Aladdin Separation Technologies Inc. (formerly Haber Inc.) is a privately-held scientific research and development company controlling a number of innovative technologies in the areas of separation science, extractive metallurgy and medical diagnostics. Today, with offices and/or representives in Massachusetts, Suriname, London, Dubai and Ghana, the company's globally-commercial technologies are garnering increased attention throughout the world. ,

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October 16, 2014

Haber, Inc. enters into a $50 million dollar joint venture agreement with Rosewood of Northern California. Haber will use its Green Gold Extraction to process significant gold deposits.

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October 8, 2014

Termination of LogiGold LLC MOU

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Corporate Updates

March 4, 2015

Notice of Website Revisions

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July 12, 2011

To view the Suriname video demonstrating the Aladdin green technology.

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 Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP)

  • 1/3 of total mercury contamination released into environment is the result of artisanal mining.
  • STAMP can benefit the lives of 12-20 million artisanal miners worldwide.
  • STAMP uses HGP4 green technology to eliminate mercury usage in mining.
  • The STAMP program has been demonstrated to World Bank, Ghana, Suriname, academic institutions and NGO's.
  • STAMP pays artisanal miners more for their concentrate than they would receive if they used mercury.
Aladdin Gold Process (AGP) 
  • AGP is an environmentally friendly chemical system for the extraction and recovery of gold.
  • AGP is fast -- five to fifty times faster than cyanide.
  • AGP efficiency is in the high 90% range with numerous ore types.
  • AGP produces high purity green gold.
Electrokinetic Separation (ES)
  • ES is a novel electrokinetic separation technology.
  • ES offers ultra fast, high resolution analysis with minimized band broadening.
  • ES is easy to use and works with a wide variety of organic and aqueous solvents.
Haber Concessions in Ghana

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