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This is a web site inspired by the book Laws of Form by British mathematician George Spencer-Brown. Its sole intent is to make more information available about this pioneering work, and thus to broaden knowledge and appreciation of it. Click the Distinction above to enter.

These web pages were originally created by Jeff James at Interval Research in 1997. I have updated some addresses and links and added a few things, but left James' site mostly unchanged, thus many things are out of date or obsolete. Please email with errors of omission or commission. See also Thomas Wolf's site

In July 2011, Israeli mathematician Moshe Klein met with GSB in England,
and his report can be found on this web page. GSB was born April 2, 1923.

New! An excellent 1990 paper by Robert Johnson "A Tractable Representation for Information Systems" discusses complex probabilities and complex boolean algebra as tools necessary to properly represent information systems with loops, and cites LoF.

New! Check out the delightful new web site The Markable Mark by George Burnett-Stuart.

Note1: There is now a Yahoo group for discussion of Laws of Form and related matters. Go to

Note2: We have recently located the review of Laws of Form by Abraham Robinson from American Scientist, Vol. 61, No. 4 (July-August 1973), p. 492.
Many thanks to Richard Wood, Yale Landsberg, Joel Isaacson, and Stephen P. King for this info.

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