Kite Aerial Photography Demo Workshop

The members of Armadale Camera Club were fortunate to have the opportunity to be given a demo of Kite Aerial Photography by John and Rosie Wells of KAP Armadale.

Initially John gave us an overview of some of the camera rigs and equipment he uses and explained his reason for the particular equipment.

Then it was time to get a view of some of the various kites that are used for Kite Aerial Photography. The kite we were using was a Power Sled M 1.7.

Once the kite was set up, it was time to launch it. It was a little bit blistery so we were not sure if we would be able to get any stability.

Time to attach the camera rig to the kite line – the picavet is the device that keeps the camera level irrespective of the angle of the kite.

John then talks us through setting the camera to interval and gives us some guidance on exposure and focus.

Up, Up and away we go……..

Due to the strong blistery winds, the camera rig was bouncing about way too much, the photographs were very much a hit or a miss – most were a miss unfortunately (Never mind there is always next weekend – here’s hoping for a nice gentle breeze).

It was time to pull in the kite – John and Rosie talking us through what they do.

And finally a very special surprise for the members of Armadale Camera Club – John and Rosie donated the kite, the camera rig and the line and stake to the members of the club to allow us to continue with our kite photography exploits. Watch this space for more photos of our escapades.

A very big thanks to John and Rosie Wells for taking the time to come and give us a demo of KAP and also a massive thank for the donation of the kite and equipment so that Armadale Camera Club can continue with KAP. Thank you both.

More information about KAP can be found on John and Rosies site:


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