Original plan: Poison water supply in five large German cities

But I still don't think the Germans have paid for what they did.
Nothing can balance what they did

  Joseph Harmatz - Maim Mendele

According to other sources Joseph Harmatz was also known to use the alias Maim Mendele. The Jewish 'revenge movement' he was part of was calledNokmim or Nakam. In early 1998 he was living in an apartment in the fashionable suburb of Ramat Aviv, a block away from the home of the assassinated Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin.


Allan Sørensen - Danish journalist for Christian newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad. Caption: 'The logical decision. Sanctions against Iran have to hit as hard as possible. Allan Sørensen Mideast Correspondent'.

Allan Sørensen lives in Israel, and I don't think I am streching it too far, if I classify him as a Christian Zionist. In this article I have concentrated on the facts about the case, and have left out the rest. But a paragraph like the next one gives some idea about the tone of this story about the cold blooded murderer: 'Joseph Harmatz is a humble man. He has neither sought recognition nor fame for his actions. He lived most of his adult life as an inspector at an Israeli school'.

Incidentally many, if not most of the Danish media's reporters and commentators on Middle Eastern affairs, are Zionist Jews, many of them actually living in Israel.

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Morris Venezia, a Greek Jew confesses to murder of a completely innocent fellow prisoner on camera. Reason: He was a German. On an evacuation train out of Auschwitz: 'He couldn't stood up no more this guy. He offered me cigarettes: would you let me sit down? He gave me two or three cigarettes. I got up and he sat down. I finished smoking and after ten minutes I said; get up. He didn't get up.'

'Me and a couple of friends, we sit on him. After an hour he was suffocated. We threw him out of the wagon. I was happy. Because the Germans had killed my family, 30 -  40 people. What was a German? Psst that was nothing...'

From the BBC documentary 'Auschwitz'

  Tuvia Bielski Jewish partisan 'hero' - under investigation for war crimes in Poland | film

On October 5, 2012 a Christian newspaper in Denmark published an interview with Joseph Harmatz (87), a Jew originally from Vilnius in Lithuania.

In the interview Harmatz, now living in Tel Aviv, Israel, proudly recalls how he together with other Jews, planned to poison the water supply in five large German cities.

They could themselves 'the avengers', and meant to make as many German civilians as possible, pay with their lives for 'the murder of six million Jews'.

According to what Joseph Harmatz told the Danish reporter Allan Sorensen, he escaped when the Germans arrived in 1941, and the Jews in the area were placed in ghettos. According to his story, he managed to infiltrate teams of workers who were sent in and out of the ghettos on a daily basis, because of his European appearance.

Left ghetto to kill Germans

Harmatz says that at some time there was a debate in the underground movement to leave the ghetto, and join the partisans, in order to kill Germans.

On September 23, 1943, Harmatz and 39 other illegal combatants left the ghetto through the sewage system on September 23, 1943, and hid in the woods.

The Jewish partisans formed four battalions together with other partisans in the woods, while the inhabitants of the ghettos 'were sent to death camps together with millions of other European Jews' , according to journalist Allan Sorensen.

Not sentimental

Harmatz and his partisans who hid in the forest began a violent battle against the Germans.

His uniform allegedly was made up of a German belt, a Lithuanian jacket and German pants. When Allan Sorensen asked him how they got hold of these items, Harmatz answered that 'they were not sentimental at that time'.

They got their weapons from air drops by Soviet planes, according to Harmatz.

'As the war went on Harmatz advanced in rank. He was a brave young man who spoke Lithuanian, Russian and German.

A Zionist, freedom fighter, and one of the many partisans who slept in the cold forests, and made life hell for the German soldiers at the Eastern Front', the Danish newspaper reported.

Harmatz said that the farmers in the area were hostile to the partisans, because the partisans stole their cattle.

In July 1944 he allegedly 'assisted the Red Army conquering Vilnius'.

Jewish Brigade

Then he apparently had to flee from the Russian 'liberators' as well: 'After the liberation of Vilnius, he as well as many other Eastern European Jews, began to plan an escape to the west. With a small band of friends he fled to Romania via Czechoslovakia, to Austria and finally to northern Italy, where he got to know 'the Jewish Brigade'.

Harmatz explains that during their stay in Bucharest they began to 'realize the extent of the war', and began talking about 'having to leave a mark on the Germans', according to the Danish journalist.

Harmatz went on to tell that he and a little core group of other Jews were not interested in politics, as was the Jewish Brigade, and said that they wanted to leave a 'mark' that would be remembered.

'Had it just been the Middle Ages, where dark forces murdered each other without conscience or morals. But it wasn't. The Germans had murdered the best musicians and philosophers. The best ideas. 1.5 million Jewish children.

'Even during the Spanish Inquisition the Jews were able to survive,' Harmatz said, according to Kristeligt Dagblad.

Began planning to poison the wells...

It was in this atmosphere that a plan A and a plan B were conceived. Joseph Harmatz and a group of friends from the underground chose five German cities, and began planning to poison the water supply in five cities. The Germans were to pay for the holocaust, Allan Sorensen writes.

The paper quotes Harmatz saying that 'I chose Nuremberg myself. The symbol for all these pigs'.

According to the newspaper there was a problem with plan A. Poisoning the water supply also put American troops in Germany, and the judges who were to prosecute the Nazis at risk. 'We couldn't care less about the Germans', Harmatz told the Danish journalist.

Planned to murder German prisoners of war

According to the newspaper, at the last moment, in the spring of 1946 plan A was frozen. Something had gone wrong, or some people had become scared. The message came from one of Harmatz's contacts in Paris.

They went on to plan B in stead, In Nuremberg there were thousands of Nazis in a concentration camp guarded by the Americans [Langwasser]. The prisoners were to be poisoned.

Harmatz: 'I planned the whole operation. Even what we had to do if we were captured'.

According to Sorensen's report, Harmatz had found out through a long period of planning, that the German prisoners were eating rye bread, while the American staff ate white bread [wheat].

Bread spiked with arsenic

Harmatz described the plan. The prisoners of war were to be poisoned with rye bread spiked with arsenic.

On the 14th of April 1946, one of Harmatz co-conspirators stood and prepared the rye bread dough. He had managed to get a job in the kitchen of the camp. Plan B was on.

The arsenic was mixed in the dough, the poisoned loafs were baked and distributed among the prisoners of war. Not too long after sirens of ambulances were heard.

'Nobody, including Joseph Harmatz has mentioned the death toll among the German prisoners caused by plan B. Some magazines have mentioned that around two hundred German prisoners were poisoned, ' according to the article in Kristeligt Dagblad.

According to chief poisoner Harmatz, ambulances kept on coming to the camp all through the evening.

Woodcut from Pierre Boaistuau's Histoires Prodigieuses.

Dated around 1569 and depicts a Jewish man poisoning a well that the Devil is urinating into.

In the background a child hanging on a cross.

These images support Anti-Semitic beliefs about Jews in the Early Modern period and each part represents a different stereotype of the Jew.

Other age old accusations against Jews seem to have had at least some basis in reality. Poisoning of Palestinian wells: I, II, III, IV, V.]


Holocaust denier David Irving

Allan Sorensen: 'In 1999 holocaust denier David Irving published an article on his website, where it is suggested that the German authorities have been asked to put those involved in plan B on trial.

According to Kristeligt Dagblad's journalist, Joseph Harmatz and other members of the group went to Czechoslovakia after the mass murder, 'where they had some delightful weeks, according to Harmatz', until they traveled on to Israel.

'I had a different satisfied feeling after the incident. But I still don't think the Germans have paid for what they did. Nothing can balance what they did', Harmatz said according to Kristeligt Dagblad.


Kristeligt Dagblad 5 November 2012 - Jøder forgiftede vandforsyning som hævn på tyskere (log in needed)

Ten eyes for an eye and ten teeth for a tooth


Jewish reactions to Breivik massacre: 'Oslo criminals paid' & 'It's stupidity and evil not to desire death for those who call to boycott Israel.' & 'We Jews are not Christians. In the Jewish religion there is no obligation to love or mourn for the enemy' - Hebrew article via Gilad Atzmon

Peter Jenkins, Britain’s former representative on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has told the debating union at Warwick University that a ‘just war’ is not a Jewish notion. 'Israelis don’t practise an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, they practise ten eyes for an eye and ten teeth for a tooth.' He also added that 'the idea that a just war requires the use of force to be proportionate seems to be a Christian notion and not a Jewish notion'. - From:

Gilad Atzmon 1 november 2012 - British Ex-Envoy Told The Truth (for a change)


Prosecutors in Nuremberg, where war crimes trials of German leaders were held 53 years ago, have launched the inquiry involving two Jewish men who confessed recently on a German television programme to their involvement in a plot to murder Nazi functionaries and members of the SS.

Focal Point Publications (David Irving) October 16, 1999 - Germany pursues Holocaust avengers (Louise Potterton)

The most shocking discovery I made was that torture was employed quite widely by the British during the second world war. And it seems to have been employed even more readily after the war, both as a means of revenge, and to discover more about the Soviet threat. But my main conclusion is not about the use of torture, but about secrecy – that's what we British are particularly adept at deploying. The use of torture by the British is always concealed behind denials and obfuscation and lies. It was in the 1940s, and it is today.
Herald of Scotland 4 november 2012 - Edinburgh doctor brainwashed Nazis

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