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Provincial News: Ontario PC Leadership Candidate Statements On New Sex-Ed Curriculum

Contributed by admin on Feb 24, 2015 - 03:31 PM

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On Sex Ed curriculum: Parents must be respected

Notes for Remarks by Patrick Brown, M.P. 

Leadership Candidate, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Good morning everyone. It’s fantastic to see so many people out today – to express our collective concern for the well being of our children and the importance of our families.

My good friend Gurdev Gill once told me that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, and that politicians should learn how to listen more than they talk. That’s why I am here today: to listen to you, and to put this government on notice that the way it has handled the issue of Sexual Health Education in our schools is not acceptable to any of us.

I say your point of view is important.  I think government should hear it.  I’m committed to building a PC Party, and forming a government, of thoughtful consideration that values and hears all points of view.

It is important that you not be left out of the conversation.  As parents, you must be consulted on fundamental changes to a curriculum that directly affects your children.

Kathleen Wynne’s approach to the issue of Sex Education has shown little but contempt for parents and families. She seems to think she knows what’s good for your kids – better than you do.

Kathleen Wynne claims she has consulted broadly on this issue. She says her government has consulted with experts across Ontario. The only people she has NOT consulted with, it seems, are regular, every day parents. Like you.

Has anyone consulted you? No?   Some public consultation!

Parents must be consulted on fundamental changes to a curriculum that directly affects their children.

Kathleen Wynne kept her curriculum secret until yesterday. Secret – while she was “consulting” with the public. And, now that her curriculum is public – now that parents can see it – the government doesn’t even care what you think. Education Minister Liz Sandals has been brutally clear about this. She says she isn’t going to make any changes. The curriculum is a “done deal.” She doesn’t want your input. You don’t matter to her. Parents don’t matter to her.

Well, I say parents do matter. I say you matter. And I say your children matter.

Who knows your child better than you do? I say nobody knows your children better than you do.

I say you should decide who helps your children learn your values. Maybe that’s your family. Maybe that’s the leader of your church, your synagogue, your mosque or your temple. Or, maybe that’s your child’s teacher. Ontario’s teachers are good people who have been put in a very difficult position by a government that doesn’t care.

No matter who you choose to help teach your child values, I say it’s your decision to make. No “Maybes” about that.

As a candidate seeking the leadership of the PC Party of Ontario, I have pledged to lead a Party of thoughtful consideration. There are worthy elements in this curriculum. Mental Health is a real issue that affects our children and our families. Bullying is and always has been a problem facing our children. New technologies do expose children to new risks – risks they must learn how to protect themselves from.

The government should apply three major principles when introducing this curriculum.

But, on the matter of Sex Education, I would like to see the government adopt three major principles:

1st – Teachers should teach FACTS about sex education, not VALUES. Parents teach values.

2nd – ONLY PARENTS can decide what is age appropriate for their child. Children in the same grade can vary up to two years in age. Parents must be provided with advance warning of the subjects being taught and given reasonable access to the lesson plans and learning materials to be used, so they can decide if their child is ready.

3rd – Government must guarantee every parent the RIGHT to withdraw their child from the classroom, at their discretion, for these topics – without penalty or repercussions. And every parent must be informed of this right.

To make sure this happens, Ontario needs a stronger Opposition Party in the legislature. Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals know the same old, same old PC Party can be beat.

Help me build this new thoughtful PC Party that listens and reflects the modern diversity of this province.  A PC Party that will win the next election.

Thank you.

Statement Respecting Sex Ed Policy in Ontario

“As the mother of three sons, who has watched over their progress through their formative years, I understand how important it is as a parent to have an ongoing awareness of how our children’s education is impacting their development.

And as a mother, MPP and PC Leadership candidate, I stand with parents across Ontario who want their voices heard on vital curriculum issues impacting the development of their children.

Ontario’s families deserve a voice in decisions over how any curriculum is developed and implemented in this province.

The Liberal’s consultation that shut-out the voice of most parents, and especially parents who had different views than their own, was nothing but a sham. I don’t understand why Kathleen Wynne has chosen to do this, but I can only guess it’s because she doesn’t respect the views of parents.

I am standing today with parents across Ontario calling on the Wynne Liberal government to give parents the input they were promised and that they deserve.

I stand united today and every day with parents and families across the province to fight the Kathleen Wynne dictatorial approach to government.”

Christine Elliott

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