SIM – Secure Way to Accept Payments is trusted partner in online payment industry since 1996. WooCommerce extension for opens your way to accept payments from customers worldwide.

SIM is the most safe integration for as user enter card details on the secure servers of which are PCI compliant. And thus gives your users a trust and satisfaction of safe transaction. Which is a added value to your online store.

WooCommerce Plugin Features

  1. No SSL Required.
  2. No need to worry for PCI, its all handled at’s servers.
  3. Easy to install and configure. Just takes 1 minute hardly.
  4. Option to configure the custom messages for user.
  5. Option to configure custom logos.
  6. Use with other payment gateways who emulates gateway.
  7. Option to configure for “Authorize Only” transactions. So you can capture them later.
  8. Comes with plugin support from our rockstar support team.
  9. Comes with XSS and CSRF protection.
  10. Accepts all major credit cards.
  11. Custom redirect after checkout. You can set any page as thank you page to redirect user after checkout.
  12. Custom cancel/failed page option. You can set any page as failed/cancel payment page.

Get Started with Accepting Payments – Just 5 Minutes

  1. Sign up for
  2. Generate API Login and Transaction Key, MD5 Hash.
  3. Buy this plugin.
  4. Download and install into your WordPress/WooCommerce setup.
  5. Add API Login, Transaction Key and MD5 Hash and save.
  6. Time for party!! your site is ready process online credit card transactions.
What more? we are Authorized Reseller. This plugin is created with WordPress coding standards. This WooCommerce Plugin comes with great quality. Should you be having any technical issues, we would love to help.
Plugin Details
  • Current Version: 4.1
  • WordPress Tested Up-to 4.1
  • WooCommerce Tested Up-to 2.2x
  • All Merchant Regions
  • Rating: 5/5


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