Advanced Warfare double XP now active, System Hack to be tuned next patch

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 09:08 GMT By Sherif Saed

Sledgehammer Games has announced that Advanced Warfare’s Mosh Pit playlist will give out double XP from now and until next Saturday.


The developer announced the double XP event with this image. It’s already active and will be going through Saturday.

advanced warfare most pit double xp weekend

In addition, Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey said that team is thankful for the positive feedback on the latest patch, and to expect some System Hack tuning in the next one.

Thanks, MP1st.


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  • New GTA 5 music, radio station coming in April from The Alchemist and Oh No

    A brand new radio station and soundtrack album are on the way from GTA 5 score composers The Alchemist & Oh No. The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos, is described as a “genre-spanning collection” of new music for Grand Theft Auto 5, which will debut debuting with the PC version of […]

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  • Watch the Wolfenstein: The Old Blood livestream from PAX East here

    A livestream of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the standalone prequel to The New Order, will take place at PAX East today, and you can watch it right here on the site at 10.30am EST/3.30pm GMT. The stream will be hosted on the main Twitch channel, with gameplay from The Old Blood kicking the first day […]

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  • Bloodborne: tons of new PvP, co-op, and item details

    The Japanese site of Bloodborne has been updated with tons of new info pertaining to PvP, summoning, co-op, and much more. Bloodborne’s Japanese site was recently updated to bring into light many of the game’s features, and how some of them differ from earlier Souls games. According to translation by DualShockers the game supports up […]

  • Destiny: Xur location and inventory for March 6, 7 – Ice Breaker edition

    Xur: Agent of the Nine has brought a new set of Exotic wares to Destiny’s Tower. Xur: Agent of the Nine is back again to the Tower for another weekend of Exotic adventure. Xur will sell you Exotic weapons and armour in exchange for your Strange Coins and Motes of Light. Exotic Shards and upgraded […]

  • 30 new GTA Online screens show two Heists

    We’ve got a batch of hot new Heist screens from GTA Online that you wouldn’t want to miss. There are quite a lot of screens here showing all sorts of activities, pre-heist, during, and the getaway. Most of them are from the Humane heist, but others show one taking place at Fleeca Bank. Many details […]

  • BoingBoing’s Offworld resurrected as new, diverse gaming blog

    Offworld is back, but not as you know it. Offworld was Boing Boing’s gaming blog, helmed by Brandon Boyer from 2008. By 2010 it had been rolled into Boing Boing itself, eventually falling mostly silent and in 2011 Boyer founded a new site, Venus Patrol. The brand has languished unused ever since, but Boing Boing’s […]

  • SimCity developer: “EA is actually a great place to work these days”

    The Sims 4 developer Maxis may have been shuttered, but at least one former employee doesn’t have beef with EA and its decision. Although The Sims 4 and SimCity will continue along with the studio’s brand, the flagship Maxis studios has been closed. The closure prompted a resurgence of interest in EA’s acquisitions; there was […]

  • Humble Weekly Bundle goes monochromatic

    The theme of the latest Humble Weekly Bundle is “monochrome” – every game features a black and white aesthetic. Pay what you want for The Bridge (Linux, Mac, PC; Steam or DRM-free), Closure (Linux, Mac, PC; Steam or DRM-free) and Dominique Pamplemousse (Mac, PC; Steam or DRM-free). Cough up more than the average – $4.09 […]

  • Final Fantasy 7′s nine-disc, open-world fan sequel was too beautiful to live

    This Final Fantasy 7 sequel put together by fans shows off just how flexible Squaresoft’s tech was. Final Fantasy 7: Time Guardian was a fan-made sequel to the classic RPG, developed by Japanese indie Rodensoft. What makes it different from other FF7 fan projects is that it was being developed in the same engine as […]

  • Half-life 3 in VR: “We’re not saying no,” says Valve

    Half-life might work in virtual reality, or it might not. That’s Valve’s stance on the matter. Half-life 3 in VR makes perfect sense and should definitely happen, but Valve says it hasn’t made any decisions yet. “We’re not saying, ‘no’ but we don’t know what the right thing is [yet],” Valve programmer Jeep Barnett told […]

  • Why Diablo 3 had such a bad launch

    Diablo 3 is now a byword in disastrous launches for online-only games. How did Blizzard mess it up so badly? Diablo 3 game to us from a developer with experience running one of the world’s biggest massively multiplayer online games – World of Warcraft – and the infrastructure to back it up. So why were […]

  • ID@Xbox: “no problem” if devs can’t sim-ship, says Xbox indie boss

    ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla has said the famous parity clause isn’t as draconian as it sounds. Back when ID@Xbox was first launched, it was said to have a pretty unpleasant caveat: developers had to bring their games to Xbox One first, or simultaneously with other platforms, to be eligible for the scheme. Games released on […]

  • Microsoft working with Sony and Nintendo to combat DDoS attacks

    Xbox Live may be a rival to the PSN and Nintendo Network, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo can’t work together. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that he’s been talking to Sony, Nintendo and other companies about keeping gaming networks stable in the face of DDoS attacks and other malicious activity. Speaking […]

  • Destiny animations are designed to reduce motion sickness

    Destiny developers worked hard to avoid one of the common pitfalls of first-person games – motion sickness. Destiny senior animator David Helsby gave a presentation at GDC 2015 in which he discussed the challenges of animating first-person games. The problem with fist-person perspective is that if the camera bobs naturally as your head does, some […]

  • Xbox One peripherals will work wirelessly with Windows 10 via adapter

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  • Rock Band 4 “feels almost like coming home”, says Harmonix

    Rock Band 4 has been a long time coming, and Harmonix is as excited as we are. Or it would be, if that were possible. Harmonix announced Rock Band 4 overnight to massive excitement, especially in the vicinity of me. It’s something we’ve all been waiting for, but no less has Harmonix been waiting for […]

  • Destiny Weekly Update – what’s coming in the pre-House of Wolves patch?

    Destiny guru Arekkz Gaming runs down what Bungie’s mysterious update means – and could mean. This week’s Destiny Weekly Update was kind of light on information, but sometimes even saying nothing is really saying something. What are your theories for what’s coming soon to Destiny?

  • Ashes of the Singularity is “the most advanced RTS ever”, says Stardock

    Stardock has revealed Ashes of the Singularity, a new take on sci-fi RTS. Ashes of the Singularity is described as “not an RTS battle, an RTS war” which sounds pretty exciting. Built on Oxide Games’ Nitrous Engine, Ashes of the Singularity boasts of thousands of units on screen at a time, each with multiple targeted […]

  • Disgaea 5: meet Zeroken and Christo

    Disgaea 5 developer Nippon Ichi has dropped a ton of new information regarding its next RPG. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is coming to PS4 in Japan this month ahead of its western launch in northern autumn. Gematsu has gathered all the latest intel on the RPG from a recent Nippon Ichi press release. Head […]

  • Skyworld VR strategy game looks kind of like playing with toys

    Skyworld is a new turn based strategy designed for use with VR headsets. Skyworld comes to us from Vertigo Games, and will be compatible with Valve’s Vive headset. IGN reports Vertigo has worked in close collaboration with the SteamVR project, so Skyworld will support both seated VR and full-room features. Think about that while you […]

  • Link and Ganon battle in new Legend of Zelda fan film

    The Legend of Zelda fans are clearly a very clever bunch. The production values on this Legend of Zelda fan film are through the roof. This is only the teaser, with the full movie from PlayerPiano to follow, and we’re pretty excited. By the way, Netflix is said to be working up a Live action […]

  • Underworld Ascendent backers unlock Lizardmen, more stretch goals available in final hours

    Underworld Ascendent’s Kickstarter has just 15 hours left on the clock, but backers have already unlocked some great stretch goals. One of the latest Underworld Ascendent stretch goal milestones was $750,000. By passing this post, backers have ensured the inclusion of Lizardmen in the final game. Developer Otherside will now add the Dire Grove environment […]

  • Early Access version of MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore lands on Steam

    MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore has landed on Steam Early Access. The game popped up on Amazon last month for PlayStation 4 before Nordic Games had the chance to announce it was reviving the former-THQ property for current-gen. It still hasn’t by the way, to our knowledge. According to information sent over today, the initial […]

  • Avalanche is making sure Mad Max stays “true to the collective body of work”

    Mad Max developer’s Avalanche Studios sat down with Game Informer, as part of its month-long exclusive coverage, to discuss the game’s development and physics-based car combat. In the video below, director Frank Rooke and senior producer John Fuller explain the process of designing the open-world game; how the narrative was fully integrated into the gameplay […]

  • Destiny will get another update before House of Wolves drops

    Destiny got a major update with patch 1.1.1 last week, but Bungie isn’t done. The next major Destiny update will arrive before the House of Wolves expansion. In this week’s Bungie Weekly Update, the developer said it wasn’t ready to share details yet. However, more information will be shared in the coming weeks. The update […]