Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics (MACOSPOL)

In modern societies, collective life is assembled through the superposition of scientific and technical controversies. The inequities of growth, the ecological crisis, the bioethical dilemma and all other major contemporary issues occur today as tangles of humans and non-humans actors, politics and science, morality and technology. Because of this growing hybridization complexity, getting involved in public life is becoming more and more difficult. To find their way in this uncertain universe and to participate in its assembly, citizens need to be equipped with tools to explore and visualize the complexities of scientific and technical debates. MACOSPOL’s goal is to gather and disseminate such tools through the scientific investigation and the creative use of digital technologies. Read more

Eight partners building one platform

Funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of European Union, within the chapter, Science in Society: Interaction between science and politics in the European knowledge-based society.
Scientific Co-ordinator: Bruno Latour.

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