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Infopedia » Character Bios » Macross Saga: Earth Forces » Lynn Minmei
Lynn Minmei
Also known as: Lynn Minmay (stage name), Lin Minmei (phoenetic Chinese spelling)
Celebrity aboard the SDF-1

Birthdate: 1993

Height: 158cm

Weight: 47kg

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

* Won the first "Miss Macross" pageant in 2009.

* Co-starred along with cousin Lynn Kyle in "Small White Dragon"; the first movie to be filmed entirely in outer space.
Views of Lynn Minmei
"Oh no, I have to go back for my diary, somebody might find it and read it!"
Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it's tuna. But it says chicken the sea.
Eat your heart out, Kelly Clarkson!
"Yes, I suppose these mobs are part of the price one must pay for fame."
There she is, Miss Macross
There she is, your ideal
The dreams of a million girls
Who are more than pretty
May come true in Macross City
Oh she may turn out to be
The queen of femininity
There she is, Miss Macross
There she is, your ideal
With so many beauties
She'll take the town by storm
With her beautiful face and form
And there she is
Walking on air she is
Fairest of the fair she is
Miss Macross

As a precocious 15 year-old, Lynn Minmei nonetheless becomes one of the most influential figures of the First Robotech War. At its beginning, Minmei is staying with her Aunt Lina and Uncle Max on Macross Island, where she looks after her young cousin, Jason. The sudden attack by the Zentraedi literally comes to the restaurant’s front doorstep, as Minmei is caught in the midst of the fight only to be rescued by a young amateur pilot named Rick Hunter. However, when he tries to return her to her family, the two are swept out into deep space along with the SDF-1 and Macross Island during the hyperspace fold. Finding refuge within the confines of the immense battlefortress, Rick and Minmei begin a romantic relationship that finds itself tested in many different ways as the war with the Zentraedi rages on.

Upon their rescue, Minmei remains relentlessly upbeat, and convinces her aunt and uncle to reopen their Chinese restaurant. This act serves to inspire other refugees into returning to a sense of normalcy while on the long voyage back to Earth. Minmei is also able to snap Rick out of his doldrums and helps inspire him to join the Robotech Defense Force.

Minmei, who had dreams of being an entertainer, found herself entered as a contestant in the Miss Macross Beauty Pageant. Against all odds, she won and subsequently was launched into a career as a singer. By the time the SDF-1 returns to Earth, she has become a bona fide pop star.

Her sudden celebrity combined with Rick’s military obligations force them to put their relationship on hold. Though at several points each tries to rekindle their initial attraction, their efforts are overshadowed by the First Robotech War. During the final showdown against the Zentraedi armada, Minmei and Rick are able to join forces in a manner of sorts as she sings the inspirational anthem “We Will Win” while Rick leads the SDF-1’s veritech fighters into the battle.

During the reconstruction period, Minmei toured the new communities and helped with humanitarian relief and morale boosting. As this period went on, Minmei’s relationship with Rick is further complicated by the emergence of Lisa Hayes as a love interest as well as the machinations of her cousin and erstwhile manager Lynn Kyle. The love triangle of Rick, Minmei and Lisa comes to a dramatic conclusion at the end of the Macross Saga.

First Appearance:
Episode 1 - "Boobytrap"


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