Inspriration Group started from the Inspiration Studio which was founded in 2002. Now has its fully owned branches: iDTEAM, and INTERPRETATION Studio.

Oriented by the customer demands, Inspiration studio is engaged in the large business complex design integrating the functions of leisure, holiday, entertainment, spa and so on. iDTEAM is running under the international model of being oriented by business value, and its primary businesses are design for the unique refined spaces. INT is committed to customized consuming experience by designing refined accessories, and is engaged in the transmission of a creative life and high quality leisure culture. Since the first day of its foundation, Inspiration Group has successfully designed a number of national well-known brands.

湯物臣·肯文創意集團,始於2002年成立的湯物臣·肯文設計事務所(Inspiration Studio),包括旗下全資附屬子品牌點子室內設計(iDTEAM)、非釋空間美學機構(INTERPRETATION Studio)。

圍繞客戶需求為導向,湯物臣·肯文設計事務所專注於度假、娛樂、旅遊、水療等大型休閒商業項目設計研究,以多元化設計語言詮釋 “公共性、開放性、趣味性”三大設計理念,致力構建休閒商業空間設計典範;點子室內設計以商業價值為導向的國際化程式運作,主營商業空間的設計策劃;非釋空間美學機構則致力於通過國際化配飾設計語言,立足藝術表現和文化哲學,秉承對自然美、藝術美、社會美等本質的現象研究,為客戶量身製作獨一無二的美學體驗方式。