on the surface of things

on the surface of things


Kate Beckingham, Bianca Chang, Deb Mansfield, Sarah Mosca, Tasha Ong, Isobel Parker Philip, Eloise Rapp, Jacob Ring, Justine Varga


On the Surface of Things is an attempt to dissect the complex and fluid relationship between the surface and the submerged.

Concerned with mutable boundaries and shifting planes, the exhibition draws attention to the interstitial space between over and under, veil and veiled. The artists featured share a preoccupation with surface, skin, screen and shroud. They erect edifices and penetrate palimpsests. Moving across thresholds, their work animates the logic of the liminal and in-between.

This collective fascination with surface is interrogated in relation to the ontological specificity of the photographic medium. Preserving moments beyond the limits of chronology, the photograph is cloaked in a temporal shroud. The tangible and tactile becomes an imprint of light on a flat plane. To photograph is to cover and to drape.


This exhibition has been supported through the Firstdraft Emerging Curators Program.



Isobel Parker Philip is an independent curator, photographer and freelance writer from Sydney. She has organized exhibitions at The Paper Mill and galleryeight. As a member of Reverie Projects, she co-curates an ongoing exhibition series at the Villa Alba Museum, Melbourne. Her written work is regularly published on The Art Life and has appeared in various magazines.

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