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01. Resumes with 500 words are dead.

Of all the job-seekers we talked to about their jobs and careers, not one said they like creating resumes. And the employers we spoke to said they get so many “me too” resumes for each open job that it is nearly impossible to select the best candidate. The job-seeker didn’t standout and the employer finds it nearly impossible to select the right candidates for interviews. Both sides are losing.

The first step to getting a job is getting noticed. Your Kinzaa graphical resume will stand out with potential employers so you are noticed. Get Kinzaa graphics and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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02. It is difficult to find the right match
for your skills

Employers and hiring managers are busy people. They do not have the time to read through the typical 500-word description of your responsibilities at your previous job. They want to know what you're good at and whether you're a fit for their company, and they want to know this faster. Much faster.

Kinzaa presents you professionally and comprehensively. Employers gravitate to your Kinzaa resume because the graphical information enables them to precisely match the right job seeker to the best role. Get the job you want, fast.