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July 24th, 2013

Just off today’s wires—24 July 2013
As Mr. Obama attempts to get some sort of traction out of the bog of corruption his Administration is mired in, we hear he is throwing sand… again at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. Says the President: “Repealing Obamacare and cutting spending is not an economic plan. It’s not.”
Well, even [...]

Another way of putting it

July 21st, 2013

That interest on the Federal debt?  The current plan is to hold it at 6% for the duration of Mr. Obama’s tenure.  After that it will very quickly ratchet up.  By FY2018, interest payments on the debt will consume some 10% of the entire federal budget.  And from there, given the expanding debt levels (anticipated [...]

Constitution Party of Idaho Candidate Position Statement Series 2013-05-03

July 18th, 2013

Limited Government and the Control of Taxation
The Constitution Party is routinely mischaracterized as advocating no government. To the contrary, we recognize that government is necessary for an orderly society, for security and for the protection of liberties. We do not call for overturning government. We call for returning it.
Our demands are simple. Legitimate government [...]

Not Yours to Give

Not Yours to Give November 6th, 2008

Not Yours to Give
The Experience of Davey Crockett
One day in the House of Representatives, a bill was taken up appropriating money for the benefit of the widow of a distinguished naval officer. Several beautiful speeches had been made in its support. The Speaker was just about to put the question when Mr. Crockett arose:
“Mr. Speaker [...]