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Snowboard Types, Features, Buying Guides and Shop

A large part of the existence of a rider incontestably revolves around his snowboard. So before you start hitting the slopes, you must first become acquainted with Snowboarding's primary piece of equipment - the Snowboard. Moreover, you must know what a snowboard consists of, what its different elements are, and how it works before you should even try to ride one. Knowing all about Snowboards is a first step to choosing the appropriate board for you. In this section, we are going to teach you all there is to know about Snowboard - from its materials to its maintenance.

Snowboard Types - The Types of Snowboards Types of Snowboards
There are three Different Types of Snowboards available on the market today: Freestyle, Freeride (All Mountain), and Alpine (Carving) Boards. Choosing the right kind of Snowboard can help you fit the type of riding that you do. Check out these snowboards here.

What is a Snowboard - Anatomy and Features of Snowboards Anatomy and Features of Snowboards
This section enumerates the Different Parts of the Snowboard and gives you an overview of its features and characteristics. The Snowboard is the most essential equipment you will need in Snowboarding. Invest in a good one by learning its anatomy and features.

Snowboard Materials and Construction Snowboard Materials and Construction
What are snowboards made of? This article will give you general ideas of How Snowboards are constructed and what they are made of. This article can help you decide on what kind of snowboard can fit your needs. Find out more about it here.

Snowboard Tuning, Maintenance and Repair Snowboard Tuning, Repair, and Maintenance
All basic Snowboard Maintenance, Repair and Tuning can be done at home with the right tools. Of course, you need to take good care of your snowboards. In this section, we will provide you with ways to keep your Snowboard in good condition.

Waxing a Snowboard Waxing a Snowboard
Keep your Snowboard in its optimum performance by waxing it. Know everything about it, from its benefits to how to wax your Snowboard yourself. After that, try it on your board and see the improvement for yourself. Read more about it here.

How to Use Snowboard Locks How to Use Snowboard Locks
Theft on the slopes is fairly common. Unattended pieces of Snowboard equipment and gear would attract the interest of other persons on the slopes. Find out how to protect your snowboards by using a lock in this section.

Snowboard Buying Guide - How to Buy a Snowboard Snowboard Buying Guide
You want to buy your own Snowboarding gear? No need to fret. We have prepared this guide just for you. This guide will help you Choose a Snowboard that will not only enhance your learning and performance in Snowboarding, but also ensure your safety.

Snowboard 101: The Snowboard Buying Guide Snowboard 101: The Snowboard Buying Guide
With all the board information and with your budget determined, you're now capable of deciding on which board you should start off with. now you can be sure you will be making a sound investment.

Snowboarding 101: Determining Your Snowboarding Skill Level Snowboarding 101: Determining Your Snowboarding Skill Level
Snowboarding is taking the slopes by storm. With more and more converts in this winter sport, there are now more boarders than skiers, with increased enrollees for snowboarding in various schools around the world.

Snowboarding 101: All About The Snowboard Length Snowboarding 101: All About The Snowboard Length
Let us run you through the different specifications of the most essential equipment you need for this snow sport.

Snowboarding 101: All About The Snowboard Flexibility Snowboarding 101: All About The Snowboard Flexibility
Remember that variations in flex affect performance. Lighter riders should go for a softer board, and heavier riders would need stiffer boards.

Used Snowboards Used Snowboards
If you know where to look, there are Used Snowboards which are in good condition. Through patience, you might even lay your hands on a board that is barely used.

In our Snowboard Shop...

Shop & Buy a Snowboard Shop & Buy a Snowboard
The board is Snowboarding's primary piece of equipment. In our shop, we offer the largest collection of snowboards on the web! Here you can find advice on what to look out for. Also make sure to read our Snowboard Buying Guide.

Snowboard Tuning Kits Snowboard Tuning Kits
Do not get stuck on-piste with loosened screws! Get a portable Snowboard Tuning Kit that will allow you to fix, adjust and tune your Snowboard on the fly. We offer a wide selection of Snowboard Tuning Kits. You can check it out here in this section.

Snowboard Waxing Kits Snowboard Waxing Kits
Make sure to wax your Snowboard often to guarantee durability and glide. Get a portable Snowboard Waxing Kit that will allow you to fix, adjust and tune your Snowboard. We have a large collection of Snowboard Waxing Kits.

Snowboard Locks Snowboard Locks
Protect your Snowboard with a good Snowboard Lock against theft. We have a collection of Snowboard Locks. Check them out! Click on this section to get a more detailed description of the different Snowboard Locks that we have.

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