Portable Oxygen Concentrator Information

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) are the newest portable equipment available for oxygen users. These units are lightweight and can run on electrical or battery power. This allows the user to be away from home while unplugged. When the unit is connected to an electrical outlet the battery will recharge and can be reused.

Several POCs have been approved by the Department of Transportation for use during air travel; Inogen One, AirSep Lifestyle, AirSep Freestyle, SeQual Eclipse and Respironics EverGO. Two Emergency Oxygen systems have now been approved as well; Oxysure, a catalytic portable oxygen generator and Ox-Gen, a portable, non-pressurized, non-explosive, non-flammable emergency oxygen generator. Ask your homecare provider for more information on these and other POCs available.

Starting in May 2009, Portable Oxygen Concentrators must be allowed on all flights originating or ending in the United States. This will require all airlines operating in the US, including foreign airlines, to allow the use of approved POCs on-board and in-flight.

Before embarking on any extended airline travel with a system different than what you normally use, be sure that you are tested on the system by your physician. POCs typically use pulse dose technology. Flows needed for adequate saturation with these units may be different from what you normally use. Remember, at high altitude during flight you may require an increased oxygen flow.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) can be purchased or rented. If you are interested in renting a POC for short term usage during travel you should contact your regular oxygen supplier. Here are some other companies which specialize in POC rentals.

Please help us keep this list current. If you are aware of other rental agencies, please contact us at: ExecOffice@homeoxygen.org