Osterweis Debate

April 7, 2013

Tournament Invitation

Thanks to the generosity of Jonathan Edwards College at Yale in coordination with the Rollin G. Osterweis Fund, the Osterweis Debate Tournament is a free tournament that aims to allow Connecticut high school students to experience the collegiate style of parliamentary debate. At the Yale campus on Sunday, April 7th, this year's participants will learn about parliamentary debate in the morning, then debate with a partner for three preliminary rounds. In a change from past years, we will then break to semi-finals.

Debates will focus on issues familiar to the average student, including American and international politics, ethics, and justice. Given the level of competition at Osterweis in recent years, we highly recommend that students selected to attend have some prior experience with debate. Novices are welcome, but many find the experience most fulfilling having previously attended at least a couple of tournaments.

The theme for this year's Osterweis Tournament is "Insight through inquiry."

Joanna Zheng, Nathaniel Rubin, Adira Levine, and Ben Della Rocca
Conveners, Osterweis Tournament 2013