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The best wedding DJ is one that goes unnoticed.  Even though entertainment is critical to the success and flow of your wedding day, it is the last thing you want to think about, logistically, during the party.  Hiring a professional is paramount to ensuring that your party goes off without hiccups or major issues.


In Seattle, wedding DJ’s are everywhere.  At Seattle Wedding DJ we pride ourselves on ensuring that your party is perfect.  Being the bride and groom, the last things you want to be thinking about on your special day are logistics and technicalities.

Seattle Wedding DJ - Lake Union Cafe w/ uplights

Seattle Wedding DJ – Lake Union Cafe w/ uplights

Long before the first song is ever played, Seattle Wedding DJ plans.  Planning and preparation are the keys to a glitch-free party.  We will meet with you and ask you what kind of reception you want to see to make sure that your perfect day is YOUR perfect day.   Logistics, from the list of songs that you absolutely NEED to hear to the itinerary of events that you would like us to MC for you.  Nothing will be left to chance.   The best Seattle Wedding DJ is the best planner.


A great Seattle wedding DJ will also have the best choice of music.  We have provided music and entertainment for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, school dances, sales events, family parties and much more.

With more than a dozen GB of music and hundreds of CD’s, at Seattle Wedding DJ our selection is vast.  You can be sure that, with your input, the music that we provide will be exactly what you want it to be.  Each party is different and each crowd has different needs.   We understand that the music that kids want to hear at a high school dance is not the same playlist as a wedding party.

Seattle Wedding DJ - Arctic Club w/ Gobo light

Seattle Wedding DJ – Arctic Club w/ Gobo light


At Seattle Wedding DJ we also offer comprehensive MC services and itinerary management.  Consider this to be where the best wedding DJ’s are separated from the others.  Your wedding reception will be filled with a combination of wedding party speeches, cake cutting, garter tossing, bouquet throwing, daddy-daughter dances, mother-son dances, money dances and many other potential things that require someone GREAT on the mic to run them.

With the perfect blend of confidence, personality, humor, kindness and experience we will make sure your party runs smooth.  In our planning session, together we will plan the pace, the order, the participants, the songs, and any other special instructions that you would like.

When surveying recent newlyweds, this was the single most important thing to be aware of when interviewing potential DJ’s for your special day.  “Nothing is more critical to the success of your reception party than having a quality MC running the show on the microphone.  This one consideration can make or break your entire party.”

Seattle Wedding DJ not only has experience being the MC for many different styles of weddings, we have years of cumulative experience public speaking, performing/singing live music, performing live comedy and more.   Be sure to ask all of the DJ’s you interview what their level of mic experience is and what different mediums they have performed on


We understand that this is YOUR party.  You hired us!  Therefore, we will absolutely accommodate any and all reasonable music requests (with discretion of course…) that we receive during the party.  Of course, if you have made it clear that you would like only clean music at your reception we won’t be playing unedited Snoop Dogg just because someone asked for it.   Professionalism is our goal.

If, by chance, a great request is made and we do not have it in our repertoire, I’ll get it!  Assuming the party is “in range”, we will make our best efforts to download it on one of our devices and get it played.

Remember, it’s YOUR party.

Seattle Wedding DJ - Karma Winery, Chelan

Seattle Wedding DJ rehearsal – Karma Winery, Chelan


A tuxedo at a beach wedding makes as much sense as a Hawaiian shirt and khakis at a formal wedding in a downtown high-rise.  At Seattle Wedding DJ, our goal is perfection for YOUR special day.  So we gladly accommodate whatever attire that you would like: Casual, Business Casual, Business Formal, Evening Formal or anything else you would like to specify.  As part of our planning session, we will be sure to know what your expectations are for our appearance.


We are Seattle wedding DJ’s.  We are fully aware that the lifeblood of our business is referrals.  The only way that clients will refer us to family and friends is if we are stellar.  We commit to working hard before, during and after your wedding day to make certain that your day happens just how you want it.  When we pack up and the night is over, we want to know that you are more than satisfied and thus, happy to recommend our services to your loved ones.


The owners and DJ’s at Seattle Wedding DJ are from the Puget Sound. We live here. We were born and raised here.   As many of our competing websites do, we are not a national website getting leads from search engines to dole out to the next DJ in line for a referral fee.

Seattle Wedding DJ - Sodo Park 2014

Seattle Wedding DJ – Sodo Park 2014


A 10 minute “intermission” right in the middle of your reception due to equipment “glitches” can kill a party.  All of our equipment has been accumulated with reliability and innovation in mind.  Our equipment is tested and trusted to be reliable.  We also ensure to have mics, batteries, cabling, power, etc. on hand to guard against unfortunate and unforeseen issues.


Disclaimer: All of the photos in this post were from weddings that I, personally, DJ’ed and provided lighting for. :)

Seattle Photo Booth

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Seattle Wedding DJ is so extremely proud to announce that our photo booth service has created an identity of it’s own!  We are proud to launch our partner company, Seattle Photo Booth.  Now with it’s own website, contract, services, and booking schedule… we can better serve our clients and the Puget Sound area with increased customer support and service as well as augmented quality of service and satisfaction.

We have offered a high quality Photo Booth product as a service offering, but now it has a life of it’s own!  Please visit the website, to see details on the services and pricing.  Here are a few reasons why I feel it is superior to MOST Photo Booth companies I have seen at recent weddings:

  • Equipment: Our equipment is of the highest quality, tested and trusted to be reliable and purchased with quality and innovation in mind, not price.
  • Personnel: We are fun. And nice.  Shockingly I have seen MANY Photo Booth’s at weddings where the operator was drab, quiet, shy and just otherwise not fun.
  • We are open air: Dozens of Photo Booth companies offer an actual “booth” that you get inside of.  This limits light, exposure, quality… and the biggest limitation… a max of like 3 people in your picture.  We have a huge, 10×10 back drop to fit 4, 6, 10, even more people into one picture.
  • Our printer is amazing!: The onsite printing that we offer in either color or black and white is superior to 99% of the Photo Booth products available! Your guests can look on a screen, choose the prints they want, and have them in hand in 10 seconds.
  • We are compact and mobile: We take up a space about 6′x6′. That’s it!  We setup and tear down quick. All of our equipment was assembled with ease of setup and movement in mind.
  • Affordability: Many, if not most, of our competition are expensive!  Really expensive.  We have seen both open air AND actual booth’s sell for 1300-2000 for the day.  Huh?!? Why book an inferior product, weak photo printing and less fun, for up to double to fee???  Ridiculous!

If you, or someone you know, is on the search for a great Photo Booth experience at a very reasonable rate… Let them know about us!  We are local, nice, easy to work with, affordable and offer an incredible final product to you and your guests.  Period.  No fancy slogans or crazy promises. Just high quality equipment, amazing customer service and hard work. That’s it.

Call us today to get booked!

Wedding DJ ramblings…

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Hey all… It’s me, Sean.

First I want to say thank you to any and all of the folks who are reading this.  I am blessed to do what I do, be called Seattle Wedding DJhave the ability to think, reflect, write, repeat.  I love it. Truly I do. In this post I want to touch on a few things… One… a happy client review for one of my DJ’s.

Hi Sean!

I wanted to write and tell you that Daniel was great! Overall we were very satisfied. He played all the songs I asked for and the dinner music was wonderful as well! He also did a very nice and smooth job mc ing as well.

Again, Daniel was amazing and did everything we wanted. He made everything flow together smoothly with his mc ing and announcements. Music choice for dinner was exceptional and his overall performance as a whole was professional. Besides the few errors, I would definitely recommend him and your company to friends! Thank you Sean!

Resley and Tina


I love getting feedback like this… and I am in awe, with so many event DJ’s in the area to choose from, that we a) consistently are getting hired to be an integral part of someone’s hugely important event/wedding, but also… that they feel and write like this afterward!  It doesn’t surprise me, because I promise (and guarantee) people excellence… but it sure is affirming.

Next, I wanted to announce that we have a featured listing on… You can see it here.  I am really proud of it and LOVE that I get to be a part of such a huge web service that is a leader in the online wedding industry.

That’s all for now.  Much love to all…

The season is starting!

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Hey friends… it’s me, Sean.  I felt compelled to log on and write something today *

me introducing a couple that I couldn't see over the crowd!

me introducing a couple that I couldn’t see over the crowd!

*I wrote this star because this is where this Seattle Wedding DJ left off when I started writing this post months ago.  Dork.  My absence is due to a combination of factors… the main factor being I’m just so stinking busy…  Not with weddings, although that is true also, but just a lot of life events happening this spring and summer to compile the busy quotient. I am blessed beyond belief and NOT complaining by any stretch of the imagination… I just wish I could write more than I do.

This is my second “full season” in the wedding industry as a DJ and MC and I have observed so many things that I want to share… but I am having trouble organizing it all into intelligent thoughts to share… I hope to be writing more in the coming weeks as my days fill with getting to be a part of so many great people’s weddings!  As for now… I just wanted to write to write… getting something is the start… better than nothing anyway.

I have met amazing people.  Speaking first of others who decided to work in the Seattle Wedding industry as I have… it’s neat to start making friends with some folks that share similar interests, struggles, and insights into the same exact purpose we are all attempting to fulfill… adding our skill and passion to a team to pull off a great wedding day for someone.  One of the coolest things to come out of the last few months is the discovery of a Facebook group that includes all (virtually all I suppose) of the top, most reputable DJ/MC vendors in the Northwest.  We chat about venues, venue limitations, tips, tricks, share ideas and, for the most part, encourage each other and each other’s business to be better… pushing higher standards and hoping to shed a light on the professionalism that CAN come with a DJ/MC company (if, BIG IF, you choose to higher a top company)… it’s been fun to watch the news feed on that group…

Thanks for all the continued support from friends and family.  Thanks for all past and present clients for being great to work with, and for still choosing to refer me to YOUR friends and family after working with me… it’s the highest of compliments. I love this funny thing I do, and I am constantly thinking, stewing, researching, studying, and otherwise looking for ways to get better, in business as well as in the skills that I bring to the table as a DJ/MC. I’ll never stop trying to improve.



Seattle Wedding DJ at Lord Hill Farms

Reception at Lord Hill Farms this January

Hey guys… It’s me Sean.  I am the owner of Seattle Wedding DJ and lover of life in general (which is why I started this company… I like to party!)… even more accurate than that… I LOVE to provide the party!  That moment of anticipation, when one song is winding down, 4 solid gold minutes of dancing just happened… and the attendees are just waiting for the first few notes of the next song.  It’s my job to create smiles in that moment… and I delight in doing so.  There are a lot of pointed sentences that follow… be warned.

There is ONE thing about this business (wedding industry in general) that I like even more than providing a great party… and that is being the absolute BEST business owner, wedding vendor, and revolutionary that I can be.  I meet clients and hear story after story of what they are afraid of when they are considering hiring a DJ/MC company.  They are afraid of having the hack, sales-y MC comedian that they saw at their friends wedding.  They are afraid of having a DJ like their cousin had who wouldn’t listen to what music the client wanted and, instead, they just played whatever THEY wanted.  The DJ at their best friend’s wedding was rude to their guests… The 10 DJ/MC companies that they have researched typical aren’t up front about pricing… they list goes on and on.

What I feel differentiates myself and all of our company’s MC’s from our competitors IS the high quality, ultra professional MC skill we bring to an event.  We do not linger on the microphone, but instead bring the perfect blend of fun and professionalism to uniquely keep your guests in the know all evening long.  We are not show DJ’s. We are not there for our own glory.  We are humble to the point of deflecting all praise and spotlight to the client, at all times.  We are extremely prepared ahead of time, never thinking of/searching for what to say WHILE we are on the mic.  ”Uhhh… Ummm… ” are not in our vocab.  All of these things will cause an MC to fall flat on their face.  We have all seen terrible variations of these examples… and you deserve better.

I am making it my mission in life to provide the highest quality services in the Seattle Wedding industry, for the absolute best value possible.  In the past year we have added Photo Booth service as well as movie production to generate the highest quality reception slideshow movie that the world has ever seen.  We are in the process of a very exciting, revolutionary addition to our repertoire that is hopefully coming very soon.

I have done a ton of research on pricing.  I know what most of my competitors are offering, and at what price point.  This research shows me a few things… one, I know I am the not the cheapest around.  I am also not nearly the most expensive.  I am on the inexpensive end of “the middle”… and I strive to stay RIGHT THERE!  I do this to provide value.  I believe, as our past clients will attest to, that you cannot hire a higher quality MC vendor… even for thousands of dollars more.  Period. To add to this… we have made official our “non-Saturday” discount, as well as our active duty Military discount.

We have recently instituted an across the board, industry changing Service Guarantee that simply states, if we drop the ball in any way or otherwise don’t follow through with our promises, we will return a portion of your fee… no questions asked.

Yes, a wedding vendor that guarantees the quality of our service and the level of your satisfaction… or your money back.  I think that speaks for itself.

Let me buy you a cup of coffee… Chat. Don’t just listen to what a DJ says when they answer your questions… listen to how they answer.  How they talk about their company, and how they will take care of you will tell you everything you need to know.

Here we go!

Seattle Wedding DJ is extremely pleased to announce that we have added a military discount to all services across the board.  As a thank you for your service and sacrifice to all active military service members, we are offering a 15% discount on all of our services.  If you, or someone you know is looking for an Seattle event DJ/MC on a budget and this applies to you (or them) please don’t hesitate to contact us!!!  Thank you !!!


military discount

Seattle Wedding DJ was honored to be a part of a spectacular wedding last friday night at the Lake Union Cafe.  The venue along with everything about the wedding was the perfect mix of elegant and fun (and the DJ was simply breath-taking)!  That is except for the Photo Booth.  As far as typical photo booth’s go, I guess it was ok.  It was an actual booth, like at the movie theater, that you get into (max of 2-3 people), you click the button, got 3 poses and a really sub par, grainy, black and white photo strip spit out the side.

What not to do...


All that amazingness for a shade over $1300.  HUH?!?

What not to get...

Without naming the company, companies like this are actually a really typical response to a google search for Seattle Photo Booth.  Now that you have a clear picture of what that is, and how much it will set you back… let me detail Seattle Wedding DJ’s Photo Booth option. Get excited!

The way we look at Photobooth is all about quality.  Excellent service, an actual photographer there, extremely high quality cameras, lights, back drop, props, and the results are not even close to comparable.  DSLR ultra-high resolution photos the quality of which cannot be matched.  Oh yeah… the price… how does $549 sound? Less than half of most of our competitors while getting 100x the quality…


The better way to go for Photo Booth

A picture of our Photobooth as it happens…


The better option for wedding photo booth!

And here is the final product!



I think the results and the comparison speaks for itself doesn’t it?  Of course, while this is going on, you still have the highest possible quality sound, lights, DJ and MC in the business keeping your party rockin!  Talk soon…


I own Seattle Wedding DJ, and I really like to write (I’ll come back to that in a minute).  I started Seattle Wedding DJ a while back because I saw SO MANY weddings where friends and family shelled out big cash to ridiculously under-qualified, over-sold “entertainers” and… it goes without saying… got very disappointing returns on their investment (putting it mildly). AKA… They’re DJ/MC sucked.  Bad.  Of course, there are a few good DJ/MC pros around the Seattle Wedding marketplace.  But how do you tell?  Every website says the same thing (including mine!) …

We are the Best! The most professional, good equipment, help you plan, blah blah… Read our testimonials!  I mean c’mon!  The testimonials that are on MY website… that I EDIT… say it all. You should trust those!

If you go any search engine and search for any variation of “Seattle” “Wedding” “DJ” you get a LOT of results.  Once you wade through all the junk, and repeats, and big huge “Wedding Wire” type sites that always come up first but are national companies and have no idea the temperature in the air in Seattle… I would guess there are between 30-40 actual, local companies doing real business. I might be wrong, but hey… it’s a guess.  You could also pay money to attend a “Wedding Show” to see how many.  I’m going to write a whole different article on that hullabaloo…

If I were you… knowing what I know from the other side of the table… and I needed to hire the BEST local wedding DJ at the Best price (this is called “value”…) here is what I would do:  Talk to them on the phone.  Listen to the tone of their voice, how quick on their feet they can think, react, etc.  Do they sound like they know weddings and their role in a wedding? How well do they write?  How someone writes on their website or in an email will tell you VOLUMES about their personality, their IQ, and their attention to detail.

Then… MEET!  Ask questions… Trick questions.  Get off the beaten path of typical Seattle Wedding DJ questions and throw curveballs at them.  The whole time they are talking, ask yourself, “Is this THE PERSON that I want providing the entertainment for the biggest day of my life?  Do they sound like they are worth the money?  Are they JUST selling?  Do I like their voice?  What, if any, value do they include (NOT a la carte CHARGE for) in their service?  Lights are a no brainer… If a DJ “includes” lights as their one huge included add on and treats it like you just won the lottery and you should be honored to hire them… no.  We all do that. And it should be INCLUDED!  Not nickeled and dimed.

Do I trust that this person will be kind to my guests?  Will my guests and I “vibe” with this person’s personality and age?  Have they had the same equipment for 10+ years or do they have modern technology that actually sounds good?  Will they show up and just go through the motions because they have done this 100 times, or will they take the time to get to know me and add personal touches to MY wedding?  Will they work hard, go the extra mile, pay attention to detail but also see the big picture of how my event will turn out?

And don’t just listen to the answers… this is more than an interview… It’s an audition!  Listen to HOW they answer… You are looking for professionalism AND at the same time fun, good work ethic AND at the same time intelligent, will this person have a good time WITH us, or just set up equipment, push play and read a script FOR us for a fee?

I like to write.  Writing helps me see what I’m doing… What others are doing.  How I am faring in the marketplace.  It clears my head and organizes my thoughts.  I love my company and I LOVE the opportunities that I get to serve brides and grooms leading up to, and AT their wedding.  I feel extremely blessed.

This process will make ALL the difference in the world.  Period.

Some thoughts about the next year of our business’s life at Seattle Wedding DJ and Greek Row Entertainment. 

So here we are… I have seen so many of my wedding industry compadres posting things on websites and FB about how great of a year they had and what their hopes were for 2013… I guess I’m a little late on the draw since it’s the middle of January but I have been in a state of disbelief/reflection/planning/prayerfully considering how a) awesome last year was in our first year in business, and b) what BIG things we have on our radar for 2013 at Seattle Wedding DJ and Greek Row Entertainment.

First… a sincere, heartfelt thank you to all of the clients who trusted us with your wedding day sound and entertainment in 2012.  We have been hired to DJ and MC at all of the top venues in the state and it has truly been an honor.  Also, to all the advocates of our company… the folks who referred couples to us, voted for us in the Evening magazine Best of Western Washington competition and who just otherwise want to see us succeed and grow. I don’t care how much will power, work ethic or positive vibes a small business owner has, the truth is that without a support network of people around you and your business who genuinely care about it’s success or failure makes all the difference in the outcome.

We have big plans in the coming year to book many more weddings and events… as well as the growth of our other venture, Greek Row Entertainment.  We have added a really great Photo Booth to our options of services as well as custom made reception slideshow movies that make the run of the mill power points look like etch-a-sketch… I want to personally thank you for all of your encouragement and well wishing… all of the referrals… all of the votes… the prayers… and a big thanks to Josh Hoover who decided to join forces with us this past year.  He has been a big encouragement to me and I am really looking forward to putting in the hours to grow this company into whatever it was destined to be.

Thanks again! Sean

Seattle Wedding DJ

Trip to Mexico with some friends this year!

Reception Slideshows

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Hey folks… Seattle Wedding DJ Sean here… I haven’t posted in a while, but wanted to get a sample of the slideshow movies we are making for clients up on our website… We are super excited to be doing these as they are vastly superior to the cut and paste pic PowerPoint presentations that we see at quite a few wedding receptions.  Hope you like! (They don’t all turn out this long, btw!)

It is so crazy long in fact that I can only link to it… So click THIS!!!