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03/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Where there is no mercy, there is no justice, not even in the Church
"When the people of God come voluntarily to ask forgiveness, to be judged" they often find vicious people "capable of trying to exploit them," they find "dealmakers" who "do not give oxygen to that soul, do not give hope" or they find "the rigid who punish in the penitent they themselves hide in their own soul".
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Even in the Church where there is no mercy, there is no justice - "the Bible tells us that mercy is a just judgment" - and even today "when the people of God come voluntarily to ask for forgiveness, to...

03/23/2015 VIETNAM
Threats to religious freedom undermine Vietnam’s Communist Party
by Nguyen Hung
Despite its “liberal” claims, Vietnam continues to repress and threaten religious minorities in an attempt to control their activities. Regardless of this, the Catholic Church remains committed to Rome, whilst oppression and injustice by the Communist Party undermines the trust people had in government. This is jeopardising the whole system.
03/23/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Ordinary Afghans take to Kabul streets in protest over Farkhunda's murder
Dozens of people, many of them women, call on the government to dismiss and prosecute police agents involved in the victim's lynching. The 27-year-old was beaten to death, her body set on fire for allegedly burning a Qur'an. The investigation confirms her innocence. At the funeral, women were able to carry her coffin.
03/23/2015 YEMEN
As Houthi militias move south, UN warns of possible civil war
After seizing Taez, Houthis move south, towards Aden President Hadi's refuge. IS claims responsibility for the attacks against two mosques in Sana's, killing 142. With Saudi-Iranian confrontation playing itself out, UN calls for renewed political dialogue.
03/23/2015 ISRAEL
After Netanyahu's victory, Israel's left has to start with new leaders
by Uri Avnery
The Israeli peace activist looks at the results of Israel's recent elections, which accurately reflect the country's demographic make-up. The left must be able to make inroads among Mizrahi (oriental) Jews and immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Jewish and Arab communities must be reconciled. The absence of the words "peace" and "Palestine" during the campaign was there for everyone to see.

03/23/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian elections are an opportunity to boost the Catholic presence in the country's life
by Mathias Hariyadi
At the end of this year, Indonesians will go to the polls in 8 provinces, 26 regencies and 170 districts. The country's Catholic bishops support "strong, smart and responsible" Catholic candidates to promote the Church's message and values ​​ in society.
03/23/2015 INDIA
India, fresh attacks on two Catholic churches "evil and dangerous"
by Nirmala Carvalho
Stones fired at St. George’s in Mumbai (Maharashtra); extremists beat and rob some faithful in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), and then demolish the door of the cathedral. Catholic bishops condemn the attacks to AsiaNews. Religious leaders denounce the pervasive climate of impunity: "Extremists are becoming increasingly brazen."
03/23/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore mourns Lee Kuan Yew, 91, the towering boss of the Asian tiger
The government, under Lee's son Lee Hsien Loong, declared seven days of national mourning. A state funeral is scheduled for 29 March. The elderly statesman had been in hospital for weeks battling pneumonia. He led the small country with an iron fist for 30 years, creating a stable corruption-free economy. For critics, the price of his success was the denial of rights and freedoms.
03/23/2015 TAIWAN-CHINA
Great Chinese theologian, Fr. Berchmans Aloysius Chang, has died
by Xin Yage
A native of Suzhou (Jiangsu), he studied in Europe and the Philippines. He taught for 41 years at Furen University. He explained Vatican II in Chinese and worked to enculturate the Gospel in a Chinese perspective.
Palestinians protest against seizure of homes in East Jerusalem. The Supreme Court rules against confiscation of land in Silwan
Israeli settlers, aided by the police, tried to expel Palestinian families. Expulsions, occupations of buildings, evictions stepped up to make Jerusalem the "eternal and undivided capital" of Israel. In Silwan, the Supreme Court condemns Jerusalem city council for attempting to confiscate the land of a Palestinian family.
03/23/2015 RUSSIA
Marking 70th anniversary of defeat of Nazism, Russia to open first museum dedicated to Stalin
Located in Khoroshevo village, in the cabin where the dictator spent a night during the Second World War. Human rights activists warn: the initiative "inappropriate" in a very delicate moment in society.
03/22/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Offer to the "many" who want to "see Jesus" the Gospel, the Cross and the witness to our faith
"Christians can become 'grains' and bear much fruit if, like Jesus, they 'lose their life' for love of God and neighbor." Again this year, Francis distributes pocket Gospels in St Peter's Square. Today is World Water Day, sponsored by the United Nations, "the waters of the planet must be adequately protected and no one should be excluded or discriminated against in the use of this right, which is a common good par excellence."
03/21/2015 VATICAN-ITALY
Pope in Naples: "Today is the first day of spring. Pray for young people, for their future, for hope."
Today's society "discards" young and old, and sees euthanasia as a solution to the ills of old age. Not only " technical euthanasia” applied with an injection, but a "hidden euthanasia", where the elderly are denied medicine, food, family affection. To prisoners: "even if we go wrong in life, the Lord never ceases to show us the way back home". To religious: "Those who gossip are like terrorists who detonate bombs that destroy themselves and everything else".
03/21/2015 VATICAN - ITALY
Pope: in Naples, find hope in Jesus and the power to redeem a city
Corruption "stinks" !. "And a corrupt society ' stinks '! A Christian who allows corruption to enter them is not a Christian, they 'stink'!". "Those who voluntarily take the path of evil steal a piece of hope, earn a little something but steal hope from themselves, from others, from society." "We are all immigrants, children of God: children of God who has put us all on a journey, everyone." "To the criminals and all their accomplices, the Church repeats: convert to love and justice! Let yourselves be touched by the mercy of God!"

Altri articoli
After three year gap Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing restart talks
03/21/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino priest: Youth as online “agents of peace” to counter Islamic State violence
03/21/2015 TAJIKISTAN
President Rakhmon appoints his son to head state anti-corruption agency
03/20/2015 VATICAN - JAPAN
In a blessed meeting, the pope encouraged us to follow our path, said Niigata bishop by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi
03/20/2015 VATICAN - JAPAN
Missionaries and 'Hidden Christians' still guide the Japanese Church, pope tells the country's bishops
03/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope says death penalty "is unacceptable," offends the dignity of life and "contradicts God's plan"
03/20/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore attacks: Muslims demand protection for Christian churches by Shafique Khokhar
For Palestinian leader, Netanyahu will pay a high price with an exclusively right-wing cabinet
03/20/2015 NEPAL
Thousands of Nepali women "disappear" in the byways of human trafficking by Christopher Sharma
03/20/2015 IRAQ - UN - ISIS
UN accuses ISIS of genocide against Yazidis
Barack Obama tells Iranians that an historic opportunity for a nuclear deal is within reach
03/20/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh: Catholics remember Fr. Pio Mattevi, the catechist of Khulna by Sumon Corraya
03/20/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok, pensioner sentenced to 18 months in prison for treason
03/20/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Afghanistan, woman beaten to death for burning Koran pages
Editor's choices
BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera
Nothing to toast between China and the Vatican: Beijing wants complete control
by Bernardo CervelleraFor the Global Times (the People's Daily) China does not like the "Vietnamese model" of agreed episcopal ordinations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s embarrassment in front of the Holy See’s countless efforts. China wants the Vatican to accept all excommunicated bishops and to keep silent on those who are underground and imprisoned. The case of Msgr. Cosma Shi Enxiang. Without religious freedom, diplomatic relations are pointless. The work of mission and the unity of Catholics in China. A task for Xi Jinping: implement the anti-corruption campaign in the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Patriotic Association, which have grown rich over the decades on the backs of Christians.
Top 10
03/17/2015 CHINA-VATICAN
Nothing to toast between China and the Vatican: Beijing wants complete control
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/19/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore attacks: Christian religious leaders ask for forgiveness for the lynching of two Muslims
by Silent Thinker
03/17/2015 NEPAL
Christian schools give Nepal's female students an edge over males
by Christopher Sharma
The "Vietnamese model", a dangerous practice that does not solve the real problems of the Church
by J. B. An Dang
03/20/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Afghanistan, woman beaten to death for burning Koran pages
03/19/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka: the suffering of war widows, in the midst of pain and social exclusion
by Melani Manel Perera
03/16/2015 PAKISTAN
Four Muslims among the victims of Lahore's anti-Christian attack
by Shafique Khokhar
03/21/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino priest: Youth as online “agents of peace” to counter Islamic State violence
03/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope says death penalty "is unacceptable," offends the dignity of life and "contradicts God's plan"
03/16/2015 VATICAN
Pope: believing is "making space" for the power of God, "the power of One who loves me"


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