V.A. Secretary: ‘900 People Have Been Fired’ – NBC News.com

More than nine hundred employees in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have been fired in the past six months, Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald told Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

“We’re making fundamental changes in the department in terms of leadership,” McDonald said. “We have held accountable about 900 employees who are no longer with us that were with us before I became secretary.”

Sixty of those who were laid off, McDonald explained, were removed because they manipulated wait times on records from medical facilities serving veterans.

McDonald was confirmed unanimously by the Senate in late July after a scandal rocked the VA, resulting in the resignation of his predecessor, Eric Shinseki.

During the interview, McDonald touted his dedication to reducing homelessness among veterans, a goal which the administration hopes to accomplish by the end of this year. He said he’s given out his personal cell phone number to augment services provided by the homelessness call center.

“We want the veterans’ experience with the VA to be as good as the best private sector experiences,” said McDonald, formerly the CEO of Proctor and Gamble. “Like if you took your family to Disney.”

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One thought on “V.A. Secretary: ‘900 People Have Been Fired’ – NBC News.com

  1. Over time, during the last 20 years, I have watched health care provided by the VA go from excellent to life threatening. The record speaks to this.
    Held captive by age and infirmity, those of us who served in WWII, are easy targets for abuse and this abuse has been heaped upon us in great measure.
    It is a sad commentary that those lives, that were not lost on the field of battle, should be forfeited to an agency of the very government they fought to preserve.
    Staff an airline in the same manner as is the VA medical system and the planes would be falling out of the sky like rain.
    Case in Point:
    I recently received what was titled: Survey Of Healthcare Experiences Of Patients. (OMB Number 2900-0712, VA Form 10-1465-5). Question number one was: Our records show that you got care from the provider named below in the last 12 months.
    Manzoor Ali
    Is that right?
    You are given the choice to answer yes or no and if no, you are instructed to go to Question number 51, thus skipping the entire survey. Because he was not my provider, I couldn’t take the ‘survey’. You return the document to them and they can say that they received very few negative responses; the questions asked from 51 to 58, have NOTHING to do with healthcare experience with the VA!!!
    How many thousands of vets were in a like position?
    The system is ‘broke’ and as it exists today, it is incapable of revision.

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