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We are looking for...

MaxLifestyle is eager to expand and we are currently very interested in starting:

  • MaxLifestyle in German
  • MaxLifestyle in French
  • MaxLifestyle in Spanish
  • MaxLifestyle in Dutch
  • A Tai Chi Website
  • A Skateboarding Website
  • A Wind Surfing Website
  • A Sky Diving Website

If you are in a position to partner up with us and start these websites then please

Business Opportunities
At we understand the need to raise Brand Awareness amongst your target audience. Each of our websites covers a very specific subject in which we are one of the leading providers of online information, news, products and travel services. Our Snowboarding website is an excellent venue to raise brand awareness and we have several programs that you can use for it:
  • We provide all Website Systems and Technical Support
    We will provide you with our portal system including all content management and backup systems. Furthermore, if you are not tech-savy then we can run the website and all systems for you by taking care of hosting, system maintainance and all necessary security and backup procedures.

  • We provide you with the Knowledge on how to Grow your Website
    Our MaxLifestyle team has been in the web development industry for more than a decade and we know what it takes to develop and grow succesfull websites. We would of course help you develop, market and run your website and provide you full support in any way we can.

  • You provide the Website Content
    In the beginning your main task will be to provide the basic content of the website. You will have to write a large number of articles that cover your entire subject from a beginner to expert level. You can further fill up your website with News Items, Pictures and other content items that visitors might value.

  • You Advertise and Commercially Run the Website
    With your expert knowledge you will probably know where to advertise the website and how to build up partnerships with the product and service providers that operate in your niche market. In the end you will be mainly responsible for commercially running the website and making sure it makes a profit.

  • Together we will share the Profit of the Website
    Depending on the exact input of both parties we will work out an agreement on how we share the revenue and profits of the website we started in our partnership.
Partnering with us and starting your own MaxLifestyle website is definitely a quick and easy way to launch an A-Class website that has the financial and know-how backing of a larger company to make it into a succesfull venture. If you are interested simply Contact Us