Instagram Residency: Marisa Gertz, Instant Perfector

Marisa Gertz of GIFRIENDS was one of our Instagram Residents a little bit ago. Unfortunately, because the last couple of weeks have been terrifyingly (and unusually) busy for all of us here at Lintroller.

Marisa had a project, that she shared through our Instagram called “Instant Perfector.” She compiled the images in a website, to fully depict her vision. We love it. Check it out.


I spend 8 hours a day removing pimples, bruises, blisters, and stretch marks, smoothing blotchy skin, softening sharp shoulder blades, and shrinking waistlines. This is my accounting for what I’ve done.

About Alex Thebez

Alex Thebez is an Indonesian photographer currently based in New York. Alex’s passion for storytelling drives him to portray narratives and imagery through various mediums. Alex is particularly interested in the mundane and everyday. Alex also makes GIFs with the GIFRIENDS collective. Alex loves video games and ramen.