Music videos are an integral part of the evolution of filmmaking of all types. This unique yet extremely popular combination of music and film art often brings outstanding results of high artistic value. We are proud that the music videos found its place at Plus Camerimage.

The aim of the Music Videos Competition is to recognise music videos as a form of film art and a field of audiovisual innovation which is so important for filmmaking. The best achievements in this field will be judged by the Jury during the Festival with the emphasis on the visual and aesthetic values of an image. The Competition entries include music videos produced with the participation of a cinematographer which can be described as “cinematographical” as well as music videos made with the use of various animation techniques. The Jury of the Competition will watch the videos at the Festival and will present awards in two categories:
  • Best Cinematography in a Music Video
  • Best Music Video.

This year a large group of professionals working in the field of music videos all over the world made up a selection committee and nominated 15 music videos. The Head of Selection Committee and the driving force behind the Music Videos Competition at PLUS CAMERIMAGE is Daniel Pearl, ASC, a renown cinematographer working on countless music videos and feature films. The nominated videos will be presented at an official screening for the Jury of the Competition and for all the attendees of the Festival.

The Jury of the Music Video Competition:
  • Jury Chairman: Brett Ratner – director and producer of feature films (X-Men: The Last Stand, Red Dragon, Rush Hours) and music videos (Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Madonna, P. Diddy)
  • Martin Coppen – music videos cinematographer (Sting, Nine Inch Nails, Christina Aguilera, Limp Bizkit, Lenny Kravitz, Shakira)
  • Andrzej Bartkowiak – cinematographer, director (Speed, The Devil's Advocate, Lethal Weapon 4, Dante’s Peak, Falling Down)
  • Piotr Metz – polish music journalist, chief editor of „Machina”
  • Nicola Pecorini - cinematographer, steadicam operator (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Harrison's Flowers, Tideland, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)

The official Media Patron is:


Anna Maria Jopek „Sypka Warszawa”

cinematography: Bartosz Piotrowski
directed by: Adrian Panek
production company: Timecode

Coldplay “Strawberry Swing”

cinematography: Aaron Platt
directed by: Shynola
production company: Black Dog Films

Damien Jurado “Caskets”
(Secretly Canadian)

cinematography: Michael Ragen
directed by: Matthew Daniels
production company: Think Lab

Delphic “This Momentary”
(Chermeric Records)

cinematography: Ross McLennan
directed by: Dave Ma
production company: Pulse Films

Depeche Mode “Wrong”
(Mute / Capitol)

cinematography: Shawn Kim
directed by: Patrick Daughters
production company: The Directors Bureau

Eminem “3am”
(Interscope Records)

cinematography: Brandon Cox
directed by: Syndrome
production company: Robot Films

Feist “Honey Honey”
(Arts& Crafts)

cinematography: Brendan Steacy
directed by: Anthony Seck
production company: Revolver Films

Glasvegas “Flowers And Football Tops”

cinematography: Lasse Frank
directed by: Martin De Thurah
production company: Academy Films

Hammock “Mono No Aware”
(Darla Records)

cinematography: Alex Disenhof, David Altobelli
directed by: David Altobelli
production company: independent

Jack Penate “Today's Tonight”
(XL recordings)

cinematography: Matthias Koenigswieser
directed by: Alma Har'el
production company: Partizan

Mikromusic “Thank God I`m a Woman”
(Micromusic Records)

cinematography: Wojtek Zieliński
directed by: Wojtek Zieliński, Łukasz Tunikowski
production company: Mustache Films

Steven Wilson “Harmony Korine”

cinematography: Lasse Hoile
directed by: Lasse Hoile
production company: independent

The Filthy Dukes “Messages”

cinematography: Will Bex
directed by: Nicolas Randall
production company: Love

The Hickey Underworld “Blonde Fire”

cinematography: Nicolas Karakatsanis
directed by: Joe Vanhoutteghem
production company: Epidemic

The Prodigy “Warriors Dance”
(Cooking Vinyl)

cinematography: Stuart Bentley
directed by: Hardy Corin
production company: Academy Films