost.

The only thing more horrible than an ex-spouse hell bent on removing you from your children’s lives, is a family law system that encourages the behavior with financial windfalls.

Everywhere along the route we gain walkers: RI, CT, NY, PA.  You know their stories.  Just take your own story and plug in new names.

Day 5: Sarah, Sylvia and Kurt join the walk in the Middle of Nowhere..Diner

Like most days, there is much more to say than I have time to express.  Watch for photos, philosophies and updates very shortly.

Meanwhile, I’m off to…you guessed it…walk.




Day 8: Life Interrupted




Excuse me a moment.  I have some important personal matters that need to be addressed.  You see..I’m in this divorce and I have to send her lawyer a W2 from two years ago.

It was missing but, since the numbers matched the final pay stub, my accountant used that to process the tax forms.  The IRS was good with it too.  It seems however, that I can not be divorced in the State of California without it.

Why?  Well, as the judge pointed out, my ex thinks I’m hiding money.  And someone claiming something in court is validity that we should be forced to go prove something.

Kinda like how Sarah had to sit on the stand and answer questions about acting in a movie in Arizona.  Sarah hasn’t acted in a movie in her life.  But this is about rights.  And our ex-spouses have the never ending right to drag us to court to harass us about whatever they choose.  It’s their right.  And it’s profitability to the attorneys doesn’t give much hope it will end.

As I head off on my walk, I wonder what absurd flaming hoop I’ll get to jump through next for someone else’s entertainment.

Walk Starts with Media Frenzy!




Four television crews met me at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in Boston as I began my 30 day, 400-mile Walk for Lost Kids.

That’s exactly what occurred.  Kinda like the claims of danger or domestic abuse showered upon us in family court.  White lies win court cases and kids and cash.

I haven’t killed anyone.  Yet.  I’m just walking.

Day 1: Carrying Your Stories



In the days leading up to today, I fielded a lot of questions.  How I’d deal with the burdens: the miles, the weight of a backpack, the fact that i’m old not a young guy.

But the truth is the hardest part has been and will continue to be simply hearing people’s stories; the ones that you won’t hear about.  Anonymous parents fearful of retaliation sending emails of thanks or writing their own stories to share privately.  The fact that the 100+ likes off each Divorce Corp share don’t really like anything.  They just want their damn kids back.  Their hands are tied.  They we’re failed by an ex-spouse and then their government.

Like most journeys, it is perfectly clear where this one will start.  But for children and parents wrongfully separated by “family” courts, it is completely unclear where it will end.

Walk.  Donate.  Tell Your Story.