Wisma Pelita Tunku

The oldest and first shopping complex in Miri, Wisma Pelita Tunku is still garnering lots of shoppers daily, because of its close proximity with Old Town area and the bus station. Within it there are many food and drink centers.

There are lots of handicraft shops within Pelita Tunku, and any touring in and around Miri shouldn't be complete unless one also stops by Wisma Pelita Tunku.

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Sat, 2007-08-25 10:48.

Appreciate your opinion, but the complex still garners a lot of visitors daily, and there is no mention of it closing down as of yet. You can go have a look in there, and you'll see that it's pretty much buzzing with life.

Submitted by Ah John (not verified) on Sat, 2007-08-25 01:50.

erm...wisma pelita tunku is a 1st tall building built in Miri n oso the 1st shopping complex in Miri.But now he is not again shopping complex coz is had became a nest for the pick-pocket.Not only that, the facilities inside are already outdated and broken-down.I hope the management of wisma pelita tunku can have a big big changing so that wisma pelita tunku can be a great shopping complex in Miri again.Otherwise i think wisma pelita tunku will closed n destroyed soon .I don`t like to see that.