Sascha Map Imagery by Sascha Ales. Sirius Map Imagery by Rick Pjanja for the Sirius Project.

Google Maps Integration by Mjollnir Arcote [PRAX] <ME>.

If you notice a marked position for a system not lining up with the underlying system on the map please contact Mjollnir Arcote.


Version 14
  • The return of 'Follow' mode
  • Timings on follow mode are still being tweaked so if you notice issues let me know.
  • Also follow mode doesn't work without locations for systems being set. If regular users just make sure their little area is up to date we should cover a lot of it.
Version 13
  • Google Apps didn't like version 13. Don't Ask.
Version 12
  • Complete rewrite from the ground up.
  • Location markers are loaded on demand instead of entire list at start.
  • Search runs off backend now.
  • Hash mark linking uses search to do look ups. So works as expected now.
  • New editor interface so anyone can contribute updated locations for systems. This is still a work in progress so some things aren't working yet, ie suggesting a system be deleted.
  • Follow me has not yet been ported to the new map code. It will be done soon, though its not much use without the locations database be populated. Why don't you go help fix that? :)
  • Known Issue: There are issues with the editor when switching between map types. When changing map types in the editor, reload the page after changing map type.
Version 11
  • Improvements to S3 tile hosting to increase load speed and make caching more reliable.
Version 10
  • New tile hosting and capabilities to support new wider Sascha map
  • Note system pin locations are not correct atm. I'm working on a way to improve this with the new map
Version 9
  • Version bump to assist upload testing
Version 8
  • Added Sirius Project Map Type
Version 7
  • Updated map
Version 6 Version 5
  • Complete database backed editor
  • Update Google Analytics to track new types of user interaction
Version 4
  • Split editor into its own page to reduce JS loaded by most map users
  • Switch to Google Code hosted versions of jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Add custom crosshair image for map pins
  • Add inteface for getting EVE headers from IGB
  • Add "Follow Me" feature. When enabled the browser will center the map on your current system as you travel
  • Increase client side cache duration for map tiles
Version 3
  • Add caching to system list to reduce host load
Version 2
  • Switch to Google App Engine for hosting
  • Remove static javascript list of systems replace with database backed feed
Version 1
  • Initial version of map
  • Supports searching of known systems
  • Remembers last view of map
  • Integrated editor of system details
  • Add Google Analytics to track usage patterns of map