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Intelligent Design - It's Just Evolution in Disguise

We put the idiot in epic.

"If you're going to do something, go all the way.  Why be an ordinary half wit when you can be a complete epic idiot!"

Avian Bird Flu or Chicken Dance?

Water-Powered Automobile - Reality or Hoax?

Threats to Your Children's Health
Aspartame and Dihydrogen Monoxide

Mission Statement Why is this site here and how is it different from other origins sites?

Unlocking the Mystery of Life
the Flagellum (bacterial motor) video

Often called the most researched and documented case for Intelligent Design, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" features state-of-the-art computer animation to explain the origins of life via Intelligent Design by challenging Darwinian evolution.  The speakers are a who's who in the Intelligent Design movement.  You might be surprised as to my conclusions.

Evolution, Creation, or Intelligent Design?

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What is the Age of the Earth?
See a Christian Perspective

This Day in History Trivia for you birthday

Cold Fusion Reactor by Jean-Louis Nauglin

Lessons From Cold Fusion

Beware of Science by Press Conference



Epicisms: Thought of the day

Being close-minded is never wondering what you will think tomorrow. (epicidiot)

Yesterday, he couldn't even pronounce "nuclear bomb."  Today he's got his finger on one.

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  • Carl Baugh - Young Earth Creationist and proponent of the belief that men and dinosaurs lived together. Maker of such creationist claims such as the Fossilized Hammer and Giant Human Skeleton.
  • Young Earth Evidence - Popular Young Earth Claims and their rebuttals.
  • Cycling and Weight Lifting - Want to start an argument?  Go to a group of cyclists and ask whether a cyclist should train with weights or not.
  • Bodyweight Exercises - Exercises you can you do almost anywhere

Astrology in the Classroom?
Does Intelligent Design proponent Michael Behe think
astrology is a valid high school subject?  [click here]

More reviews of origins videos
The Privileged Planet - Do we live on a planet specially created for life?
Unlocking the Mystery of Life - What is Irreducible Complexity?
Mount St. Helens - Evidence for Catastrophe or fraud?
And More...

Do we live on a planet that was
specially created for life?

  • Does the size relationship between the Sun and Moon make the Earth unique for scientific exploration?

  • Is the Earth located in the “sweet” spot of the galaxy?

Are these claims valid or pseudoscientific nonsense?

These claims and others are explored in the
"The Privileged Planet"

New Article
EpicIdiot exposes the Young Earth Magnetism hoax
Well, judge for yourself.

New Humor
Inquisition Scientists
The scientists of the Inquisition show that the Bible makes an excellent science text.

More Humor and Cartoons


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