Hallow/Corruption is still spreading after Plantera has been defeated

Discussion in 'PC' started by r543, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. r543

    r543 Clinger

    I noticed that the corruption started to remove the jungle, and the hallow started to spread into my ice biome. This should've been changed, after plantera has been destroyed, and it's supposed to spread only the grass(hallowed/corrupt grass should spread over to dirt blocks, but not on normal grass).
  2. JanoS

    JanoS Cave Bat

    Nope, in 1.2 it was a mistake, that the spread reverted back to normal mode after killing any hardmode boss.

    SInce the spread only slows down to 33% of the hardmode speed after killing Plantera. However it will still convert all blocks as hardmode spread would.
  3. r543

    r543 Clinger

    This isn't noted in the patch notes(the spread slow down) and should be changed !

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