Operation Organize: Tips for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

Hi everyone, it’s Ilana. Spring-cleaning season is upon us, and as the resident DIY expert at the LC headquarters, Lauren asked me to share a few creative and inexpensive solutions for storing your craft supplies. Crafting can get a little messy—that’s practically a given. But when you’re not cutting or gluing or sanding or beading, there’s no reason that your materials can’t be kept tidy. I find that if my supplies are neatly organized, I’m more likely to use them. There’s no use in stocking up on 70 different spools of ribbon if they’re just going to sit in the back of your closet where you’re apt to forget about them. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks…

Tips for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

For beads and pins… I use a weekly pill planner like the ones you’d find at any drugstore. They’re half the price of similar storage solutions from The Container Store or Michaels, and you might even have one lying around the house already. Another benefit to using a pillbox to store beads is that you can open a single compartment at a time, and therefore avoid having beads spill into the surrounding compartments (or onto the floor!).

Tips for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

For yarn… I saw this trick in an issue of Real Simple magazine and couldn’t wait to test it out. Stringing yarn through a kitchen colander prevents it from getting tangled while you’re knitting. Brilliant, no?

Tips for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

For odds and ends… I rely on ball or mason jars. They’re the perfect solution for storing rubber stamps, buttons, brushes, twine, and any other random bits and pieces. They’re inexpensive, have a pretty vintage look, and you can see exactly what’s inside. You could even keep a few of these neatly on display on your desk or a shelf.

Do you have any of your own tips when it comes to organizing craft supplies?

Share them in the comments!

xo Ilana

Photos: Ilana Saul for LaurenConrad.com
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  • Miri

    I love the colander idea, would’ve never thought of it! :)

  • Shayla Gabriel

    Such a good idea! Can’t wait to start Spring Cleaning!

  • Barbie

    that sounds fantastic, i never taught about the jars

  • Rose1567

    Awesome ideas thanks so much. n__n

  • Sarah Chase

    Great ideas! I can use them for my crafts, and my son’s!


  • 05pixie

    Love these ideas :) thank you for sharing.

  • Jacob and marie

    I made a craft cart for my sewing machine and other craft supplies to keep it all accessible but in one place

    I love the labels on the mason jars! So cute!

  • sunsets829

    I love Mason jars- I have them all around my house & use them for whatever I can. I never thought about that idea for the yarn but will definitely look into it now- looks so cool! The pill container is also a wonderful & inexpensive unit for storage- many times you can find them at $1 stores.

  • erin` oxnam

    Love the mason jar idea!

  • belizegyal

    I use the candle jars that come with air tight lids to organize q-tips, cotton balls, any thing really that can be placed on a bathroom vanity without looking messy

  • jennifer

    It shows that the images on this page are broken. Unless there’s something wrong with my pc. Just thought you should know.

  • Barb

    Also a hole in the end of a shoe box will hold a skin of yarn and not flip out… All of your tips are super thanks for sharing.


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