FLIP Your Classroom - A Conference You Don't Want to Miss

FLIP Your Classroom - A Conference You Don't Want to Miss

Learn about "Flipped Learning" - environments that are dynamic, interactive, and engaging at the March 27 Active and Collaborative Learning Conference at NVC/Lago Vista from 8 am to 2 pm. 

The Keynote workshop is titled: "Create an Engaging Learning Environment: FLIP a Lesson!" presented by Sarah Glova from FLIP IT Consulting.  When you flip, you switch from instructor-centered design to student-centered design.

Remember to bring a lesson you would like to flip and come and join us as we learn to create a learning environment so students are engaging in activities, applying concepts and focusing on higher level learning outcomes during class time. You will receive a copy of the Flip It workbook and resources packet and access to the Flip It resources website. 

There will be two breakout sessions with workshops conducted by our fellow faculty. Seating is limited so make sure to reserve your seat through AlamoLearn

**Only those registered through AlamoLearn will be counted for lunch. **

For more information, contact Cindy Magruder at 486-4396 or JL Egremy at 486-4391.