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Editor-in-Chief: Julio Licinio, MD; First Impact Factor 4.360*

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Volume 20, No 3
March 2015

ISSN: 1359-4184
EISSN: 1476-5578

Impact Factor 15.147*
1/135 Psychiatry
5/251 Neuroscience
4/291 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Julio Licinio, MD

*2013 Journal Citation Report (Thomson Reuters, 2014)


A new study investigates the association between smoking and cortical thickness, finding that those participants who had given up smoking for the longest had a thicker cortex compared to those who had given up more recently. While further studies are required, the authors suggest that the cortex may regain some thickness once smokers quit, or that the rate of thinning thereafter is reduced. Read the press release and see coverage in The Sydney Morning Herald, Metro, and NHS Choices.

A new study identifies two regions (loci) of DNA that may be associated with the amount of time people spend sleeping. The authors found that the locus associated with longer sleep duration has been linked to both a more favorable metabolic profile and a lower risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The other locus identified, associated with shorter sleep duration, has been linked to several psychiatric disorders, including increased depression and schizophrenia risk. Read the press release.

Two genes that may be associated with extremely violent behavior have been identified in a study published in Molecular Psychiatry. Read the coverage in the Science Media Center, The Economist, the BBC, and The Independent, or read the press release.

A new study describes the influence of genetic variance on coffee consumption and the effects of caffeine. It is the largest genome-wide association study on the subject to date, and the first to include African Americans. See coverage in PBS, ABC, CNN or read the press release.

A thirteen-year study investigates multiple paths to problem behaviors in young teenagers, and suggests the existence of distinct developmental pathways under which such behavioral traits develop. Read the press release.

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March 2015

  1. Genetics and intelligence differences: five special findings

    R Plomin & I J Deary


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  2. Cigarette smoking and thinning of the brain’s cortex

    S Karama, S Ducharme, J Corley, F Chouinard-Decorte, J M Starr, J M Wardlaw, M E Bastin & I J Deary


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  3. Psychiatric blood biomarkers: avoiding jumping to premature negative or positive conclusions

    A B Niculescu, D Levey, H Le-Niculescu, E Niculescu, S M Kurian & D Salomon


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  4. The amygdala: vigilance and emotion

    M Davis & P J Whalen


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  5. Genetic contributions to variation in general cognitive function: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in the CHARGE consortium (N=53 949)

    G Davies, N Armstrong, J C Bis, J Bressler, V Chouraki, S Giddaluru, E Hofer, C A Ibrahim-Verbaas, M Kirin, J Lahti, S J van der Lee, S Le Hellard, T Liu, R E Marioni, C Oldmeadow, I Postmus, A V Smith, J A Smith, A Thalamuthu, R Thomson, V Vitart, J Wang, L Yu, L Zgaga, W Zhao, R Boxall, S E Harris, W D Hill, D C Liewald, M Luciano, H Adams, D Ames, N Amin, P Amouyel, A A Assareh, R Au, J T Becker, A Beiser, C Berr, L Bertram, E Boerwinkle, B M Buckley, H Campbell, J Corley, P L De Jager, C Dufouil, J G Eriksson, T Espeseth, J D Faul, I Ford, Generation Scotland, R F Gottesman, M E Griswold, V Gudnason, T B Harris, G Heiss, A Hofman, E G Holliday, J Huffman, S L R Kardia, N Kochan, D S Knopman, J B Kwok, J-C Lambert, T Lee, G Li, S-C Li, M Loitfelder, O L Lopez, A J Lundervold, A Lundqvist, K A Mather, S S Mirza, L Nyberg, B A Oostra, A Palotie, G Papenberg, A Pattie, K Petrovic, O Polasek, B M Psaty, P Redmond, S Reppermund, J I Rotter, H Schmidt, M Schuur, P W Schofield, R J Scott, V M Steen, D J Stott, J C van Swieten, K D Taylor, J Trollor, S Trompet, A G Uitterlinden, G Weinstein, E Widen, B G Windham, J W Jukema, A F Wright, M J Wright, Q Yang, H Amieva, J R Attia, D A Bennett, H Brodaty, A J M de Craen, C Hayward, M A Ikram, U Lindenberger, L-G Nilsson, D J Porteous, K Räikkönen, I Reinvang, I Rudan, P S Sachdev, R Schmidt, P R Schofield, V Srikanth, J M Starr, S T Turner, D R Weir, J F Wilson, C van Duijn, L Launer, A L Fitzpatrick, S Seshadri, T H Mosley Jr & I J Deary


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  6. Dopamine D4 receptor gene (DRD4) is associated with Novelty Seeking (NS) and substance abuse: the saga continues . . .

    J M Lusher, C Chandler & D Ball


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  7. The cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor celecoxib has therapeutic effects in major depression: results of a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled, add-on pilot study to reboxetine

    N Müller, M J Schwarz, S Dehning, A Douhe, A Cerovecki, B Goldstein-Müller, I Spellmann, G Hetzel, K Maino, N Kleindienst, H-J Möller, V Arolt & M Riedel


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  8. X-exome sequencing of 405 unresolved families identifies seven novel intellectual disability genes

    H Hu, S A Haas, J Chelly, H Van Esch, M Raynaud, A P M de Brouwer, S Weinert, G Froyen, S G M Frints, F Laumonnier, T Zemojtel, M I Love, H Richard, A-K Emde, M Bienek, C Jensen, M Hambrock, U Fischer, C Langnick, M Feldkamp, W Wissink-Lindhout, N Lebrun, L Castelnau, J Rucci, R Montjean, O Dorseuil, P Billuart, T Stuhlmann, M Shaw, M A Corbett, A Gardner, S Willis-Owen, C Tan, K L Friend, S Belet, K E P van Roozendaal, M Jimenez-Pocquet, M-P Moizard, N Ronce, R Sun, S O'Keeffe, R Chenna, A van Bömmel, J Göke, A Hackett, M Field, L Christie, J Boyle, E Haan, J Nelson, G Turner, G Baynam, G Gillessen-Kaesbach, U Müller, D Steinberger, B Budny, M Badura-Stronka, A Latos-Bieleńska, L B Ousager, P Wieacker, G Rodríguez Criado, M-L Bondeson, G Annerén, A Dufke, M Cohen, L Van Maldergem, C Vincent-Delorme, B Echenne, B Simon-Bouy, T Kleefstra, M Willemsen, J-P Fryns, K Devriendt, R Ullmann, M Vingron, K Wrogemann, T F Wienker, A Tzschach, H van Bokhoven, J Gecz, T J Jentsch, W Chen, H-H Ropers & V M Kalscheuer


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  9. Characterization of bipolar disorder patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells from a family reveals neurodevelopmental and mRNA expression abnormalities

    J M Madison, F Zhou, A Nigam, A Hussain, D D Barker, R Nehme, K van der Ven, J Hsu, P Wolf, M Fleishman, C O'Dushlaine, S Rose, K Chambert, F H Lau, T Ahfeldt, E H Rueckert, S D Sheridan, D M Fass, J Nemesh, T E Mullen, L Daheron, S McCarroll, P Sklar, R H Perlis & S J Haggarty


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

  10. Treatments for schizophrenia: a critical review of pharmacology and mechanisms of action of antipsychotic drugs

    S Miyamoto, G E Duncan, C E Marx & J A Lieberman


    Abstract | Full Text | PDF

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13 March 2015