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All research projects funded by the Relu Programme develop a data management plan at the start to ensure that effective data management is carried out during research and to maximise data sharing afterwards.

Planning should ensure that high quality research data are well looked after throughout the research cycle and made available for re-use afterwards. Guidance on preparing and implementing data management plans is provided here, with examples of existing plans and an evaluation of the lessons learnt by Relu from data managing planning.

In their Relu data management plan researchers describe:

  • the need for access to existing data sources
  • data planned to be produced by the research project
  • planned quality assurance and back-up procedures for data
  • plans for managing and archiving research data
  • expected difficulties in making data available for secondary research (through data archiving) and measures to overcome such difficulties
  • who holds copyright and Intellectual Property Rights of the data
  • data management responsibility roles within the research team

View data management plan template

View example plans

Relu-DSS reviews data management plans for the Relu programme, giving feedback and support when needed. During the review we consider whether:

  • information provided on the data planned to be produced is adequate and realistic according to the proposed research and methodology
  • all relevant data management aspects have been considered, with meaningful information provided in the plan
  • where difficulties are anticipated to make data available for archiving,  possible solutions have been suggested
  • all possible obstacles to sharing data have been considered, such as ethical limitations and copyright ownership
  • a team member with data management responsibility is in place at each participating institution

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