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Groundwater Review of the Molopo-Nossob Basin for Rural Communities including Assessment of National Databases at the Sub-basin Level for Possible Future Integration

The Molopo River is an ephemeral tributary of the Orange – Senqu River system, an international river basin shared by Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. The Orange-Senqu River Commission (ORASECOM) is established to advise the parties on water related issues. The size of the Molopo-Nossob Basin is approximately one and a half times the size of Great Britain, 12 times the size of Lesotho or almost equal to the size of Japan. The main objective of the project was to evaluate the groundwater resources of the Molopo-Nossob Basin based on an exhaustive analysis of the available data and information. This included a thorough analysis of the data/databases in each of the basin states in order to make recommendations on how data can best be shared between the basin states and integrated in a common database. The Molopo-Nossob Basin covers an area of 367,201 km2delineated from the surface water catchment. Of the basin, Botswana covers 37%, Namibia 33% and South Africa 30%. The basin contains the catchment areas of four main rivers; Molopo, Kuruman, Nossob and Auob Rivers.

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