The truth about Kanji


This is a count of the relative frequency with which Kanji occur, made by running wget for a while to retrieve a lot of Japanese text from the web, and then counting the occurrences of every single Japanese character found in all that text.

The graph is a bar chart. Each bar corresponds to a character, and its height tells you how many times that character occurred. Characters are sorted on the chart in order of descending frequency from left to right.

What the chart illustrates is that if you only know 1000 kanji, you should be able to read most of what you find on the web (93% of it to be precise). Not that it's quite as simple as just knowing the Kanji, but it helps.

The table shows the characters in descending order of frequency.

The text that was measured all came from and, two popular and extensive online newspapers, with lots of supplemental sections on different subjects. So not a bad sample, but not ideal because it is only two sources.

Note that a few of the very frequently occurring characters towards the very top of the chart are probably anomalies, caused by replicated links and standard headers etc. across all the webpages. But I would expect the data otherwise to be fairly generally representative.

If the Japanese doesn't display properly, set your browser's Language Encoding to utf-8.

The program that generated the results (and this web page) is available here

occurrences frequency rank kanji readings translation
62650.4112%1(キ のり)scribe, account, narrative
62630.4110%2(ジ こと つか.える ろ)matter, thing, fact, business, reason, possibly
62600.4108%3(サク つく.る -づく.り くり さっ とも はぎ)make, production, prepare, build
62500.4102%4(シン あら.た にい- あせ し にっ よし)new
62440.4098%5(ニチ ひ -か あ いる くさ す に につ)day, sun, Japan
62320.4090%6(カイ あ.う あつ.まる あい)meeting, meet, party, association, interview, join
62270.4087%7(ム な.い)nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not
62230.4084%8(ホン まと)book, present, main, true, real, no. of long things
62200.4082%9(ブン き.く)hear, ask, listen
62160.4080%10(チョ あらわ.す)renowned, publish, write, remarkable, phenomenal, put on, don, wear, arrival, finish (race), counter for suits of clothing, literary work
62140.4078%11(イ もと)idea, mind, heart, taste, thought, desire, care, liking
62040.4072%12(テン ころ.げる ころ.ぶ うたた)revolve, turn around, change
61990.4068%13(ケン おもり はか.る)authority, power, rights
61960.4066%14(シン ま- さな ただ なお まあ まさ まど まゆ も)true, reality, Buddhist sect
61950.4066%15(サイ の.る とし)load, multiplication, power, 10**44
61950.4066%16(シャ こそ)company, firm, office, association, shrine
61950.4066%17(ダン ことわ.る)severance, decline, refuse, apologize, warn, dismiss, prohibit, decision, judgement, cutting
61870.4061%18(ブン ふみ かざり も ぶんにょう)sentence, literature, style, art, decoration, figures, plan
61820.4057%19(シャ うつ.す うつ-)copy, be photographed, describe
61770.4054%20(ドク トウ -よ.み よみ)read
61760.4053%21(ケイ)put up (a notice), put up, hoist, display, hang out, publish, describe
61720.4051%22(キン)prohibition, ban, forbid
61670.4047%23(コク くな)country
61470.4034%24(ネン ね)year
60850.3994%25(ジ おさ.める なお.る し はり みち)reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve
60730.3986%26(ケイ へ.る たていと のり つね)sutra, longitude, pass thru, expire, warp
60710.3984%27(シャ)someone, person
60670.3982%28(ノウ たか のり)ability, talent, skill, capacity
60660.3981%29(ゲツ つき おと す もり)month, moon
60570.3975%30(モン と.い はる)question, ask, problem
60340.3960%31(サイ す.む -ずみ す.ます すく.う わたし すむ わたる)finish, come to an end, excusable, need not
60330.3960%32(ズ え づ)map, drawing, plan, unexpected, accidentally
60280.3956%33(サイ -ぎわ わ)occasion, side, edge, verge, dangerous, adventurous, indecent, time, when
60220.3952%34(ホウ)report, news, reward, retribution
60210.3952%35(ケン み.える)see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible
60160.3948%36(ジョウ なさ.け)feelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts
60040.3940%37(ゲイ う.える わざ き なり)technique, art, craft, performance, acting, trick, stunt
59840.3927%38(セイ まつりごと ただ)politics, government
57680.3786%39(イチ ひと- かず いっ かつ てん ひ まこと)one
52930.3474%40(ダイ おお- -おお.いに うふ おう たかし はじめ ひろし まさる わ)large, big
52860.3469%41(ジン ひと -と じ ね ふみ)person
52790.3465%42(ヒョウ -おもて あらわ.れる)surface, table, chart, diagram
52640.3455%43(ヨウ かなめ)need, main point, essence, pivot, key to
51430.3375%44(テイ ダイ)propose, take along, carry in hand
50920.3342%45(ラン)perusal, see
50070.3286%46(キョウ クウ そな.える -ども)submit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany
49630.3257%47(ヘン か.わり)unusual, change, strange
49220.3230%48(トウ -な.げ)throw, discard, abandon, launch into, join, invest in, hurl, give up, sell at a loss
48970.3214%49(コウ さら.に ふ.かす)grow late, night watch, sit up late, of course
48970.3214%50(オウ ヨウ まさに お まさ)apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, accept
48960.3213%51(シ -ど.まり -と.める とど.める とど.まる や.む よ.す -さ.し どめ)stop, halt
48420.3178%52(メン おも つら お ほおつき)mask, face, features, surface
48310.3171%53(チュウ うち あたる)in, inside, middle, mean, center
48210.3164%54(ヒツ)invariably, certain, inevitable
47860.3141%55(シツ チ ただ.す わりふ)substance, quality, matter, temperament
47770.3135%56(ゼン すべ.て たけ)whole, entire, all, complete, fulfill
46550.3055%57(シュツ で.る だ.す い.でる いず いで すっ てん)exit, leave
45870.3010%58(マイ -ごと.に つね)every
45190.2966%59(ボ く.らす ぐらし ぽ)livelihood, make a living, spend time
45160.2964%60稿(コウ したがき)draft, copy, manuscript, straw
45000.2953%61(ジョウ シャン -うえ かみ -あ.げる -あ.がる -あ.がり のぼ.り のぼ.す あおい い かき かん のぼり)above, up
44970.2951%62(ゾク さかん やから さっか)belong, genus, subordinate official, affiliated
41330.2713%63(トウ あい あずま こ しの はる もと)east
41000.2691%64(ゴウ カッ -あ.う あい- -あい あ.わせる あう い こう に や わい)fit, suit, join, 0.1
40730.2673%65(コウ たか たか.まる か じょい はか)tall, high, expensive
40560.2662%66(ジ -どき と)time, hour
40370.2650%67(チ どま)ground, earth
40180.2637%68(セイ い.きる い.ける う.まれ う.む は.える き なま- な.す -う あさ いく うぶ え ぎゅう ごせ じょう そ ちる にう ふ もう りゅう)life, genuine, birth
40180.2637%69(シ ツ -こ ね い ぎ け)child
40080.2630%70(ナイ うち いと ち)inside, within, between, among, house, home
39920.2620%71(ハツ た.つ おこ.る はな.つ ば)discharge, departure, publish, emit, start from, disclose
39620.2600%72(キョウ キン たか)capital, 10**16
39180.2571%73(コウ アン ゆ.く -ゆき -いき おこ.なう いく なめ ゆき)going, journey
38910.2554%74(シュ て -て)hand
38310.2514%75(ブン ブ わ.け わ.かる いた)part, minute of time, segment, share, degree, one's lot, duty, understand, know, rate, 1%, chances, shaku/10
37890.2487%76(カイ ひら.き ひら.ける あ.ける はる)open, unfold, unseal
37840.2483%77(ニュウ い.る -い.り -い.れ はま.る いり に りり)enter, insert
37490.2461%78(セン)elect, select, choose, prefer
37280.2447%79(ヤ の ずけ ぬ)plains, field, rustic, civilian life
37130.2437%80(チョウ おさ お たかし な ひさ)long, leader
36900.2422%81(ゼン -まえ さき まい)in front, before
36340.2385%82(ガク たか)study, learning, science
36300.2382%83(カン あいだ あい)interval, space
35810.2350%84(レン つら.ねる -づ.れ ずれ むらじ)take along, lead, join, connect, party, gang, clique
35530.2332%85(サイ もっと.も も)utmost, most, extreme
35470.2328%86(ジ みずか.ら おの.ずと より)oneself
35290.2316%87(キ いき)spirit, mind
34960.2294%88(コン いま な)now
34710.2278%89(シ い)market, city, town
33780.2217%90(イク そだ.ち はぐく.む やす)bring up, grow up, raise, rear
32910.2160%91(カン -ぜき からくり)connection, barrier, gateway, involve, concerning
32890.2159%92(ジョウ ば)location, place
32030.2102%94(ライ く.る きた.す き.たる こ くり ごろ)come, due, next, cause, become
32010.2101%95(ドウ)same, agree, equal
31930.2096%96(コウ おおやけ あきら きみ たか とも まさ)public, prince, official, governmental
31830.2089%97(モク め ま- さかん さっか)eye, class, look, insight, experience, care, favor
31370.2059%98(ト みやこ くに ち みや)metropolis, capital
31170.2046%99(カ ば.ける ふ.ける)change, take the form of, influence, enchant, delude, -ization
31030.2037%100(リ あや さと ただ とおる のり まこと まさし みち)logic, arrangement, reason, justice, truth
31030.2037%101(ギョウ わざ なり)business, vocation, arts, performance
31010.2035%102(カイ まわ.る -まわ.り -まわ.す -まわ.し か.える)-times, round, game, revolve, counter for occurrences
30900.2028%103(テイ さだ.める さだ.か さた)determine, fix, establish, decide
30680.2014%104(ワ はなし)tale, talk
30600.2008%105(チョウ あ ささ とも)morning, dynasty, regime, epoch, period, (North) Korea
30590.2008%106(ショ -が.き かき)write
30580.2007%107(ゴ のち うしろ おく.れる こし しい)behind, back, later
30490.2001%108(セイ ソウ さんじゅう とし ゆき)generation, world, society, public
30340.1991%109(キョウ おそ.わる のり)teach, faith, doctrine
30130.1977%110(ホウ -かた から なた まさ も)direction, person, alternative
30000.1969%111(キン ゴン かな- かん こ ん)gold
29840.1958%112(デン いなか たん とう)rice field, rice paddy
29830.1958%113(ブ とり ぺ)section, bureau, dept, class, copy, part, portion, counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
29570.1941%114(ホク きら ほっ)north
29520.1937%115(コウ ひろ.まる ひろ.がる)wide, broad, spacious
29410.1930%116(シュウ あつ.める あつまり)gather, meet, congregate, swarm, flock
29350.1926%117(ホウ ホッ のり ほ)method, law, rule, principle, model, system
29300.1923%118(コク い)revelation, tell, inform, announce
29290.1922%119(ソク はや- すみ.やか わ)quick, fast
29090.1909%120(ベイ メエトル よね は まべ よ よの)rice, USA
28990.1903%121(ダイ)topic, subject
28960.1901%122(テン あめ あき た て)heavens, sky, imperial
28920.1898%123(セン たたか.う そよぐ せ)war, battle, match
28750.1887%124(チ し.らせる さと しり とも)know, wisdom
28710.1884%125(ドウ うご.かす るぎ)move, motion, change, confusion, shift, shake
28400.1864%126(カイ あ うな え た ひろし まち み わたる)sea, ocean
28370.1862%127(ジツ み まこと みの じっ ぐみ)reality, truth
28110.1845%128(ヤク)promise, approximately, shrink
28110.1845%129(ダイ)No., residence
28000.1838%131(セイ さが)sex, gender, nature
27960.1835%132(ホ たも.つ う ぶ やす)protect, guarantee, keep, preserve, sustain, support
27740.1821%133(リツ リットル -た.つ た.てる た.て- -た.て -だ.てる たち たつ つい)stand up
27600.1811%134(メイ な と)name, noted, distinguished, reputation
27520.1806%135(ゾク コウ つづ.く つぐ.ない つぐ)continue, series, sequel
27450.1802%136(ガ エ えが.く かぎ.る はか.る)brush-stroke, picture
27320.1793%137(メイ ミン あか.るい あか.らむ あ.ける あ.く あ.かす あきら あす け さやか はる め)bright, light
27180.1784%138(サン やま さ やん)mountain
26880.1764%139(ジュウ チュウ す.まう し すみ)dwell, reside, live, inhabit
26870.1764%140(ミン ひと)people, nation, subjects
26740.1755%141(タ まさ.に)many, frequent, much
26660.1750%142(-こ.む こ.み こ.める こみ)crowded, mixture, in bulk, included, (kokuji)
26560.1743%143(ケン)examination, investigate
26530.1741%144(ケン かつ たけし とし やすし)healthy, health, strength, persistence
26500.1739%145(アン やす.まる やす.らか あ あず や)relax, cheap, low, quiet, rested, contented, peaceful
26410.1733%146(ダイ か.わる かわ.り か.える しろ す)substitute, change, convert, replace, period, age, generation, charge, rate, fee
26220.1721%147(キュウ く)ball, sphere
26160.1717%148(タイ あいて そろ.い なら.ぶ つし)vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare
26120.1714%149(ジュウ え おも.り かさ.ねる おも さね しげる)heavy, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold
26010.1707%150(タイ からだ なり)body, substance, object, reality, counter for images
25970.1704%151(シャ くら)car
25950.1703%152(カ いえ うち あり く べ)house, home
25850.1697%153(サイ ふたた.び ふた)again, twice, second time
25840.1696%154(テン つ.く さ.す とも.す)spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point
25670.1685%155(ショ はじ.めて はつ- -そ.める し)first time, beginning
25610.1681%156(カツ い.かす)lively, resuscitation, being helped, living
25480.1672%157(ショウ こ- さ- いさら さざ ちいさ)little, small
25470.1672%158(シュ と.り とり どる)take, fetch, take up
25380.1666%159(バイ う.れる うり め)sell
25230.1656%160調(チョウ しら.べ ととの.える ぎ)tune, tone, meter, key (music), writing style, prepare, exorcise, investigate
25220.1655%161(キョウ つよ.い つよ.める こわ.い すね)strong
25020.1642%163(コウ かん みち やすし)ease, peace
24960.1638%164(コウ めん)exam, school, printing, proof, correction
24950.1637%165(ショウ -が.ち すぐ.れる かち よし)victory, win, prevail, excel
24750.1624%166(ツウ とお.る -とお.り とお.す -どお.し とん どおり)traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters
24680.1620%167(カ した もと さ.がる くだ.り -くだ.す お.ろす さか)below, down, descend, give, low, inferior
24540.1611%168(ヨウ たから)utilize, business, service, use, employ
24510.1609%169(ジョ ニョウ め おな つき)woman, female
24310.1595%170(ケツ -ぎ.め さ.く)decide, fix, agree upon, appoint
24210.1589%171(セイ な.る -な.す あき しげ たえ なり のり まさ り)turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach
24160.1586%172(ゲン あらわ.す あきら)present, existing, actual
24160.1586%173(ヨ あらかじ.め)beforehand, previous, myself, I
23920.1570%174(カイ あらた.まる)reformation, change, modify, mend, renew, examine, inspect, search
23460.1540%175(ドウ みち さ ど)road-way, street, district, journey, course, moral, teachings
23450.1539%176(ヨウ かた まさ)contain, form, looks
23320.1531%177(イン いな)employee, member, number, the one in charge
23260.1527%178(アイ あ え まな めぐみ)love, affection, favourite
23110.1517%179(ブツ もの)thing, object, matter
23110.1517%180(アン)plan, suggestion, draft, ponder, fear, proposition, idea, expectation, bill, worry
23020.1511%181(リョク リイ じから)power, strong, strain, bear up, exert
22970.1508%182(シ -うじ)family name, surname, clan
22910.1504%183(ヘイ ヒョウ -だいら ひら- たいら はち ひとし へん)even, flat, peace
22860.1500%184(ソウ あい- あ おう さが)inter-, mutual, together, each other, minister of state, councillor, aspect, phase, physiognomy
22810.1497%185(ショク もと)post, employment, work
22310.1464%186(トウ あ.たり あ.て まさ.にべし たい)hit, right, appropriate, himself
22250.1460%187(テキ いくは)bull's eye, mark, target, object, adjective ending
22150.1454%188(セン か さわ さんぼんがわ)stream, river
22120.1452%189(シン もう.し-)speaketh, have the honor to
22060.1448%190(ケン あがた)prefecture
21930.1439%191(ゴ もり)safeguard, protect
21890.1437%192(ケン)affair, case, matter, item
21670.1422%193(ギ かた)deliberation, consultation, debate, consideration
21640.1420%194(ガイ そと はず.す と- うい ふか)outside
21560.1415%195(シュ シュウ おも かず もん)lord, chief, master, main thing, principal
21490.1410%196(チュウ さ.す)pour, irrigate, shed (tears), flow into, concentrate on, notes, comment, annotate
21420.1406%197(ナン みなみ なみ みな)south
21370.1403%198(テン のぶ ひろ)unfold, expand
21150.1388%199(フ)negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy
21030.1380%200(キ)period, time, date, term
20830.1367%201(リョ)trip, travel
20650.1355%202(カ くわ.わる)add, addition, increase, join, include, Canada
20180.1324%203(ド タク -た.い のり)degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences
20170.1324%204(シ ため.す)test, try, attempt, experiment, ordeal
20080.1318%205(ショ -ところ とこ せ)place
20080.1318%206(マン よろず かず ゆる)ten thousand
20050.1316%207(ショウ)prize, reward, praise
20030.1315%208(ゲン もと ちか はる よし)beginning, former time, origin
20010.1313%209(エン まる まど.か つぶら まどか)circle, yen, round
19970.1311%210(セイ ただ.しい まさ おお ま ただし)correct, justice, righteous, 10**40
19920.1307%211(サク)cord, rope
19850.1303%212(シ さ.す い さし)finger, point to, indicate, put into, play (chess), measure (ruler)
19690.1292%213(ボク き ぐ もと)tree, wood
19530.1282%214(ジョウ デキ すじ)article, clause, item, stripe, streak
19500.1280%215(フ い お)borough, urban prefecture, govt office, representative body, storehouse
19290.1266%216(カン しめ.す)outlook, look, appearance, condition, view
19270.1265%217(シン)somebody, person, one's station in life
19140.1256%218(スウ サク シュ かぞ.える せ.める じゅ)number, strength, fate, law, figures
19110.1254%219(ゲン た ら わら)meadow, original, primitive, field, plain, prairie, tundra, wilderness
19090.1253%220(カク キャク いたる)status, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar)
19090.1253%221(ショウ まさ.に まさ もって かつ すすむ ゆき)leader, commander, general, admiral, or, and again, soon, from now on, just about
19050.1250%222(シ とも)inspection, regard as, see, look at
18970.1245%223(ソ くみ)association, braid, plait, construct, assemble, unite, cooperate, grapple
18930.1242%224(キ)mechanism, opportunity, occasion, machine, airplane
18910.1241%225(ジュ -う.け じょ)accept, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch, receive
18890.1240%226(フ ま.かす)defeat, negative, -, minus, bear, owe, assume a responsibility
18850.1237%227(カン)publish, carve, engrave
18850.1237%228(セン ま.ず ぽん)before, ahead, previous, future, precedence
18780.1233%229(イ い.する)doctor, medicine
18760.1231%230(イ かこ.う)surround, besiege, store, paling, enclosure, encircle, preserve, keep
18510.1215%232(セン)line, track
18500.1214%233(ヘイ な.み なら.ぶ なび)row, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal
18430.1210%234(コウ)subscription, buy
18370.1206%235(エン)performance, act, play, render, stage
18360.1205%236(イ もち)by means of, because, in view of, compared with
18360.1205%237(サン み みっ.つ か さい さぶ ざえ そう ただ みん や)three
18350.1204%238(ダン かたまり)group, association
18300.1201%240(ム つかさ)task, duties
18290.1200%241(セツ した)establishment, provision, prepare
18200.1194%242(ビ そな.わる びっ)equip, provision, preparation
18180.1193%243(チョウ)village, town, block, street
18170.1193%244(ザ)squat, seat, cushion, gathering, sit
18160.1192%245(シン し しな しぶ のび まこと)faith, truth, fidelity, trust
18110.1189%246(ダ う.つ うち)strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen
18090.1187%247(コウ)lecture, club, association
18010.1182%248(ニン まか.す さ ひで)responsibility, duty, term, entrust to, appoint
18000.1181%249(サイ ほそ.る こま.かい)dainty, get thin, taper, slender, narrow
17980.1180%250(キン ちか.い おう この)near, early, akin, tantamount
17970.1179%251(ワ カ やわ.らげる なご.やか あい かず かつり たけ とも にぎ やす より わっ)harmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan
17750.1165%252(ガク ゴウ たの.しむ さ やす)music, comfort, ease
17610.1156%253(シキ のり)style, ceremony, rite, fn, method, system, form, expr
17560.1152%254(ソン え ら)town, village
17550.1152%255(ジ)resign, word, term, expression
17530.1151%256(シン すす.める のぶ)advance, proceed, progress, promote
17450.1145%257(ジ -も.ち もち)hold, have
17370.1140%259(シ つか.える しんよう)branch, support, sustain
17340.1138%260(ゲン い.う とき)say
17240.1131%261(シュウ あまね す のり びび)circumference, circuit, lap
17190.1128%262(セイ)system, law, rule
17120.1124%263(カン)emotion, feeling, sensation
17070.1120%264(シン -ごころ りっしんべん)heart, mind, spirit
17060.1120%265(キ)undertake, scheme, design, attempt, plan
17050.1119%266(ユ ユイ よ.る)wherefore, a reason
17040.1118%267(シュウ つ.く たか)concerning, settle, take position, depart, study, per
17020.1117%268(ミ いま.だ ひつじ)un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now
16980.1114%269(ショウ つまび.らか よし)detailed, full, minute, accurate, well-informed
16870.1107%270(ダイ うてな つかさ)pedestal, a stand, counter for machines and vehicles
16730.1098%271(ケツ むす.ぶ ゆ.わえる ゆい)tie, bind, contract, join, organize, do up hair, fasten
16730.1098%272(サン う.まれる む.す もと)products, bear, give birth, yield, childbirth, native, property
16650.1093%273(コウ む.い む.ける む.かう む.こう むこ こお な むかい)yonder, facing, beyond, confront, defy, tend toward, approach
16580.1088%274(キ)chess piece, Japanese chess, shogi
16380.1075%275(ケイ たずさ.わる)portable, carry (in hand), armed with, bring along
16360.1074%276(ヤ よる)night, evening
16270.1068%277(ジ つ.ぐ き つぐ)next, order, sequence
16210.1064%278(リョウ かず)quantity, measure, weight, amount
16180.1062%279(ケイ -がた)mould, type, model
16160.1061%281(ベツ わ.ける べっ)separate, branch off, diverge, fork, another, extra, specially
16140.1059%282(タイ おび たて)sash, belt, obi, zone, region
16120.1058%283(ユウ やさ.しい まさ.る ゆ)tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness
16040.1053%284(ジ しめ.す)show, indicate, point out, express, display
16040.1053%285(コウ まじ.える まじ.る ま.ぜる か.わす こもごも かた)mingle, mixing, association, coming & going
16030.1052%286(ケイ かげ)scenery, view
16020.1051%287(セイ ととの.う ひとし)organize, arranging, tune, tone, meter, key (music)
15970.1048%288(カ はた.す は.てる は.て み)fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed
15920.1045%289(イン ひ.き -び.き いな ひけ)pull, tug, jerk, admit, install, quote, refer to
15900.1044%290(ト -わた.る お わたな わたり)transit, ford, ferry, cross, import, deliver, diameter, migrate
15900.1044%291(ホ フ あゆ.む あ ゆみ)walk
15840.1040%292(コウ くん み)creek, inlet, bay
15840.1040%293(リ かが とし み)profit, advantage, benefit
15730.1032%294(キョク きわ.める きわ.まり き.める き.まる)poles, settlement, conclusion, end, highest rank, electric poles, very, extremely, most, highly, 10**48
15670.1028%295(タク)choose, select, elect, prefer
15650.1027%296(ケイ はか.らう え け)plot, plan, scheme, measure
15650.1027%297(セイ い いの ひ)well
15640.1026%298(スイ みず- うず つ み みつ みん)water
15620.1025%299(チョク ジカ なお.す なお.る す.ぐ すぐ のう)straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair
15590.1023%300(リョウ)fee, materials
15400.1011%301(シ -はじ.める もと)commence, begin
15370.1009%302(ヒン しな)goods, refinement, dignity, article, counter for meal courses
15360.1008%303(キョウ いわ.んや)condition, situation
15350.1007%304(トク う.る あつ)gain, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to, profit, advantage, benefit
15320.1005%305(カイ と.く と.ける ほど.ける さと.る さとる)unravel, notes, key, explanation, understanding, untie, undo, solve, answer, cancel, absolve, explain, minute
15300.1004%306(セツ と.く さとし)rumor, opinion, theory
15290.1003%307(シン かみ こう- か かな くま こは み)gods, mind, soul
15230.1000%308(ヘン ほと.り なべ)environs, boundary, border, vicinity, (kokuji)
15110.0992%309(ケイ かろ.やか)lightly, trifling, unimportant
15070.0989%310(コウ くち)mouth
15010.0985%311(フ -つ.ける つ.け -つ.け -づけ -づ.く -つ.き -づ.き つけ)adhere, attach, refer to, append
15000.0984%312(シ おもえら.く)think
14940.0981%313(ザイ あり)exist, outskirts, suburbs, located in
14910.0979%314(シュウ -お.わる お.える つい.に ばて)end, finish
14850.0975%315(キュウ たも.う きい)salary, wage, gift, allow, grant, bestow on
14820.0973%316(ゼン い.い よし.とする たる)virtuous, good, goodness
14800.0971%317(ゴ かた.らう)word, speech, language
14770.0969%318(ク コウ)ward, district
14760.0969%319(タ)other, another, the others
14650.0961%320(ダン おとこ み)male
14640.0961%321(キョク)bureau, board, office, affair, conclusion, court lady, lady-in-waiting, her apartment
14630.0960%322(ソウ すべ.て うさ)general, whole, all, full, total
14590.0958%323(ショク く.う た.べる ぐい)eat, food
14360.0942%324(オウ おお わ)king, rule, magnate
14350.0942%325(イ ぐらい ぞき)rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some
14340.0941%326(ニン したた.める)acknowledge, witness, discern, recognize, appreciate, believe
14340.0941%327(チク たか)bamboo
14280.0937%328(サン まい.る まじわる み)nonplussed, three, going, coming, visiting, visit, be defeated, die, be madly in love
14220.0933%329(リュウ なが.れる なが.す な めぐる)current, a sink, flow, forfeit
14190.0931%330(シ すけ)assets, resources, capital, funds, data, be conducive to, contribute to
14180.0931%331(バ うま- た め)horse
14170.0930%332(ヒャク もも お どう ひゃっ も ゆ)hundred
13940.0915%333(ミ あじ.わう)flavor, taste
13760.0903%334(キョウ)co-, cooperation
13750.0902%335(キュウ もと.める)request, want, wish for, require, demand
13730.0901%336(ユウ あ.る あ あり くに ゆ)possess, have, exist, happen, occur, approx
13730.0901%337(ハン は)half, middle, odd number, semi-, part-
13640.0895%338(ワク)beguile, delusion, perplexity
13570.0891%339(ショウ すこ.し)few, little
13570.0891%340使(シ つか.い -づか.い)use
13520.0887%341(ロン)argument, discourse
13480.0885%342(シツ)room, apartment, chamber, greenhouse, cellar
13450.0883%343(キ もとい きい)fundamentals, radical (chem), counter for machines, foundation
13440.0882%344(オウ)sideways, side, horizontal, width, woof
13410.0880%345(トウ ふじ ぞう ふじゅ)wistaria
13360.0877%346(コウ ひかり あき こお ひこ みつ)ray, light
13340.0876%347西(セイ ス いり むら)west, Spain
13340.0876%348(キョウ とも.に)together, both, neither, all, and, alike, with
13330.0875%349(カク さ.ます さと.る)memorize, learn, remember, awake, sober up
13300.0873%351(セツ き.る き.り -ぎ.り -き.れる -き.れ きつ ぎり)cut, cutoff, be sharp
13260.0870%352(ホウ ゆた.か て と ふう ほ)bountiful, excellent, rich
13210.0867%353(コウ かんが.え たか)consider, think over
13200.0866%354(ソク)fathom, plan, scheme, measure
13150.0863%355(エイ うつ.す -ば.え あきら てる)reflect, reflection, projection
13100.0860%356(ハン)heights, slope
13100.0860%357(ガイ)harm, injury
13070.0858%358(カ -す.ぎる す.ごす あやま.ち)overdo, exceed, go beyond, error
13050.0856%359(コウ わたる)navigate, sail, cruise, fly
13050.0856%360(カ あたい)value, price
13040.0856%361(フク とし ふ ふっ よし)blessing, fortune, luck, wealth
13040.0856%362(ギ)skill, art, craft, ability, feat, performance, vocation, arts
13030.0855%363(シ し.に-)death, die
12980.0852%364(ソウ)escort, send
12980.0852%365(サク)scheme, plan, policy, step, means
12930.0849%366(カク たし.か)assurance, firm, tight, hard, solid, confirm, clear, evident
12930.0849%367(コウ)mount, hill, knoll
12730.0835%368(ハン わか.る)judgement, signature, stamp, seal
12660.0831%369(シュ おびと す)neck
12650.0830%370(クツ ほっ)ditch, moat, canal
12620.0828%371(ホウ -っぱな.し はな.れる はなれ)set free, release, fire, shoot, emit, banish, liberate
12610.0828%372(サイ とし よわい)year-end, age, occasion, opportunity
12430.0816%373(シュウ とき あい)autumn
12390.0813%374(タン さが.す)grope, search, look for
12350.0811%375(ネン)wish, sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, attention
12350.0811%376(ハン タン そ.る かえ.す -かえ.る そり)anti-
12340.0810%377(シュウ す くに)state, province
12270.0805%378(チャク き.る き.せる つ.く)don, arrive, wear, counter for suits of clothing
12270.0805%379(キ さい)promontory, cape, spit
12210.0801%380(バン は)turn, number in a series
12190.0800%381(セツ せっ)snow
12180.0799%382(ヤク ちゃく)duty, war, campaign, drafted labor, office, service, role
12150.0797%383(セン かず)thousand
12110.0795%384(セキ コク いさ いわ せっく)stone
12050.0791%385(ビ うつく.しい はる よしみ)beauty, beautiful
12020.0789%386(ゾウ ま.し ふ.やす まし)increase, add, augment, gain, promote
12010.0788%387(ジュ)demand, request, need
11970.0786%388(ウン)carry, luck, destiny, fate, lot, transport, progress, advance
11880.0780%389(リク おか くが みち むつ)land
11870.0779%390(イ)committee, entrust to, leave to, devote, discard
11840.0777%391(ヨウ よ)leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, no. of flat things
11820.0776%392(ケイ かた かたち ち)shape, form, style
11800.0774%393(トウ ほび.る のり)overall, relationship, ruling, governing
11720.0769%394(ボウ のぞ.む み)ambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect
11640.0764%395(イン)Inst., institution, temple, mansion, school
11560.0759%396(エイ いとな.み)occupation, camp, perform, build, conduct (business)
11520.0756%397(ヒョウ ひ すい)icicle, ice, hail, freeze, congeal
11370.0746%399(セキ)blame, condemn, censure
11350.0745%400(シン もと)forest, woods
11340.0744%401(コウ グ もく たくみ)craft, construction
11340.0744%402(ド つち つ は)soil, earth, ground, Turkey
11340.0744%403(セイ いきお.い せ)forces, energy, military strength
11320.0743%404(ダン)discuss, talk
11290.0741%405(ソツ シュツ)ratio, rate, proportion, %, coefficient, factor
11260.0739%406(ケン かね)self-effacing, humble oneself, condescend, be modest
11230.0737%407(ヨウ さま)Esq., way, manner, situation, polite suffix
11160.0732%408(キョ あ.がる たか)raise, plan, project, behavior, actions
11140.0731%409(カ -べ.き よし)can, passable, mustn't, should not, do not
11090.0728%410(ラク お.ち おち)fall, drop, come down
11090.0728%411(ウ みぎ あき)right
11080.0727%412(キョウ きそ.う かい)emulate, compete with, bid, sell at auction, bout, contest, race
11050.0725%413(サイ もよお.す)sponsor, hold (a meeting), give (a dinner)
11000.0722%414(クウ あ.く あ.ける す.く むな.しい うつ く)empty, sky, void, vacant, vacuum
11000.0722%415(コ ふる- ふゆ)old
10970.0720%416(サ ひだり そ)left
10950.0719%417(レイ たま あき れ)sound of jewels
10910.0716%418(チ -お.き おき き)placement, put, set, deposit, leave behind, keep, employ, pawn
10900.0715%419(ショウ おお ま)pine tree
10890.0715%420(サイ さば.く)tailor, judge, decision, cut out (pattern)
10850.0712%421(サ すけ)assistant, help
10770.0707%422(ボウ あた ほう)ward off, defend, protect, resist
10760.0706%423(ソク がわ)side, lean, oppose, regret
10740.0705%424(カ しな)department, course, section
10720.0704%425(カイ すけ)jammed in, shellfish, mediate, concern oneself with
10710.0703%426(ジュツ)art, technique, skill, means, trick, resources, magic
10710.0703%427(コウ す.く い.い こ とし)fond, pleasing, like something
10680.0701%428(タイ -ま.ち まち)wait, depend on
10630.0698%429(セイ かえり.みる さとし)focus, government ministry, conserve
10540.0692%430(モン と じょう)gates
10520.0690%431(フウ かぜ -かぜ い)wind, air, style, manner
10490.0688%432(ジョウ とこ- とき ひ)usual, ordinary, normal, regular
10440.0685%433(キュウ ク みや ぐ)Shinto shrine, constellations, palace, princess
10400.0683%434(トウ あらそ.う と)fight, war
10400.0683%435(リョウ -よ.い -い.い じ まこと ら ろう)good, pleasing, skilled
10400.0683%436(ドウ みち)guidance, leading, conduct, usher
10400.0683%437(ジ ゲイ -こ る)newborn babe, child, young of animals
10380.0681%438(ブ たけ.し う たけし ん)warrior, military, chivalry, arms
10380.0681%439(ソウ おも.う)concept, think, idea, thought
10380.0681%440(ニ ふた ふたた.び おと にい ふ ふだ)two
10360.0680%441(カク かか)each, every, either
10340.0679%442(シ お さむらい)gentleman, samurai
10320.0677%443(ソ)accusation, sue, complain of pain, appeal to
10300.0676%444(コ)individual, counter for articles and ilitary units
10220.0671%445(ケン あかし ため.す)verification, effect, testing
10220.0671%446(ドク ひと.り どいつ)single, alone, spontaneously, Germany
10210.0670%447(カツ わり わ.れる)proportion, comparatively, divide, cut, separate, split
10080.0662%448(ロウ おとこ いら とう ろ)son, counter for sons
10020.0658%449(ヒョウ)evaluate, criticism, comment
9930.0652%450(リョウ ふたつ もろ)both, old Japanese coin, no. of vehicles, two
9900.0650%451(カン たて たち)building, mansion, large building, palace
9850.0646%453(デン つた.える -づた.い つたえ)transmit, go along, walk along, follow, report, communicate, legend, tradition
9820.0644%454(ギョク たま- おう)jewel, ball
9810.0644%455(ゲン へ.らす)dwindle, decrease, reduce, decline, curtail, get hungry
9780.0642%456(キョウ さかい さか)boundary, border, region
9750.0640%457(ソク た.りる た.す あ おす)leg, foot, be sufficient
9750.0640%458(シ つか.える)attend, doing, official, serve
9710.0637%459(ショウ け.す)extinguish, blow out, turn off, neutralize, cancel
9700.0637%460(ゴ いつ.つ い さつ ふ め)five
9600.0630%461(エイ あ え はな ひで ら)England, English
9570.0628%462(ヒ つい.える)expense, cost, spend, consume, waste
9560.0627%463(ナン -がた.い むづか.しい -にく.い な)difficult, impossible, trouble, accident, defect
9540.0626%464(ショウ かたど.る きさ)elephant, pattern after, imitate, image, shape, sign (of the times)
9480.0622%465(オン イン ね お)sound, noise
9460.0621%466(ザン のこ.る そこな.う)remainder, leftover, balance
9450.0620%467(ツイ おい)chase, drive away, follow, pursue, meanwhile
9410.0618%468(カ なん なん- あが)what
9320.0612%469(ハク しろ しろ.い あき はっ)white
9290.0610%470(キュウ いそ.ぎ)hurry, emergency, sudden, steep
9270.0608%471(ハイ)distribute, spouse, exile, rationing
9180.0602%472(エイ)shadow, silhouette, phantom
9160.0601%473(タン にな.う)shouldering, carry, raise, bear
9150.0601%474(ホ)supplement, supply, make good, offset, compensate, assistant, learner
9150.0601%475(フ ブ そ.れ お ゆう)husband, man
9120.0599%476(テイ ば)courtyard, garden, yard
9110.0598%477(ケイ)admonish, commandment
9110.0598%478(ジュン じゅん.ずる のり みずもり)semi-, correspond to, proportionate to, conform, imitate
9080.0596%479(シ ほどこ.す)alms, apply bandages, admin 1st aid
9080.0596%480(イキ)range, region, limits, stage, level
9070.0595%481(ジョウ)status quo, conditions, circumstances, form, appearance
9060.0595%482(シ あきら お ちか なか ひさ ふみ)history, chronicle
9030.0593%483(ギン うん かね)silver
9030.0593%484(ギ)doubt, distrust, be suspicious, question
9000.0591%485(ヘン -あ.み)compilation, knit, plait, braid, twist, editing, completed poem, part of a book
8920.0585%486(ケン のり)polish, study of, sharpen
8900.0584%487(エン)abet, help, save
8860.0581%488(キョウ ばせ)bridge
8850.0581%489(トウ ト かしら かぶり かみ ちゃん づ)head, counter for large animals
8800.0578%490(キ すのり のり)standard, measure
8800.0578%491(カ うた.う)song, sing
8800.0578%492(ジョウ の.る の.せる のり)ride, power, multiplication, record, no. of vehicles, board, mount, join
8780.0576%493(オク た)roof, house, shop, dealer, seller
8720.0572%494退(タイ しりぞ.ける の.く ど.く)retreat, withdraw, retire, resign, repel, expel, reject
8640.0567%495(ソウ はや.い はや- はや.める さか そ)early, fast
8610.0565%496(ヒ い)compare, race, ratio, Phillipines
8600.0564%497(シュウ おさ.まる のぶ)income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store
8590.0564%498(ギ ただし のり)righteousness, justice, morality, honor, loyalty, meaning
8570.0562%499(キ すえ)seasons
8560.0562%500(イ ちが.い -ちが.える たが.える)difference, differ
8560.0562%501(カ -び)fire
8540.0560%502(ゼン しか しか.し)sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well
8540.0560%503(コン -ね)root, radical, head (pimple)
8530.0560%504(カン たま)ring, circle, link, wheel
8530.0560%505(シュン あずま すの わら)springtime, spring (season)
8510.0559%506(マツ すえ)not yet, end, close, tip, powder, posterity
8490.0557%507(ケイ かかり かか.わる)person in charge, connection, duty, concern oneself
8480.0557%508(タイ ふと.い おお ひろ)plump, thick, big around
8450.0555%509(シキ さと)discriminating, know, write
8450.0555%510(キ おさむ とし のり)chronicle, account, narrative, history, annals, geologic period
8390.0551%511(グン)army, force, troops, war, battle
8390.0551%512(カン)bureaucrat, the government
8360.0549%513(キョ さ.る い)gone, past, quit, leave, elapse, eliminate, divorce
8340.0547%514(セン いず ずみ ぜん)spring, fountain
8340.0547%515(セン)specialty, exclusive, mainly, solely
8310.0545%516(セイ あお あお.い お)blue, green
8270.0543%517(フク)restore, return to, revert, resume
8260.0542%518(タツ -たち かつ て とおる)accomplished, reach, arrive, attain
8250.0541%519(ヨ あずか.る ともに とも)bestow, participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause, gift, godsend
8230.0540%520(ケン た.てる -だ.て たけ たて)build
8230.0540%521(テン たな)store, shop
8220.0539%522(キョウ)echo, also N5116, sound, resound, ring, vibrate
8190.0538%523(チョウ -は.り はり)lengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments, stretch, spread, put up (tent)
8180.0537%524(マン み.ちる み.たす ま みつ)full, enough, pride, satisfy
8180.0537%525(コウ かま.う とち)posture, build, pretend
8150.0535%526(シュ -ぐさ おい た)species, kind, class, variety, seed
8110.0532%527(ハン)marketing, sell, trade
8100.0532%528(キ お.こる おこ.す)rouse, wake up, get up
8100.0532%529(セイ こえ)voice
8080.0530%530(シュ)stocks, stump, shares, stock, counter for small plants
8070.0530%531(ゾウ つく.り ずくり み)create, make, structure, physique
8070.0530%532(ザイ き)lumber, log, timber, wood, talent
8050.0528%533(トウ)chastise, attack, defeat, destroy, conquer
8050.0528%534(オク お)hundred million, 10**8
8040.0528%535(ヒ おお.う かぶ.せる ぎぬ)incur, cover, veil, brood over, shelter, wear, put on, be exposed (film), receiving
8040.0528%536(ゾク つぎ)tribe, family
8020.0526%537(シ わたし)private, I, me
8010.0526%538(マク)curtain, bunting, act of play
7970.0523%539(コク きわ.まる がい がや たり や)valley
7950.0522%540(ショウ)evidence, proof, certificate
7950.0522%541(コ え とびらのと)door
7940.0521%542(ヒン)seacoast, beach, seashore
7920.0520%543(リョウ)heal, cure
7900.0518%544(ゲン かぎ.り)limit, restrict, to best of ability
7890.0518%545(トウ ドウ チョウ あ.がる たか のぼり)ascend, climb up
7890.0518%546(シ よ.つ よん あ よつ)four
7870.0517%547(イ)bequeath, leave behind, reserve
7850.0515%549(ジュウ ジュッ と い ぎ し そう とう ま わ)ten
7840.0515%550(タク け たけ やけ)home, house, residence, our house, my husband
7820.0513%551(ジョ たす.かる すけ)help, rescue, assist
7750.0509%552(セツ つ.ぐ)touch, contact, adjoin, piece together
7740.0508%553(フ と.む と ふっ)wealth, enrich, abundant
7680.0504%554(ジ あざな)character, letter, word, section of village
7650.0502%555(コウ おうじ み)emperor
7640.0501%556(セイ ショウ う.ける うけ)solicit, invite, ask
7610.0499%557(ガン)face, expression
7610.0499%558(ザイ ゾク たから)property, money, wealth, assets
7610.0499%559(ゴウ よびな)nickname, number, item, title, pseudonym, name, call
7600.0499%560(ホ と.らわれる とら.える つか.まえる)catch, capture
7580.0497%561(コ よぶ)call, call out to, invite
7570.0497%562(コ)happenstance, especially, intentionally, reason, cause, circumstances, the late, therefore, consequently
7540.0495%563(イ うつ.す)shift, move, change, drift, catch (cold, fire), pass into
7530.0494%564(ジョウ いく き ぐしく しき ぜい なり)castle
7530.0494%565(ヘイ つわもの へ)soldier, private, troops, army, warfare, strategy, tactics
7530.0494%566(レイ)example, custom, usage, precedent
7480.0491%567(シュ おもむ.く)gist, proceed to, tend, become
7450.0489%568(リョウ よう)jurisdiction, dominion, territory, fief, reign
7420.0487%569(シン つぶさ.に あきら)hearing, judge, trial
7380.0484%570(ハン)printing block, printing plate, edition, impression, label
7370.0484%571(キャク)guest, visitor, customer, client
7340.0482%572(リン なわ)wheel, ring, circle, link, loop, counter for wheels and flowers
7340.0482%573(ショ -こ)dispose, manage, deal with, sentence, condemn, act, behave
7320.0480%574(ゼイ さい)tax, duty
7320.0480%575姿(シ しな)figure, form, shape
7310.0480%576(ロウ いたわ.る ねぎら ねぎら.う)labor, thank for, reward for, toil, trouble
7280.0478%577(ハン)carrier, carry, all
7270.0477%578(ジュ さず.かる)impart, instruct, grant, confer
7260.0476%579(カ)chapter, lesson, section, department, division, counter for chapters (of a book)
7260.0476%580(チョウ やくしょ)government office
7250.0476%581(ヘン -かえ.す -かえ.る)return, answer, fade, repay
7250.0476%582(エン おん)park, garden, yard, farm
7240.0475%583(ユウ と.かす あきら)dissolve, melt
7220.0474%584(ショウ あき)make a deal, selling, dealing in, merchant
7210.0473%585(ショク いろ しか)color
7170.0471%586(カン けん)oversee, official, govt office, rule, administer
7160.0470%587(シン おや- した.しむ ぎ のり)parent, intimacy, relative, familiarity, dealer (cards)
7140.0469%588(ホウ たず.ねる わ)call on, visit, look up, offer sympathy
7140.0469%589(ソン まさ)suppose, be aware of, believe, feel
7120.0467%590(ク -ぐる.しい くる.しめる にが.る)suffering, trial, worry, hardship, feel bitter, scowl
7100.0466%591(セイ)made in..., manufacture
7020.0461%592(カン すが)pipe, tube, wind instrument, drunken talk
7000.0459%593(トウ むら)party, faction, clique
6990.0459%594(コウ お.りる ふ.る くだ.る ふり)descend, precipitate, fall, surrender
6990.0459%595(シツ う.せる)lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss
6940.0455%596(エツ こ.す -ご.し -ご.え えち お こし ごし)surpass, cross over, move to, exceed, Vietnam
6930.0455%597(キュウ ここの いちじく この)nine
6910.0454%598(タイ)attitude, condition, figure, appearance, voice (of verbs)
6900.0453%599(ボウ な.い ほろ.びる ほろ.ぼす)deceased, the late, dying, perish
6880.0452%600(ヒ と.ばす あす)fly, skip (pages, scatter
6880.0452%601(カ はな わ)flower
6870.0451%602(キュウ きわ.める きゅ)research, study
6870.0451%603(ダン)grade, steps, stairs
6870.0451%604(コウ ききめ)merit, efficacy, efficiency, benefit
6870.0451%605(ソウ いか.でか)contend, dispute, argue
6840.0449%606(サ さ.し)distinction, difference, variation, discrepancy, margin, balance
6820.0448%607(セイ しず- しず.まる しづ)quiet
6820.0448%608(キ -よ.り よせ よろ)draw near, stop in, bring near, gather, collect, send, forward
6810.0447%609(サク)yesterday, previous
6780.0445%610(ヨウ やしな.う や)foster, bring up, rear, develop, nurture
6740.0442%611(サン)calculate, divining, number, abacus, probability
6730.0442%612(メイ いのち)fate, command, decree, destiny, life, appoint
6720.0441%613(タイ)apprehend, chase
6710.0440%614(リョウ さとる)complete, finish
6680.0438%615(ガン)boulder, rock, cliff
6650.0436%616(チ あたい じ)price, cost, value
6640.0436%617(ガ か よし)congratulations, joy
6610.0434%618(ハ)faction, group, party, clique, sect, school
6590.0433%619(カク)leather, become serious, skin, hide, pelt
6540.0429%621(ソウ よそお.う)attire, dress, pretend, disguise, profess
6540.0429%622(シン ず と)haven, port, harbor, ferry
6520.0428%623(ネツ あた)heat, temperature, fever, mania, passion
6520.0428%624(ゲキ)violent, get excited, enraged, chafe, incite
6500.0427%625(アク わる.い あ.し -にく.い いずくに にく.む)bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong
6480.0425%626(ハ やぶ.れる わ)rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate
6450.0423%627(コウ か かお.る こ ひゃん)incense, smell, perfume
6450.0423%628(ハイ)failure, defeat, reversal
6450.0423%629(キ)utensil, vessel, receptacle, implement, instrument, ability, container, tool, set
6440.0423%630(ヒ)un-, mistake, negative, injustice, non-
6420.0421%632(ブ -ま.う)dance, flit, circle, wheel
6420.0421%633(ショウ つぐ)introduce, inherit, help
6420.0421%634(オウ あきら お ちか なか ひろ)center, middle
6410.0421%635(ビョウ や.む やまい)ill, sick
6400.0420%636(キュウ ひさ.しい きゅ)long time, old story
6390.0419%637(レキ)curriculum, continuation, passage of time
6390.0419%638(キ かえ.す とつ.ぐ)homecoming, arrive at, lead to, result in
6350.0417%639(カン いげた)Korea
6350.0417%640(コ くら)warehouse, storehouse
6340.0416%641(チョウ か とっ)bird, chicken
6320.0415%642(チョウ こ.す まさる)transcend, super-, ultra-
6270.0412%643(テイ -ほど ほと)extent, degree, law, formula, distance, limits, amount
6260.0411%644(シン は)needle, pin, staple, stinger
6250.0410%645(ゾウ かた)statue, picture, image, figure, portrait
6240.0410%646(キチ よし え きっ こし よ)good luck, joy, congratulations
6230.0409%647(ゲキ)beat, attack, defeat, conquer
6230.0409%648(カン)perfect, completion, end
6200.0407%649(ジャク ニャ わか- も.し わく)young, if, perhaps, possibly, low number, immature
6180.0406%650(ノウ ナ トウ -おさ.める の)settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store
6170.0405%651(コウ)confront, resist, defy, oppose
6160.0404%652(オン あたた.かい あたた.める あつ なお ゆ)warm
6160.0404%653(タク うすお.い つや おも さわん)swamp
6150.0404%654(ガイ まち また)boulevard, street, town
6150.0404%655(キ さい)cape, spit, promontory
6140.0403%656(キュウ しな)class, rank, grade
6140.0403%657(シュウ おさ.める おき のぶ)discipline, conduct oneself well, study, master
6120.0402%658(ヒョウ)ballot, label, ticket, sign
6110.0401%659(ケイ まま-)inherit, succeed, patch, graft (tree)
6110.0401%660(ヘイ)join, get together, unite, collective
6100.0400%661(ロ -じ)path, route, road, distance
6080.0399%662(リ はな.す)detach, separation, disjoin, digress
6060.0398%663(セキ)seat, mat, occasion, place
6060.0398%664(テイ ひく.める)lower, short, humble
6050.0397%665(ケイ)lineage, system
6020.0395%666(ケン)precipitous, inaccessible place, impregnable position, steep place, sharp eyes
6020.0395%667(シュ まも.る もり かみ う も)guard, protect, defend, obey
6000.0394%668(トウ こた.え どう)solution, answer
5970.0392%669(ザツ まじ.える)miscellaneous
5970.0392%670(ナ ダイ からなし)Nara, what?
5940.0390%671(スイ)conjecture, infer, guess, suppose, support
5910.0388%672(タン)simple, one, single, merely
5880.0386%673(ソ もと)elementary, principle, naked, uncovered
5870.0385%674(タイ)regiment, party, company, squad
5850.0384%675(ゲイ むかえ)welcome, meet, greet
5850.0384%676(ドウ リキ リョク)work
5840.0383%677(トツ つ.く)stab, protruding, thrusting, thrust, pierce, prick
5840.0383%678(シン -ぶか.い ふか.める)deep, heighten, intensify, strengthen
5840.0383%679(シ つ つかさ)director, official, govt office, rule, administer
5840.0383%680(キュウ およ.び およ.ぼす おい)reach out, exert, exercise, cause
5840.0383%681(ハク ぐれ はか)Dr., command, esteem, win acclaim, Ph.D., exposition, fair
5820.0382%682(ザイ)guilt, sin, crime, fault, blame, offense
5820.0382%683(セキ ゆ)evening
5800.0381%684(サツ セツ -ごろ.し)kill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil
5760.0378%685(シン ぶ.る -ぶ.り ふり)shake, wave, wag, swing
5750.0377%686(チョウ)challenge, contend for, make love to
5730.0376%687(サツ)guess, presume, surmise, judge, understand
5720.0375%688(イン ちな.む て)cause, factor, be associated with, depend on, be limited to
5710.0375%689(コク くろ.ずむ)black
5700.0374%690(ガク ぬか)forehead, tablet, plaque, framed picture, sum, amount, volume
5670.0372%691(ガン ふく.める)include, bear in mind, understand, cherish
5670.0372%692(ボ)recruit, campaign, gather (contributions), enlist, grow violent
5650.0371%693(ショウ あつか.い)handle, entertain, thresh, strip
5640.0370%694(シュウ なら.う)learn
5620.0369%696(ソウ はしり)run
5620.0369%697(モ がみ)imitation, copy, mock
5580.0366%698(イ こと.なる)uncommon, queerness, strangeness, wonderful, curious, unusual
5540.0364%699(タン は -ばた ただし)edge, origin, end, point, border, verge, cape
5520.0362%700宿(シュク やど.る すく やけ)inn, lodging, relay station, dwell, lodge, be pregnant, home, dwelling
5490.0360%701(ハチ や.つ よう な はっ やち はちがしら)eight
5480.0360%702(トウ ぬす.み)steal, rob, pilfer
5480.0360%703(サイ)disaster, calamity, woe, curse, evil
5470.0359%704(シ のし もろ)expert, teacher, master, army, war
5470.0359%705(イ これ よし だ)Italy, that one
5430.0356%706(ショウ いた.む)wound, hurt, injure, impair, pain, injury, cut, gash, scar, weak point
5410.0355%707(ベン わきま.える はなびら べ)valve, petal, braid, speech, dialect, discrimination, dispose of, distinguish
5390.0354%708(シ こころざ.す じん べし)intention, plan, resolve, aspire, motive, hopes, shilling
5380.0353%709(ハン おか.す)crime, sin, offense
5370.0352%710(ジョ のぞ.く)exclude, division (x/3), remove, abolish, cancel, except
5360.0352%711(タイ か.え- かえ)exchange, spare, substitute, per-
5350.0351%712(ルイ)sort, kind, variety, class, genus
5350.0351%713(ユウ おす かつ つよし よう)masculine, male, hero, leader, superiority, excellence
5310.0349%714(ヒ)criticism, strike
5310.0349%715(ユウ う ゆ)friend
5300.0348%716(ジュン あや おき しげ とし のぶ まさ もと よし)obey, order, turn, right, docility, occasion
5230.0343%717(ショウ え.む えみ)laugh
5220.0343%718(セン)fresh, vivid, clear, brilliant, Korea
5210.0342%719(サイ まつ.り)ritual, offer prayers, celebrate, deify, enshrine, worship
5200.0341%720(ジュツ)mention, state, speak, relate
5170.0339%721(セキ み)exploits, unreeling cocoons
5170.0339%722(コウ さち こ さし とも みゆき ゆき)happiness, blessing, fortune
5160.0339%723(セイ シン きよ.まる あき し すみ ちん)pure, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu dynasty
5160.0339%724(コウ あか あ)thick, heavy, rich, kind, cordial, brazen, shameless
5100.0335%726(リン し)grove, forest
5090.0334%727(セキ あか あか.い あか.らめる あ あま)red
5080.0333%728(ショウ しゅう)rise up
5060.0332%729鹿(ロク か しし)deer
5060.0332%730(チュウ おきつ わく)open sea, offing, rise high into sky
5050.0331%731(ヒョウ しるし しべ)signpost, seal, mark, stamp, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, target
5040.0331%732(セキ -づ.み つ.もり か しゃこ つみ)volume, product (x*y), acreage, contents, pile up, stack, load, amass
5040.0331%733(トク ただ)coach, command, urge, lead, supervise
4950.0325%734(アツ オウ へ.す)pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate
4930.0324%735(リ)back, amidst, in, reverse, inside, palm, sole, rear, lining, wrong side
4930.0324%736(ダツ)rob, take by force, snatch away, dispossess, plunder, usurp
4920.0323%737(エイ もり まもる)defense, protection
4920.0323%738(ドウ)public chamber, hall
4910.0322%739(チ)doth, do, send, forward, cause, exert, incur, engage
4910.0322%740(タン)short, brevity, fault, defect, weak point
4880.0320%741(ヨウ なだ ひろし よし)ocean, western style
4880.0320%742(サイ)pick, take, fetch, take up
4880.0320%743(フク)hanging scroll, width
4870.0320%744(トク あつ のり よし)benevolence, virtue, goodness, commanding respect
4820.0316%745(トウ に.がす のが.れる)escape, flee, shirk, evade, set free
4790.0314%746(ユウ)mail, stagecoach stop
4790.0314%747(カ ゲ)summer
4770.0313%748(ショウ)hinder, hurt, harm
4770.0313%749(キュウ やす.まる)rest, day off, retire, sleep
4760.0312%750(ギャク さか さか.らう)inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked
4760.0312%751(チョウ しるし)indications, sign, omen, symptom, collect, seek, refer to, question
4740.0311%752(ライ たの.もしい よち)trust, request
4730.0310%753(コウ おさむ)aggression, attack
4720.0310%754(ジュ いつき こ じ たつ な)timber trees, wood
4710.0309%755(カン -か.える)interchange, period, charge, change?
4710.0309%756(シン の.ばす の.す のぶ)expand, stretch, extend, lengthen, increase
4680.0307%757(レン ね.り ねり)practice, gloss, train, drill, polish, refine
4670.0306%758(ロク む むっ.つ く ろっ)six
4650.0305%759(シュウ しゅ ひで ほ)excel, excellence, beauty, surpass
4650.0305%760(セイ も.る さか.ん もり)boom, prosper, copulate
4650.0305%761(カク ひろ.がる ひろ.める)broaden, extend, expand, enlarge
4630.0304%762(メイ)alliance, oath
4630.0304%763(キ たかし)branch off, fork in road, scene, arena, theater
4630.0304%764便(ベン たよ.り)convenience
4610.0303%766(コウ おこ.る おき とも)entertain, revive, retrieve, interest, pleasure
4600.0302%767(ゲキ)drama, play
4580.0301%768(バク)bomb, burst open, pop, split
4580.0301%769(バツ ハイ -ぬ.く ぬ.ける ぬ.かる ぬき)slip out, extract, pull out, pilfer, quote, remove, omit
4570.0300%770(シ)document, records
4540.0298%771(カク)seize, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to
4540.0298%772(セン のたま.わく とおる のぼる ひさ)proclaim, say, announce
4520.0297%773(ゲン おごそ.か いか.めしい いつ きゅうら)stern, strictness, severity, rigidity
4480.0294%774(ボ も)mama, mother
4470.0293%775(ハイ せい そむ.ける)stature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel
4470.0293%776(バイ べ)double, twice, times, fold
4460.0293%777(レイ とし)age
4460.0293%778(カイ しな はし)storey, stair, counter for storeys of a building
4450.0292%779(グ つぶさ.に とも)tool, utensil, means, possess, ingredients, counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture
4420.0290%780(リュウ と.める とど.める るうぶる とめ)detain, fasten, halt, stop
4410.0289%781(キ まれ のぞ)hope, beg, request, pray, beseech, Greece, dilute (acid), rare, few, phenomenal
4380.0287%782(カク)tower, tall building, palace
4380.0287%783(ノウ な み)agriculture, farmers
4370.0287%784(リャク おか.す はかりごと はぶ.く りゃく.する)abbreviation, omission, outline, shorten, capture, plunder
4360.0286%785(イン -じるし)stamp, seal, mark, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, India
4350.0285%786(ヨク ほ.しい)longing, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving
4340.0285%787(セイ ほし)star, spot, dot, mark
4310.0283%788(セン ふな- ふ)ship, boat
4310.0283%789(ソウ つく.る きず はじめ)genesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate
4300.0282%790(フ おか ぎふのふ)hill, mound (left-side B radical)
4280.0281%792(ゾウ くら かく.れる くらし くろう ざ)storehouse, hide, own, have, possess
4280.0281%793(グン む.れ むら.がる ぐり こお ごうり)flock, group, crowd, herd, swarm, cluster
4260.0280%794(テキ つむ)pinch, pick, pluck, trim, clip, summarize
4260.0280%795(コン)quandary, become distressed, annoyed
4230.0278%796(ヒ いや)negate, no, noes, refuse, decline, deny
4220.0277%797(リュウ お たかし)hump, high, noble, prosperity
4200.0276%798(ショク さわ.る)contact, touch, feel, hit, proclaim, announce, conflict
4200.0276%799(フク そい)vice-, duplicate, copy
4190.0275%800(カン つよし もと)tree-trunk
4180.0274%801(ヤク おどり)leap, dance, skip
4160.0273%802(セツ ふし のっと たかし)node, season, period, occasion, verse, clause, stanza, honor, joint, knuckle, knob, knot, tune, melody
4150.0272%803(テン すけ の)code, ceremony, law, rule
4140.0272%804(イン かく.す かく.れる よ.る お)conceal, hide, cover
4140.0272%805(エン とお.い お ど)distant, far
4140.0272%806(コン -ま.じり ま.ぜる)mix, blend, confuse
4130.0271%807(コウ)climate, season, weather
4120.0270%808(キ あや.うい)dangerous, fear, uneasy
4100.0269%809(ショ)signature, govt office, police station
4100.0269%810(オウ は.く おお)Europe
4100.0269%811(サン ち.らす ち.らかす ばら ちる)scatter, disperse, spend, squander
4090.0268%812(ユ)transport, send, be inferior
4070.0267%813(ユウ あそ.ぶ あす)play
4070.0267%814(チョウ き.く きく)listen, headstrong, naughty, careful inquiry
4060.0266%815(ハ ひら みなみ)waves, billows, Poland
4050.0266%816(ショク お.る おり -お.り こおり のり)weave, fabric
4050.0266%817(ノウ なや.ます なやみ)trouble, worry, in pain, distress, illness
4040.0265%818(カ かっ こう)river
4040.0265%819(フ あまねし しん)universal, wide(ly), generally, Prussia
4020.0264%820(チ)pond, cistern, pool, reservoir
4020.0264%821(キョ よ.る)foothold, based on, follow, therefore
4020.0264%822(キン ひとし)level, average
4010.0263%823(トウ)arrival, proceed, reach, attain, result in
3990.0262%824(テツ けん)iron
3980.0261%825(キュウ もと)old times, old things, old friend, former, ex-
3960.0260%826(ジョウ ただ.す)straw rope, cord
3960.0260%827(フツ ホツ -はら.い はらい)pay, clear out, prune, banish, dispose of
3950.0259%828(ガン まる.める ま わに)round, full, month, perfection, -ship, pills, make round, roll up, curl up, seduce, explain away
3940.0259%829(ショウ あき かず てる)shining, bright
3940.0259%830(ソウ シュウ)search, look for, locate
3920.0257%831(レイ すず ず)small bell, buzzer
3920.0257%832(テキ)suitable, occasional, rare, qualified, capable
3920.0257%833(ヤク み)medicine, chemical, enamel, gunpowder, benefit
3920.0257%834(セキ -がた がら)lagoon
3920.0257%835(エイ さか.える -ば.え え さかえ てる ひで)flourish, prosperity, honor, glory, splendor
3920.0257%836(キ よろこ.ばす あき のぶ よし)rejoice, take pleasure in
3910.0257%837(ゼツ た.やす)discontinue, beyond, sever, cut off, abstain, interrupt, suppress
3910.0257%838(ホ)bay, creek, inlet, gulf, beach, seacoast
3900.0256%839(ケン かず よし)constitution, law
3880.0255%840(ケツ か.ける あくび)lack, gap, fail
3880.0255%841(キャク しりぞ.く)instead, on the contrary, rather
3870.0254%842(ラン みだ.れる みだ.す おさ.める ら)riot, war, disorder, disturb
3840.0252%843(ユ あぶら)oil, fat
3840.0252%844(ウ いえ ひろ)eaves, roof, house, heaven
3830.0251%845(ガン -ねがい ら)petition, request, vow, wish, hope
3800.0249%846(ジュン)decameron, 10day period, season (for specific products
3800.0249%847(オウ お.し- お.さえる おし おや)push, stop, check, subdue, attach, seize, weight, shove, press, seal, do in spite of
3800.0249%848(シ これ ゆく ゆき あき ゆみ)of, this
3790.0249%849(バン ち)tray, shallow bowl, platter, tub, board, phonograph record
3780.0248%850(カイ)picture, drawing, painting, sketch
3780.0248%851(フ う.かれる む うき)floating, float, rise to surface
3770.0247%852(ソ ねら.う)aim at, sight, shadow, stalk
3770.0247%853(カイ よし)cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
3770.0247%854(ジュウ ジュ したが.える)accompany, obey, submit to, comply, follow, secondary, incidental, subordinate
3770.0247%855(エン の.べる の.ばす たか のべ)prolong, stretching
3760.0247%856(ハイ すた.る)abolish, obsolete, cessation, discarding, abandon
3750.0246%857(キョ おお こ)gigantic, big, large, great
3740.0245%858(リン み)look to, face, meet, confront, attend, call on
3740.0245%859(ゲン よし ひろ)lad, boy (ancient)
3740.0245%860(コウ いさお いさ くぬ こと とし よし)achievement, merits, success, honor, credit
3740.0245%861(ブツ ほとけ)Buddha, the dead, France
3720.0244%862(カン くろ)afflicted, disease, suffer from, be ill
3710.0243%864(リ か)pear tree
3700.0243%866(ケイ めぐ.む あや さと しげ み)favor, blessing, grace, kindness
3700.0243%867(クン -ぎみ み)old boy, name-suffix
3690.0242%868(リ さ)ri, village, parent's home, league
3690.0242%869(ジ し しげる)nourishing, more & more, be luxuriant, planting, turbidity
3690.0242%870(ビ)tail, end, no. of fish, lower slope of mtn
3680.0242%871(ヨウ あき あけ ひろ よ)sunshine, yang principle, positive, male, heaven, daytime
3680.0242%872(ハク さこ せこ はさま)urge, force, imminent, spur on
3680.0242%873(キン)tense, solid, hard, reliable, tight
3680.0242%874(ハイ)cupfuls, wine glass, glass, toast
3680.0242%875(レイ もど.る)re-, return, revert, resume, restore, go backwards
3670.0241%876(とち)horse chestnut, (kokuji)
3650.0240%877(セン そま)hermit, wizard, cent
3630.0238%878(ケン か.ける)suspend, hang, 10%, install, depend, consult
3630.0238%879(チョウ)notebook, account book, album
3620.0238%880(チ おく.らす じ)slow, late, back, later
3620.0238%881(ト みち)route, way, road
3620.0238%882(サツ つま.む)snapshot, take pictures
3620.0238%883(ニュウ ち)milk, breasts
3600.0236%884(ミツ)secrecy, density (pop), minuteness, carefulness
3580.0235%886(ドウ ぱ)juvenile, child
3570.0234%887(カク つの い すみ ふさ)angle, corner, square
3570.0234%888(カイ -とど.け)deliver, reach, arrive, report, notify, forward
3560.0234%889(タン)nativity, be born, declension, lie, be arbitrary
3510.0230%891(テイ)bottom, sole, depth, bottom price, base, kind, sort
3500.0230%892(セイ シヤウ きよ)refined, ghost, fairy, energy, vitality, semen, excellence, purity, skill
3500.0230%893(ヒ かの その)he, that, the
3490.0229%894(フク はっ はら)clothing, admit, obey, discharge
3490.0229%895(コ かた.まる かた.い)harden, set, clot, curdle
3480.0228%896(ロウ ふ.ける えび び)old man, old age, grow old
3480.0228%897(ケン たてまつ.る)offering, no. of drinks, present, offer
3480.0228%898(ヨ あま.り あまる)too much, myself, surplus, other, remainder
3420.0224%899(ジュン あつ み よし)genuine, purity, innocence, net (profit)
3400.0223%900(シ いばら くさぶき あし ばら まん)briar, thorn
3390.0222%901(ライ いわた しげ せっ)rapids, current, torrent, shallows, shoal
3380.0222%902(シュウ そい)attack, advance on, succeed to
3380.0222%903(テツ あき てっ)penetrate, clear, pierce, strike home, sit up (all night)
3380.0222%904(ソウ)godown, warehouse, storehouse, cellar, treasury
3370.0221%905(ダツ ぬ.げる)undress, removing, escape from, get rid of, be left out, take off
3360.0221%906(トウ など と)etc., and so forth, class (1st), quality, equal, similar
3360.0221%907(イ な.る す.る つく.る びい)do, change, make, benefit, welfare, be of use, reach to, try, practice, cost, serve as, good, advantage, as a result of
3360.0221%908(カン ま.く ま.き)scroll, volume, book, part, roll up, wind up, tie, coil, counter for texts (on book scrolls)
3360.0221%909(ム ゆめ くら.い)dream, vision, illusion
3330.0219%910(ショク う.わる うえ げ)plant
3330.0219%911(ハン いた)plank, board, plate, stage
3320.0218%912(フク)duplicate, double, compound, multiple
3310.0217%913(テイ し.まり -し.め)tighten, tie, shut, lock, fasten
3290.0216%914(ジン)camp, battle array, ranks, position
3290.0216%915(エキ ま.す まし)benefit, gain, profit, advantage
3290.0216%916(フ う ほ)linen, cloth
3280.0215%917(エイ え のり ひさし)eternity, long, lengthy
3280.0215%918(サツ さっ)tag, paper money, no. of bonds, placard, bid
3280.0215%919(ゴ かたみ.に)mutually, reciprocally, together
3250.0213%920(レイ たま)spirits, soul
3240.0213%921(ダン ひ.く はず.む はじ.く ただ.す)bullet, twang, flip, snap
3230.0212%922(ウ あま-)rain
3230.0212%923(シ え)bough, branch, twig, limb
3230.0212%924(サイ あや さえ)coloring, paint, makeup
3220.0211%925(ケイ うやま.う け たかし とし ひろ よし)awe, respect, honor, revere
3220.0211%926(キュウ)salvation, save, help, rescue, reclaim
3220.0211%927(ジュウ み.たす あつ まさ みつ)allot, fill
3210.0211%928(ホウ ほ)treasure, wealth, valuables
3200.0210%929(キン つと.める つと.まる)diligence, become employed, serve
3190.0209%930(ド)toil, diligent, as much as possible
3180.0209%931(チュウ ちゅん なかつ)go-between, relationship
3170.0208%932(チク つい つく)fabricate, build, construct
3170.0208%933(カク)nucleus, core, kernel
3170.0208%934(サイ)bond, loan, debt
3160.0207%935(ジュン めぐ.り)patrol, go around, circumference
3150.0207%936(オウ おく.まる お おん のく)heart, interior
3140.0206%937(ソン そこな.う そこ.ねる)damage, loss, disadvantage, hurt, injure
3130.0205%938(チョウ こ.らす)penal, chastise, punish, discipline
3120.0205%939(サク はつ.る げ)plane, sharpen, whittle, pare
3110.0204%940(ゴウ こう すぐる たけし まさる)overpowering, great, powerful, excelling, Australia
3100.0203%941(テツ)remove, withdraw, disarm, dismantle, reject, exclude
3090.0203%942(シュン すぐる)sagacious, genius, excellence
3090.0203%943(シチ なな.つ し な)seven
3070.0201%944(シャ さ)apologize, thank, refuse
3060.0201%945(ウ わ しゅう)feathers, counter for birds, rabbits
3050.0200%946(キョウ おそ.る こわ.い)fear, dread, awe
3050.0200%947(ソウ)stratum, social class, layer, story, floor
3050.0200%948(カイ こわ.す やぶ.る)demolition, break, destroy
3030.0199%949(ハ はたがしら)hegemony, supremacy, leadership, champion
3020.0198%950(ヘイ と.ざす し.まる へ)closed, shut
3020.0198%951(シュウ おお.い)masses, great numbers, multitude, populace
3020.0198%952(ショウ とな.える かな.う はか.る ね)appellation, praise, admire, name, title, fame
3020.0198%953(チョウ -づか ずか)hillock, mound
3020.0198%954(テイ と.まる)halt, stopping
3020.0198%955(トウ -だお.れ)overthrow, fall, collapse, drop, break down
3000.0197%956(ショ お ほ)thong, beginning, inception, end, cord, strap
3000.0197%957(エン)beautiful woman, princess
2980.0196%958(ビョウ か.く)sketch, compose, write, draw, paint
2950.0194%959(ショウ あき あや)badge, chapter, composition, poem, design
2950.0194%960(ヒ かく.す)secret, conceal
2940.0193%961(コウ ひろ.い ひろ ひろむ お)vast, broad, wide
2940.0193%962(キョ い.る お.る おき すえ)reside, to be, exist, live with
2940.0193%963(ハン か)slope, incline, hill
2930.0192%964(ヒ よ.ける)evade, avoid, avert, ward off, shirk, shun
2930.0192%965(コウ カ かぶと まさ)armor, high (voice), A grade, 1st class, former, instep, carapace
2920.0192%966(コウ あつ ひろし)wide, large
2910.0191%967(ソウ くさ- そ)grass, weeds, herbs, pasture, write, draft
2910.0191%968(コク きざ.み)engrave, cut fine, chop, hash, mince, time, carving
2900.0190%969(セキ)tracks, mark, print, impression
2890.0190%970(キン)muscle, sinew, tendon, fiber, plot, plan, descent
2890.0190%971(ソツ そっ.する お.わる にわか)graduate, soldier, private, die
2880.0189%972(ジ)Buddhist temple
2880.0189%973(ハイ)haiku, actor
2870.0188%974(ユウ すけ ひろ やす ゆたか)abundant, rich, fertile
2870.0188%975(ギョ おん- み- う)honorable, manipulate, govern
2860.0188%976(ノウ のうずる)brain, memory
2850.0187%977(サン たた.える)approve, praise, title or inscription on picture, assist, agree with
2850.0187%978(シャ やど.る さ)cottage, inn, hut, house, mansion
2830.0186%979(ソウ くり)winding, reel, spin, turn (pages), look up, refer to
2830.0186%980(シュク ちぢ.まる ちぢ.れる)shrink, contract, shrivel, wrinkle, reduce
2830.0186%981(ソク)stimulate, urge, press, demand, incite
2820.0185%982(サ)lie, falsehood, deceive, pretend
2820.0185%983(ショウ や.き -や.き やい)bake, burning
2820.0185%984(カイ か.ける か.け -が.け -か.かる か.かり かかり かけ)hang, suspend, depend, arrive at, tax
2810.0184%985(ネン も.やす)burn, blaze, glow
2810.0184%986(キョク ま.げる まがた)bend, music, melody, composition, pleasure, injustice, fault, curve, crooked, perverse, lean
2810.0184%987(ソク)breath, respiration, son, interest (on money)
2770.0182%988(ショウ)symptoms, illness
2760.0181%989(シュ さか- き し)sake, alcohol
2750.0180%990(シ)welfare, happiness
2750.0180%991(セン うらな.う うら じめ)fortune telling, divine, forecast, occupy, hold, have, get, take
2740.0180%992(ヨウ てる)weekday
2730.0179%993(セン -ぞ.め そ.まる -じ.みる -し.める そめ)dye, color, paint, stain, print
2720.0179%994(イ よ.る よ)reliant, depend on, consequently, therefore, due to
2710.0178%995(ロ つゆ や)dew, tears, mortality, flimsiness
2710.0178%996(シン)checkup, seeing, diagnose, examine
2710.0178%997(ホウ いだ.く たば)embrace, hug, hold in arms
2690.0177%998(マ あさ あ お)hemp, flax
2690.0177%999(トウ ふ.まえる)step, trample, carry through, appraise, evade payment
2690.0177%1000(カ はな わ)splendor, flower, petal, shine, luster, ostentatious, showy, gay, gorgeous
2690.0177%1001(セキ)enroll, domiciliary register, membership
2670.0175%1002(ジュウ)gun, arms
2670.0175%1003(キ)abandon, throw away, discard, resign, reject, sacrifice
2660.0175%1004(リョウ)diamond, water chestnut
2660.0175%1005(ショウ う.ける つぐ)aquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive
2650.0174%1006(ツウ いた.む いた.める)pain, hurt, damage, bruise
2640.0173%1007(タク かこ.つ)consign, requesting, entrusting with, pretend, hint
2640.0173%1008(ゲン はら もと)source, origin
2630.0173%1009(ガン けし)beach
2630.0173%1010(レツ れっ)file, row, rank, tier, column
2620.0172%1011(ク か.る)drive, run, gallop, advance, inspire, impel
2620.0172%1012(ハン い いり)meal, boiled rice
2620.0172%1013(ハン ともな.う とも)consort, accompany, bring with, companion
2600.0171%1014(サイ ずま)wife, spouse
2580.0169%1015(キョ もと)permit, approve
2580.0169%1016(ボウ あば.く)outburst, rave, fret, force, violence, cruelty, outrage
2580.0169%1017(ショウ)reparation, make up for, recompense, redeem
2570.0169%1018(シン つつし ちか まこと)humility, be careful, discrete, prudent
2560.0168%1019(ソウ)box, chest, case, bin, railway car
2560.0168%1020(ビョウ たまや やしろ)mausoleum, shrine, palace
2560.0168%1021(ソク のり)rule, follow, based on, model after
2550.0167%1022(ヨク)repress, well, now, in the first place, push, shove, press, seal, do in spite of
2540.0167%1023(ケン -つか.い つか.わす)dispatch, send, give, donate, do, undertake
2540.0167%1024(セイ そろ.う ひと.しく はやい ただ ひと)adjusted, alike, equal, similar variety of
2540.0167%1025(ボウ)boy, priest's residence, priest, your, his, or her boy
2530.0166%1026(ゾウ おく.る)presents, send, give to, award to, confer on, presenting something
2520.0165%1027(コウ)paragraph, nape of neck, clause, item, term (expression)
2520.0165%1028(フ ね)lady, woman, wife, bride
2510.0165%1029(チョウ きざ.し)portent, 10**12, trillion, sign, omen, symptoms
2500.0164%1030(ヤ なり また し)to be (classical)
2490.0163%1031(エキ やさ.しい)easy, fortune-telling, ready to, simple, divination
2470.0162%1032(メン まぬが.れる め)excuse, dismissal
2460.0161%1033(キ あき さき ひ)radiance, shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle
2460.0161%1034(イ これ つぐ ゆき)fiber, tie, rope
2460.0161%1035(シュク いわ.う のり ゆわい)celebrate, congratulate
2460.0161%1036(セン あらい)wash, inquire into, probe
2460.0161%1037(ガ わ わが- あ か)ego, I, selfish, our, oneself
2460.0161%1038(コ おのれ し)self, snake, serpent
2450.0161%1039(ショウ て.らす あき)illuminate, shine, compare, bashful
2450.0161%1040(マイ ひら)sheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheets
2440.0160%1041(セイ は.れ -ば.れ はる)clear up
2430.0159%1042(シン ふる.える)quake, shake, tremble, quiver, shiver
2430.0159%1043(キ とうと.い とうと.ぶ きよ たか よし)precious, value, prize, esteem, honor
2430.0159%1044(セツ ひそ.かに)stealth, steal, secret, private, hushed
2430.0159%1045(シャ さ.す)shoot, shine into, onto, archery
2410.0158%1046(チュウ)stop-over, reside in, resident
2410.0158%1047(ケイ おさか)punish, penalty, sentence, punishment
2400.0158%1048(チャ ちや)tea
2400.0158%1049(ギ)deceit, cheat, delude
2390.0157%1050(カン)simplicity, brevity
2390.0157%1051(コウ ひろ.い ひろ ゆたか)wide expanse, abundance, vigorous
2380.0156%1052(イン の.む)drink, smoke, take
2370.0156%1053(ス すべから.く ひげ もち.いる もとむ)ought, by all means, necessarily
2370.0156%1054(ショ)various, many, several, together
2360.0155%1055(ミ)fascination, charm, bewitch
2360.0155%1056(コウ ひか.え)withdraw, draw in, hold back, refrain from, be moderate
2360.0155%1057(テツ あき さと さとる てつん よし)philosophy, clear
2350.0154%1058(カン はん)Sino-, China
2330.0153%1059(ユウ さそ.う)entice, lead, tempt, invite, ask, call for, seduce, allure
2330.0153%1060(クン おし.える くん.ずる く くの のり)instruction, Japanese character reading, explanation, read
2320.0152%1061(ギョ さかな い)fish
2310.0152%1062(ギュウ ぎっ- うじ)cow
2300.0151%1063(ハク うす- うす.める うす.らぐ うす.れる)dilute, thin, weak (tea)
2300.0151%1064(ジュウ やわ.らか やわ とお)tender, weakness, gentleness, softness
2280.0150%1065(ラク から.まる)entwine, coil around, get caught in
2280.0150%1066(ケイ)pledge, promise, vow
2270.0149%1067(ヘキ)wall, lining (stomach), fence
2260.0148%1068(キョウ おどろ.かす)wonder, be surprised, frightened, amazed
2260.0148%1069(ホウ)home country, country, Japan
2260.0148%1070(セイ ひじり きよ さとし たか ひろ み)holy, saint, sage, master, priest
2260.0148%1071(ソウ みさお さお)maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity
2260.0148%1072(ショウ)beckon, invite, summon, engage
2260.0148%1073(ジャク よわ.る よわ.める)weak, frail
2260.0148%1074(リョウ)colleague, official, companion
2250.0148%1075(コウ みつ.ぐ)tribute, support, finance
2250.0148%1077(カン ぶ)delight, joy
2240.0147%1078(ショク かざ.り しか)decorate, ornament, adorn, embellish
2240.0147%1079(リュウ なぎ やい やな)willow
2240.0147%1080(ラツ ロウ ひし.ぐ)Latin, kidnap, crush
2240.0147%1081(コウ とばり)canopy, awning, hood, curtain
2210.0145%1082(バイ)compensation, indemnify
2210.0145%1083(リョ おもんぱか.る ぜ)prudence, thought, concern, consider, deliberate, fear
2210.0145%1084(フウ)seal, closing
2210.0145%1085(カン すす.める)persuade, recommend, advise, encourage, offer
2210.0145%1086(レイ ひ.える ひ.ややか ひ.やかす さ.ます)cool, cold (beer, person), chill
2200.0144%1087(ヒツ くし)writing brush, writing, painting brush, handwriting
2190.0144%1088(トウ す.かす とう.る とおる)transparent, permeate, filter, penetrate
2190.0144%1089(ヘン かた)one-sided, leaf, sheet
2180.0143%1090(リュウ ロウ りゅ)dragon, imperial
2180.0143%1091(モウ めん)fur, hair, feather, down
2180.0143%1092(セキ)chop, divide, tear, analyze
2170.0142%1093(ショウ あき)patent, clear
2160.0142%1094(コツ)skeleton, bone, remains, frame
2160.0142%1095(ガイ)outline, condition, approximation, generally
2150.0141%1096(ジ ひ.る にた)becoming, resemble, counterfeit, imitate, suitable
2140.0140%1097(スイ たれ)who, someone, somebody
2130.0140%1098(ナン やわ.らかい)soft
2130.0140%1099(キツ つ.める -づ.め つ.む ずめ)packed, close, pressed, reprove, rebuke, blame
2130.0140%1100(マイ う.まる うず.める い.ける)bury, be filled up, embedded
2120.0139%1101(モ うむさ し む)overgrown, grow thick, be luxuriant
2120.0139%1102(ショウ こ.がす あせ.る)char, hurry, impatient, irritate, burn, scorch, singe
2100.0138%1103(ユ ゆう)rebuke, admonish, charge, warn, persuade
2100.0138%1104(モウ たけ たける)fierce, rave, rush, become furious, wildness, strength
2100.0138%1105(エン がい)hedge, fence, wall
2080.0137%1106(ソク たば.ねる つか.ねる)bundle, sheaf, ream, tie in bundles, govern, manage, control
2070.0136%1107(ゾウ)entrails, viscera, bowels
2060.0135%1108(ナ なに いかん とも)what?
2060.0135%1109(トウ いね いの せ)rice plant
2050.0135%1110(コ)employ, hire
2040.0134%1111(ホウ -くず.れ)crumble, die, demolish, level
2040.0134%1112寿(ジュ シュウ ことぶ.く かず じゅう すみ としかつ のぶ ひさ やす)longevity, congratulations, ones natural life
2030.0133%1113(わく)frame, framework, spindle, spool, bounding-box, (kokuji)
2020.0133%1114(フ -し.き しき)spread, pave, sit, promulgate
2010.0132%1115(カ)freight, goods, property
2010.0132%1116(ショウ)collide, brunt, highway, opposition (astronomy), thrust, pierce, stab, prick
2010.0132%1117(コウ あら- あ.らす すさ.む ら)laid waste, rough, rude, wild
2000.0131%1118(ガン)stubborn, foolish, firmly
1990.0131%1119(グン)county, district
1990.0131%1120(ゴ -あやま.る)mistake, err, do wrong, mislead
1990.0131%1121(コ)boast, be proud, pride, triumphantly
1980.0130%1122(セイ きよ しげ のぶ まこ)sincerity, admonish, warn, prohibit, truth, fidelity
1970.0129%1123(ガ う か のり まさし)gracious, elegant, graceful, refined
1970.0129%1124(ホ たす.ける すけ ゆう)help
1970.0129%1126(ジュク)cram school, private school
1970.0129%1127(ルイ スイ る)bases, fort, rampart, walls, base(ball)
1970.0129%1128(カ よい ひろ よしみ よ)applaud, praise, esteem
1960.0129%1129(レイ のり れ)orders, ancient laws, command, decree
1950.0128%1130(シュン)wink, blink, twinkle
1950.0128%1131(テン そ.う も.う そえ)annexed, accompany, marry, suit, meet, satisfy, attach, append, garnish, imitate
1950.0128%1132(セン あざ)shallow, superficial, frivolous, wretched, shameful
1930.0127%1133(ボウ お わ)tassel, tuft, fringe, bunch, lock (hair), segment (orange), house, room
1930.0127%1134(ミョウ たえ)exquisite, strange, queer, mystery, miracle, excellent, delicate, charming
1930.0127%1135(キュウ)suck, imbibe, inhale, sip
1920.0126%1136(メイ)astray, be perplexed, in doubt, lost, err, illusion
1920.0126%1137(ヤク)translate, reason, circumstance, case
1920.0126%1138(ソウ すすむ)play music, speak to a ruler, complete
1910.0125%1139(ケン いぬ-)dog
1910.0125%1140(オ けが.れる よご.す きたな.い)dirty, pollute, disgrace, rape, defile
1900.0125%1141(スイ つい.に)consummate, accomplish, attain, commit (suicide)
1900.0125%1142(シ のぶ みち)climax, arrive, proceed, reach, attain, result in
1900.0125%1143(タイ た ひろ やす ゆたか)peaceful, calm, peace, easy, Thailand
1900.0125%1144(タク つ)clear (the land), open, break up (land)
1890.0124%1145(チュウ ひろ)mid-air, air, space, sky, memorization, interval of time
1880.0123%1146(サン)cedar, cryptomeria
1880.0123%1147(キ)previously, already, long ago
1870.0123%1148(カン ゆる.やか ゆる.める ひろ)slacken, loosen, relax, lessen, be moderate, ease
1870.0123%1149(ワン)gulf, bay, inlet
1870.0123%1150(チ さと さとる とも とし じ ひと よも)wisdom, intellect, reason
1850.0121%1151(セツ おり -お.り せき)fold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit
1850.0121%1152(シツ と.る し)tenacious, take hold, grasp, take to heart
1840.0121%1153(トウ)hot water, bath, hot spring
1840.0121%1154(アク)grip, hold, mould sushi, bribe
1830.0120%1155(ゼ これ)just so, this, right, justice
1830.0120%1156(シャク)borrow, rent
1830.0120%1157(ジン ニン きみ さと じ のり ひとし まさ やす)humanity, virtue, benevolence, charity, man, kernel
1820.0119%1158(ヨウ うぶ)infancy, childhood
1820.0119%1159(ショウ -ざき さ)blossom, bloom
1810.0119%1160(はた -ばたけ かま)farm, field, garden, one's specialty, (kokuji)
1800.0118%1161(ジュウ -しる)soup, juice, broth, sap, gravy, pus
1800.0118%1162(ジョウ こ)daughter, girl
1790.0117%1163(ケン こぶし)fist
1780.0117%1164(シ)dart, arrow
1780.0117%1165(ビン さとし とし)cleverness, agile, alert
1780.0117%1166(スイ ふき)blow, breathe, puff, emit, smoke
1780.0117%1167(ケイ かたむ.ける かた.げる)lean, incline, tilt, trend, wane, sink, ruin, bias
1770.0116%1168(キョウ さと くに)home town, village, native place, district
1770.0116%1169(ソ もと)cornerstone, foundation stone
1760.0116%1171(シ こげ)turf, lawn
1750.0115%1172(ユウ お)courage, cheer up, be in high spirits, bravery, heroism
1740.0114%1173(カ)earnings, work, earn money
1740.0114%1174(カ かり)sham, temporary, interim, assumed (name), informal
1730.0114%1175(カ)candy, cakes, fruit
1730.0114%1176(シン おみ と み)retainer, subject
1730.0114%1177(ロウ あき.らか あき お ろ)melodious, clear, bright, serene, cheerful
1730.0114%1178(レン こい)romance, in love, yearn for, miss, darling
1720.0113%1179(チン すけ)fare, fee, hire, rent, wages, charge
1720.0113%1180沿(エン -ぞ.い)run alongside, follow along, run along, lie along
1720.0113%1181(テキ かな.う)enemy, foe, opponent
1720.0113%1182(イ おど.し いさ たけし)intimidate, dignity, majesty, menace, threaten
1710.0112%1183(ギ わざ)deed, skill
1700.0112%1184(ボク ま もく)breed, care for, shepherd, feed, pasture
1700.0112%1185(ボツ おぼ.れる ない)drown, sink, hide, fall into, disappear, die
1700.0112%1186(シ は よわい.する)tooth, cog
1690.0111%1187(コウ たか のり)filial piety, child's respect
1680.0110%1188(ウン -ぐも き のめ)cloud
1680.0110%1189(カク くら.べる)contrast, compare
1680.0110%1190(ヨ ほ.める え たけ ほめ)reputation, praise, honor, glory
1680.0110%1191(チュウ きよし ただ なお)loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness
1670.0110%1192(キ)brandish, wave, wag, swing, shake
1670.0110%1193(ジュン)quasi-, semi-, associate
1660.0109%1194(リン となり ちか)neighboring
1660.0109%1195(ボク)slap, strike, hit, beat, tell, speak
1660.0109%1196(ハイ おし)repudiate, exclude, expel, reject
1650.0108%1197(ア おもね.る くま)Africa, flatter, fawn upon, corner, nook, recess
1650.0108%1198(ト あだ かち)junior, emptiness, vanity, futility, uselessness, ephemeral thing, gang, set, party, people
1650.0108%1199(ショウ たか ないし ひさ)esteem, furthermore, still, yet
1640.0108%1200(ビョウ)second (1/60 minute)
1640.0108%1201(ケイ き け む よし)jubilation, congratulate, rejoice, be happy
1620.0106%1202(タイ か.し-)lend
1620.0106%1203(イ ころも -ぎ)garment, clothes, dressing
1620.0106%1204(カン)watch over, see
1620.0106%1205(ケン)sphere, circle, radius, range
1610.0106%1206(ハン のり)pattern, example, model
1610.0106%1207(マ す.る おさむ)grind, polish, scour, improve, brush (teeth)
1600.0105%1208(ジョウ ゆずり)defer, turnover, transfer, convey
1600.0105%1209(ヨク あ.びせる えき)bathe, be favored with, bask in
1600.0105%1210(ヨウ ゆ.る ゆ.るぐ ゆ.さぶる うご.く)swing, shake, sway, rock, tremble, vibrate
1600.0105%1211(カン か まさる)crown, best, peerless
1590.0104%1212(サイ しば)brush, firewood
1580.0104%1213(チョウ いただき)place on the head, receive, top of head, top, summit, peak
1580.0104%1214(ロウ も.れる)leak, escape, time
1570.0103%1215(ヨク)wing, plane, flank
1570.0103%1216(サ すな いさ)sand
1560.0102%1217(ジュウ しぶ しぶ.る)astringent, hesitate, reluctant, have diarrhea
1560.0102%1218(ダン あたた.か あたた.まる)warmth
1560.0102%1219(ゴ わが- あ)I, my, our, one's own
1550.0102%1220(メイ な.る なり)chirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk
1550.0102%1221(カン)send back, return
1550.0102%1222(タイ ふくろ てい ぶく)sack, bag, pouch
1550.0102%1223(ショウ あき さち まさ ゆき)auspicious, happiness, good omen
1550.0102%1224(ハク と.める とまり)overnight, put up at, ride at anchor, 3-day stay
1550.0102%1225(リツ レツ たかし)rhythm, law, regulation, gauge, control
1540.0101%1226(リュウ ロウ いせ りう)dragon, imperial
1530.0100%1227(コウ)hawser, class (genus), rope, cord, cable
1530.0100%1228(チュウ)pluck, pull, extract, excel
1520.0100%1229(コ たか)look back, review, examine oneself, turn around
1520.0100%1230(クツ ぼり)dig, delve, excavate
1520.0100%1231(シ さ.さる さし)thorn, pierce, stab, prick, sting, calling card
1510.0099%1232(ギ のり)ceremony, rule, affair, case, a matter
1500.0098%1233(カン かがみ あき)specimen, take warning from, learn from
1500.0098%1234(ダ かじ)rudder, helm, wheel
1500.0098%1235(カイ みんな むな)all, everything
1500.0098%1236(ドク)poison, virus, venom, germ, harm, injury, spite
1500.0098%1237(ヒ かな.しむ)jail cell, grieve, sad, deplore, regret
1490.0098%1238(セン ぜに)coin, .01 yen, money
1490.0098%1239(キョウ むな-)bosom, breast, chest, heart, feelings
1490.0098%1240(チョウ うしお いた)tide, salt water, opportunity
1490.0098%1241(テイ デ て)younger brother, faitherful service to elders
1490.0098%1242(キ ひめ-)princess
1490.0098%1243(ケン -がた.い きん)strict, hard, solid, tough, tight, reliable
1490.0098%1244(ショウ)chant, recite, call upon, yell
1490.0098%1245(ケン -か.ねる かね)concurrently, and
1480.0097%1246(ソウ まど けむだし)window, pane
1480.0097%1247(レイ あや のり れ)salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration
1480.0097%1248(カン あま.える うま.い かも)sweet, coax, pamper, be content, sugary
1480.0097%1249(キュウ たかし)hill, knoll
1470.0096%1250(ソウ はふり)interment, bury, shelve
1470.0096%1251(カン な.らす)accustomed, get used to, become experienced
1460.0096%1252(ケン)flats, counter for houses, eaves
1460.0096%1253(オク)recollection, think, remember
1460.0096%1254(ソウ つよし)robust, manhood, prosperity
1450.0095%1255(サン)acid, bitterness, sour, tart
1450.0095%1256(ビ み)delicate, minuteness, insignificance
1440.0095%1257(ソク つ.ける)instant, namely, as is, conform, agree, adapt
1440.0095%1258(コク かつ よし)overcome, kindly, skillfully
1430.0094%1259(トウ まめ ど)beans, pea, midget
1430.0094%1260(ホウ -だな)shelf, ledge, rack, mount, mantle, trellis
1430.0094%1261(ショ)sultry, hot, summer heat
1430.0094%1262(ヒ)expose, open
1420.0093%1263(ク)pony, horse, colt
1420.0093%1264(スイ お のり)ear, ear (grain), head, crest (wave)
1420.0093%1265(トウ そり き と)sword, saber, knife
1420.0093%1266(ギ いつわ.る いつわ.り)falsehood, lie, deceive, pretend, counterfeit, forgery
1410.0093%1267(ソウ うれい)boisterous, make noise, clamor, disturb, excite
1410.0093%1268(ヒ けがわ)pelt, skin, hide, leather
1410.0093%1269(ザイ セイ けず.る)dose, medicine, drug
1400.0092%1270(フ)musical score, music, note, staff, table, genealogy
1400.0092%1271(サイ よう)vegetable, side dish, greens
1400.0092%1272(コウ)stiff, hard
1400.0092%1273(タイ とどこお.る)stagnate, be delayed, overdue, arrears
1400.0092%1274(ボク)me, I (male)
1390.0091%1275(リョク みどり)green
1390.0091%1276(ショウ えん)ford, ferry, port
1390.0091%1277(マ さ.する)chafe, rub, polish, grind, scrape
1390.0091%1278(ケン きら.う いや)dislike, detest, hate
1390.0091%1279(ゴウ かた ご たけ つよ ひさ よし)sturdy, strength
1380.0091%1280(ヨク)the following, next
1380.0091%1281(レツ やす)ardent, violent, vehement, furious, severe, extreme
1380.0091%1282(ショウ)marsh, lake, bog, swamp, pond
1380.0091%1283(ハク ビャク かい)oak
1360.0089%1285(チク)amass, keeping a concubine, phonograph
1360.0089%1286(カイ ふところ なつ.かしむ なつ.ける いだ.く かね)pocket, feelings, heart, yearn, miss someone, become attached to, bosom, breast
1350.0089%1287(ソ い)ancestor, pioneer, founder
1350.0089%1288(ソ)set aside, give up, suspend, discontinue, lay aside, except
1350.0089%1289(ジン つ.くす -づ.くし -づ.く つ.きる さかづき つか)exhaust, use up, run out of, befriend, serve
1350.0089%1290(キュウ)smell, sniff, scent
1340.0088%1291(カン ぬ.く つら)pierce, 8 1/3lbs, penetrate, brace
1340.0088%1292(ハン しげ.く)luxuriant, thick, overgrown, frequency, complexity, trouble
1340.0088%1293(ハク)clap, beat (music)
1330.0087%1294(ハツ がた)hair of the head
1330.0087%1295(ケツ けな な)hole, aperture, slit, cave, den
1330.0087%1296(ヘイ え から)design, pattern, build, nature, handle, crank, grip, knob, shaft
1330.0087%1297(アン)darkness, disappear, shade, informal, grow dark, be blinded
1330.0087%1298(シン)encroach, invade, raid, trespass, violate
1330.0087%1299(チョウ チン チ)street, ward, town, counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something, even number, 4th calendar sign
1320.0087%1300(トウ)inflation, advancing, going
1320.0087%1301(ズイ したが.う)follow, though, notwithstanding, while, during, both, all, obey, submit to, comply, at the mercy of (the waves)
1320.0087%1302(エン ふち ゆかり へり)affinity, relation, connection, edge, border, verge, brink
1320.0087%1303(バン いわ いわお)rock, crag, cliff, wall (in a mine)
1320.0087%1304(ガイ)horizon, shore
1320.0087%1305(かし)evergreen oak, (kokuji)
1320.0087%1306(カツ)fasten, tie up, arrest, constrict
1320.0087%1307(ハイ おろが.む)worship, adore, pray to
1320.0087%1308(キ あや.しい めずら.しい)strange, strangeness, curiousity
1310.0086%1309(シ うま.い)delicious, relish, show a liking for, purport, will, clever, expert
1300.0085%1310(チ いとけない おくて まさ わく)immature, young
1290.0085%1311(グウ)interview, treat, entertain, receive, deal with
1290.0085%1312(ショウ)sue, accuse
1290.0085%1313(セイ いく ただ ゆき)subjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes
1290.0085%1314(シュウ むね かず そ たか のり むな よし)religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence
1280.0084%1315(キ)equestrian, riding on horses, counter for equestrians
1280.0084%1317(ホウ お は みち よし)perfume, balmy, flavorable, fragrant
1280.0084%1318(ヨウ うすぐ)loins, hips, waist, low wainscoting
1280.0084%1319(エン ぬく)inflammation, flame, blaze
1280.0084%1320(シン ね.かす みたまや)lie down, sleep, rest, bed, remain unsold
1280.0084%1321(レイ はげ.ます)encourage, be diligent, inspire
1280.0084%1322(ジョウ だけ とも)length, 10feet, measure, Mr., Ms., height, stature, all (one has), only, that's all, merely
1270.0083%1323(カ はす)baggage, shoulder-pole load, bear (a burden), shoulder (a gun), load, cargo, freight
1270.0083%1324(チン たから じん)rare, curious, strange
1270.0083%1325(ギョ あさ.る)fishing, fishery
1260.0083%1327(ヨウ)jump, dance, leap, skip
1260.0083%1328(ラ)gauze, thin silk, Rome
1260.0083%1329(キツ)consume, eat, drink, smoke, receive (a blow)
1250.0082%1330(コ うみ)lake
1250.0082%1331(コ)orphan, alone
1250.0082%1332(ホウ くる.む お)wrap, pack up, cover, conceal
1240.0081%1333(ソン とうと.い とうと.ぶ さだ たけ)revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted
1230.0081%1334(オウ さくら さ)cherry tree
1230.0081%1335(コウ つねに のぶ ひさし)constancy, always
1230.0081%1336(ヒツ)equal, head, counter for small animals, roll of cloth
1220.0080%1337(シン つら.い かのと)spicy, bitter, hot, acrid
1220.0080%1338(ホ き)shop, store
1220.0080%1339(ジュウ)vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward
1220.0080%1340(シャ)discard, throw away, abandon, resign, reject, sacrifice
1220.0080%1341(タク すぐる たかし)eminent, table, desk, high
1210.0079%1342(ロウ なに)wandering, waves, billows
1210.0079%1343(チュウ)pillar, post, cylinder, support
1200.0079%1344(セン)tread, step on, trample, practice, carry through
1200.0079%1346(エキ)fluid, liquid, juice, sap, secretion
1200.0079%1347(セキ むかし)once upon a time, antiquity, old times
1200.0079%1348(セン)rotation, go around
1200.0079%1349(ベン ひこ)exertion
1190.0078%1350(ゲン くろ はる)mysterious, occultness
1190.0078%1351(ノウ の)concentrated, thick, dark, undiluted
1190.0078%1352(ヒョウ)drift, float (on liquid)
1190.0078%1353(ロ せぼね とも)spine, backbone
1190.0078%1354(ケイ あに え よし)elder brother, big brother
1180.0077%1355(ワン)arm, ability, talent
1170.0077%1356(ビ)nose, snout
1170.0077%1357(ワイ)bribe, board, supply, finance
1170.0077%1358(コウ べに あか.い くれ)crimson, deep red
1170.0077%1360(ジョ ついで つぐ)preface, beginning, order, precedence, occasion, chance, incidentally
1170.0077%1361(ゲン)phantasm, vision, dream, illusion, apparition
1160.0076%1362(ヨウ -あ.げ あがり)hoist, fry in deep fat
1160.0076%1363(テイ)resist, reach, touch
1150.0075%1365(ギャク)tyrannize, oppress
1150.0075%1366(ド いか.る)angry, be offended
1140.0075%1367(シャク とく ゆる.す しゃ)explanation
1140.0075%1368(テイ むら)residence, mansion
1140.0075%1369(ソウ は.く か)sweep, brush
1130.0074%1370(エイ とし)pointed, sharpness, edge, weapon, sharp, violent
1130.0074%1371(ショウ ゆか)bed, floor, padding, tatami
1120.0074%1372(フク)abdomen, belly, stomach
1120.0074%1373(マン)cartoon, involuntarily, in spite of oneself, corrupt
1110.0073%1374(コウ き うい)yellow
1110.0073%1375(ソ)thwart, separate from, prevent, obstruct, deter, impede
1110.0073%1376(テイ ただ.しい さだ よし とも)happiness
1110.0073%1377(キョ こば.む)repel, refuse, reject, decline
1110.0073%1378(ガイ か.る かっ)reap, cut, clip, trim, prune
1100.0072%1379(ジュン うるお.す めぐみ)wet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, favor, charm, steep
1090.0072%1380(シ かい)domesticate, raise, keep, feed
1090.0072%1381(シ うた)poem, poetry
1090.0072%1382(ショウ まさ よし あきら あつ)prosperous, bright, clear
1090.0072%1383(ユウ うれ.い う.き ゆ)melancholy, grieve, lament, be anxious, sad, unhappy
1080.0071%1384貿(ボウ)trade, exchange
1080.0071%1385(チュウ むし む)insect, bug, temper
1080.0071%1387(ユウ たす.ける すけ よし ひろ まさ)help
1080.0071%1388(ガン まなこ)eyeball
1080.0071%1389(ショク ふ.やす うえ げ)augment, increase, multiply, raise
1080.0071%1390(コン)sociable, kind, courteous, hospitable, cordial
1080.0071%1391(ケイ さと.す あき さとし ひろ)disclose, open, say
1080.0071%1392(ヘン)partial, side, left-side radical, inclining, biased
1070.0070%1393(ケン かた さと たか のり まさ)intelligent, wise, wisdom, cleverness
1060.0070%1394(チン しず.む しん)sink, be submerged, subside, be depressed, aloes
1060.0070%1395(カイ あや.しい)suspicious, mystery, apparition
1060.0070%1396(カン ひろ.い とも のり ひろん ゆたか)tolerant, leniency, generosity, relax, feel at home, be at ease, broadminded
1060.0070%1397(サ)tempt, seduce, instigate, promote
1050.0069%1398(メイ なぞ)riddle, puzzle, enigma, hint, tip
1050.0069%1399(リツ くり くる)chestnut
1050.0069%1400(チュウ)daytime, noon
1050.0069%1401(キ)national flag, banner, standard
1040.0068%1402(セイ やす.んじる のぶ やすし おさむ)peaceful
1040.0068%1403(セイ)vow, swear, pledge
1040.0068%1404(フン -まぎ.れ まぎ.らわす)distract, be mistaken for, go astray, divert
1030.0068%1405(トウ)board, load (a vehicle), ride
1030.0068%1406(ク すく)phrase, clause, sentence, passage, paragraph, counter for haiku
1020.0067%1407(ト ぬ.り)paint, plaster, daub, smear, coating
1020.0067%1408(フン)erupt, spout, emit, flush out
1010.0066%1409(レン かま かた)sickle, scythe, trick
1010.0066%1410(セン こも)recommend, mat, advise, encourage, offer
1010.0066%1411(モウ あ)netting, network
1010.0066%1412(コウ し.める)strangle, constrict, wring
1010.0066%1413(メツ ほろ.ぶ)destroy, ruin, overthrow, perish
1010.0066%1414(サイ)genius, years old
1010.0066%1415(ア つ.ぐ つぎ)Asia, rank next, come after, -ous
1000.0066%1416(ヘイ)highness, steps (of throne)
1000.0066%1417(タク うるお.い つや)swamp
1000.0066%1418(サイ つつし.む い.む いつき ひとし)purification, Buddhist food, room, worship, avoid, alike
1000.0066%1419(フ こわ.い お.じる)dreadful, be frightened, fearful
1000.0066%1420(カ けい)excellent, beautiful, good, pleasing, skilled
990.0065%1421(ミン ねむ.い ね)sleep, die, sleepy
990.0065%1422(ギ いけにえ)sacrifice
990.0065%1423(ガク おか たけん)point, peak, mountain
980.0064%1424(チク つく)an ancient musical instrument
980.0064%1425(ボ)grave, tomb
970.0064%1426(リュウ)bamboo hat, one's influence
970.0064%1427(キ)capital, suburbs of capital
970.0064%1428(エン けむり たば)smoke
960.0063%1429(カク たず か づ)crane, stork
960.0063%1430(ミャク)vein, pulse, hope
960.0063%1431(ソウ たぐい ふたつ ふ)pair, set, comparison, no. of pairs
950.0062%1432(カク へだ.たる)isolate, alternate, distance, separate, gulf
950.0062%1433(ナイ ノ の なんじ おさむ のり)from, possessive particle, whereupon, accordingly
940.0062%1434(ヨ あず.かる)deposit, custody, leave with, entrust to
940.0062%1435(ジ がみ)ear
940.0062%1436(ジュク)mellow, ripen, mature, acquire skill
940.0062%1437(タン)charcoal, coal
930.0061%1438(ズイ)marrow, pith
930.0061%1439(キャク カク し)skids, leg, undercarriage
930.0061%1440(カク)harvest, reap
930.0061%1441(ヒ -づか.れ)exhausted, tire, weary
930.0061%1442(セツ おさ.める と.る せっ)vicarious, surrogate, act in addition to
930.0061%1443(マン)ridicule, laziness
930.0061%1444(バイ)cultivate, foster
930.0061%1445(ボウ)risk, face, defy, dare, damage, assume (a name)
920.0060%1446(シャ -に に.やす)boil, cook
920.0060%1447(ルイ なみだ)tears, sympathy
920.0060%1448(フク ふ.す ふし)prostrated, bend down, bow, cover, lay (pipes)
910.0060%1449(セイ)animal sacrifice, offering
910.0060%1450殿(デン との て)Mr., hall, mansion, palace, temple, lord
910.0060%1451(カイ く.やむ)repent, regret
910.0060%1452(クン いさむ)meritorious deed, merit
900.0059%1453(ケン あらわ.れる あき)appear, existing
900.0059%1454(シュウ しま)continent, sandbar, island, country
900.0059%1455(トウ きり ひさ)paulownia
900.0059%1456(カン さ)cold
900.0059%1457(トウ かろ)T'ang, China
890.0058%1458(カン おとしい.れる)collapse, fall into, cave in, fall (castle), slide into
890.0058%1459(ミ いや あまねし とおい ひさ.しい わたる ひろ)all the more, increasingly
890.0058%1460(ショウ ソウ まさ)level
890.0058%1461(タン た まこと)rust-colored, red, read lead, pills
880.0058%1462(ジク)axis, pivot, stem, stalk, counter for book scrolls
880.0058%1463(キョウ おど.す)threaten, coerce
880.0058%1464(フン こ)flour, powder, dust
880.0058%1465(ジョウ)lot, earth, soil
870.0057%1466(カン)liver, pluck, nerve, chutzpah
870.0057%1467(オウ いにしえ ゆ.く みち)journey, chase away, let go, going, travel
870.0057%1468(サツ -ず.り は.く)printing, print
870.0057%1469(トウ こご.える い.てる こおり)frozen, congeal, refrigerate
870.0057%1470(カン かわ.く ほ.す いぬい)drought, dry, dessicate, drink up, heaven, emperor
860.0056%1471(ヒン まず.しい)poverty, poor
860.0056%1472(シ)consult with
860.0056%1473(リン いと)thread, silk cloth
860.0056%1474(ハン)squad, corps, unit, group
850.0056%1475(キョウ かがみ あき かがん)mirror, speculum, barrel-head, round rice-cake offering
850.0056%1476(チョ たくわ.える)savings, store, lay in, keep, wear mustache
850.0056%1477(ショウ すす.める まさし)exhort, urge, encourage
840.0055%1479(サ とざ.す)chain, irons, connection
840.0055%1481(スイ よ.い よい)drunk, feel sick, poisoned, elated, spellbound
840.0055%1482(セキ お.しむ)pity, be sparing of, frugal, stingy, regret
840.0055%1483(ダ やす)gentle, peace, depravity
840.0055%1484(ユイ ただ ゆ)solely, only, merely, simply
840.0055%1485(ケン)sabre, sword, blade, clock hand
840.0055%1486(サツ ふみ)tome, counter for books, volume
820.0054%1487(フン)atmosphere, fog
820.0054%1488(チン のぶ)exhibit, state, relate, explain
820.0054%1489(コウ)outskirts, suburbs, rural area
820.0054%1490(ショウ あ あきら まさ)sparkle, clear, crystal
810.0053%1491(タク ゆす.ぐ)laundry, wash, pour on, rinse
810.0053%1492(ケイ かつ か)Japanese Judas-tree, cinnamon tree
810.0053%1493(サイ)plantation, planting
810.0053%1494(ゴ)enlightenment, perceive, discern, realize, understand
810.0053%1495(カン ほ.し- ひ.る ほし)dry, parch
800.0053%1496(マ)witch, demon, evil spirit
800.0053%1497(ケイ ころ しばら.く ころも)time, about, toward
800.0053%1498(ゼツ)tongue, reed, clapper
800.0053%1499(ニン はら.む)pregnancy
790.0052%1500(つじ)crossing, crossroad, street corners, (kokuji)
790.0052%1501(ハイ やから ともがら)comrade, fellow, people, companions
790.0052%1503(コウ どぶ)gutter, ditch, sewer, drain, 10**32
790.0052%1505(テイ)sovereign, the emperor, god, creator
790.0052%1506(ソウ)miss, mourning
790.0052%1507(ラン)egg, ovum, spawn, roe
790.0052%1509(リン とも ひとし みち)ethics, companion
780.0051%1510(イツ そ.らす いっ へん)deviate, idleness, leisure, miss the mark, evade, elude, parry, diverge
780.0051%1511(ボウ)pupil (eye), moo (cow sound)
780.0051%1512(カツ すべ.る かり)slippery, slide, slip, flunk
780.0051%1513(トン ダン あつ.い あつ つる のり)industry, kindliness
780.0051%1514(ソン ひ)grandchild, descendants
780.0051%1515(ガイ かちどき)victory song
780.0051%1516(リョウ あき まこと よし たすく)clear, help
770.0051%1517(ボウ ふく.れる)swell, get fat, thick
770.0051%1518(ソウ ゾウ かつて)formerly, once, before, ever, never, ex-
760.0050%1519(タイ たえ)-proof, enduring
760.0050%1520(バツ ハツ)penalty, punishment
760.0050%1521(キ のり)pray, wish
760.0050%1522(ユ いや.す)healing, cure, quench (thirst), wreak
760.0050%1524(チョ いのしし いの)boar
760.0050%1525(シン ひた.る)immersed, soak, dip, steep, moisten, wet, dunk
760.0050%1526(フン)stirred up, be invigorated, flourish
740.0049%1527(カイ)contraption, fetter, machine, instrument
740.0049%1528(ザン)temporarily, a while, moment, long time
730.0048%1529(モク だま.る)silence, become silent, stop speaking, leave as is
730.0048%1530(レツ さ.ける)split, rend, tear
730.0048%1531(クツ かが.める くっ)yield, bend, flinch, submit
720.0047%1532(キ おに-)ghost, devil
720.0047%1533(ソウ)blue, pale
720.0047%1534(ホウ ね ぶ)summit, peak
720.0047%1535(ホウ たてまつ.る ほう.ずる とも)observance, offer, present, dedicate
710.0047%1536(エツ)review, inspection, revision
710.0047%1537(キ つよ.い つよし たけし はたす つよ み)strong
710.0047%1538(ソウ す.くう)nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den
710.0047%1539(ギョウ あお.ぐ お.っしゃる)face-up, look up, depend, seek, respect, rever, drink, take
700.0046%1540(メイ たか め)inscription, signature (of artisan)
700.0046%1541(ダク)consent, assent, agreement
700.0046%1542(キョ むな.しい)void, emptiness, unpreparedness, crack, fissure, untruth
700.0046%1543(キョウ わけ)armpit, the other way, another place, flank, supporting role
700.0046%1544(ヒ こえ こ.やし い ひえ)fertilizer, get fat, fertile, manure, pamper
700.0046%1545(カ か.かる)erect, frame, mount, support, shelf, construct
700.0046%1546(リン)rin, 1/10sen, 1/10bu
690.0045%1547(モン あや)family crest, figures
690.0045%1548(キン)harp, koto
690.0045%1549(トウ ほ- とも.す)lamp, a light, light, no. of lights
690.0045%1550(キョ す.わる)set, lay a foundation, install, equip, squat down, sit down
680.0045%1551(ロウ たき らき)waterfall, rapids, cascade
680.0045%1552(シュ)particularly, especially, exceptionally
680.0045%1553(タイ なま.ける)neglect, laziness
670.0044%1554(チョウ つ.り つり)angling, fish, catch, allure, ensnare
670.0044%1555(シュウ は)bush clover
670.0044%1556(キョウ せま.い せば.まる はざ)cramped, narrow, contract, tight
670.0044%1557(ラン)column, handrail, blank, space
670.0044%1558(キ キン ひさ)tortoise, turtle
660.0043%1559(アン やみ)get dark, gloom, disorder
660.0043%1560綿(メン う)cotton
660.0043%1561(ネン)sticky, glutinous, greasy, persevere
660.0043%1562(ジュン)shield, escutcheon, pretext
650.0043%1563(チョウ と.ぶ)hop, leap up, spring, jerk, prance, buck, splash, sputter, snap
650.0043%1564(ソウ チャン おごそ.か そ)villa, inn, cottage, feudal manor
650.0043%1565(コウ こお)till, plow, cultivate
650.0043%1566(リョウ すず.む うす.い まことに りょ)refreshing, nice and cool
640.0042%1567(フ -くさ.る くさ.れ くさ.す)rot, decay, sour
640.0042%1568(イ なぐさ.む)consolation, amusement, seduce, cheer, make sport of, comfort, console
640.0042%1569(チョウ -ぼ.り)carve, engrave, chisel
630.0041%1570(イン かげ.る)shade, yin, negative, sex organs, secret, shadow
630.0041%1571(キュウ)cry, weep, moan
630.0041%1572(ジュン)sequential, fellow
630.0041%1573(サイ や か とし はじめ)how, what, alas, "?" (question mark)
620.0041%1574(コ たけ)tiger, drunkard
620.0041%1575(ベイ)dish, a helping, plate
620.0041%1576(ネイ あき やすし)rather, preferably
620.0041%1577(タン なげ.かわしい)sigh, lament, moan, grieve
620.0041%1578(レツ)inferiority, be inferior to, be worse
610.0040%1579(テイ たか)courts, imperial court, government office
610.0040%1580(マイ す も)younger sister
600.0039%1581(シ)fat, grease, tallow, lard, rosin, gum, tar
600.0039%1582(ホン ひるがえ.る)flip, turn over, wave, flutter, change (mind)
600.0039%1583(タン)thin, faint, pale, fleeting
600.0039%1584(トウ むな-)ridgepole, ridge
600.0039%1585(カ いとま)spare time, rest, leisure, time, leave of absence
600.0039%1586(ボウ ずきん)cap, headgear
600.0039%1587(ジン ひろ ず)inquire, fathom, look for
600.0039%1588(ギ よろ.しく き のぶ よし)best regards, good
590.0039%1589(シュク け.る)kick
590.0039%1590(フク くつがえ.す)capsize, cover, shade, mantle, be ruined
590.0039%1591(イ ぬき)horizontal, woof, left & right, latitude
590.0039%1592(ジ)magnet, porcelain
590.0039%1593(コウ あき てる みつ)clear
590.0039%1594(キョウ きよ やすし よし)respect, reverent
590.0039%1595(ボウ いそが.しい おそ.れる)busy, occupied, restless
590.0039%1596(キュウ こ)bow, bow (archery, violin)
590.0039%1597(リ)footgear, shoes, boots, put on (the feet
590.0039%1598(トウ)pagoda, tower, steeple
590.0039%1599(イ ひで)admirable, greatness, remarkable, conceited, famous, excellent
580.0038%1600(レイ うら.らか ま り)lovely, companion
580.0038%1601(カイ かしら)charging ahead of others
580.0038%1602(ダ)burdensome, pack horse, horse load, send by horse
580.0038%1603(ソウ みみざと.い さと さとる あきら さた)wise, fast learner
580.0038%1604(ユウ なお)furthermore, still, yet
580.0038%1605(ケイ こみち ただちに)diameter, path, method
570.0037%1606(コ)drum, beat, rouse, muster
570.0037%1607(ソウ あ.わせる)encounter, meet, party, association, interview, join
570.0037%1608(ヨウ よ)sheep
570.0037%1609(カン フ ほとぎ)tin can, container
570.0037%1610(バン)nightfall, night
570.0037%1611(ハ たば)grasp, faggot, bunch, counter for bundles
570.0037%1612(シ はは)elder sister
570.0037%1613(キョ うそ)lie, falsehood
570.0037%1614(コウ きさき)empress, queen, after, behind, back, later
560.0037%1615(トウ す)pottery, porcelain
560.0037%1616(キ)texture, skin, body, grain
560.0037%1617(コウ)arrest, seize, concerned, adhere to, despite
550.0036%1618(イク あや い ふみ)cultural progress, perfume
550.0036%1619(カン すげ す すご)sedge
550.0036%1622(キョウ くる.おしい)lunatic, insane, crazy, confuse
550.0036%1623(セン もぐ.る くぐ.る)submerge, conceal, hide, lower (voice), hush
550.0036%1624(ホウ)bubbles, foam, suds, froth
550.0036%1625(リョウ うつばり やな)weir, fish trap, beam, girder
550.0036%1626(トウ み)peach tree
550.0036%1627(ハン)conveyor, carry, transport
550.0036%1628(ツイ)crash, fall (down)
550.0036%1629(テイ)dike, bank, embankment
550.0036%1630(ハク いき か は)chief, count, earl, uncle, Brazil
540.0035%1631(テイ)revise, correct, decide
540.0035%1632(サツ す.れる こす.る)grate, rub, scratch, scrape, chafe, scour
540.0035%1633(ハ ハン はり)plant, sow
540.0035%1634(テイ)display, offer, present, send, exhibit
540.0035%1635(テン つた.わる つた.う)
530.0035%1636(コク)cruel, severe, atrocious, unjust
530.0035%1637(クン かおり かほ くに にほ よし)fragrant, be scented, smoke (cigs)
530.0035%1638(カン た.える こ.らえる)withstand, endure, support, resist
520.0034%1639(ケイ とり)chicken
520.0034%1640(コウ)mineral, ore
520.0034%1641(キン)germ, fungus, bacteria
520.0034%1642(ビョウ なえ ねい みう)seedling, sapling, shoot
520.0034%1643(ホウ)placenta, sac, sheath
520.0034%1644(ホウ づつ)cannon, gun
520.0034%1645(ジュン あつ.い あつ きよ まこと)pure
520.0034%1646(カン)sweat, perspire
520.0034%1647(ヒ あや)beautiful, patterned
520.0034%1648(ギ もど.き)mimic, aim (a gun) at, nominate, imitate
520.0034%1649(エツ よろこ.ばす や)ecstasy, joy, rapture
520.0034%1650(ジョ)gradually, slowly, deliberately, gently
520.0034%1651(コウ がみ)buttocks, hips, butt, rear
520.0034%1652(スイ た.らす -た.れ たる)droop, suspend, hang, slouch
520.0034%1653(キョウ)shout, exclaim, yell
510.0033%1655(リョウ)mausoleum, imperial tomb
510.0033%1656(フ)token, sign, mark, tally, charm
510.0033%1657(ボク ほお)crude, simple, plain, docile
510.0033%1658(シン すすむ くに のぶ)advance
510.0033%1659(シ)gift, seriousness
510.0033%1660(ケツ すぐ まさ)greatness, excellence
500.0033%1661(ハチ)bowl, rice tub, pot, crown
500.0033%1662(キ し)seashore, beach
500.0033%1663(チョウ)stare, watch, look at, see, scrutinize
500.0033%1664(シ こけら)persimmon, shingle
500.0033%1665(ヨウ)hug, embrace, possess, protect, lead
500.0033%1666(セン そろ.う き.る)be complete, uniform, all present
500.0033%1667(マン バン はた は)flag
500.0033%1668(ジョ ごと.し き ゆき)likeness, like, such as, as if, better, best, equal
490.0032%1669(ラン か)orchid, Holland
490.0032%1670(スウ す たかし)adore, respect, revere, worship
490.0032%1671(ダン)podium, stage, rostrum, terrace
490.0032%1672(カン か)intuition, perception
480.0032%1673(コク こ)country
480.0032%1674(ショウ)artisan, workman, carpenter
480.0032%1675(テイ)pavilion, restaurant, mansion, arbor, cottage, vaudeville, music hall, stage name
470.0031%1676(オウ あひる)wild duck, easy mark
470.0031%1677(スイ)decline, wane, weaken
470.0031%1678(カツ つづら か かずら かつら)arrowroot, kudzu
470.0031%1680(リュウ)grains, drop, counter for tiny particles
470.0031%1681(キ いく.つ い)how many, how much, how far, how long
470.0031%1682(コウ たく.む かつ よし)adroit, skilled, ingenuity
470.0031%1683(ボウ)disturb, prevent, hamper, obstruct
470.0031%1684(ボク すの)black ink, India ink, ink stick, Mexico
470.0031%1685(ソク ふさ.ぐ み.ちる)close, shut, cover, block, obstruct
470.0031%1686(サク か.む くら.う くい)shout, chew, eat
470.0031%1687(ボウ とも.しい)destitution, scarce, limited
460.0030%1688(シュウ トウ)repay, reward, retribution
460.0030%1689(キ)rut, wheel, track, model, way of doing
460.0030%1690(テイ さざ りょう)upright, chastity, constancy, righteousness
460.0030%1691(ヨウ うた.う)noh chanting
460.0030%1692(セン)slender, fine, thin kimono
460.0030%1693簿(ボ)register, record book
460.0030%1694(ム ほこ)halberd, arms, festival float
460.0030%1695(チョウ す.ます きよ すみ)lucidity, be clear, clear, clarify, settle, strain, look grave
460.0030%1696(バイ)mediator, go-between
460.0030%1697(カイ かたまり)clod, lump, chink, clot, mass
460.0030%1698(カツ)hoarse, scold
460.0030%1699(ショウ)seduce, call, send for, wear, put on, ride in, buy, eat, drink, catch (cold)
450.0030%1700(グウ)corner, nook
450.0030%1701(シュ か.り かり)hunt, raid, gather
450.0030%1702(ヨウ と.かす)melt, dissolve, thaw
450.0030%1703(エン コウ かた.い)edge
450.0030%1704(ソウ こ)mulberry
450.0030%1705(サン みじ.め むご.い)wretched, disaster, cruelty, harsh
450.0030%1706(チ はじ は.ずかしい)shame, dishonor
450.0030%1707(コウ ひろ.まる ひろ.がる)broad, wide, spacious
450.0030%1708(タン たじ)however, but
440.0029%1709(タン か)forge, discipline, train
440.0029%1711(シ さい)purple, violet
440.0029%1712(テン よど.む)pool, eddy
440.0029%1713(フツ わ.かす)seethe, boil, ferment, uproar, breed
440.0029%1714(ボウ)rod, stick, cane, pole, club, line
440.0029%1715(トウ)lament, grieve over
440.0029%1716(アイ あわ.れむ)pathetic, grief, sorrow, pathos, pity, sympathize
440.0029%1717(ジョウ あま.り)surplus, besides
440.0029%1718(ボウ わき はた び)bystander, side, besides, while, nearby, 3rd person
430.0028%1719(コン たま)soul, spirit
430.0028%1720(ショウ)bell, gong, chimes
430.0028%1721(キン かね にし)brocade, fine dress, honors
430.0028%1722(シ)limb, arms & legs
430.0028%1723(ショウ さ)cosmetics, adorn (ones person)
430.0028%1724(カイ)ashes, puckery juice, cremate
430.0028%1725(オウ)assault, hit, beat, thrash
430.0028%1726(トウ とい て とよ)water pipe, gutter, downspout, conduit
430.0028%1727(マイ くら.い)dark, foolish
430.0028%1728(シュウ ひろ.う)pick up, gather, find, go on foot
430.0028%1729(キョウ はざま き)gorge, ravine
430.0028%1730(ギョウ こ.らす こご.らせる)congeal, freeze, stiff, be absorbed in
430.0028%1731(グウ)accidentally, even number, couple, man & wife, same kind
420.0028%1732(ヒン)repeatedly, recur
420.0028%1733(ボウ はか.る はかりごと)conspire, cheat, impose on, plan, devise, scheme, have in mind, deceive
420.0028%1734(リン リョウ)design, figured cloth, twill
420.0028%1735(トウ)cylinder, pipe, tube, gun barrel, sleeve
420.0028%1736(ロク ふち とし)fief, allowance, pension, grant, happiness
420.0028%1737(シ まつり)enshrine, worship
420.0028%1738(ゴク)prison, jail
420.0028%1739(サ すな)sand
420.0028%1740(マツ)rub, paint, erase
420.0028%1741(ジ しげ めぐみ)mercy
410.0027%1742(カ)pot, pan, kettle
410.0027%1743(ソ よみがえ.る)be resuscitated, revived
410.0027%1744(シュウ ふな-)boat, ship
410.0027%1746(チツ ちち)regularity, salary, order
410.0027%1747(ボク むつ.まじい むつ.ぶ むつ よし む)intimate, friendly, harmonious
410.0027%1748湿(シツ しめ.る うるお.う)damp, wet, moist
410.0027%1749(オン めぐみ)grace, kindness, goodness, favor, mercy, blessing, benefit
410.0027%1751(ト つ.く)spit, vomit, belch, confess, tell (lies)
410.0027%1752(ゾク)vulgar, customs, manners, worldliness, mundane things
410.0027%1753(ユウ たす.ける すけ ゆ)help, assist
400.0026%1754(カ かすみ)be hazy, grow dim, blurred
400.0026%1755(タン い)gall bladder, courage, pluck, nerve
400.0026%1757(ジョウ たた.む かさ.なる)tatami mat, counter for tatami mats, fold, shut up, do away with
400.0026%1758(ズイ みず- たま みつ)congratulations
400.0026%1759(コン)descendants, elder brother
400.0026%1760(キ い.み いまわ)mourning, abhor, detestable, death anniversary
390.0026%1762(ワイ くま)corner, nook, recess
390.0026%1763(ジョク)embarrass, humiliate, shame
390.0026%1764(ソ うと.い まば.ら)alienate, rough, neglect, shun, sparse
390.0026%1765(ジョウ きよ.める)clean, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu Dynasty
390.0026%1766(リ もも)plum
390.0026%1767(ショ)commoner, all, bastard
390.0026%1768(ラン ぞれ)storm, tempest
390.0026%1769(ジャク さび さび.れる)loneliness, quietly, mellow, mature, death of a priest
390.0026%1770(ケイ か たま かど)square jewel, corner, angle, edge
390.0026%1771(キョウ)villain, evil, bad luck, disaster
380.0025%1772駿(シュン すぐ.れる する はやし)a good horse, speed, a fast person
380.0025%1774(キ みの)winnowing
380.0025%1775(ロウ)corridor, hall, tower
380.0025%1776(シン)with child, pregnancy
380.0025%1777(ユウ また- やす)or again, furthermore, on the other hand
370.0024%1778(ヨウ たか)hawk
370.0024%1779(レイ こぼ.す)zero, spill, overflow, nothing, cipher
370.0024%1780(ジャ)wicked, injustice, wrong
370.0024%1781(ガイ)above-stated, the said, that specific
370.0024%1782(タク あや)polish
370.0024%1783(セキ うしお いそ)eventide, tide, salt water, opportunity
370.0024%1784(コウ ふさぐ おおむね)for the most part, close up
370.0024%1785(セイ す)nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den
370.0024%1786(ソウ はさ.む)insert, put in, graft, wear (sword)
370.0024%1787(サイ ただ)superintend, manager, rule
370.0024%1788(グ とも.に)both
360.0024%1789(サク)confused, mix, be in disorder
360.0024%1790(レン はちす)lotus
360.0024%1791(ジョウ む.す む.らす)steam, heat, sultry, foment, get musty
360.0024%1792(オン)calm, quiet, moderation
360.0024%1793(バク)vague, obscure, desert, wide
360.0024%1794(ドウ とう)den, cave, excavation
360.0024%1795(ジョウ デキ すじ)article, ray of light
360.0024%1796(キョク あきら てる)rising sun, morning sun
360.0024%1797(コウ さき)headland, cape, spit, promontory
360.0024%1798(スン す)measurement, foot/10
360.0024%1799(ショウ)scout, sentinel
360.0024%1800(トク)hide, shelter, shield
360.0024%1801(カン い.れる)box (archaic)
360.0024%1802(トウ かぶと)helmet, head piece
360.0024%1803(ソウ)Buddhist priest, monk
350.0023%1805(ウ ゴ えびす)barbarian, foreign
350.0023%1806(キュウ きわ.める きわ.まり)hard up, destitute, suffer, perplexed, cornered
350.0023%1807(ケイ たにがわ)mountain stream, valley
350.0023%1808(カン あ.えない)daring, sad, tragic, pitiful, frail, feeble
340.0022%1810(バツ)clique, lineage, pedigree, faction, clan
340.0022%1811(ドン にぶ.る なま.る)dull, slow, foolish, blunt
340.0022%1813(シュ す ま)pearl, gem, jewel
340.0022%1814(ケツ きよ)undefiled, pure, clean, righteous, gallant
340.0022%1815(ゾウ にく.い にく.しみ)hate, detest
340.0022%1817(ジン は き.る ち)blade, sword, edge
330.0022%1818(ライ いかずち)thunder, lightening bolt
330.0022%1819(フ)kettle, cauldron, iron pot
330.0022%1820(ラ)naked, nude, uncovered, partially clothed
330.0022%1821(ネン ニン みのり とし なり ね)harvest, ripen
330.0022%1822(コ か.らす)wither, die, dry up, be seasoned
330.0022%1823(ヒン うるわ.しい あきら よし)refined, gentle
330.0022%1824(ホン)bustle, run
330.0022%1825(フ と.む と)enrich, wealthy, abundant
330.0022%1826(トン ショウ どんぶり)bowl, bowl of food
320.0021%1827(カク ひろ)enclosure, quarters, fortification, red-light district
320.0021%1828(ホウ)praise, extol
320.0021%1829(シュウ -くさ.い にお.い)stinking, ill-smelling, suspicious looking, odor, savor, fragrance, be fragrant, stink, glow, be bright
320.0021%1830(フ)skin, body, grain, texture, disposition
320.0021%1832(イ)stomach, paunch, crop, craw
320.0021%1833(ショウ と.ぶ か)soar, fly
320.0021%1834(スイ)chic, style, purity, essence, pith, cream, elite, choice
320.0021%1835(ゾウ しの の)also N3428, bamboo grass
320.0021%1836(ソウ)parch, dry up
320.0021%1837(チン まくら)pillow
320.0021%1838(アイ)push open
320.0021%1839(サツ)be imminent
320.0021%1840(カ とつ.ぐ)marry into, bride
320.0021%1841(ゴ くれ ぐ)give, do something for
320.0021%1842(ヒョウ)bag, bale, sack, counter for bags
310.0020%1843(ロク)foot of a mountain
310.0020%1844(シン たつ とき のぶる しんのたつ)sign of the dragon, 7-9AM, 5th zodiac sign
310.0020%1845(ホ フ がま かま)bullrush, flag, cattail
310.0020%1846(モウ こうむ.る くら.い)ignorance, darkness, get, receive, be subjected to, sustain, Mongolia
310.0020%1847(タイ)womb, uterus
310.0020%1848(バク)truss, arrest, bind, tie, restrain
310.0020%1849(シュク つつし.む)solemn, quietly, softly
310.0020%1850(ドウ ひとみ あきら)pupil
310.0020%1851(ヨウ おけ)tub, bucket
310.0020%1852(シャ はす)diagonal, slanting, oblique
310.0020%1853(ケイ いこ.う)recess, rest, relax, repose
310.0020%1854(ヘイ しで)cash, bad habit, humble prefix, gift, Shinto offerings of cloth, rope, cut paper
310.0020%1856(レイ みね)peak, summit
310.0020%1857(エン うた)banquet, feast, party
310.0020%1858(カン)yell, cry, scream
300.0020%1859(チン しず.まる しげ ちか)tranquilize, ancient peace-preservation centers
300.0020%1860(セン うつ.す)transition, move, change
300.0020%1862(ジュウ けだもの)animal, beast
300.0020%1863(ボ おす おん-)male
300.0020%1864(グ)foolish, folly, absurdity, stupid
300.0020%1865(ホウ)stipend, salary
290.0019%1866(シュウ す わせ)eagle
290.0019%1867(キュウ はと やす)pigeon, dove
290.0019%1869(ジョウ)brew, cause
290.0019%1870(シ)part of speech, words, poetry
290.0019%1871(ルイ)accumulate, involvement, trouble, tie up, continually
290.0019%1872(リョウ かて)provisions, food, bread
290.0019%1873(チツ)plug up, obstruct
290.0019%1874(モウ)blind, blind man, ignoramus
290.0019%1875(チ おろか)stupid, foolish
290.0019%1876(デイ デ どろ ひじ)mud, mire, adhere to, be attached to
290.0019%1877(ショウ たなごころ)manipulate, rule, administer, conduct, palm of hand
290.0019%1878(ヒ)front door, title page, front page
290.0019%1880(シ)sign of the snake, 9-11AM, 6th zodiac sign, serpent
290.0019%1881(ヒ き み)queen, princess
290.0019%1882(また ばた)crotch, thigh, groin, (kokuji)
280.0018%1883(バク)barley, wheat
280.0018%1885(ユウ くに お おお)village, rural community, right-side B rad
280.0018%1886(ジン)swift, fast
280.0018%1887(ゾク)burglar, rebel, traitor, robber
280.0018%1888(トン)pork, pig
280.0018%1890(ハン)clan, enclosure
280.0018%1891(ボウ)obese, fat
280.0018%1893(ハン)water in which rice has been washed
280.0018%1894(ユウ ユ わき)boil, ferment, seethe, uproar, breed
280.0018%1895(ビ こずえ)sculling oar
280.0018%1896(キョウ はさ.む わきばさ.む)pinch, between
280.0018%1897(フ)aid, help, assist
280.0018%1898(コン うら.めしい)regret, bear a grudge, resentment, malice, hatred
280.0018%1900(リョウ)dormitory, hostel, villa, tea pavillion
270.0018%1901(カン いさ.める)admonish, dissuade
270.0018%1902(シュ は.れる は.らす はれもの)tumor, swelling
270.0018%1903(コウ たかし)swamp, shore
270.0018%1904(ガ ぐらむ)tile, gram
270.0018%1905(ユウ)seclude, confine to a room
270.0018%1906(キョウ たかし)high, boasting
270.0018%1907(ボン およ.そ すべ.て なみ みな)mediocre
270.0018%1908(キョウ う.ける たか とおる)receive, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch
260.0017%1909(サツ さっ)Buddha
260.0017%1910(ホウ ぬい)sew, stitch, embroider
260.0017%1911(コウ つな ひろ)large
260.0017%1912(キョウ)rectify, straighten, correct, reform, cure, control, pretend, falsify
260.0017%1913(ボン)basin, lantern festival, tray
260.0017%1914(リョウ かり)game-hunting, shooting, game, bag
260.0017%1915(ツイ つち しい)oak, mallet
260.0017%1916(ドン ど)cloudy weather, cloud up
260.0017%1917(ニン しの.ばせる おし)endure, bear, put up with, conceal, secrete, spy, sneak
260.0017%1918(ショウ のぼる)measuring box, 1.8 liter
250.0016%1919(ホウ あ.かす あき)sated, tired of, bored, satiate
250.0016%1922(チョウ)intestines, guts, bowels, viscera
250.0016%1923(シン まこと)sire, good belt, gentleman
250.0016%1924(ソ あら-)coarse, rough, rugged
250.0016%1925(テキ う)flute, clarinet, pipe, whistle, bagpipe, piccolo
250.0016%1926(ヒ)tombstone, monument
250.0016%1927(ク)type of oak
250.0016%1928(チョウ かきもの)quire (of paper), bundle of seaweed, counter for screens, notebook
250.0016%1929(ジツ み まこと.に みち.る さな みつ)truth, reality
250.0016%1930(ホウ あき.れる)be amazed, disgusted, shocked
240.0016%1932(チョウ キョウ)nimble, late-going
240.0016%1933(シュ そう)consult
240.0016%1934(タン)extend, deep, large
240.0016%1935(コウ)agreement, consent, comply with
240.0016%1936(シ)crack, flaw, scratch, speck
240.0016%1937(ロ)hearth, furnace, kiln, reactor
240.0016%1938(シ つ.かる -づけ)pickling, soak, moisten, steep
240.0016%1939(ショウ)name of Chinese river, the Sagami river
240.0016%1940(シツ くしけず.る)comb
240.0016%1941(ロウ)watchtower, lookout, high building
240.0016%1942(ト ます とます)Big Dipper, 10 sho (vol), sake dipper
240.0016%1943(ソク とら.える)catch, capture
240.0016%1944(ショク ぬぐ.う)wipe, mop, swab
240.0016%1945(コウ あわ.ただしい)disconcerted, be confused, lose one's head
240.0016%1946(ユウ ゆ)permanence, distant, long time, leisure
240.0016%1947(モウ ミョウ たけし はる つとむ はい)chief, beginning
240.0016%1948(ジョ ついで)confer, relate, narrate, describe
230.0015%1949(ヘイ もち)mochi rice cake
230.0015%1950(セン うでわ くし)bracelet
230.0015%1951(ソウ)thicket, bush, underbrush, grove
230.0015%1952(ハイ はら.む)embryo
230.0015%1953(テツ セイ)rice field ridge path
230.0015%1954(エン さ ざる)monkey
230.0015%1955(トウ ほ- とも.す)nonstandard for J825
230.0015%1956(キ)Zelkova tree
230.0015%1957(ソウ つかさ へや)cadet, friend
230.0015%1958(カイ)kidnap, falsify
230.0015%1959(セン おう)fan, folding fan
230.0015%1960(ヘイ)two-mat area, ~36 sq ft
230.0015%1961(シ あき つぎ ひで)heir, succeed
220.0014%1963(カツ)control, wedge
220.0014%1964(ガ じ)bud, sprout, spear, germ
220.0014%1965(ロ よし あ)reed, rush
220.0014%1968(ビン へい ぺ)flower pot, bottle, vial, jar, jug, vat, urn
220.0014%1969(ヤ じじい じじ)old man, grampa
220.0014%1970(シツ うる)lacquer, varnish
220.0014%1971(テイ はしご だい)ladder, stairs, insatiable drinking
220.0014%1972(ショウ さ)extract, selection, summary, copy, spread thin
210.0014%1973(ケイ かお.る か きよ かほる)fragrant, balmy, favourable
210.0014%1974(カン が)leisure
210.0014%1975(チョウ なべ)sake bottle
210.0014%1976(サク)vinegar, sour, acid, tart
210.0014%1977(フ)proceed, get, become, tend
210.0014%1978(コウ ひら)equilibrium, measuring rod, scale
210.0014%1980(セン)rush matting
210.0014%1981(エン その あや)garden, farm, park
210.0014%1982(モウ カウ)decrease
210.0014%1983(シン まこと さな まこ まつ)truth, reality, Buddhist sect
210.0014%1985(シュク すく よし)graceful, gentle, pure
210.0014%1986(セツ)bungling, clumsy, unskillful
210.0014%1987(コウ ホウ とうる ゆき なが とおる)undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch
200.0013%1988麿(まろ ま)I, you, (kokuji)
200.0013%1989(セイ さば)mackerel
200.0013%1990(ホウ ほ)bee, wasp, hornet
200.0013%1991(ジャ イ へび あぶ)snake, serpent, hard drinker
200.0013%1992(セキ せい)stature, height
200.0013%1993(テイ テチ と.じる つづり)compose, spell, write, bind (books)
200.0013%1995(ヘン)volume, chapter, book, editing, compilation
200.0013%1996(ワ くぼ.む くぼ.まる)depression, cave in, sink, become hollow
200.0013%1997(ガン もてあそ.ぶ)play, take pleasure in, trifle with, make sport of
200.0013%1998(アン いお あ いほり)hermitage, retreat
200.0013%1999(バイ うた.う)songs with samisen
200.0013%2000(バツ カ き.る う.つ)fell, strike, attack, punish
190.0012%2001(シン たい やす)Manchu dynasty, name given to naturalized gaijin
190.0012%2002(スイ)drowsy, sleep, die
190.0012%2003(ハ ワ)lute
190.0012%2004(ビ)glissando on strings, lute
190.0012%2005(ソン)barrel, cask, keg
190.0012%2006(シュ あ あき)vermilion, cinnabar, scarlet, red, bloody
190.0012%2007(オ おい.て ああ)at, in, on, as for
190.0012%2008(チョウ とぶら.う)condolences, mourning, funeral
190.0012%2009(ヘイ)abuse, evil, vice, breakage
190.0012%2010(ホウ ね)peak, summit
190.0012%2011(イ)military officer, jailer, old man, rank
190.0012%2012(キ たの.しむ うらし)glad, pleased, rejoice
190.0012%2013(ゴ)recreation, pleasure
190.0012%2014(ジュ シュウ のろ.い のろ.う)spell, curse, charm, malediction
190.0012%2015(シャ おろし)wholesale
180.0012%2016(ジュン クン な.らす)get used to, experienced, tamed
180.0012%2017(レン)tempering, refine, drill, train, polish
180.0012%2018(ヘン)everywhere, times, widely, generally
180.0012%2019(テン は.る)stick, paste, apply
180.0012%2020(ボウ かたち)form, appearance, countenance
180.0012%2021(ゾウ くら かく.れる)hide, own, have, possess
180.0012%2022(キュウ うす)mortar
180.0012%2023(ガ ふ.せる)bend down, bow, lie prostrate
180.0012%2024(ゼン かしわ そな.える ぜ)small low table, tray
180.0012%2025(ケイ かか.る)tie, fasten, chain, tether, connect
180.0012%2026(チ)fine (i.e. not coarse)
180.0012%2027(ジョウ ゆたか しげ)good crops, prosperity
180.0012%2028(コク たけ)cereals, grain
180.0012%2029(テキ したた.る)drip, drop
180.0012%2030(カ え)lotus tree
180.0012%2031椿(チン つばき つば)camellia
180.0012%2032(ト ズ ふさ.ぐ)woods, grove
180.0012%2033(く.う じき)eat, drink, receive (a blow), (kokuji)
170.0011%2034(セキ)vessels, no. of ships, fish, birds, arrows, one of a pair
170.0011%2035(ヨウ)far off, distant, long ago
170.0011%2037(チョウ トウ はじめ とし はつ)beginning
170.0011%2038(ウ からす なんぞ)crow, raven
170.0011%2039(タン なだ だな)open sea
170.0011%2040(カン)coffin, casket
170.0011%2041(ギョウ あかつき あき あけ さとる)daybreak, dawn, in the event
170.0011%2042(オウ ゴウ うつくし.い)flourishing, successful, beautiful, vigorous
170.0011%2043(タン あき.らか ただし あした)nightbreak, dawn, morning
170.0011%2044(カン)remorse, regret, be sorry
170.0011%2045(フン)aroused, resent, be indignant, anger
170.0011%2046(ユ たの.しむ ゆう)pleasure, happy, rejoice
170.0011%2047(ソン)rumor, gossip, hearsay
170.0011%2048(ソウ おきな)old person
160.0011%2049(シュウ)sleeve, wing (building), extension, give cold shoulder
160.0011%2050(タン)be rent, ripped, unravel, run, begin to open, smile
160.0011%2051(ささ さ しの)bamboo grass
160.0011%2052(ソウ い.る)broil, parch, roast, fry
160.0011%2053(トウ)waves, billows
160.0011%2054(カク バイ がら)husk, nut shell
160.0011%2055(キュウ くつ)decay, rot, remain in seclusion
160.0011%2056(キ)desk, table
160.0011%2057(トン)barracks, police station, camp
160.0011%2058(シ)pay respects, visit, ask, inquire, question, implore
150.0010%2059(テイ う)cormorant
150.0010%2060(ム ブ)fog, mist
150.0010%2061(シュン はやぶさ はや)falcon
150.0010%2062(ラク)dairy products, whey, broth, fruit juice
150.0010%2063(チュウ かも.す)sake
150.0010%2064(テイ)an ancient Chinese province
150.0010%2065(セン)paper, label, letter, composition
150.0010%2066(ケイ とど.める)think, consider, quarrel
150.0010%2067(レイ みが.く と)whetstone, polish
150.0010%2068(はたけ はな)field, farm, garden, (kokuji)
150.0010%2069(チク)livestock, domestic fowl and animals
150.0010%2070(ハン ぐろ)paddy-ridge, levee
150.0010%2071(エン コウ かた.い)abyss, edge, deep pool, the depths
150.0010%2072橿(キョウ もちのき)oak
150.0010%2073(ソウ)vat, tub, tank
150.0010%2074(ザン セン き.る)beheading, kill, murder
150.0010%2075(ショウ ドウ)yearnafter, long for, aspire to, admire, adore
150.0010%2076(ジャク ひ.く)attract, captivate
150.0010%2077(ゲン)bowstring, chord, hypotenuse
150.0010%2078(シャク せき)shaku, Japanese foot, measure, scale, rule
150.0010%2079(イン とも)sign of the tiger, 3-5AM, 3rd zodiac sign
150.0010%2081(コウ はた.く)strike, beat, hit, thrash, criticize
150.0010%2083(カン セン つらぬ.く)shish kebab, spit, skewer
140.0009%2084(メン むぎこ)noodles, wheat flour
140.0009%2086(サイ いろどり)dice, form, appearance, take, coloring
140.0009%2087(リョウ はるか)distant
140.0009%2089(サン かいこ)silkworm
140.0009%2090(シュウ なが.い おさむ なが はる)dried meat
140.0009%2091(ケン きぬ)cocoon
140.0009%2092(ヘキ くせ.に)mannerism, habit, vice, trait, fault, kink
140.0009%2094(ハン フウ ホン ひろ.い ひろ みな)pan-
140.0009%2095(チョウ いたる のぶる とうる のり みつる)stretch
140.0009%2096(ギ たわむ.れる じゃ.れる)frolic, play, sport
140.0009%2097(ヨウ なま.めく)attractive, bewitching, calamity
140.0009%2098(フン)tomb, mound
140.0009%2099(エン せ.く)dam, prevent, stop up
140.0009%2100(コウ か.む)chew, bite, gnaw
140.0009%2101(ギン)versify, singing, recital
140.0009%2102(オツ おと-)the latter, duplicate, strange, witty
130.0009%2103(ホウ おおとり)male mythical bird
130.0009%2104(キ)hungry, starve
130.0009%2105(ジャク サク すずめ ざく)sparrow
130.0009%2106(マン)soldering iron, trowel, curling iron, flat iron
130.0009%2107(シン にぎ.やか にぎ.わう)flourish, be bustling, prosperity
130.0009%2108(エイ うた.う うた ええ)recitation, poem, song, composing
130.0009%2109(ホウ きざ.す きざ.し もえ)show symptoms of, sprout, bud, malt
130.0009%2110(ボウ かや ち)miscanthus reed
130.0009%2111(ゼン)darning, repair, mend, trim, tidy up, adjust
130.0009%2112(ヨウ)boil, carbuncle
130.0009%2113(コン)mark, foot print
130.0009%2114(ハイ)string of many pearls
130.0009%2115(カ)ornamental hairpin
130.0009%2116(ソウ さわ.やか)refreshing, bracing, resonant, sweet, clear
130.0009%2117(ソウ つま-)claw, nail, talon
130.0009%2118(スイ -だ.き い)cook, boil
130.0009%2119(ソウ あつ.まる)port, harbor
130.0009%2120(レン きよ)bargain, reason, charge, suspicion, point, account, purity, honest, low price, cheap, rested, contented, peaceful
130.0009%2121(シュウ)captured, criminal, arrest, catch
120.0008%2122(フク ふぐ)abalone
120.0008%2123(タン タ テン)dappled grey horse
120.0008%2124(ベン むち)whip, rod
120.0008%2125(サン ひる)garlic
120.0008%2127耀(ヨウ ひかり あかる)shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle
120.0008%2128(キ)figured cloth, beautiful
120.0008%2130(ハ)winnow, fan
120.0008%2131(サイ くだ.ける)smash, break, crush, familiar, popular
120.0008%2132(ベツ)glance at
120.0008%2133(ジン はなは.だしい じ)tremendously, very, great, exceedingly
120.0008%2134(シ おこ.す)kindling fire
120.0008%2135(イ のし の.す)flatiron, smooth out
120.0008%2136(ダク にご.る にごり)voiced, uncleanness, wrong, nigori, impurity
120.0008%2137(キ)vapor, steam
120.0008%2138(ショ)dawn, daybreak
120.0008%2139(ホウ)lift up, give, offer, consecrate, sacrifice, dedicate
120.0008%2140(オウ あた.る こた.える)answer, yes, OK, reply, accept
120.0008%2141(ソウ そうじて ふさ)all
120.0008%2142(コツ ゆるが.せ ぬ)in a moment, instantly, all of a sudden, neglect, disregard
120.0008%2143(キ)good, beautiful, badge
120.0008%2144(とうげ)mountain peak, mountain pass, climax, crest, (kokuji)
120.0008%2145(タン やす)level, wide
120.0008%2146(リ さと)officer, an official
110.0007%2147(チョウ)sea bream, red snapper
110.0007%2148(デン あゆ あい)freshwater trout, smelt
110.0007%2149(キョウ ほほ)cheek
110.0007%2150(イン)rhyme, elegance, tone
110.0007%2151(セイ)departed, die
110.0007%2152(シャ)pardon, forgiveness
110.0007%2154(ソウ)seaweed, duckweed
110.0007%2155(ゾク まぶし)gather together
110.0007%2156(ガイ か.る かり かん)cutting (grass)
110.0007%2157(コ もも)thigh, crotch, yarn, strand
110.0007%2158(ル いと)thread
110.0007%2159(ロウ かご こも.る ごめ)basket, devote onself, seclude oneself, cage, coop, implied
110.0007%2160(ゼン しずか)Zen, silent meditation
110.0007%2161(ヘキ)sphere, ball
110.0007%2162(リュウ)lapis lazuli
110.0007%2164(ヒン め-)female
110.0007%2165(カ)whirlpool, eddy, vortex
110.0007%2166(トン)primeval chaos
110.0007%2167(ハン まだら い)spot, blemish, speck, patches
110.0007%2168(シ)flag, banner, streamer
110.0007%2169(カン かん.する みだら)wicked, mischief, seduce, rape, noisy
110.0007%2170(コク こつ)country
110.0007%2171(ハク へ.ぐ む.く は.がれる は.げる)come off, peel, fade, discolor
110.0007%2172(セイ さむ.い すさ.まじい)uncanny, weird, threatening, horrible
110.0007%2173(ジョウ)superfluous, uselessness
110.0007%2174(ブ あなず.る)scorn, despise, make light of, contempt
100.0007%2176(ジ え えさ)food, bait, prey, tempting profit
100.0007%2177(シ めす)feminine, female
100.0007%2178(ケイ わた.る)path
100.0007%2179(リョ とりこ)captive, barbarian, low epithet for the enemy
100.0007%2180(イン かげ)shade, shadow, backing assistance
100.0007%2181(ケイ くき)stalk, stem
100.0007%2182(ドウ)trunk, torso, hull (ship), hub of wheel
100.0007%2184(ハン ほだ.す)bonds, fetters
100.0007%2185(コン)dark blue, navy
100.0007%2188(エン ここに)how, why, then
100.0007%2189(コウ ほん)deluge, flood, vast
100.0007%2190(シャ サイ セイ あら.う)wash, sprinkle
100.0007%2191(ダン まゆみ)cedar, sandlewood, spindle tree
100.0007%2192(さかき)sacred Shinto tree, (kokuji)
100.0007%2193(スウ とぼそ)hinge, pivot, door
100.0007%2194(レキ)calendar, almanac
100.0007%2195(サン ま.く)scatter, sprinkle, give them the slip
100.0007%2196(カク つか.まえる)catch, seize, grasp, hold, arrest, capture
100.0007%2197(ガイ)rue, be sad, sigh, lament
100.0007%2198(シュウ うれ.い)distress, grieve, lament, be anxious
100.0007%2199(コウ のり)cavity, hole, slit, very, great, exceedingly
100.0007%2200(シツ しか.る)scold, reprove
100.0007%2201(キュウ まや)barn, stable
100.0007%2202(ヒ いや.しむ)lowly, base, vile, vulgar
100.0007%2203(ボツ おこ.る)suddenness, rise
100.0007%2204(ジ さむらい かみ)waiter, samurai, wait upon, serve
90.0006%2205(ガ)starve, hungry, thirst
90.0006%2206(ダ)drop, trickle, dripping
90.0006%2207(ゲキ ケキ す.く ひま)crevice, fissure, discord, opportunity, leisure, also N5013
90.0006%2208(ゴ)boiled butter
90.0006%2209(ダイ テイ)whey, good Buddhist teaching
90.0006%2210(ホウ むか.える あい)meeting, tryst, date, rendezvous
90.0006%2211(テツ)transfer, alternation
90.0006%2212(ウ)roundabout way
90.0006%2213(リ レイ)jasmine
90.0006%2214(シュン みつ)type of morning glory, rose of Sharon, althea
90.0006%2215(カン たて たち)mansion, large building, palace
90.0006%2216(ヤ か)question mark
90.0006%2217(ビン わな)trap, snare
90.0006%2218(ソウ す.べる)rule
90.0006%2219(ゾク ソク もみ あ そう)millet
90.0006%2220(リョウ いつ)angle, edge, corner, power, majesty
90.0006%2221(ユウ はかりごと)
90.0006%2222(セン い.る いり)broil, parch, roast, boil
90.0006%2223(ホウ)boil, cook
90.0006%2224(カイ つぶ.す つい.える)crush, smash, break, dissipate
90.0006%2225(カツ)thirst, dry up, parch
90.0006%2226(ラク)Kyoto, the capital
90.0006%2227(セン)plug, bolt, cork, bung, stopper
90.0006%2228(エイ ひき)pull, tug, jerk, admit, install, quote, refer to
90.0006%2230(チョク はかど.る)make progress
90.0006%2231(ザ くじ.く)crush, break, sprain, discourage
90.0006%2232(エン ウン うらみ)grudge, show resentment, be jealous
90.0006%2233(バ ばあ)old woman, grandma, wet nurse
90.0006%2234(ヘイ)fence, also N1103, wall
90.0006%2235(トツ)convex, beetle brow, uneven
90.0006%2236(カン あきら)strong, just, righteous, peace-loving
80.0005%2237(ガイ むくろ)bone, body, corpse
80.0005%2238(ケイ)neck, head
80.0005%2239(ハン)partition, understand
80.0005%2241(ガン かりがね)wild goose
80.0005%2242(タ イ ジ ななめ)steep
80.0005%2243(フク ヒョク せま.る)urge, force, imminent, spur on
80.0005%2245(ケツ わかれ.る)separation, part, secret
80.0005%2246(カツ)brown, woollen kimono
80.0005%2248(ゲイ う.える わざ)art, craft, performance, acting, trick, stunt
80.0005%2249(シュウ ふ.く)thatch, cover, shingle, tile
80.0005%2250(マン よろず かず ゆる)10000
80.0005%2251(カ)counters for things
80.0005%2252(ギ いそ)rock, beach, shore
80.0005%2254(ガン)cancer, cancerous evil
80.0005%2255(シン はしか)measles, sickness
80.0005%2256(ハン わずら.う)anxiety, trouble, worry, pain, ill, annoy, nuisance, irksome
80.0005%2257(トウ と)waves, billows
80.0005%2258(ゴウ ごう.も)fine hair, brush, not at all
80.0005%2259(ワイ いが.む ひず.む)warp, bend, strained, distort
80.0005%2260(ナン ゼン くす くず)camphor tree
80.0005%2261(ケイ さとい さと さとる とし)wise
80.0005%2262(コツ ほ.れる)fall in love with, admire, grow senile
80.0005%2263(コ)arc, arch, bow
80.0005%2264(ガイ ギ きし)cliff, bluff, precipice
80.0005%2265(ガイ スイ)cliff, bluff, precipice
80.0005%2266婿(セイ)bridegroom, son-in-law
80.0005%2267(チン ちり)dust, trash, garbage
80.0005%2268(シュウ チュ くりや)kitchen
80.0005%2269(リュウ ころ.す らう)axe, kill
80.0005%2270(キン わずか)a wee bit
80.0005%2271(エン われ)I, myself
70.0005%2273(イン ウン)fall
70.0005%2274(ジョウ)lock, fetters, shackles
70.0005%2275(セイ さ.める)awake, be disillusioned, sober up
70.0005%2276(ヘン ほと.り なべ)
70.0005%2277(ト かけ)gamble, wager, bet
70.0005%2278(シュウ むく.いる)enemy, revenge
70.0005%2279(タ わび.しい わ.びる たく)deceive, delude, apologize
70.0005%2280(ミツ)honey, nectar, molasses
70.0005%2281(ケイ)lightning-bug, firefly
70.0005%2282(カイ からし あくた)mustard, rape, dust, trash, rubbish
70.0005%2283(エン なま.めかしい つや.めく もろ)glossy, luster, glaze, polish, charm, colorful, captivating
70.0005%2285(サ うすぎぬ たえ)gauze, gossamer
70.0005%2286(ハク)scrap, waste
70.0005%2287(トク)fervent, kind, cordial, serious, deliberate
70.0005%2288(ショウ)reef, sunken rock
70.0005%2289(ケン)pull, tug, jerk, admit, install, quote, refer to
70.0005%2290(ロウ ひとや)prison, jail, hardness
70.0005%2291(ガ きば きばへん)tusk, fang
70.0005%2292(ラン)be sore, inflamed, bleary, fester
70.0005%2293(ソウ ス くちそそ.ぐ すす.ぐ)gargle, rinse mouth
70.0005%2294(ショ なぎ)strand, beach, shore
70.0005%2295(ヒツ)ooze, flow, soak in, penetrate, secrete
70.0005%2296(キツ きっ)mandarin orange
70.0005%2297(カ かんば から かん)birch
70.0005%2298(カイ ひ)Japanese cypress
70.0005%2299(ボウ なにがし)so-and-so, one, a certain, that person
70.0005%2300(キョウ コウ りょう)apricot
70.0005%2302(テキ ぬ.く)excel in, surpass, pull out, select
70.0005%2303(フン ヘン やつ.す)impersonate, dress up, disguise, thin shingles
70.0005%2304(ヘン)level, small
70.0005%2305(ガク)surprised, frightened
70.0005%2306(イ)rejoice, enjoy
70.0005%2307(ホウ)stray, wander, loiter
70.0005%2308(ロウ いじく.る いじ.る たわむ.れる)play with, tamper, trifle with
70.0005%2309(ソウ)dwell, Sung dynasty
70.0005%2310(ダ お.ちる くず.れる)degenerate, descend to, lapse into
70.0005%2311(フ つか)wharf
70.0005%2312(コウ)pit, hole
70.0005%2313(ソウ ソ)throat
70.0005%2315(エイ)intelligence, imperial
70.0005%2316(にお.う にお.わせる おり さぎ)fragrant, stink, glow, insinuate, (kokuji)
70.0005%2317(ゴ さ.える ひ.える さえ)be clear, serene, cold, skilful
70.0005%2318(チョ もう.かる たくわ.える)be profitable, yield profit
70.0005%2319(ヨウ ユウ)effigy
70.0005%2320(コウ)marquis, lord, daimyo
70.0005%2321(ブツ ほとけ さらぎ)France
70.0005%2322(ゴ くみ)5, 5-man squad, file, line
70.0005%2323(コツ キ コチ)beg, invite, ask
60.0004%2324(キク)malt, yeast
60.0004%2325(ウツ ふさ.ぐ)gloom, depression, melancholy
60.0004%2326(ヘン だま.す)deceive
60.0004%2327(イ あめ)rice jelly, candy
60.0004%2328(トン にわか.に つまず.く ぬかずく)suddenly, immediately, in a hurry
60.0004%2329(ケツ おおが.い)page, leaf
60.0004%2330(スウ ジュ ひよこ)chick, squab, duckling, doll
60.0004%2331(タク すず)large hand bell
60.0004%2332(チュウ シュ い.る)casting, mint
60.0004%2334(チク)pursue, drive away, chase, accomplish, attain, commit
60.0004%2335(ソウ あと)remains, clue, footprint
60.0004%2336(ガン)counterfeit, forgery
60.0004%2337(サン たた.える さぬ)praise, title on a picture
60.0004%2338(カン)admonish, dissuade
60.0004%2339(ケイ けい.する いた.る)visit a temple
60.0004%2340(コ はかま)men's formal divided skirt
60.0004%2342(マン はびこ.る)vine, tendril, influence, connections, good offices, spread, sprawl, thrive, rampant, powerful
60.0004%2343(シ う.える まい まき)sow (seeds)
60.0004%2344(ボ)kind of grass, sacred tree
60.0004%2345(ジン え)bean
60.0004%2346(フ はす)lotus, Mt Fuji
60.0004%2347(ハク)liner, ship
60.0004%2348(ゼイ セツ よわい)brittle, fragile, easy to beat, sentimental, susceptible
60.0004%2349(セン うらや.む)envious, be jealous, covet
60.0004%2350(ケン ジュン)kimono design
60.0004%2351(キュウ)twist, ask, investigate, verify
60.0004%2352(キ まれ)rare, phenomenal, dilute (acid)
60.0004%2353(キン とりこ)bird, captive, capture
60.0004%2354(カ)calamity, misfortune, evil, curse
60.0004%2355(カン)look, see
60.0004%2356(カ うり う)melon
60.0004%2357(ル るり)lapis lazuli
60.0004%2358(リ たぬき)tanuki, raccoon
60.0004%2359(ク いぬ)puppy, dog
60.0004%2360(タク サク)frying, explosion
60.0004%2361(シャク やく)miraculous
60.0004%2362(ユウ ユ)boil, ferment, seethe, uproar, breed
60.0004%2363(エイ も.らす も.れる)leak, escape
60.0004%2364(セツ も.れる)leak
60.0004%2365(キュウ くみ)draw (water), ladle, scoop, pump
60.0004%2366(ジュン)martyrdom, follow by resigning
60.0004%2367(シ)catalpa tree
60.0004%2368(ホウ)companion, friend
60.0004%2369(アイ)dark, not clear
60.0004%2370(ネン ね.じる ひね.くる)twirl, twist, play with
60.0004%2371(ゴウ)torture, beat
60.0004%2372(ボ)pining, yearn for, love dearly, adore
60.0004%2373(シュン トン あつし まこと つとむ)sincere, kind, considerate
60.0004%2374(レイ リョウ さと.い さと)wise
60.0004%2376(ハ うずまき とも)comma-design
60.0004%2377(ガク たき)peak
60.0004%2378(サ)steep, craggy, rugged
60.0004%2379(エン -あて あたか.も)address, just like, fortunately
60.0004%2380(ニク しし し)muscles, meat
60.0004%2381(コ しゅうと しばらく)mother-in-law
60.0004%2382(イ えみし たい.らげる し)barbarian, savage, Ainu
60.0004%2383(はなし)talk, (kokuji)
60.0004%2384(ケン かまびす.しい)noisy, boisterous
60.0004%2385(チョウ つる.す)suspend, hang, wear (sword)
60.0004%2386(キョウ すく.う ただ ただす まさし ひと)correct, save, assist
60.0004%2387(メイ くら.い)dark
60.0004%2388(ホウ)emulate, imitate
60.0004%2389(ユウ すす.める あつむ ゆき)urge to eat
50.0003%2390(テイ)three legged kettle
50.0003%2391(フ)light wheat-gluten bread
50.0003%2392(カイ さけ ふぐ)salmon
50.0003%2394(テキ かぶらや)arrowhead
50.0003%2395(カイ よろ.う)put on armor, arm oneself
50.0003%2396(ショウ あつ.める かね)spindle, gather, collect
50.0003%2397(ボウ ほこ)halberd, arms, festival float
50.0003%2398(シャ)intercept, interrupt, obstruct
50.0003%2399(ソ さかのぼ.る)go upstream, retrace the past
50.0003%2400辿(テン たどり)follow (rod), pursue
50.0003%2401(レキ きし.る)run over
50.0003%2402(テツ わだち)rut, wheel track
50.0003%2403(キュウ たけ)strong and brave
50.0003%2404(シ たま.う)grant, gift, boon, results
50.0003%2405(ヒン)V.I.P., guest
50.0003%2406(オウ うた.う)extol, declare, express
50.0003%2407(ガク あご)speaking the truth
50.0003%2408(ジュン はか.る)consult with
50.0003%2409(シ うかが.う)peep, peek, come in sight
50.0003%2410(キン)collar, neck, lapel
50.0003%2411(タイ あ.せる)fade, discolour
50.0003%2413(カ えび えみ)shrimp, prawn, lobster
50.0003%2415(ソウ)thicket, bush, underbrush, grove
50.0003%2416(シン まき)fuel, firewood, kindling
50.0003%2417(エン ぞの)garden, yard, farm
50.0003%2418(ヘイ フツ おお.い)cover, shade, mantle, capsize, be ruined
50.0003%2419(キ まもる)hollyhock
50.0003%2420(ジョウ きのこ しげ.る)mushroom
50.0003%2421(タイ こけら)moss, lichen
50.0003%2422(コウ)body cavity
50.0003%2423(ウ めぐ.る)crouch
50.0003%2425(クツ いわや あな)cavern
50.0003%2427(セキ)large, great, eminent
50.0003%2429(ワイ みだり.に)obscene
50.0003%2430(ジ なんじ その ちか み)you, thou, second person
50.0003%2431(シャク)baron, peerage, court rank
50.0003%2433(チョウ す.む)
50.0003%2434(イツ あふ.れる)overflow, inundate, spill
50.0003%2435(コン にご.る)all, turbidity
50.0003%2436(セツ)name of a Chinese river
50.0003%2437(モク あら.う)wash
50.0003%2438(ハン)spread out, wide
50.0003%2439(キ)chest, coffer, tub
50.0003%2440(カイ ひ)Japanese cypress
50.0003%2441(シン はしばみ はい)hazelnut, filbert
50.0003%2442(シュウ なら)oak
50.0003%2443(セイ ずみ)live, dwell
50.0003%2444(ショウ くすのき)treetops, twig
50.0003%2445(ショ きね き)wooden pestle
50.0003%2446(ヨウ あき)shine, flourishing
50.0003%2447(サン せん.する えら.ぶ)composing, editing, compiling, selecting
50.0003%2448(ソウ)scratch, rake, comb, paddle, behead
50.0003%2449(ケイ めぐ.む)blessing, grace, favor, kindness
50.0003%2451(カイ まわ.る もとお.る めぐ.らす ざこ)round, game, revolve, go around, circumference
50.0003%2453(ガ)high mountain
50.0003%2454(カ)widow, minority, few
50.0003%2455(ギ わざおぎ)stretch, singing girl, geisha, prostitute
50.0003%2456(モウ みだ.りに)delusion, unnecessarily, without authority, reckless
50.0003%2457(ド やっこ ぬ)guy, slave, manservant, fellow
50.0003%2459(ト)fence, railing, enclosure
50.0003%2460(カク)menacing, dignity, majesty, threaten
50.0003%2461(コウ)throat, voice
50.0003%2462(トン の.む)drink
50.0003%2463(オオ オウ)female phoenix bird
50.0003%2464(リョウ)endure, keep (rain)out, stave off, tide over, defy, slight, surpass
50.0003%2465(チョウ)wither, droop, lame
50.0003%2466(ヤ じ)peace, government, cure, heal, rule, subdue, patch
50.0003%2467(エン)false charge, hatred
40.0003%2468(サイ とき)Buddhist food, room, religious purification, worship, avoid, alike
40.0003%2469(レイ くろ.い れ)dark, black, many
40.0003%2470(シ くちひげ)beard, mustache
40.0003%2471(ヨウ ヨ)satiety
40.0003%2472(ケイ)neck, head
40.0003%2473(ジン サ サツ しな.やか ゆき)soft, pliable, quiver
40.0003%2474(フ つ.く ずき)affixed, attach, refer to, append
40.0003%2475(ホウ)dagger, sword's point, festival car, float
40.0003%2476(ショウ)a kind of miso
40.0003%2477(シュウ しこ)ugly, unclean, shame, bad looking
40.0003%2478(シャク)bartending, serving sake, the host, draw (water), ladle, scoop, pump
40.0003%2479(アツ きし.む)squeak, creak, grate
40.0003%2480(セキ あと)remains, traces, footprint
40.0003%2481(フ うた)levy, ode, prose, poem, tribute, installment
40.0003%2482(キ)lie, deceive
40.0003%2483(キョ すそ)cuff, hem, foot of mountain
40.0003%2484(サ)Buddhist surplice
40.0003%2485(セン せみ)cicada
40.0003%2486(ホウ よもぎ)sagebrush, wormwood, mugwort
40.0003%2487(ガイ コウ けだ.し かさ)cover, lid, flap
40.0003%2488(ブ)wild grape, Portugal
40.0003%2489(ドウ)grape vine, wild grape
40.0003%2490(コウ にかわ)glue, isinglass
40.0003%2491(シツ)knee, lap
40.0003%2492(チュウ)elbow, arm
40.0003%2493(ジ しこ.うして しか.も すなわち しかるに)rake
40.0003%2494竿(カン)pole, rod, scale beam, violin neck
40.0003%2495(ヨウ)kiln, oven, furnace
40.0003%2496穿(セン は.く)put on (to the feet), dig, pierce, drill
40.0003%2498(ギ シ ただ)national or local god, peaceful, great
40.0003%2499(ワン)porcelain bowl, tea cup
40.0003%2500(シ キイ と と.ぐ たいら.にする)whetstone, grindstone
40.0003%2501(ビ まゆ)eyebrow
40.0003%2502(ソウ シュウ やせ.る)get thin
40.0003%2503(ヨウ かさ)itchy
40.0003%2504(ソ よみがえ.る)be resuscitated, revived
40.0003%2505(エイ ヨウ あきら え)sparkle of jewelry, crystal
40.0003%2506(サン あき.らか きら.めく)brilliant
40.0003%2507(エン つばくら)swallow (bird)
40.0003%2508(ラン)large waves
40.0003%2509(ロウ たき)waterfall, rapids, cascade
40.0003%2510(シン)juice, broth
40.0003%2511(ラン みだ.りがましい)excessive, overflow, spread out
40.0003%2513(アク うるお.う あつし)kindness
40.0003%2514(コウ ひろ たけし)sparkling water
40.0003%2515(タ おご.る よな.げる)luxury, select
40.0003%2516(キュウ まり)burr, ball
40.0003%2517(オウ さくら)cherry
40.0003%2518(テン まき)twig, ornamental evergreen
40.0003%2519(エイ さか.える え)flourish, prosperity, honour, glory, splendour
40.0003%2520(ボウ かじ ふだ)rudder, oar, name plate
40.0003%2521(ヨウ やなぎ やな)willow
40.0003%2522(コン こうり しきみ)pack, tie up, bale
40.0003%2523(カン)marking post
40.0003%2524(コウ)beam, girder, spar, unit or column (accounting)
40.0003%2525(つが)hemlock, (kokuji)
40.0003%2526(シュ ひいらぎ)holly
40.0003%2527(サク たち)conjunction (astronomy), first day of month
40.0003%2528(コウ むな.しい)wide, worthless
40.0003%2529(コウ)sky, big
40.0003%2530(セキ)reject, retreat, recede, withdraw, repel, repulse
40.0003%2531(ジュウ も.める)rub, massage, shampoo, debate vigorously, train, coach, worry, get in trouble
40.0003%2532(バン ひき)saw, turn (lathe), grind
40.0003%2533(ヒョウ つか.れる たの.む)possess, haunt
40.0003%2534(イ おも.んみる おも.うに ただ のぶ)consider, reflect, think
40.0003%2535(シ)selfish, arbitrary
40.0003%2537(カイ エ)wandering
40.0003%2538(ミ いや あまねし とおい ひさ.しい ゆ)
40.0003%2539(ヒ おお.う)protect, shield, defend, eaves, canopy, penthouse, visor
40.0003%2540(ヘイ おお.う びょう.ぶ)wall, fence
40.0003%2541(セン さき)be pointed, sharp, taper, displeased, angry, edgy
40.0003%2543(ジョウ)lass, girl, Miss, daughter
40.0003%2544(ビ こび)flatter, humor, flirt
40.0003%2545(キョウ こう かん)Chinese surname, ginger
40.0003%2546(エン たちまち あま)cover
40.0003%2547(コ)jar, pot
40.0003%2548(イチ ひとつ い)I (one)
40.0003%2549(ノウ ふくろ)pouch, purse, bag
40.0003%2550(シ たしな.み この.み)like, taste, modest
40.0003%2551(ウ ああ)weep, ah, alas
40.0003%2552(シュク よし)uncle, youth
40.0003%2553(エン アン ユウ いや いと.う)get tired of, satiate, bore
40.0003%2554(コウ かぎ まがり)be bent, slope, capture
40.0003%2555(テイ そ.る)shave
40.0003%2556(オウ へこ.む)concave, hollow, sunken
40.0003%2557(カ キャ とぎ)nursing, attending, entertainer
40.0003%2558(ソク ほの- ほの.めく)be seen dimly, suggest, intimate, faint, stupid, hint
40.0003%2559(サ ち.と いささか)a little bit, sometimes
30.0002%2561(コウ ひしくい)large bird, wild goose
30.0002%2563(ロ)foolish, Russia
30.0002%2564(ギ)high, large
30.0002%2565(カ かご しのぐ)vehicle, palanquin, litter, hitch up an animal
30.0002%2566(キョウ もてな.す あい)banquet
30.0002%2567(サツ さっ.と)suddenly, smoothly
30.0002%2568(ガク あぎと)jaw, chin, gill
30.0002%2569(ガン うなず.く)nod approval
30.0002%2570(ショウ さや)sheath, case, margin, difference, shells (of beans)
30.0002%2572(サン)make fire by rubbing sticks
30.0002%2573(シン さ.す)needle
30.0002%2574(メイ)sweet sake
30.0002%2576(ユウ なが ひよみのとり)sign of the bird, west (sake rad)
30.0002%2577(スウ しゅう)place name
30.0002%2578(ジュン)abide by, follow, obey, learn
30.0002%2579(ソン へりくだ.る)humble, modest
30.0002%2580(カ)(used phonetically)
30.0002%2582輿(ヨ こし)palanquin, bier
30.0002%2583(スウ しゅ はし.る)run, go, quick, tend towards
30.0002%2584(セイ もら.う)get, have, obtain
30.0002%2585(ヒョウ)leopard, panther
30.0002%2586(テイ あき.らめる つまびらか)abandon, give up
30.0002%2587(リョウ まことに あき まこと)fact, reality, understand, appreciate
30.0002%2588(オウ あお)opaque sliding door
30.0002%2589(ショウ もすそ)skirt
30.0002%2592(テイ な.ぐ か.る)mow down (the enemy)
30.0002%2593(バ ショク みずたで)a kind of grass
30.0002%2594(ラ ぜんまい)an edible fern
30.0002%2596(ヨウ はす)lotus
30.0002%2598(コ まこも)reed used for matting
30.0002%2599(バク マク ナイ なか.れ)must not, do not, be not
30.0002%2600(マツ マ み)jasmine
30.0002%2601(バイ いちご)strawberry
30.0002%2602(テイ)rowboat, small boat
30.0002%2603(ブ まい ます ます)dancing radical
30.0002%2604(セイ へそ)navel
30.0002%2605(ヘイ と.う)invite
30.0002%2606(コウ あつもの)hot soup
30.0002%2607(ケイ ケ)ruled line
30.0002%2608(ケン あがた)
30.0002%2609(テン)seal-style characters
30.0002%2611(ソウ こと)a koto
30.0002%2613(ソ)tariff, crop tax, borrowing
30.0002%2614(ネ ナイ)ancestral shrine
30.0002%2615(シ まつる)small shrine
30.0002%2616(ショウ)nitrate, saltpeter
30.0002%2618(ボウ モ せ)furrow, 30 tsubo, ridge, rib
30.0002%2619(イ かしこ.まる かしこ.し)fear, majestic, graciously, be apprehensive
30.0002%2620(ソウ こしき)rice-steaming pot
30.0002%2621(リ あき)glassy, lapis lazuli
30.0002%2622(メ)agate, onyx
30.0002%2623(ノウ)agate, onyx
30.0002%2624(コ)jewelled utensil
30.0002%2625(カ が)jewel
30.0002%2627(キュウ たま ひさ)beautiful black jewel, nine
30.0002%2628(ハク)archaic part of Korea, lion-dog shrine guards
30.0002%2629(キ ひか.る よろこ.ぶ あきらか ひろ.まる)bright, sunny, prosperous, merry
30.0002%2630(クン ふす.べる いぶ.る くゆ.らす)
30.0002%2631(セン おだ.てる)fan, flap, instigate, agitate, bolster up, gulp down
30.0002%2632(キ ひか.る よろこ.ぶ あきらか ひろ.まる おき)shine
30.0002%2633(タン あわ.い)frankly, simply
30.0002%2634(ゼン)steadily, gradually advancing, finally, barely
30.0002%2635(リュウ たま.る したた.る ため)collect, gather, be in arrears
30.0002%2636(ハツ とびち.る)sprinkle, lively, vigorous
30.0002%2637(ヨウ オク)fertility
30.0002%2638(キ こわ.す こわ.れる やぶ.る)break, destroy, censure, be chipped, be scratched, be broken, be ruined
30.0002%2639(タイ ほとほと あやうい)almost, quite, really
30.0002%2640(ロ)wax tree
30.0002%2641(ロ おおだて)oar, tower
30.0002%2642(テン まき)twig, Chinese black pine
30.0002%2643(ソ いばら すわえ)whip, cane
30.0002%2645(カン)shield, pole
30.0002%2646(サン かけはし さ)scaffold, cleat, frame, jetty, bolt (door)
30.0002%2647(キュウ ひちぎ)bier, coffin
30.0002%2648(ユ ジク)citron
30.0002%2649(コン)citrus, orange
30.0002%2650(ジョウ)staff, cane
30.0002%2651(キ てる)shine, light
30.0002%2652(ナツ さ.す)press, print, affix a seal, stamp
30.0002%2653(ネツ ネチ ね.る)knead, mix
30.0002%2654(チョウ ぬ.く)counter for guns, inksticks, palanquins, rickshaws, bravely volunteer
30.0002%2655(ケツ こじ.る)gouge, hollow out, bore, pry
30.0002%2656(ソク いた.む みうち)grieve
30.0002%2657(リツ おそ.れる)fear
30.0002%2658(ジョ ゆる.す)excuse, tolerate, forgive
30.0002%2659(キョウ ひる.む おじる おそ.れる)cowardice, wince, flinch, hesitate, waver
30.0002%2661(スイ ケイ ほうき とし)comet
30.0002%2662(チ たる.む たゆ.む ゆる.み)slacken, relax
30.0002%2664(コウ)fork in road, scene, arena, theater
30.0002%2665(ガン いわお よし)rock, crag, boulder
30.0002%2666(ガン いわお よし)rock, crag, boulder
30.0002%2667(キ さい)steep, promontory
30.0002%2668(ショウ)wee hours, evening, early night
30.0002%2669(ジュ つま)mistress, weak
30.0002%2671(シツ ねた.む)jealous, envy
30.0002%2672(ベン)bear (children)
30.0002%2673(イン)matrimony, marry
30.0002%2674(ソ あね)elder sister, maidservant
30.0002%2675(ト ねた.む つも.る)jealous, envy
30.0002%2676(ジュ シュウ ことぶ.く かず とし ひさし)longevity, congratulations
30.0002%2678(テン は.まる うず.める ふさ.ぐ まき)fill in
30.0002%2679(ザ すわ.る そぞろに)sit
30.0002%2680(ショク たの.む)entrust, request, send a message
30.0002%2681(ユ さと.す)
30.0002%2682(テイ)bark, chirp, cry
30.0002%2683(ダ つば)saliva, sputum
30.0002%2684(ホ ふく.む)nurse, suckle
30.0002%2685(イン エツ むせ.る の.む)choked, smothered, stuffy
30.0002%2686(タ しか.る)clicking (with tongue)
30.0002%2687(トツ しか.る はな)pshaw, god forbid
30.0002%2688(ヤク)unlucky, misfortune, bad luck, disaster
30.0002%2689(ケイ きみ)you, lord, secretary, state minister
30.0002%2690(ボウ う あきら い)sign of the hare, 5-7AM, 4th zodiac sign, rabbit, east
30.0002%2691(ボク うらない うら ぼくのと)divining, fortune telling
30.0002%2692(モチ ブツ なか.れ)not, must not, do not, be not
30.0002%2693(ガイ)censure, criminal investigation
30.0002%2694(ショウ)recommend, work hard, beautiful
30.0002%2696(ト うさぎ)rabbit, hare
30.0002%2697(イン まこと.に まこと まさ すけ ちか)license, sincerity, permit
30.0002%2698(ケン つづまやか)frugal, economy, thrifty
30.0002%2699(ガ)sudden, abrupt, improvised
30.0002%2700(ライ く.る きた.す き.たる)come, due, next, cause, become
30.0002%2701(タ わび.しい ほか)proud, lonely
30.0002%2702(キュウ あだ かたき)foe, enemy, revenge, grudge, feud
20.0001%2703(セイ そろ.う ひと.しく はやい ひとし)alike, equal, similar, Saito
20.0001%2704(コク くぐい)swan
20.0001%2705(キ イ しび)tuna
20.0001%2706(ハク ぶち まだら)refutation, contradiction
20.0001%2707(チ は.せる)run, gallop, sail, drive (a wagon), win (fame), dispatch
20.0001%2708(ジョウ ゆたか ぬう よ)abundant
20.0001%2709(マン)bean-jam dumpling, manjuu
20.0001%2710(アン)bean jam
20.0001%2711(セン)farewell gift
20.0001%2712(ハク ビョウ)suitcase, bag, briefcase
20.0001%2713(カク つる)quick, sudden
20.0001%2714(スイ これ)although, however
20.0001%2715(ズイ タ)name of a Chinese dynasty
20.0001%2716(キョウ せま.い)narrow
20.0001%2717(コウ)small side gate
20.0001%2718(セキ すず)copper, tin
20.0001%2719(キョ のこ)saw (cuts wood)
20.0001%2720(ケン つぐ.む)shut up
20.0001%2721(キン)equal, important point
20.0001%2722(テイ くぎ)nail, tack, peg
20.0001%2723(ユウ)glaze, enamel
20.0001%2725(トン のが.れる)flee, escape, shirk, evade, set free
20.0001%2726(キュウ み)body, self
20.0001%2728(カク あか)suddenly
20.0001%2729(キン)discreet, reverently, humbly
20.0001%2730(トウ)mimeograph, copy
20.0001%2731(イ いい いわゆる)reason, origin, history, oral tradition
20.0001%2732(ショウ ズ よ.む)recite, chant
20.0001%2733(セン かい あき)discussion, methods called for, selection, result
20.0001%2734(ジン シン と.う)request, question, investigate
20.0001%2735(ケ)a coarse camlet
20.0001%2736(キン)quilt, bedding
20.0001%2737(チュウ)inmost, heart, mind, inside
20.0001%2740(チツ ちっ.する)hibernation of insects
20.0001%2741(ショク)eclipse, occultation, be defective
20.0001%2744(シツ ひる えび)leech
20.0001%2746(レイ)dragonfly, moon moth
20.0001%2747(ソウ はやい)flea
20.0001%2748(ボウ)gadfly, horsefly
20.0001%2750(ウン)pile up
20.0001%2751(ライ)bud (plants, mushrooms not yet opened)
20.0001%2752(ブ かぶ あれる)turnip
20.0001%2753(ケツ)bracken, fernbrake
20.0001%2754(チョウ たつ)vine, ivy
20.0001%2755(ソウ)stone leek, Welsh onion
20.0001%2756(イ しお.れる しぼ.む)wither, droop, lame
20.0001%2757(チョ からんし)hemp, flax
20.0001%2758(カ さいな.む からい)torment, scold, chastise
20.0001%2759(スウ ス)grass cutting, hay
20.0001%2760(キン せい)parsley
20.0001%2761(ヨ あずか.る ともに)participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause
20.0001%2763(ダイ うてな つかさ)stand, counter for vehicles
20.0001%2764(タイ)thigh, femur
20.0001%2765(フ)viscera, bowels
20.0001%2766(エイ かげ.る きぬがさ くもり)hold aloft
20.0001%2767(シ つばさ)(insect) wings, fly, merely
20.0001%2768(オウ お)venerable old man
20.0001%2769(バ)abuse, insult
20.0001%2770(エイ)crown string, breast harness
20.0001%2771(チュウ ひも)string, cord, braid, lace, tape, strap, ribbon
20.0001%2772(コウ)rice bran
20.0001%2773(フン)shit, feces, excrement
20.0001%2774(ロウ かご こも.る ごめ)seclude oneself, cage, coop, implied
20.0001%2775(チョ はし)chopsticks
20.0001%2777(タン)bamboo rice basket
20.0001%2778(セイ)reed, guide for yarn on a loom
20.0001%2779(ス け)lunch box, clothes chest
20.0001%2780(ドウ わらわ おわ.る)end, finish
20.0001%2781(ハイ ひえ)humble, deccan grass
20.0001%2782(ウ)name of a Chinese emperor
20.0001%2783(レイ ひろ)
20.0001%2784(スイ たた.り)curse, haunt
20.0001%2785(レキ こいし)small stones
20.0001%2786(サイ)fort, stronghold, entrenchments
20.0001%2787(ワイ ひく.い)low, short
20.0001%2788(コ)blind person
20.0001%2789(マン バン だま.す)deception
20.0001%2792(コウ ひか.る あきら あき ひろし)white, clear
20.0001%2794(リュウ こぶ)lump, swelling
20.0001%2795(ヒキ ソ あし)head, no. of animals
20.0001%2796(カ きず)flaw, blemish
20.0001%2798(レン)refine metals, kneading over fire
20.0001%2799(ホウ ほう.じる)fire, roast
20.0001%2800(セイ ジュウ きよ.い)pure water, clear water, pool in a river
20.0001%2802(カン なみ)wide & large
20.0001%2803(ヒン)shore, brink, verge
20.0001%2804(バク ホウ ホク たき)waterfall
20.0001%2805(ジュ ぬれ.る ぬ.れる うるお.い うるお.す)get wet, damp, make love
20.0001%2806(ホウ)turbulent water
20.0001%2808(メイ くら.い)dark, ocean
20.0001%2809(タン しず.む かん)fill, wear (a smile)
20.0001%2810(ハイ)sound of waves
20.0001%2812(イン さかん)flourishing
20.0001%2813(シ こ.の)this, current, next, coming, last, past
20.0001%2814(カン まさ)goodwill, article, section, friendship, collusion
20.0001%2815(キン コン よろこ.び やすし し)take pleasure in, rejoice
20.0001%2816(キョ)keyaki, zelkova tree
20.0001%2817(キン ゴ)pear, apple
20.0001%2818(カイ えんじ)type of Japanese pagoda tree
20.0001%2819(ツイ)hammer, mallet
20.0001%2821(すぎ)Japanese cedar, cryptomeria
20.0001%2822(ロ ひさし)a kind of quince
20.0001%2823(サク しがら.む とりで ませ)stockade, fence, wier, entwine around
20.0001%2824(シャ そ やまぐわ つ)wild mulberry
20.0001%2826(ハ わ)kind of rake
20.0001%2827(コウ わたる)stake, post, picket
20.0001%2828(ソウ ゾウ か.って)once, before, formerly, ever, never, ex-
20.0001%2829(レン)tighten, stiffen
20.0001%2830(カク つか.む)abduct
20.0001%2831(ジョウ はら.う)chase away, steal
20.0001%2832(ブ な.でる なで む)stroke, pat, smooth down
20.0001%2833(ショウ ロウ ひだ する)rub, fold, print (on cloth)
20.0001%2834(ヤ)tease, play with
20.0001%2835(イツ シュウ い)bow with arms folded, come together, assemble
20.0001%2836(ヨウ ユ)pull, tease, play with
20.0001%2837(ショウ はや.い かつ)victory, fast
20.0001%2838(カツ キツ)be imminent
20.0001%2839(オウ イク ねじ.れる す.ねる)crooked, twisted, distorted, perverted, cross
20.0001%2840(タイ)be crowned with, live under (a ruler), receive
20.0001%2841(ワク イキ あるい)some, one, or, possibly, a certain
20.0001%2842(ジュツ)7-9PM, 11th zodiac sign, dog
20.0001%2843(ボ つちのえ)5th calendar sign
20.0001%2844(ザン くい.る)
20.0001%2845(モン もだえ.る)be in agony, worry
20.0001%2847(コウ ほ.れる)unclear, senile, stupid, joke
20.0001%2849(イ)same kind
20.0001%2850(ニ ふた.つ)II, two, second
20.0001%2851(ヨウ つね やす)commonplace, ordinary, employment
20.0001%2852(コウ)7th, 7th calendar sign
20.0001%2853(スイ)commander, leading troops, governor
20.0001%2854(ソウ ほうき)broom
20.0001%2855(ギ たかし)high
20.0001%2856(スウ かさ たか.い たかし たけ)be aggravated, grow worse, grow bulky, swell
20.0001%2857(ジ)tower, soar
20.0001%2859(グウ ドウ かこつ.ける よ.る)temporary abode, keep, imply, suggest
20.0001%2860(ヨウ はらみ)become pregnant
20.0001%2862(エン)beauty of face
20.0001%2863(テツ ジチ イチ おい)niece
20.0001%2864(コウ ほり)trench, dugout, air raid shelter
20.0001%2865(コン)ground-breaking, open up farmland
20.0001%2866(ギョウ)high, far
20.0001%2867(タイ うずたか.い)piled high
20.0001%2868(コン ひつじさ.る)divination sign, land, earth
20.0001%2870(エン まる まど.か つぶら)yen, circle, round
20.0001%2871(サツ はや.す)play (music), accompany, beat time, banter, jeer, applaud
20.0001%2872(カ かまびす.しい)noisy
20.0001%2873(シ)laugh, ridicule
20.0001%2874(サ あ なげ.く)be satisfied, grieve, ah
20.0001%2875(タク トク つつ.く くち ばし)peck, pick up
20.0001%2876(テン うなり)groan, roar
20.0001%2877(カン みな)all, same
20.0001%2878(ハイ ほえ.る)bark, howl, cry
20.0001%2880(キョウ かな.う かの)grant, answer
20.0001%2881(サ サイ)fork of road, crotch
20.0001%2882(ラツ)opposed, biased
20.0001%2883(いかのぼり)kite, (kokuji)
20.0001%2884(キ つくえ)table, table enclosure
20.0001%2885(ジュン じゅん.ずる のり みずもり)correspond to, proportionate to, conform, imitate
20.0001%2886(レツ きよ.い)cold
20.0001%2887(チュウ よろい)lineage, helmet
20.0001%2888(ヘキ ヘイ ひが.む)prejudice, bias, rural area
20.0001%2889(キョウ きゅう)temporary home
20.0001%2890(サイ しの.ぶ)recollect, remember
20.0001%2891(リョ とも)companion, follower
20.0001%2892(ネイ よこしま)flattery, insincerity
20.0001%2893(テン つくだ)cultivated rice field
20.0001%2894(ショ ショウ あき)moreover, also, furthermore
10.0001%2895(ベツ すっぽん)snapping turtle
10.0001%2896(タイ)blackened eyebrows
10.0001%2897(ケン セン)saltiness
10.0001%2898(オオ オウ)parrot, parakeet
10.0001%2900(ア)crow, raven
10.0001%2901(ガン かりがね)wild goose
10.0001%2902(ロ)sea bass
10.0001%2903(ソン ザン)salmon trout
10.0001%2904(セツ)codfish, (kokuji)
10.0001%2905(マン うなぎ)eel
10.0001%2907(いわし)sardine, (kokuji)
10.0001%2908(シ ぶり かます)yellowtail
10.0001%2909(サイ えら)gills, gill slits
10.0001%2910(シュウ かじか どじょう)bullhead
10.0001%2912(チョウ かれい)sole, flatfish, flounder
10.0001%2913(ソウ)horse mackerel
10.0001%2914(サ)sushi, seasoned rice
10.0001%2915(ショウ シュ)loose, dishevelled, pore, cavity in overboiled daikon
10.0001%2916(キョク わげ)topknot
10.0001%2919(シュウ はせ.る)run, suddenly
10.0001%2920(ク か.る)run, gallop, advance
10.0001%2921(セン そな.える)food, offering
10.0001%2923(ギョウ コウ)gyoza
10.0001%2924(ヒョウ つむじかぜ)turn over, wave
10.0001%2925(ヒン しか.める)scowl, raise eyebrows
10.0001%2926(テン たお.れる)overturn, summit, origin
10.0001%2927(カ)grain (e.g. rice)
10.0001%2928(ハ かたよ.る)prejudiced, exceedingly
10.0001%2929(ショウ つぐ)music, spring
10.0001%2930(キュウ にら)leek
10.0001%2931(イ なめしがわ)tanned leather
10.0001%2932(ダツ だっ)proper name
10.0001%2933(タン タツ なめしがわ)smooth
10.0001%2934(ジン サ サツ うつお ゆぎ)soft, pliable, quiver
10.0001%2935(ヨウ ふさ.ぐ)softening, mitigation
10.0001%2936(レイ しもべ)slave, servant, prisoner, criminal, follower
10.0001%2937(アイ せま.い)narrow, obstruct
10.0001%2938(ショウ)go up, climb
10.0001%2939(ロウ せま.い)narrowness, meanness, humbleness
10.0001%2940(ビン あわ.れむ)grieve, be sad, pity
10.0001%2941(サク うが.つ)chisel
10.0001%2942(トウ たかつき)stirrup
10.0001%2943(タン つば)sword guard, hilt
10.0001%2944(ハン あしかせ)hatchet, vanadium
10.0001%2945(ソウ やり)spear, lance, javelin
10.0001%2946(ヨウ と.かす よん)fuse, melt
10.0001%2947(ショウ くわ)hoe with long blade at acute angle
10.0001%2948(ショウ さび)tarnish
10.0001%2949(セイ かね)bell, gong, chimes
10.0001%2950(デン かんざし)ornamental hairpiece
10.0001%2951(ジュン もっぱら あつい)pure sake', purity, affection
10.0001%2952(ラン あわ.す)remove astringency, bleach in water
10.0001%2953(タン)place name
10.0001%2954(カン)place name, tree cricket
10.0001%2955(ヘン ほと.り なべ)
10.0001%2956(ジ ちか.い)approach, near, close
10.0001%2957(カイ)meet unexpectedly
10.0001%2958(ヨウ)far off, distant, long ago
10.0001%2959(シュン)saunter, go back
10.0001%2960(シャ は.う むか.える)crawl, creep, grovel, trail (vines)
10.0001%2961(トウ とど.まる)stop
10.0001%2962(テイ たがいに)relay, in turn, sending
10.0001%2963(コウ まみ.える)meet
10.0001%2964(テキ みち.びく いた.る すすむ いたる)edify, way, path
10.0001%2965(テン ころ.げる ころ.ぶ うたた)
10.0001%2966(レン てぐるま)palanquin
10.0001%2967(ヤク くびき)yoke
10.0001%2968(リン ふ.む)edge forward, trample
10.0001%2970(チュウ シュウ ためら.う)hesitate
10.0001%2971(チョ ためら.う)hesitate
10.0001%2972(ジュウ)step on
10.0001%2973(カ)sitting in the lotus position
10.0001%2974(シ はや.い)footprint, remains
10.0001%2975(ヒ)strength, power
10.0001%2976(シ)offering, sacrifice
10.0001%2977(タン むさぼ.る)covet, indulge in
10.0001%2978谿(ケイ たにがわ)valley
10.0001%2979(ドク トウ)
10.0001%2982(カイ やわ.らぐ)harmony
10.0001%2983(ソウ いさか.う いさ.める)quarrel
10.0001%2984(ヒ そし.る)ridicule, slander
10.0001%2986(ガ いぶか.る)doubt
10.0001%2987(カ なま.り)accent, dialect
10.0001%2988(たすき)cord to hold up sleeves, (kokuji)
10.0001%2989(リ うら)reverse, inside, palm, sole, rear, lining, wrong side
10.0001%2990(エイ)descendant, border
10.0001%2991(ほろ)hood, top, awning, cover
10.0001%2992(ゲン てら.う)show off, display, pretend
10.0001%2994(シツ)cricket, grasshopper
10.0001%2995(シュツ)cricket, grasshopper
10.0001%2996(ラ にな)a small, edible, helical fresh water mollusk
10.0001%2997(ケン)an edible river snail
10.0001%2998(ア かえる)frog
10.0001%2999(タン)barbarian, egg
10.0001%3000(コウ よびな)
10.0001%3001(ロ よし)reed, rush
10.0001%3002(ロ ル)butterbur, bog rhubarb
10.0001%3003(ベツ なみ.する さげす.む)ignore, despise, neglect, ridicule
10.0001%3004(シン リョウ)luxurious grass, a smartweed
10.0001%3005(シュウ あつ.まる)gather
10.0001%3006(ショウ まこも)reed
10.0001%3007(ヤク)pollen pod at tip of stamen, type of tall grass
10.0001%3008(カ あし)reed
10.0001%3009(イ しな.びる な.える あし)reed, bullrush
10.0001%3011(ライ あかざ こうがい)goosefoot, pigweed
10.0001%3012(ガ)type of thistle
10.0001%3013(エン)straw mat
10.0001%3014(ジョ ゆ.でる)boil, seethe
10.0001%3015(イン)cushion, mattress
10.0001%3016(シ ここ.に)here
10.0001%3017(ボウ)wide, extensive
10.0001%3018(セン)madder, red dye, Turkey red
10.0001%3019(ミョウ ちゃ)tea
10.0001%3021(ボウ モウ のぎ)pampas grass, beard (grain)
10.0001%3022(ソウ くさ)grass radical
10.0001%3023(ショウ ソウ)counter for ships
10.0001%3024(ジク チュウ へさき)bow, prow
10.0001%3025(ホウ もやいぶね)moor, berth
10.0001%3026(セン ふな-)
10.0001%3027(オク むね)timidity, heart, mind, fear, cowardly
10.0001%3032(ヒ こむら)calf (of leg)
10.0001%3034(コウ)accompaniment for drinks
10.0001%3036(ソウ みみざと.い あきら)wise, fast learner
10.0001%3037(レン つら.ねる)party, gang, clique
10.0001%3038(ギョウ つまだ.てる)excellence
10.0001%3040(リ かか.る)catch, get
10.0001%3041(ヒ や.める)quit, stop, leave, withdraw, go
10.0001%3042(テン まつ.わる まと.める まと.い)wear, wrap, tie, follow around, collect
10.0001%3043(エキ たずね.る)pull out
10.0001%3044(カイ)picture, drawing, painting, sketch
10.0001%3045(ジョウ ただ.す)rope, cord
10.0001%3046(リョウ めぐ.る)put on, twist around
10.0001%3047(シュウ)sew, figured cloth
10.0001%3048(コウ しろぎぬ)stripe
10.0001%3049(カン と.じる)shut, seal
10.0001%3050(ヒ あか)scarlet, cardinal
10.0001%3051(スイ やす.い)peaceful, cheap, grab strap
10.0001%3052(ゲン)string, cord, samisen music
10.0001%3053(チュウ つむ.ぐ)pongee (a knotted silk cloth)
10.0001%3054(コ コツ)paste, glue, sizing
10.0001%3055(イク ジュク かい)rice gruel
10.0001%3056(くめ)used in proper names
10.0001%3057(トウ)rattan, cane
10.0001%3059(レン す みす)bamboo screen, rattan blind
10.0001%3060(サン うば.う)rob
10.0001%3061(サク セキ)rough mat (reeds)
10.0001%3062(シン はり)warning, counsel, presept, needle
10.0001%3064(ハク)foil, gilt
10.0001%3065(ソウ ほうき)broom
10.0001%3066(ケン かけひ)waterpipe, flume
10.0001%3067(バツ ボチ)raft
10.0001%3068(カツ やはず)notch of an arrow, ought, must, should be, expected
10.0001%3069(ジュ た.てる)length, height, warp
10.0001%3070(キ のぞく)lie in wait, spy on, reconnoiter
10.0001%3071(サク つぼ.める)narrow, fold, furl, shrug, pucker, shut, close
10.0001%3072(チュウ おお.い)density
10.0001%3073(ショウ ビン)balances, scales, steelyard
10.0001%3074(カ のぎ)2 branch tree
10.0001%3075(ネ ナイ)ancestral shrine
10.0001%3076(トウ いの.り)pray
10.0001%3077(シ まさに)respectful
10.0001%3078(ヘキ みどり たま)blue, green
10.0001%3079(ハ)arrowhead, weight attached to an arrow by a cord
10.0001%3081(キン ケイ つつし.む)pride, respect
10.0001%3082(チョク チク)luxuriance
10.0001%3084(メイ ミョウ メン つぶ.る くら.い)sleep, dark, close eyes
10.0001%3085(ゲイ にら.み)glaring at, authority, power, scowl at
10.0001%3086(ハイ)chronic illness, getting crippled
10.0001%3087(ソウ かさ)wound, boil, syphilis
10.0001%3088(ケイ ひきつ.る)have a cramp
10.0001%3089(ソ かさ)carbuncle
10.0001%3091(ホウ)smallpox, blister
10.0001%3093(セイ ショウ むこ)nephew
10.0001%3094(ショウ かつ.て)lick, lap up, burn up, taste, udergo, underrate, despise
10.0001%3095(オウ みか もたい)jar, jug, vat
10.0001%3096(シ)high quality porcelain
10.0001%3097(ヒョウ ふくべ)gourd
10.0001%3098(サ くさり)small, chain
10.0001%3099(チン たから)
10.0001%3100(ドウ わる.い)bad
10.0001%3101(ゲイ)lion, the seat of a famous priest
10.0001%3102(ハイ ふだ)label, signboard, medal, mahjong tiles
10.0001%3103(ショウ ゆか)
10.0001%3105(クン ふす.べる いぶ.る くゆ.らす)smoulder, fume, oxidize
10.0001%3106(タツ)foot warmer, (kokuji)
10.0001%3107(ソク ともしび)light, candlepower
10.0001%3108(ラン かん.する)warming sake
10.0001%3110(フン ハン や.く)burn, kindle, build a fire, boil, cook
10.0001%3111(コ たい)torch, signal fire
10.0001%3112(キュウ やいと)moxa cautery, chastisement
10.0001%3113(ショウ)pure, clean
10.0001%3114(シャ は.く だか)evacuation
10.0001%3115(シュン)deep, dredge
10.0001%3116(ゴウ ほり)moat, ditch, canal, Australia
10.0001%3117(デン おり よど.み)sediment, grounds, dregs, stagnant
10.0001%3118(ジュウ しぶ しぶ.る)
10.0001%3120(ソウ はこ.ぶ)rowing, skull, paddle
10.0001%3121(ロク こ.す)manufacture paper, spread out thin, strain, percolate
10.0001%3122(シン にじ.む)imbued with
10.0001%3123(シ おり)dregs, grounds
10.0001%3125(デキ ニョウ おぼ.れる)drown, indulge
10.0001%3126(ケイ たにがわ)valley
10.0001%3127(ユウ あそ.び およ.ぐ)float, swim
10.0001%3128(キョ なんぞ みぞ だかり)ditch, canal, lock
10.0001%3131(リン さみ.しい)lonely, deserted
10.0001%3132(キ)name of a Chinese river
10.0001%3133(コ か.れる こお.る)dry up, mature
10.0001%3134(トク けが.す みぞ)defile, blaspheme, ditch
10.0001%3135(セン よだれ)saliva, slobber
10.0001%3136(シュ)name of a Chinese river
10.0001%3137(ルイ なみだ)
10.0001%3138(シ)name of a Chinese river, snivel
10.0001%3139(オオ ふか.い)deep clear water
10.0001%3140(シン)penetrate, soak in
10.0001%3141(ジョ なれ)you, thou
10.0001%3142(テイ なぎさ て)water's edge, shore, bank
10.0001%3143(キ いき)spirit, mind
10.0001%3144(ヒ たす.ける)help, assist
10.0001%3145(キン つつし.む よし)respect, revere, long for
10.0001%3146(カン おばしま)pen, corral, cell, jail
10.0001%3147(ケキ ふれぶみ)written appeal, manifesto
10.0001%3148(ボク ホク きじ)bark of a tree
10.0001%3150(ロウ)tower, turret
10.0001%3151(ガク ゴウ たの.しむ)music, comfort
10.0001%3152槿(キン)rose of Sharon
10.0001%3153(ソウ やり うつ)spear, lance, javelin
10.0001%3154(ヒ)Japanese nutmeg, plum-yew
10.0001%3155(カイ)square character style, correctness
10.0001%3157(ヤ)coconut tree
10.0001%3158(ショウ)mountain ash
10.0001%3159(リョウ ぐら)type of deciduous tree, grey starling
10.0001%3160(ワン)wooden or lacquered bowl
10.0001%3161(トウ さお)pole a boat
10.0001%3162(テイ にわざくら)flowering almond
10.0001%3163(キョク とげ)thorn, splinter, spine, biting words, briers
10.0001%3165(ボン)Sanskrit, purity, Buddhist
10.0001%3166(キツ き)used in plant names
10.0001%3168(ハク かしわ かや)oak
10.0001%3169(まさ まさき)straight grain, spindle tree, (kokuji)
10.0001%3170(ヨウ はるか)darkness, dimly
10.0001%3171(コ)river willow
10.0001%3172(ロウ)haziness, dreaminess, gloom
10.0001%3173(カイ あ.う あつ.まる あい)meet, party, association, interview, join
10.0001%3174(エイ びき)
10.0001%3175(エツ のたま.わく ひらび)say, reason, pretext, history, past
10.0001%3176(バク ボク)bleach, refine, expose, air
10.0001%3177(カイ くら.い もり)dark, disappear
10.0001%3179(コン くれ)dark, evening, dusk
10.0001%3180(シ こう この ここに)this, thus, such, verbal pause
10.0001%3181(フ)ax, hatchet
10.0001%3182(アツ ワツ めぐ.らす)go around, rule, administer
10.0001%3183(ヒン うるわ.しい たけ)beautiful, harmony of appearance
10.0001%3184(コウ のぼる)strike, beat, hit
10.0001%3185(シュウ おさ.まる)income
10.0001%3186(ネン よ.れる ひね.る)twist, twine, kinky
10.0001%3187(モ バク マク)search, imitate, copy
10.0001%3188(トウ ジョウ おきて)law, commandments, regulations
10.0001%3190(リク ロク ク けず.る)kill
10.0001%3191(ジュウ つわもの えび)warrior, arms, barbarian, Ainu
10.0001%3192(レン こい)in love, yearn for, miss, darling
10.0001%3193(タン はばか.る)hesitate, shrink, awe
10.0001%3194(ショウ ソウ やせ.る)get thin
10.0001%3195(レン あわ.れ)pity, have mercy, sympathise, compassion
10.0001%3196(ガイ ケ ためいき)anger, breathlessness
10.0001%3197(ソク いた.む)be sad
10.0001%3198(ダ)lazy, laziness
10.0001%3199(キ)pulsate, shudder
10.0001%3200(スイ やつ.れる)becoming emaciated, son
10.0001%3201(コウ チョウ あたか.も)just as, as though, fortunately
10.0001%3202(カイ ひろ.い)wide, large, enlarge
10.0001%3203(ジュン まこと)sincere, fear, sudden, blinking
10.0001%3204(ホウ)swelling, sound of drum
10.0001%3205(キョウ つよ.い つよし)strong
10.0001%3206(ド いしゆみ)bow (arrow)
10.0001%3207廿(ジュウ にじゅう はつ)twenty, 20
10.0001%3208(ナイ ノ すなわ.ち)in other words, thou, you, possessive particle
10.0001%3210(カ いえ)house
10.0001%3211(キン おお.い きれ はば)towel, hanging scroll, width
10.0001%3212(イ すで.に はなはだ み)stop, halt, previously, already, long ago
10.0001%3214(カン は.まる)go into, plunge, inlay
10.0001%3216(コン)place name
10.0001%3217(シュン たか.い たか ちか おか)high, steep
10.0001%3218(タイ)old name for a Chinese mountain, Taishan
10.0001%3219(キツ)towering mountains
10.0001%3220(ト ほふ.る)slaughter, butcher, slay
10.0001%3221(キ)exerting strength (aikido)
10.0001%3222(イン ただ.す ちか)an official rank
10.0001%3224(ユウ ゆる.す)soothe, calm, pacify
10.0001%3225(ガク さとる)
10.0001%3226(フ)hatch, incubate
10.0001%3228(シャ)old woman
10.0001%3229(オオ アイ)good-looking, quiet
10.0001%3230(ボ うば)old woman
10.0001%3231(ヨウ うつく.しい)beautiful
10.0001%3232(シャ おご.り)extravagance, luxury
10.0001%3233(ジョウ さかん)large, great
10.0001%3234(ケイ)star, god of literature
10.0001%3235(ボウ)rabbit (zodiac sign)
10.0001%3236(ソウ たけし)
10.0001%3237(ドン びん)bottle, vial, jar
10.0001%3238(カク はなわ はな)projecting tableland or mountain
10.0001%3239(ソ)model, molding
10.0001%3240(ショク へな)clay
10.0001%3241(ヤ の)
10.0001%3242(レツ ラチ かこ.い)picket, limits, be settled
10.0001%3243(コウ あか)dirt, grime, earwax
10.0001%3244(ダン かたまり)association
10.0001%3245(ユウ)game preserve, pasture, garden
10.0001%3246(テン)sing, chirp, warble, chatter
10.0001%3247(ソウ)be noisy
10.0001%3248(キン)shut up
10.0001%3249(チョウ あざけ.る)ridicule, insult
10.0001%3250(ショウ かつ.て な.める)once, before, formerly, ever, never, ex-, lick, lap up, burn up, taste, udergo, underrate, despise
10.0001%3251(リョウ)clear voice
10.0001%3252(ゼン あえ.ぐ)pant, gasp, breathe hard
10.0001%3253(タン くらわ.す)eat
10.0001%3254(カ あに)big brother
10.0001%3255(カイ せ.く せき)cough, clear throat
10.0001%3256(カ しか.る)scold, blow on, reprove
10.0001%3257(コウ イン グ)bark, growl
10.0001%3258(シ)only, free, in addition
10.0001%3259(ハン そむ.く)isobey, defy, go back on, rebel, rebellion
10.0001%3260(キ くさ)grass
10.0001%3263(コウ キョウ)threat, long ages
10.0001%3264(セチ サツ)temple
10.0001%3265(リョウ すず.む うす.い まことに)nice and cool
10.0001%3266(チュウ おきつ わく)offing, open sea, rise high into sky
10.0001%3267(サツ ふみ)no. of books, volume
10.0001%3268(キ ゴ そ.の)that
10.0001%3269(ジ ゲイ ちご)child, young of animals
10.0001%3270(キョウ わる.い)wickedness
10.0001%3272(ジン ことごとく)as it is, because
10.0001%3274(シン せん.する)boastfully usurp
10.0001%3275(ゴウ あなど.る)be proud
10.0001%3276(ヨウ やと.う ひと.しい)employ, hire
10.0001%3277(フ つく でん)tutor
10.0001%3280(カ かり)temporary, interim, assumed (name), informal
10.0001%3281(コウ さいわ.い)happiness, luck
10.0001%3282(くるま)jinricksha, (kokuji)
10.0001%3283(シ)wait, depend on
10.0001%3284(キョウ おとこだて)tomboy, chivalry
10.0001%3285(チョ)stop, linger, appearance, figure, bearing
10.0001%3286(シ た.える)offspring
10.0001%3287(コウ わた.る のぶ)range, reach, extend, cover
10.0001%3288(ウン ここに)say
10.0001%3289(ジョウ すく.う すけ)help

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