Defend Yourself


Don't Die.

Aim with the mouse. Fire by clicking. Bounce away the attacking balls. Simple.

Pay attention to your ammo bar on the bottom of the screen. Ammo refills quickly but is also depleted quickly.

The spacebar will launch a larger ball. It packs a lot of punch, but uses a significant amount of ammo.

Be careful with bounces. Balls bounce at high speeds, and if you're not careful, things might take an unexpected turn for the worse. Watch out for the wind too.

Points are based on the length time you last, how many balls you deflect off-screen, and how many balls you shoot. The more balls you shoot, the lower your score. Your score will be zero until you knock at least one ball off screen.


You lasted seconds.

You knocked away attacking balls, shooting of your own.

Your final score is .

High Scores

Built By Timothy Armstrong