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More about that dawg…

More about that dawg… March 17th, 2015

The annual sanctimonious ritual of pretending to care whether or not American taxpayer monies are being stolen by fraud is early this year, we note.  Last year, we reported this curious dog sport in June:
It looks like Congress is hunting for legitimacy early this year.  And as for the President…well.  Let us simply say that last year [...]

You’re joshing me, right?

You’re joshing me, right? January 30th, 2015

The Obama Administration evidently is not so earnest after all.  Their farce turns upon a “willing suspension of disbelief.”  It depends on what your definition of IS IS–and terrorism too, it seems.
Yesterday, we addressed the dead circuitboard–called reality–in the resident President.  We provided evidence thereof, submitting that Mr. Obama seems to believe that an annual [...]

Mr. Obama’s Islamist delivery?

Mr. Obama’s Islamist delivery? January 19th, 2015

We have noted for quite some time that, throughout his so-called career, current President Barrack Hussein Obama has often imitated a radicalized Iman from a local madrasa.
A madrasa purportedly is an educational institution.  And Mr. Obama is purportedly a professor.  Whether or not these are directly associated, much less true, we can’t say.
Nor can we say whether or not [...]


Pantywaist January 13th, 2015

It seems White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest revealed one of those classic Freudian slips.
In an attempt to spin why it was that Mr. Obama blew off attending the Paris rally of Western unity in the face of Islamic terrorism, Mr. Ernest said:  ”We stand four square behind our allies in France.” It used to be that [...]


Un-Oh… December 20th, 2014

For the past six years, Masseur Obama has been shopping his curriculum vitae around the world on the off chance that the internationals will consider him an actual leader…to no avail. Yet another foreign interview didn’t go all that well. We hazard the observation that it might very well have something to do with “leading from [...]