Internet Advertising Get the desired traffic to your business

The internet is now the most popular way for people to digest information, so why aren't you advertising on it yet? Our team has experience building our clients online advertising exposure while saving them money. We believe that advertising online doesn't have to be expensive, and we can show you results from statistics that prove our campaigns impact. 

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Google Adwords

Have you ever wondered how some businesses get so much internet traffic? Chances are they advertise on Google, resulting in searches displaying their website at the top of the page for maximum exposure. Most users click on the first link displayed. We have the experience to build the right campaign for your business.

Turlock City News Ad Campaign

We work closely with to support and manage their advertising campaigns. With our help we can include your business in their ads as well as offer advertorials, full page ads, and more. Contact our team for a copy of the recent advertising pamphlet we designed for TCN and for information on starting a new campaign..


Facebook is a popular social media site but can also increase visits to your webpage. We have set up Facebook advertising campaigns and managed our client's social media networks to succesfully drive traffic and promote click thru to their web page. This is an area of online advertising that should not be ignored.

Other Online Advertising Services

There are dozens of websites and affiliate marketing pages where your business can be displayed including Yahoo!, Bing, and more. We have experience promoting our advertisers on those networks. While they are less popular than Google and Facebook, in certain cases they can be beneficial.

Print Media

We are often heard saying 'print media is dead', and we still believe this is true. Though we still have connections, provide resources, and design print media for our clients, we will often guide them away from print advertisements. We recommend spending those dollars more efficiently and creating less overhead expenses.