CCP Takes Stand Against Neo-Nazi CSM Candidate

Fon Revedhort, a candidate for CSM, has been excluded from the election by CCP due to his Neo-Nazi views. Previously, on the Eve Online forums he had expressed several white supremacist or racist views. Some of his YouTube videos also contained Neo-Nazi songs. His candidacy was subject to much debate in the the run up to the primary elections. CCP announced in his candidacy thread, after locking it, that they would look into the matter and consider their course of action. They made their decision just after the completion of the primary. CCP Dolan's forum post

"While he is entitled to his personal opinions, CCP cannot allow someone with the views he has continued to express to represent the EVE player base, and CCP, as a member of the CSM. The presence of a player with the views that Fon Revedhort has expressed having a seat on the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) would have the potential to create charged situations between Council members and developers they would work with both virtually and in-person at summits. As such, with the Council being a vital part of our development process and a representation of our players both internally and externally, we have made our decision and removed him from eligibility."

This is the second player to be disqualified this election cycle, the other being Xenuria. Xenuria posted a YouTube rant, wherein he stated that CCP Dolan declared him a security risk. According to Xenuria himself - we can find no corroborating allegation from CCP - CCP believes that Xenuria was a part of LulzSec, a group that attacked the Eve Online servers in June of 2012. Xenuria denies membership in that organization.

(Editor's Note: This is not a platform for racist or Neo-Nazi viewpoints. Comments expressing such will be subject to deletion and punitive action.) 

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