Get RM10 Off With This MyTeksi Promo Code


If you’re in Malaysia (or South East Asia), you may be aware of this awesome fact: MyTeksi (also known as GrabTaxi) gives discounts quite frequently.


But that’s no reason not to use the one we have for you.

As an official partner of MyTeksi, we’re happy to announce that you Coffeeticks readers will get RM10 off your first three rides with MyTeksi, with the promo code “coffeeticks“.

Just make sure to use it before 30 June 2015.

3 awesome reasons to use MyTeksi/GrabTaxi:

1. You have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone (or access to either one or all of them)

It only takes two taps to book your ride! (Or three; if your pick-up location is different from what the app auto-detects.)

2. You can stalk your drivers

You can see the car number plates of all drivers near you . It saves you from having to take photos of car number plates in case you need evidence

Not only that, you can also see your driver’s name, phone number, and estimated fare, and you can share your journey via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS in case someone needs to save you. Confirm safe!

Also, you can see that your driver is actually on the way. Not just “OTW” in SMS.

3. Your driver will arrive quickly

Remember the good ol’ days of having to call taxi companies, then being told to wait for 15 minutes while the operator searches for available drivers, and if you’re lucky, he or she would bother calling you back 30 minutes later only to say “no taxi, not sorry”?

With MyTeksi, by the time you hang up the phone, you would probably have arrived at your destination, unless got jam.

If you still have questions after reading the above, click here for their official statements.

Otherwise, start taking advantage of “coffeeticksnow. Don’t forget to share the love with your friends.

Happy riding!