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Zeitgeist – the greatest lie ever told

If you spend time poring through Google Video, as I do, you have to develop a filter for the endless sea of Religious, New Age or Conspiracy Theorist crap. Zeitgeist is the latest addition to this fecal tide, but I am linking to it because its an interesting example of a media phenomenon. A bad phenomenon but an interesting one.

There are a finite set of actors for conspiracy theory plots: Christians, Merovingians, the Illuminati, Freemasons, Jews, the Federal Reserve, and the most recent catastrophe that is closest to home (JFK assassination, 911 etc.). From the anti-semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci code, Alex Jones’ 911 rantings and now Zeitgeist. They are all part of the same genus – the Fucking Entertaining Big Lie (FEBL).

You can usually spot a FEBL film from the outset because they often use cheap graphic effects with bad rendering and metaphors. In Zeitgeist we have the earth surrounded by a pixelated metal cage. Zeitgeist comes in three parts and an Overture (and not much of a Coda). The Overture shows a series of powerful archive imagery of violent acts, historically relevant to an American audience. The images of violence are treated seriously, but they are basically entertainment.

Part 1. is a loosely plagiarized version of the God Who Wasn’t There, complete with much of the same archive footage. The premise is that Christianity is based upon previous religions. Fair enough, apart from the plagiarism. Part 2 and 3 show 911 and then talk about the Federal Reserve and how, you know, like everything is linked man. 911 seems to be used in the same way as the Overture – as violent pornography, a real life Die Hard, but under the guise of polemic. The argument about the Federal Reserve as a government conspiracy, begs the question – why would a conspiratorial public body setup a private central bank? In Zeitgeist, anti-Semitism has been replaced by jingoist libertarianism – somehow the idea of American income tax is un-American, and free trade within North America shows Lou Dobbs as a patriot fighting against dark forces, rather than an armchair racist.

Here is the problem, FEBL media usually means nothing and is patently false but incredibly seductive. It is the perfect scaffold to hang propaganda and acts like a bit-borne, pernicious narcotic. Although films like Zeitgeist are mildly entertaining, due to their unbelievable popularity (more than 5 Million people have watched it on YouTube), they must be taken seriously. I suspect they might actually be dangerous, and therefore, as someone who does not believe in censorship it is important to make fun of Zeitgeist as the tired piece of po-faced, visually illiterate, polemically challenged, pornographic bullshit that it is.

36 min 51 sec Nov 5, 2007 www.zeitgeistmovie.com


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  3. josh says:

    Demonic imitation

    Justin Martyr
    The basic theme of demonic imitation is that the devil also imitated the prophecies in the Old Testament so that he had a collection of stories similar to the ones told about Jesus. The purpose of this would be to mislead those seeking salvation either to follow false gods or to deny that in Jesus's case these events really occurred.
    He taught us these things for the conversion and restoration of the human race: and (thirdly) that before He became a man among men, some, influenced by the demons before mentioned, related beforehand, through the instrumentality of the poets, those circumstances as having really happened, which, having fictitiously devised, they narrated, in the same manner …. Those who believe these things we pity, and those who invented them we know to be devils…. But those who hand down the myths which the poets have made, adduce no proof to the youths who learn them; and we proceed to demonstrate that they have been uttered by the influence of the wicked demons, to deceive and lead astray the human race. For having heard it proclaimed through the prophets that the Christ was to come, and that the ungodly among men were to be punished by fire, they put forward many to be called sons of Jupiter, under the impression that they would be able to produce in men the idea that the things which were said with regard to Christ were mere marvellous tales, like the things which were said by the poets. And these things were said both among the Greeks and among all nations where they [the demons] heard the prophets foretelling that Christ would specially be believed in; but that in hearing what was said by the prophets they did not accurately understand it, but imitated what was said of our Christ, like men who are in error, we will make plain. The prophet Moses, then, was, as we have already said, older than all writers; and by him, as we have also said before, it was thus predicted: "There shall not fail a prince from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until He come for whom it is reserved; and He shall be the desire of the Gentiles, binding His foal to the vine, washing His robe in the blood of the grape." Genesis 49:10 The devils, accordingly, when they heard these prophetic words, said that Bacchus was the son of Jupiter, and gave out that he was the discoverer of the vine, and they number wine [or, the ass] among his mysteries; and they taught that, having been torn in pieces, he ascended into heaven. And because in the prophecy of Moses it had not been expressly intimated whether He who was to come was the Son of God, and whether He would, riding on the foal, remain on earth or ascend into heaven, and because the name of "foal" could mean either the foal of an ass or the foal of a horse, they, not knowing whether He who was foretold would bring the foal of an ass or of a horse as the sign of His coming, nor whether He was the Son of God, as we said above, or of man, gave out that Bellerophon, a man born of man, himself ascended to heaven on his horse Pegasus. And when they heard it said by the other prophet Isaiah, that He should be born of a virgin, and by His own means ascend into heaven, they pretended that Perseus was spoken of. And when they knew what was said, as has been cited above, in the prophecies written aforetime, "Strong as a giant to run his course," they said that Hercules was strong, and had journeyed over the whole earth. And when, again, they learned that it had been foretold that He should heal every sickness, and raise the dead, they produced Æsculapius. And the devils, indeed, having heard this washing published by the prophet, instigated those who enter their temples, and are about to approach them with libations and burnt-offerings, also to sprinkle themselves…From what has been already said, you can understand how the devils, in imitation of what was said by Moses, asserted that Proserpine was the daughter of Jupiter, and instigated the people to set up an image of her under the name of Kore,.

  4. Korey says:

    They call it propaganda for a reason

  5. ZeitgeistShowsItAll says:

    i would loooooooove to see one of the "anti-zeitgeist" supporter explain me : how , please how is this fucking possible to have MELTING METALS up to SEVEN FUCKING WEEKS after the "crash" of the 9/11 ?

    its one out of millions question i wanna ask to the one track minded online random dudes

  6. Don't worry about it says:

    Zeitgiest may not be the entire truth, but it is more truthful than anything any politician or clergyman would say.

    But fuck it; stick to your "Holy Bibles" and "elections" and all that bullshit. Leave the real truth-seeking to people who are willing to be uncomfortable while looking for it.

  7. TwoKewlFourSkewl says:

    "Anybody who make up their mind before hearing an issue is a fucking fool!" -Chris Rock
    Hah… well.

    I'm sorry… i just can't see any kind of intellectual argument about this movie being a complete failure. But don't jizz just yet, i know for a fact that Zeitgeist may not be 100% true, but i can assure you that it is very, very close.

    Then again, you can never actually "like" or find this this film enlightening unless somebody else "reached to you first", if you have a made-up idea of how things are working or made to be… keep living in that assumption and do not watch this movie to mock it as a result of your schooled view of the world. It's easy to aagree that "Christianity is based upon previous religions. Fair enough" because you have that Idea of religion imbuned in your head right before watching this movie.

    Your reactions after watching thos movie is 100% based upon what your brain assumed right before watching this movie at all. You can either like it, or hate it.

    All that you need to know is that you'll never know it all… ;)

  8. hcmos says:

    wow david. You are so incredibly lost that you cant even see whats in front of you. If someone gives you a better alternative, you turn it down. It is your criticism that fuels the movement. You remind us just how much we need to change and just how far we are from our goal. I am sorry for you.

    1. M. Pichu says:

      have ever seen matt damon slam sarah palin on youtube? go watch it, its hilarious. its the truth. and its terrifying. how can someone so FUCKING stupid have as much say as she does in anything that holds any sort of position that involves serious decision making. that view is the same view in regards to the stupidity of the majority of the people in my country (america). who cares about the govt, money, 9/11, whatever, but the end product – these alternative energies. im not religious because I have had the choice and religion is a joke. i do not need to justify why religion is a joke, its a fucking story. cool you cant cope with death, we live, we die, hopefully theres more than we could have ever imagined, but the thing is there is no fucking way any one can ever know what lies beyond. believe what you want, but dont involve me… ever…

      1. M. Pichu says:

        especially the fucking psycho preachers who scream at kids on my campus about masturbation. its just a tool to teach common sense rules ( dont murder, steal, etc. ) but no religion should claim these rules as their own ideas. stop this fucking war. put money where it benefits everyone. for christs sake i hate my life. i go to an amazing univeristy, carry 16 hours of science and labs, work 30 hours a week at a restaurant. i enjoy getting fucked up when i can. my life is easy as balls but i work my ass off because it makes me feel like that If I was lucky enough to win the life lottery, (grew up in daytona beach fl), i should at least be a hard working decent human being always trying to do my best. and i hate who i am for it, i hate being this fortunate, but what can i do? billions. billions. there are billions of people suffering in the world. in a time where the term billion gets thrown around alot i think we seem to have forgotten how much a billion really is. everyday is a fight to live in most peoples cases. its not fair I have this job, i go home and turn on the a/c, play video games, get stoned.

        1. M. Pichu says:

          i help people when i can. always donating, helping, trying to be cheerful. I have no reason to ever get upset. EVER. but we are human and sometimes it is very hard. ive had some mental breakdowns i didnt know i could have that are terrifying between the stress of school, and the condition of our planet. and finally, someone is trying to get people together to solve this. how can i help? even if i can only help a few. say one word about how this idea is silly or stupid and then bring up and jesus, and so help you god i will end you. everyone who doesnt have to struggle should have a god damn smile on their face and the piece of mind to volunteer or help out complete strangers. so here with the zeitgeist you have a man asking for nothing but a favor to just think hard about how life is now. This cant be it, where our civilization is at. Theres no way. Nothing ever stays the same for too long.

  9. M. Pichu says:

    No some schizophrenic, is not going to rise up and bring us to salvation. Humans need to get past whos got the bigger stick. Men have always wanted to be better which i find so god damn annoying you can see the personality trait in people. the competitiveness. you see it in sports where it is okay, but it is the same competitiveness that discriminates in life. Kings and Queens and the poor, people just being fucking dicks, fucking everyone else over because they dont have the morals to not screw everyone and only care about themselves. we have to care for everyone. when people have been behaving that ignorantly for thousands of years, I can totally see why the worlds as fucked up as it is now. there is no way we did the right way the first time. but now we have the technology to see our wrong and stop it. we can harvest energy from the sun, water, wind, and a list of growing resources! we can send people to space! we can travel across the world in no time. technology isnt limited, our understanding of it is. Let us loose, take brilliant minds and fund them.

    1. M. Pichu says:

      Look at the iPhone. amazing technology. or any smart phone in general. When ever they release a new version it has got something better. They have the technology, everyone knows that, but why do they make us wait? to build anticipation, to make us buy version 1.0, then version 2.0 all for profit. This is just one example of technology being slowed by profits. Imagine where else this technology is being held back. It is all about energy. Lets the get this energy thing moving. Human beings can be absolutley brilliant amazing creatures and there is no reason why our world, life, and technology cant reflect that. we have the potential to be greater than we ever imagined and were still arguing about who's imaginary friend is better while 8 year old kids with ak-47s are shooting down helpless families every day. fucking A. ive never been excited about anything, but this is the first real thing to offer something better than the shithole were in now. also if anyone hates on my grammer, shut the fuck up. there are more important things in what i said than in the way that i conveyed it. i hate this keyboard.

  10. M. Pichu says:

    sorry all 5 of those responses are scattered the first three paragraphs are under hcmo

  11. axel says:

    k so i've done the reading and watched some vidoes and im starten to wonder is this all a buncha bullshit or is there some sort of logic to this? or what is the point in reading all this? ive spent hours on this subject and it doest seem all that real

  12. Dab says:

    Goddammit, "begs the question" does not mean "asks the question"

  13. Archangel Minami says:

    Seriously, your review was mostly on the aesthetic quality of the film, and you had no arguments supporting your dismissal of the movies actual information. You seem to be close minded. I don't agree with the movie 100% but the information it gave is thought provoking. So Part I was a plagiarism? Big deal. I've never seen "God Who Wasn't There" so it's new to me. You seem very hasty in dismissing the information the documentary gives.

  14. James says:

    I ‘ve seen it. There is a lot of info in it. It is hard to say if it is correct info through out.

    I did however take the religeous history seriously and decided to do my own due diligence because I am a person of faith but with an open mind and quite willing to leave my comfort zone in the pursuit of truth.

    I read through the cycle of Osiris and compared it to Christianity. I really didn’t see a valid connection personally. Religeous themes in general are, by nature similar in concept (birth, death afterlife, etc.)

    I did listen to some mighty convincing rebuttles from more scholarly individuals. Zeitgeist is very sloppy in its characterazation of religion allthough has some truth in it. Religion has been used to manipulate and control the masses. This fact in it self does not negate the underlying belief system.

    Personally, having viewed lots of these types of videoes, most are very sloppy with there facts when you check them out. Most of the info we receive is gotten second hand from people who themselves have received it second hand. Very few really investigate these matters. Zeitgeit is a classic example of this. The shear volume of info covered demands only a cursury reading into each matter was possible.

    I prefer to read many different sources that have depth than one shallow overview as zeitgeist.

    But Zeitgeit hopefully gets poeple stirred up to make that investigation for themselves. Reality is much different than we were taught.

  15. TeslaVolt says:

    I am not familiar enough with the other religious figures compared to Jesus in the film to support or condemn such comparisons. However, I do know that immaculate conception is not attributed only to Jesus, as according to at least some interpretations Huang-di (the legendary first emperor of China – who is also sometimes seen as a god), Noah (yes the one that built the ark… supposedly when his father returned from a long trip and found his wife had had a child, he noticed he did not look like a son of man but a son of god, but as Enoch told him the child would be super important, he raised the child as his own), and the Hopi star children (where young girls would mysteriously get pregnant while walking in the woods).

    But what I think is more important than these similarities, is the fact that even some of Jesus’s own followers and possibly even some of the disciples did not necessarily believe him to Devine. Jesus’s godly lineage, important dates (such as his birth and easter), and resurrection were of great debate until the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. The gospel of Thomas found with the gnostic texts is dated to 100 CE (hidden so as to avoid being destroyed upon the orders of the Council). These texts of early christians make no mention of Jesus’s virgin birth, miracles, having 12 disciples, the crucifixion, or resurrection. Jesus is also never given the title Christ or Lord.
    So I ask… if even his early followers were not sure of his divinity, how can people be so sure 2000 years later. Especially when a council of elite were charged with deciding what information should be passed on as truth and what should be burned and forgotten. Is it so hard to believe that these men would try to protect their own interests…. consider how poorly the policies of the catholic church aligned with the original teachings of Jesus (did you ever hear of Jesus charging taxes from his followers).

    So although I do agree that Zeitgeist should have done a better job of presenting credible sources for the information presented on the religious figures mentioned (and not have included them in his argument if credible sources are not available), I believe it does its job in demonstrating that religion should be questioned. I mean, what other knowledge do we unconditionally hold as true from 2000 years ago, with no evidence or proof that the information had not been tampered with (just look at how many versions of the bible have popped up in the last 500 years?).

    This is one of the major problems I have with religion in general (but especially the abrahamic religions). Apart from concentrating power, they impede the progress of understanding. Rather than allowing the peoples understanding of the world adapt with each new discovery they ostracize anyone with a new idea and claim it to not be possible because of dogma. The church has condemned every new scientific find from the heliocentric theory to the existence of a vacuum and to this day the theory of evolution. Why is it so hard to accept that religion was an early attempt at science (which is simply the attempt to explain our physical world) and that with time our understanding has increased… but since these early attempts required gods to explain the unexplainable, it’s heresy to move on to new ideas regardless if they have more supporting evidence.

    Science is my religion (not to be mistaken with scientology), and what’s great is that even if everything I have ever learned about the world is proven wrong, any new information will still be part of science… because that is what science is… it’s just trying to get to the truth, even if that means disproving the past. I mean Einstein proved that Newton was wrong… Einstein’s theory of relativity gets us closer to a true explanation for how the universe works; this doesn’t mean that Newton’s laws were irrelevant or that he was an idiot (in fact you’d have to be working with speeds close to that of light for you to see a difference between their results), but technically his equations are not perfectly correct. Scientists cannot and do not even claim evolution to be a fact or that the sum of the squares of the two smaller sides of a right triangle equals the root of the hypotenuse; they are theorems which are the best approximation we know and which have not been yet proven wrong.

    This all being said, I agree with those of you that are more concerned with the second and third sections of the movie and Zeitgeist Addendum as it affects our lives today and the future. I too am looking for any information that counters the claims that these movies make especially in regards to the economic system and the FED.

  16. Hello, if Zeitgeist is a lie, our human beings conflicts for money are also lies? Who can be rich in today’s society? The one who is more and more greedy, in front of others(in big competition), who lies more, who is more corrupt, who is without soul in conclusion. can a sincere human being, an honest person have money to enjoy life as the one who steal from us(by imposing big taxes paying the interest for the richest), isn’t it? Listen Krishnamurti on YouTube who is the most compassionate soul ever, the video “”Living Totally Without Conflict, The Only Video You Have to See” and then tell us that he, also is a lie. I doubt that. You have to admit that anyhow, money in this world bring more hate, more lies , even between son and father or even between the best partners. This is a life of struggle and pain. If we people are not aware of the actual truth, then we were born-struggle on this life here on earth-and die without knowing why we were lived. Thank you.

  17. AJ says:

    I just saw the film. I have mixed feelings about it. Let me first mention the positive things.
    First of all, I find it positive because it drives people to question things. That is good enough to justify it, Even if that leads us into thinking that some aspects of the film are wrong or exagerated, I also agree with the general conclusions: Religion is a great lie. The 9/11 was a perfect excuse for a restrictive policy that was decided beforehand (this is documented). I am not sure if it was organized by some americans or simply tolerated by looking elsewhere. Finally, I believe that a group of people (some bankers and others) are the true rulers of the world. Politics is simply a deceipt into thinking that we are the owners of our destiny.

    Now comes the criticism. First part: I do not need such a well-cooked set of arguments to convince me that
    religion is a lie. Different religions contradict each other. How can I accept that I was lucky to fall into the
    right religion by chance? Religion has a tribal origin. It convinces people that their group has a supernatural help to beat the rivals. This is clearly the case for the Hebrew or the vikings, the greeks and many others. Furthermore, it was also used by rulers and kings to legitimate their power. Believing in religion today is like believing in Father Christmas or Santa Claus when you are grown-up. Furthermore,
    the analysis trying to trace all symbols into astronomical facts is too strong to be true. It does not look too scientific.

    For the second and third part I lack a better explanation of who was in the conspiration and who wasn’t. It is hard to believe in conspirations involving too many people with different jobs and interests. As I said before
    it is easier to believe that the intelligence service did not react to something planned by islamists, than to think that it was all set up by them. There are also facts that are fishy about the remains of the planes and the subsequent investigation. One explanation is that some planes were shot down by the airforce and they did not want to make that public. I am not an architect and cannot judge about the way the towers collapsed. The opinions and facts presented in the film are quite intriguing.

    In summary, despite its possible inaccuracies and exagerations, I would recommend to see it.

  18. Shyam Rajagopalan says:

    I have watched the latest video from Zeitgeist, and I would like to say, the film is very convincing at least to one point which is; removing hunger from entire earth. Talking about real spiritual awakening, opening up natural resources and making them equally available to every single citizen of this world may sound like a scam, or something totally manipulating, but the truth is, it is a possibility and it has happened before. Hinduism is an example of what Zeitgeist is trying to achieve. Let me tell you all, Hinduism is not a religion, but a way of life, and Hinduism says, every single human being on this planet has a right to believe what they want to believe in, but at the same time, must follow the moral codes of human rights, and co-exist by sharing what we have equally.

    This is the exact principle applied as in the Rig Veda. Rig Veda says, whatever you have, food, water, shelter and clothing, all must be shared equally. Education must be equal for all, and everybody must assist everyone to progress at a gradual pace and lend a hand to bring harmony in the society. The principle of Zeitgeist is so simple and easy to understand that I am sure there is no scheme over here to misuse anybody’s faith or trust.

    Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, everybody can benefit from this idea and this is one marvelous truth. They are right when they say money needs to go. Absolute truth is attained when the awareness is shifted from material achievement to awareness of the Self. That is only possible, when humans are relieved from pressures of job, survival and also taught to preserve nature. This is a beautiful movement and there is nothing to feel scared about. You can start one movement in your locality, bring better spiritual education, learn to respect animals and trees, and stand up against corruption etc.

    As long as one is put under constant pressure of wealth, corruption, theft and stealing will always be there. Money is the root cause for all evil in the world. Stop confiscating properties, open up resources, and come together to support each other regardless of race, religion, cultures and languages. Everybody must speak one language of love, and above all, there must be non-violence. Zeitgeist is getting THERE!

  19. Eve says:

    The movie claims an Utopian solution that is far from clever. The author, just like as Jacque Fresco in his speeches, never goes into detail and gives elusive answers to real problems. It’s comparable to a SMS lover – he has an impact, but if forced to talk with his partner for hours he has nothing to say to her.

    But unfortunately it is true that every war the US was involved had in fact economic reasons behind it..you can take a look at Edward Bernays’s (father or PR)speeches.. where he literally points out the methods he used to create propaganda preparing public opinion to favor war. Every intervention had an interest behind it…no country goes to war for the sake of war.

    I’m not exactly a fan of Zeitgeist or the Venus project but it does point out some flaws in the American society:
    - the fanatic nationalism of the Americans…
    - the failure of occidental capitalism (maybe we should learn from Asian capitalism that’s so successful today)…
    - the lack of social measures in USA politics…
    - the religious fanaticism that is so widely spread in your country
    - the huge discrepancy between social classes
    - the powerlessness of the people over political decisions
    - the almost propagandistic way the media now functions
    - the exaggerate cult for products, status, propriety..
    - the lack of interest for higher human values in detriment of wealth..

    I was also amazed by the general tone of the documentary – each claim (the nativity in blindly following religious beliefs for example) was presented as a great discovery…as if they were speaking to a dumb uncultured audience .

    Objectively speaking and without bad intentions….the US is one greedy, aggressive and reckless country…that needs time to learn out of it’s mistakes, just like a rebelled teenager needs time to mature… a couple of centuries is not enough..
    On the bright side it’s a great breeding spot for technological progress.

  20. Francois says:

    I have to disagree. I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories and I usually mock people who spread those rumors. But I don’t see any of those theories in this film. It’s all filled with verifiable facts and I have checked up on most of those facts only to find out they are true. True there are some stuff that could be bullshit (including the 9/11 conspiracy stuff, which I believe are not really bullshit, but are not verifiable, so by scientific process cannot be taken for facts). But even then, 9/11 CANNOT really be a simple act of terrorism as is reported by the media. Proof? Bin Laden was killed and thrown in the sea so that no one can find the body. Has this ever happened before??? The world’s most wanted terrorist is killed and all evidence is erased on purpose??

    This film did change a lot of the preconditioned ideas and concepts in my head, including my previously blind religious faith and respect to higher authority.

    Also, this article doesn’t even discuss the points that were raised by the film, it simply calls it bullshit without providing any counter-facts. I guess it’s a natural reaction to anyone who is brainwashed and afraid to come out of the dark. I had that reaction at first. All those I know who saw the film felt the same.

  21. David C says:

    This is a great example of logical fallicy that is a problem with this kind of stuff: “I would like to see a real list of what’s wrong in the movie”

    No, that’s not how it works. The burden of proof is on the makers of the movie, not viewers who aren’t convinced. A citizen’s default position should be to call everything ‘bull’ – from these movies, to what churches/governments/corporations say. Proof then needs to PROVE its case. Folks who already agree are insulted that others aren’t convinced, but that’s unnecessary. Just make a better movie to prove your case if it is in fact accurate.

  22. Anon says:

    “I would like to see a real list of what’s wrong in the movie”
    same. It’s funny how every argument I read on the internet about Zeitgeist being a lie is not enough reasonale to make me believe that’s a big fat lie. Ofc there are some things unexplained but that’s it.

  23. Tony says:

    Like people have stated earlier, a documentary film that claims to be the almighty truth, yet incorporates some of the most eerie music throughout, and begins with a hypnotic foreshadowing of the later presented facts, has been manufactured for a serious agenda. (In my view a personal one) Perhaps the stuff is half true, but points to the full truth. Still I doubt it. I have wasted a year of my life pandering on the possible actuality of a One World Government. I have also been dealing with a serious concussion, and can tell you one thing: it simply doesn’t matter if all this is true. Live life. Love. Don’t waste your time listening to other people’s interpretations. Heck, don’t listen to me, find your own happiness. You only live once, and I can tell you I have wasted my last year of high school researching and believing stuff that no one can prove. On top of it, I ignored my emotions and smoked them away. I am now realizing it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. If it is, are you going to stop it? My personality type is intj/infj (mastermind personality) spent much of my last year with a friend with the same type of mind, both of our IQ’s in the genius range. I can tell you if the movie is true, and all this is going on, no one can stop it, so if it is true, why spend your last days fretting. And to all those conspiracy thinkers that want to return to a normal life but feel they are just going back into the organized lie of a lifestyle (the feeling I always get!), SO WHAT! We are meant to live, not question, and don’t feel bad if you feel like you’re ignoring the truth, the only truth is the truth you make, so make your life a happy one, and if you really want to know if this is true, then get your ass off your couch and go out and be successful! For the only ones that really know are the ones that are in a position to know. We do live in a world of corruption, we always have. As someone said in a post above, it’s easy and understandable for one to point to one entity as the cause for the World’s problems, for this makes for an easy world view, hence the reason a documentary like this is so successful at portraying the truth. It is impossible for one to know how the world goes round, unless their explanation is as simple as “greed.” There is so much going on in our own community that we aren’t aware of. So start there, in your own community, get involved, volunteer, so while your making the world a better place you can also analyze how things work, how people interact. Then, see if your assumptions on your community views fit the assumptions of Zeitgeist. So, like I said before, live, love, and be happy, for the only one you can control is yourself, and the best way to spread your lifestyle views is not by force and control, but by being an excellent example. Lastly, a quote that I used to sometimes live by but later forgot after my concussion made me a space cadet: “As soon as you think you know the World and how it runs, YOUR WRONG!” There are simply too diverse a species of humans that inhabit this Earth for every ruler of every nation, and every leader of every group, to have the same goals, morals, and temperament, so I believe while this documentary has some truth, it (in my humblest opinion) is very, very, extremely farfetched. Again, live, love, and be happy! Being religious or atheist, black or white, male or female, we all have it in our human minds and souls to be our own person, and reject anyone else’s views to be the absolute truth. An intelligent person will tell you they simply know nothing about how life works, but obviously we have it (unless this is being read by some droid bot) so don’t waste looking through eyes of a viscous, strong belief system.

    P.S. anyone that knows ANYTHING about post concussion and recovery (real recovery not medication therapy) please email me at schaller_tony@yahoo.com

  24. Myster says:

    The person who wrote this is a twit – all he does is spew – he doesn’t actually state any truth to back his baloney rhetoric – how about some facts – how about showing you actually know something – just one thing – like the fact that there was no income tax up until when the film explains it was created. How about understanding the origins of mythology and reasons behind it. How about doing something other than spewing. The only FEBL I see here is this article..

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