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Welcome to our PND/DOGE multipool

How does it work?

This pool automatically switches between coins to mine based on difficulty and price variations in order to be as profitable as possible for the miners. For payout, we compute the proportional share of each miner over rounds that last four hours. Once a round is complete, and after the mined blocks become mature, we exchange all coins for DOGE and PND. Please note that due to the time required for block maturation, deposits and withdrawals on exchanges, payouts for a round are processed one hour after the end of the next one. We also apply a fee of 1.25%, in addition to the exchange and transactions fees required by the operation of the pool.

Is DOGE merged mining supported?

Yes, by mining on Pandapool you are automatically mining DOGE through AuxPoW (also known as merged mining).

How to mine?

Use only your PND or DOGE address as username and a worker name as password. Worker names must contain 1 to 12 letters and numbers.
Do not use the same worker name on multiple connections, or your reported hashrate will be incorrect. Do not connect to a low difficulty port with a high hashrate.
You are only allowed up to 10 connections per server per IP address. If you need more, connect to the failover server instead.
We have good uptime and redundant servers but cannot guarantee 100% uptime. It is your responsibility to setup a different pool as failover.

New miners: to better distribute load on our servers we recommend that you switch the primary and failover servers.
  Primary Server Failover Server
Potato miner (less than 100 kH/s) stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp://
Average miner (less than 500 kH/s) stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp://
Mining rig (over 2MH/s) stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp://
ASIC tier (over 10MH/s) stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp://
Example settings: -o stratum+tcp:// -u PERUk5G9imfjShCabkMusfEd7goap88zXn -p workername --failover-only -o stratum+tcp:// -u PERUk5G9imfjShCabkMusfEd7goap88zXn -p workername

Long term returns chart

Long term mining returns

How to get help

Live Pool Hashrate (kH/s) and Workers
Measured (blue) vs. Effective (green) Round Hashrate (kH/s)
Total PND (blue) and DOGE (green) paid
Total bought from market past 48h:0.0000 LTC / 0 PND / 0 DOGE
Return per MH/s per day past 24h: 3,750 PND/MHs/day  |  304 DOGE/MHs/day
Buy prices in LTC: PND 0.000005184 (Bittrex) 0.000006184 (Swisscex)  |  DOGE 0.00007428 (Cryptsy)


View statistics for address:

Top 10 Miners

Address Workers Total Hashrate
DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa 2 51,982 kH/s
DEA6mUkKUSYG3Jua2b9x9AZD6ZSU5cWCP6 3 35,339 kH/s
D8MB29WLjNpPMuHNnZKE6LuDmfb9zMq1P4 4 26,113 kH/s
DBEsUYhLkCVrRTQSrudAkuw6zkQL37nADV 2 23,174 kH/s
DHTjoQyMz2yZTDpgMrDpipMbvo7mPPo3Md 4 18,461 kH/s
DNFkPxVViWQstUEKr9VSE7AFXiGvUniR9i 1 17,262 kH/s
DQsBr61vKqYvJ4o3fwmCSZSANEjxZMdPKN 1 13,098 kH/s
PHdobtbvmyryjT5cArATnMGWQNQfgnSzTq 1 12,308 kH/s
DNU8oUhEGVhDVRzUuMvvh2JHKBmWL3a6At 1 9,559 kH/s
DTiFXQgzuFn6YfUBWAPNoougG5MQHtwFt3 1 9,074 kH/s
Pool total: 81260,328 kH/s

Hot coins

Important notice: the multipool does not always mine the most profitable coin listed below. We apply multiple heuristics based on market volatility, difficulty, and the pool hashrate to make the actual switching decision. In particular, coins with high difficulty are only mined if the pool hashrate ensures that a block can be found during the round.

Symbol Name Type Block reward Difficulty Expected Block Price Profitability Index
LGD Legendarycoin PoS 1.75 0.03067369 0.00000147 BTC 48
NYAN Nyancoin PoW 168.5 2.61960218 0.00004041 BTC 16
GDC Grandcoin PoW 1000 6.52632709 0.00007413 BTC 14
CNC Chncoin PoW 88 8.65925295 0.00010093 BTC 12
CSC Casinocoin PoW 10 2.11494796 0.00002064 BTC 11
KDC Klondikecoin PoW 4.001 0.67642384 0.00000547 BTC 10
LTC Litecoin PoW 50.0157779 34843.64692854 0.34627424 BTC 10
WDC Worldcoin PoW 35.37174272 49.3798998 0.00050607 BTC 10
AUR Auroracoin PoW 12.5 78.14332689 0.00077716 BTC 10
MEC Megacoin PoW 25.0001 72.44892969 0.00079282 BTC 10

Recent blocks

Time Coin Status Value Height Difficulty Finder Luck
2015-03-20 12:52:31 NYAN Unconfirmed 168.5 617151 2.61956221 DHTjoQyMz2yZTDpgMrDpipMbvo7mPPo3Md -57
2015-03-20 12:51:23 NYAN Unconfirmed 168.5 617148 2.45767578 PGtCfxcZHKY9XJRpdH5vSHhQDUjAN9JjS4 97
2015-03-20 12:51:23 NYAN Unconfirmed 168.5 617148 2.45767578 DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa 80
2015-03-20 12:51:14 NYAN Unconfirmed 168.5 617148 2.45767578 DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa 52
2015-03-20 12:50:55 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617147 2.47042427 DTiFXQgzuFn6YfUBWAPNoougG5MQHtwFt3 -587
2015-03-20 12:46:20 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617143 2.62575794 DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa 28
2015-03-20 12:45:50 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617143 2.62575794 DMjAubc3DZrvx6WbYzkKir86piQvuju9dQ 58
2015-03-20 12:45:33 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617143 2.62575794 DHTjoQyMz2yZTDpgMrDpipMbvo7mPPo3Md 31
2015-03-20 12:45:05 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617142 2.62573287 DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa 47
2015-03-20 12:44:42 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617142 2.62573287 DFMcPvM4QRFu2zW8qRXyhVr1asmpQsMTBs -150
2015-03-20 12:42:51 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617140 2.62690131 DNU8oUhEGVhDVRzUuMvvh2JHKBmWL3a6At 79
2015-03-20 12:42:42 NYAN Orphan 168.5 617140 2.62690131 DFMcPvM4QRFu2zW8qRXyhVr1asmpQsMTBs 32

Merged-mined blocks

Time Coin Status Value Height Difficulty Finder
2015-03-19 03:08:58 SYS Orphan 96.02132825 303882 8713.16450303 DMiP7FjMKedtDSqzqubnXWi7t5MN23yjGz
2015-03-15 13:18:14 SYS Orphan 96.02264957 298785 8281.94698661 DBEsUYhLkCVrRTQSrudAkuw6zkQL37nADV
2015-03-07 08:30:39 SYS Orphan 96.02640605 287130 9964.89991949 DMiP7FjMKedtDSqzqubnXWi7t5MN23yjGz
2015-03-07 05:33:54 SYS Orphan 96.0264718 286956 11025.7712697 PAndABankFSVB7yrER8JVzisiMuknLA1jL
2015-03-06 14:26:36 SYS Orphan 96.02681149 286071 11735.60206792 D8MB29WLjNpPMuHNnZKE6LuDmfb9zMq1P4
2015-03-02 10:42:06 DOGE Confirmed 10138.89739555 606475 17876.72792205 DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa
2015-03-02 10:42:06 SYS Orphan 96.02933267 280155 12046.16003388 DEghGiSXb7uP7e64faEbPExsQRDws69SHa
2015-02-27 15:25:16 SYS Orphan 96.0313394 276139 6511.69897827 DRdS2vtTdZ5tmsMwabtmnDDYszSKbV4tiS
2015-02-25 19:10:20 SYS Orphan 96.03282329 273491 4572.31801066 DTM8JTkZPmcyzJd26dF3L5NM2gQwoQaiaM
2015-02-23 19:17:37 DOGE Orphan 0 597366 19330.1217443 DEx32dcjYt8SzaPsEq6ft1UjPJY6fxPASP
2015-02-23 19:17:37 SYS Orphan 96.03456785 270674 6420.81401937 DEx32dcjYt8SzaPsEq6ft1UjPJY6fxPASP
2015-02-23 17:35:47 SYS Orphan 96.03463456 270572 6021.92304942 DNFkPxVViWQstUEKr9VSE7AFXiGvUniR9i

Previous round

Time spent on each coin last round

Deposit Transactions

Round Coin Amount TXID
2171 NYAN 3,370.00000000 d54a135890edaacd7a51c8bcc0a0a68624464b9887253f2ceab71a6f4302ced2

How to use the API

API requests should be made to where QUERY is one of the values described below. Some queries can accept additional parameters that you can add to the request. The response is always a JSON object, with a field error to indicate whether the query succeeded. If it did, the result of the query is returned in the result field, otherwise, the reason for the failure is given in the msg field. By default, the API returns information about the scrypt pool. If you want to get information about X11 instead, just add &algo=x11 to the query parameters.

Live hashrate and worker information: hashrate

Optional parameters: start and end, two Unix timestamps describing the interval of the requested data. If start is omitted, it will default to 4 hours in the past. If end is omitted it will default to the current time.

User-specific information: userinfo

Required parameters: user the address of the miner. Returns live information on current workers and history of all payouts and worker hashrates.

Found block information: blocks

Optional parameters: coin can restrict results to blocks of the given coin, e.g. TAG for tagcoin; round can restrict results to blocks found during the requested round; finder can restrict results to blocks found by the given address; limit can be used to define how many results to return (15 by default, but must be less than 1000).

Round information: roundinfo

Optional parameters: round to specify which round to get information for, by default the last complete round is used.