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15 Folds and the BuzzFeed’s Creative Animation Team invite you to take part in a special December thread inspired by the best internet memes of 2014.

Step 1
Pick one of the following memes and reinterpret it as an original gif artwork.

Step 2
Make sure the file is 1MB or under.

Step 3
Send your gif to, referencing the meme you’ve remixed and your name in the subject line
e.g. Kermit meme / Name

We’ll pick our favourites from the tumblr community to feature in a special end-of-year thread on - Deadline for submissions is 1/12/14 (so you’ll have to move fast!) :)

Happy Mememas!

Memes of 2014
Misspelled Names On Starbucks Cups
I’m in Me Mum’s Car, Broom Broom
Pharrell's Hat
Ice Bucket Challenge
Kim Kardashian's Paper Mag Butt
Luigi Death Stare
Sad Kanye Zip-lining
Kermit Sipping The Tea


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Each month 15Folds chooses a theme & makes a GIF about it. Then 14 other artists to respond to the theme with their own GIF.

In 2014 15Folds created, Everything All At Once, an I.R.L. GIF exhibition in London. The show used custom Augmented Reality to liberate GIFs from the browser and featured works from Bart Hess, Matthew Stone and Kim Asendorf. You can read more about it here and here. Recent projects have included partnerships with The Serpentine, Patternity & Absolut.

This month's theme is Democracy.

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15 Folds

One chain. 15 Folds.
Each one inspired by this month's theme - Democracy

17 May
Fast food, fast lives. Pizza!
By Gifriends, GIF collective, New York
Eat everything while you still can.
Check out the full ‘Live fast die Young’ gif thread on

Fast food, fast lives. Pizza!

By Gifriends, GIF collective, New York

Eat everything while you still can.

Check out the full ‘Live fast die Young’ gif thread on

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